Arguing About Football With Domhnall Gleeson Would Include

  • Supporting rival teams; Domhnall is an avid Aston Villa fan, wheras you were a devout West Brom supporter
  • You both didn’t realise until your third date, when domhnall asked if you wanted to come to an Aston Villa match
  • “Aston Villa can suck my dick”
  • And constant bickering about football from then on
  • It was a big problem when both of you moved in together
  • You wanted to pin up your West Brom scarf, Domhnall wanted his Aston Villa one
  • Sitting on opposite ends of the room with your club shirts on
  • Arguments about the which team is better, that always ended in you going off in a huff
  • Then Domhnall having to coax you out of the bedroom with tickles and gentle kisses
  • “Y/n, I‘m basically committing treason by being in love with you.”
  • On derby days you would both go full on psycho mode
  • The living room would be split in half and absolutely covered in football colours; your half would be covered with blue and white, and Domhnall’s would be littered in yellow and blue
  • Throwing pillows at Domhnall whenever his team scored a goal
  • And jeering at him whenever your team scored
  • The loser would always clean up the living room, which was always a complete bombsite
  • You would always get the last word before going to sleep though, whispering in Domhmall’s ear;
  • “At least we’re still in the premiere league”
  • Then running out of your bedroom before he could catch you
  • Going to match days together anyways
  • Through Domhnall was always grumpy whenever you took him to a West Brom match
  • And you were equally as grumpy when he took you an Aston Villa one
  • But you liked the football rivalry in your relationship
  • And it was probably one of the best things about it

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I just really hope my faves are drinking enough water and moisturizing and eating healthy and living their best lives because honestly i don’t know what i’d do if i found out they weren’t looking after themselves

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Do you like football? My dad raised me to support a team thats playing against aston villa (domhnall's team ha!) tonight i just wondered how domhnall would get competitive over football

I LOVE FOOTBALL!! My childhood was literally football matches and club colours everywhere. Also I’ve heard people say that domhnall does get pretty into football, though Aston Villa can suck my dick