Peggy Carter is Tony Stark’s godmother AU

When she wasn’t telling her godson bedtime stories about Captain America, she was pulling him out of his depression when his parents were killed. Either way, Tony Stark is the son she never had and Peggy is the loving guardian that Tony always deserved.

(this is my headcanon and I’m sticking to it. Also, yes, that is baby RDJ)


Preacher + text posts (3/?) - CASSIDY EDITION²

In honor of this post reaching 1k.. You guys are the best!


The top two edits which erased Ruth Negga were recently reposted from Pinterest in the Preacher tag and got more than 150 positive notes so far. 

A lot of people might be unaware that Ruth Negga was erased by Photoshopping her out. I reblogged the post myself before I figured out what had happened and went back and deleted it.

This is racism. This is misogyny. Let’s not contribute to it. There are already plenty of photos of Dominic Cooper and Joe Gilgun together! You can celebrate them together without LITERALLY ERASING A BLACK WOMAN because she doesn’t fit your worldview. Please, whether you reposted this purposefully or on accident, reconsider this and call it out when you see it.