I just had a thought about domestic Zhu Li and Varrick. 

Like they have a kid and naturally their first word is ‘fing’ (thing). Whenever Varrick plays peek-a-boo with them they squeal ‘FING’ in delight and Varrick shows his face. When they get a little older they walk up to Zhu Li in the kitchen and say, ‘mommy I’m hungry, can you do the thing?’ and Zhu Li just turns around with a sandwich shaped like gears because Zhu Li does NOT disappoint, and if her baby wants gear shaped sandwiches, she will damn well make it so. But also Varrick getting furious with them as a teen because they just told Zhu Li, very rudely to ‘just go do the thing woman’. Varrick sitting them down and talking about how ‘now that your older, I’m going to tell you about ‘the thing’’, and it’s a really awkward sex talk. And finally Zhu Li and Varrick telling the kid, at some point, that if they find someone who can be told to ‘do the thing’ and know exactly what the other is talking about, that they should hang on to them and never let go.  


Contract entered into on this day May 5th between the two people known in this context as Mom and Candace do agree to the terms set below. 

I, Candace Flynn, do agree that I will not attempt to bust my brothers Phineas and Ferb:

1. During the school year in the time allotted for me to do my homework

2. At the dinner table

3. While operating a vehicle or any other heavy machinery

4. While holding or otherwise in possession of a wild or dometicated animal

5. While in the middle of an unrelated sentence 

6. From a distance of more than 1500 miles

7. On the Subway

8. While covered in hair and honey

9. While pie is being served.

10. While mom is at the beauty salon.

11. During a date with Jeremy

12. More than once a day

X Candace Flynn