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Sunday Afternoon (NC-17)

(Note: This Destiel story was loosely inspired by this piece of fan art but I don’t know who did it. You can catch up on my other one shots on my master post.)

“Dean, how do you have such bony elbows? You’re putting my wing to sleep.” The angel squirmed beneath the hunter. “Roll over this way.”

Huffing impatiently, Dean leaned up on Castiel’s chest and jammed himself into the crook between the back of the couch and the angel’s body. “These giant things? You kidding? I swear to God, I’m gonna build a bigger couch. It shouldn’t be this much of a pain in the ass to watch a damn movie.”

“There’s no need for blasphemy,” Castiel chided with gentle tapping of Dean’s cheek.

“Fold your wing back that way,” urged Dean.

Low chuckling parted Castiel’s lips in a faint smile. “Yes, that’s about as comfortable as folding your arm backwards around your back. I’m not as flexible as you imagine me to be.”

“I dunno about that.” A sly, wriggling little smile shone down on him. “You did that thing over the table in the shooting gallery the other day, remember, and I–”

“–Yes, yes, I see your point but you’re still putting my wing to sleep.” The heel of Castiel’s hand pushed into Dean’s chest and shoved him upward. “Trade places with me.”

Dean raised up on his knees, perched at the end of the ratty old couch while Castiel shifted and made room for him. Since Sam started seeing a girl in Missouri, his long weekends away from the bunker left Dean and Castiel to their own devices more and more. One day, the angel found the hunter rearranging a small room off the library with a couch he picked up for twenty dollars at a garage sale and a little entertainment center at the other end of the room. He’d only eyed Castiel in passing and said he was nesting, to which Castiel didn’t question. Instead, he brought home a few things in the following weeks as well. An end table with a squeaky drawer. A painting of a ship at sea with an elaborate frame (Castiel had developed a fondness for the sea).

The pair of them settled together again on that old couch–this time Dean beneath Castiel. Black wings stretched over the back of the couch in one direction and fed underneath the coffee table with the uneven legs in the other direction. Their great size covered most of Dean’s body like a blanket and it never seemed to bother him that the wings were, in fact, a glaring reminder that they were from different worlds. Yet their bond ran so deep that his human vision forced its way through the veil and he became the only person on Earth who could perceive their existence.

“Better?” Dean said, crossing his leg over the back of Castiel’s calf.

“Yes,” he replied. His weight shifted until his hip fell in the tight space between Dean’s pelvis and the couch cushion. With his leg tugged up just slightly, he slung his arm around Dean’s chest and quite nearly resembled an angel-octopus hybrid latched onto the hunter’s body. He deeply exhaled, saying, “I’m quite content now.”

“Great, except I can’t reach the remote.” It sat on the coffee table just out of reach.

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“For the last time: The answer is no,” The muffled voice of your husband spoke as he walked through the front door of the house, hearing your teen daughter’s footsteps behind him.

“I don’t get why it’s such a big deal!” Mary protested, following after her father as he entered the living room, where you were sitting on the couch. “It’s my hair, not yours!”

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anonymous asked:

okay so we all know just how much bucky would dirty talk when it comes to steve, like even when they weren't fucking he would still be dirty. but what kind of pet names and praises would he mostly use for steve?

Pet names used by Bucky Barnes:

  • Stevie, of course (lbr it’s a pet name when Bucky says it)
  • Sweetheart
  • Baby doll (sometimes just “doll,” sometimes just “baby”)
  • Dollface
  • Kitten
  • Sweet thing
  • Sugar

And Bucky’s praise is always geared towards making Steve feel capable and desirable. 

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concept: harry and louis waking up softly in each other’s warmth, slipping on their matching monogrammed dressing gowns and slippers, making breakfast together, music playing in the next room, sitting down to eat, ankles locked beneath the table as they sip on tea and coffee, talking about how they slept, about their plans for the day, doing a sunday crossword from a 2012 edition of the new york times they’re not even sure how they have, sharing soft smiles.  


