The Life of the Party Comes in Bottles, Cans, and Pints || Rory and Dom

She assumed that at some point they might decide that they wanted real food in their stomachs. This was up in the air in terms of realistic expectation, since Rory could remember many nights back in Detroit where the two girls had fueled themselves off of tequila and brownies all night. So she’d made the brownies first, and then while they were cooling, the brunette had whipped up an easy pot of pasta in case they wanted most substance to soak up the alchol.

Rory had missed Dom. When she’d moved to London they had promised to keep in touch, but such promises were hard to keep between the busy melee of life and the way distance had a way of breaking down what drew people together. Having Dom here in London now was relief, someone familiar, someone she didn’t have to hide around. The other woman was the only one who knew what Rory did, her career in document forgery having provided the younger one with lots of free fake id’s when she’d been under-aged and unable to get into bars. 

She smiled at the sound of the knock on her front door, rising to answer it and wrap her friend up in a hug. The hug, of course, was made awkward by the large amount of alcohol that Dominique was carrying. “Seriously, Dom…did you bring a whole bar?”

Text: Rory and Dom
  • Rory:I'll make sure you aren't in the room when the nurses come to check on how dilated I am.
  • Rory:Yes, the hospital waiting room is better than prison waiting rooms.
  • Rory:If you're talking about Zach...I think he's at work and his phone is off. I haven't gotten a hold of him yet.
Reminisce || Rory and Dom

It had been a little over a year now, since Rory had seen the girl. Promises, of course, had been made that they would keep in touch, but such promises were never met. Even back in New York they would sometimes go weeks without speaking with each other. That had been the beauty of their friendship. They had been able to move in and out of each other’s lives without need for timelines and obligations.

Rory stood outside the small Chinese restaurant, that was very well managed despite it’s size and had the best egg rolls she’d ever eaten. Her hand rested against the large curve of her stomach, happy that the child within was being moderately still. She never had much of an appetite when her daughter was kicking about like a lunatic and tap dancing all over her stomach.

Truth be told she was slightly nervous to see Dom. She still loved the younger girl, that hadn’t changed. Dom had come into her life at a time when she’d needed someone to latch onto. Her latent older sibling feelings had been grieving the loss of her brother, and they had switched over to the blonde, adopting her as a replacement sibling of sorts. But Rory had been a different person back then. Wild and impulsive, without responsibility and angry at the world. She had grown up since then, but it seemed that her friend had not.

Still, when she spotted the girl moving towards her, Rory couldn’t help the smile that moved across her face. Her stomach was a barrier, but she managed to wrap her arms around Dom in a hug, before stepping back to assess her with a familial need to make sure she was whole and safe. Nodding her approval, she raised her eyes to the blonde’s. “You look good. Hungry?”