The Manifesto Show w/ The Slacker

7:30pm - Doors Open

8pm - Free Show Begins

The Nursery
(David Ayala, Kenneth Jackson, Daniel Younathan, Matt Sherman, Kaitlyn Tanimoto, Greg waters, Julian Rawls, India owens)

(Jessica Gonzalez, Rosellen Gonzales, Joe Spellman, Courtney Hyde, and Carmen Angelica)

(Matt Apodaca, Zander Frost, Cassi Jerkins, Johnny Langan, Michael Lucid, Chelsea Pope, Joey Rich and Lucê Tomlin-Brenner)

TEAM LOTTERY SLOT with Special guests Hillary Anne Matthews [Rococo] and Jacob Wysocki [Landlord and Bath Boys] (Throw your team name in the hat starting at the top of the 1st half for the chance to perform)


(Billy Domineau, Leslie Korein, Tim McGovern, Oscar Montoya, Phoebe Neidhardt, Alexis Simpson, Madeline Wager and Connor White)

Meaningful Touch
(ChrisCorbin, Alex Catalano, Vinnie Duyck, Danny Cymbal, Stephanie Bentley Pollard, Rian Kountz, Camilleh Knox, Matt Flanzer, and Muriel Montgomery)

Penguins on the Playground
(Jen Krueger and Mark David Christenson)

The Slacker
(Will McLaughlin, Monika Smith, Wayland McQueen, Amanda Sitko, Kevin Pederson and Hal Rudnick)



We are located at:

The Clubhouse []
1607 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Remember, there’s a team lottery slot AND a jam every night, so everyone in the audience will have a chance to play.

We are improv for the people so admission is free, but we urge performers and audience alike to throw a few rubles in the donation bucket. There will also be beer and water available with donation

It's hard being as cute as Sachie! ;v;
  • Domineau:or just say that you're in a romantic relationship with moetron and we have sexy pillow fights every night
  • Sachie:LOL thats probably why somebody asked on yahoo answers if i was a lesbian or not
  • Domineau:who caaaaaaares~
  • sexiest lesbians ever~
  • and besides.. you're doing the world a service by doing this! Boys, men and women around the world won't become serial killers because of your sacrifice!
  • it's like... you're becoming a nun... or something
  • "I'm married to God!" = "I'M MARRIED TO MOETRON BITCHES"
  • Sachie:LOL
  • Genniieeee:Lmaooo
  • Married to moe
  • Sachie:waifus for laifu
  • Domineau:YESSSSS
  • Genniieeee:Waifu 4 lyfu
  • Llolllll
  • Oh god
  • Sachie:that's our slogan

ishidazero asked:

Of course, I could be wrong since I don't personally know you, but I'll try my best. Ok, at first glance you might seem like a little bit of a Dandere. However, I believe you are a Mahou Shoujo mixed with a bit of Genki and Bokukko. Also, if you take the off the masculine part, there's a bit of a Bifauxnen in you as well(how else can I describe how much of a beaut you are? ) :)

That made my day, thank you! :D

ishidazero asked:

Hey Sami! How have you been? :) I saw a question survey reblog post and, well, you know me ^^ : 2 14 21 44 60 127

2. Are you outgoing or shy?

In person I’m pretty shy I think.. well until I get to know you, and then I don’t shut up haha. Even so it’s hard for me to make strong eye contact.

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

I think I believe in a certain degree of luck, but I don’t believe in miracles.

21. What are your bad habits?

I have an oral fixation issue.. I bite my cuticles, lips, inside of my cheeks, etc. whenever I’m idle, nervous or stressed.

I also tend to blurt out things that come to my mind when I’m nervous.. Whether they’re potentially hurtful or not, I say it and then I usually regret it.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Oh god probably neither lmao… I have a very vivid imagination. I imagine the worst possible situations so, for example, I’m not afraid of heights or elevators but if I’m going to the 20th floor I start to panic when thinking if the possible deathly outcomes if the elevator should fail lmao.

So.. you can imagine my fear of situations in which I cannot control (ie, being in outer space or having a leak in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean haha)

60. Ever won a competition? For what?

I have won many competitions. I played competitive soccer and hockey for over 10 years and have won tournaments and MVP awards. I have also won awards in regional and provincial animation competitions.

127. What makes you happy?

I have a fragile self-esteem and generally don’t like myself so the kind words of people make a serious impact on my life (the smallest thing, I’ve noticed, can have me grinning all day). I adore wildlife of all kinds (though maybe not bugs haha) and nature in general.

I feel it’s these things that keep me going.

ishidazero asked:

Been a long time since you did one of these :) Okay: 16 18 19 21 29

16: A moment that will you will never forget?

There are too many moments..

I promised my dad that I would moonwalk on the ice after my first goal in hockey though! Top corner from the blue line ;D

18: A film that made you cry?

MARLEY AND ME (AGGGHHHH ;A;) I love dogs.. and their lives are so short. Ugh I love/hate that movie ;A;


19: What would you like to receive as a birthday present?

I’m really easy when it comes to gifts.. I play a lot of video games on PS3, 3DS, Steam.. :)

21: Do you miss something? What?

It might be weird… but my dad used to make me stick my head in my hockey bag at the beginning of every season. When I started university I stopped playing competitive hockey, so I guess I miss those early morning practices with my dad and the smell of victory.

29: Sunday is a great day for…

PANCAKES! And orange juice!!!