A Year In the Life (A Murder Husbands Calendar)

So I’m gonna be busy tomorrow (and the day after that… and the day after that.. because, hey! Christmas! \( o ∀ o)/), so in the mean time, here’s a little something for all of you. I present, my unreasonably domestic Hannigram calendar: A Year In the Life.

Y’all can take a look at the calendar over at redbubble, and don’t worry, I plan on posting each piece for every month individually before Christmas so please expect that as well.

And to those who might ask if this has anything to do with that old anon ask I got about using this style, don’t worry, it doesn’t. This little project began a long time ago so no worries. :)

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays. ( o u o)/
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Oneshot | NC-17 | 18.000

Romance | Domestic | Fluff | Humour | Post-Hogwarts

The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.



“As soon as he reached them he dropped to his knees, getting his jeans soggy in the mud, and the puppies all lost their composure. They yipped, squirmed and leapt excitedly up into Potter’s waiting arms. His warm, full laugh echoed out into the crisp morning air. Draco opened his mouth to tell him off for not waiting for permission, but the sight of the puppies happily wiggling their way through Potter’s arms to lick any part of him they could reach made warmth spread through his stomach.”


““…and that is why, to this day, they remain the number one choice for trainable companions of wizards and witches,” Malfoy finished, sounding every bit as proud and haughty as he had at school.

Harry nodded, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that he hadn’t listened to most of what Malfoy had said”

Same Harry. When there’s a puppy, all attention goes to puppy. It’s a rule.

Okay tbh this review will only be of me screaming about how much I love puppies, but if puppies haven’t convinced you yet, you’re weird and cruel. This is an absolute masterpiece, Harry is super hot and totally got the hots for Draco and it’s super cute and fluffy. And there are puppies.

There was talk about Harry’s childhood with the Dursleys, which is always something I love, praise kink (HNG), Draco has like a million and one jumpers and Harry and Draco’s banter. Just. Love it.

Domestic [Bucky Barnes]

Word count: 740

Warnings: None, unless you don’t like extreme cuteness and funny stuff

A/N: Hope you like this, I decided to take a break from angst.

“What the hell is a daddy kink?!” Y/N heard from the kitchen. She was just finished pulling a pan full of cinnamon rolls out of the oven. They smelled amazing, their scent treating Y/N’s nose.

She adjusted the shirt she was wearing, Bucky’s, and walked back to their bedroom. The Avengers were all out, on a mission, so Bucky and Y/N were at home relaxing. Y/N was wearing Bucky’s shirt, walking around shamelessly with bare legs. Bucky didn’t mind at all. 

Bucky was holding his phone, his nose wrinkled in confusion. He looked utterly adorable. Y/N sat in his lap, taking his phone and shoving it in her bra. Bucky smiled a little, looking up into Y/N’s eyes.

“What was that?” She asked, grinning a little.

“Tony was texting me, and he said I have a ‘daddy kink’. I want to know what the hell that is.” Bucky replied, still looking confused. 

Y/N played with his hands, feeling the difference in temperature between the two. She kissed his forehead, “If you keep scrunching up your face like that, you’re going to get wrinkles. 70 years of flawlessness, down the drain.” she teased. 

Bucky shook his head, “I’m far from flawless, and you never answered my question.” he replied. 

She blushed, her eyes dropping from his. “A kink is… sexual preference. Usually it’s a detail or concept. And a daddy kink is people who… like being called ‘daddy’. There’s some other things involved, but that’s usually the main idea.” She said awkwardly. 

Bucky blushed deeply, making Y/N giggle. “That’s… I don’t even know.” Bucky said. 

“I think it’s a bit ahead of your time.” She said.

“Everything is ahead of my time.” Bucky replied.

Y/N laughed and slipped off of his lap. She walked off, but paused for a second. She turned back and winked at Bucky. “Yell for me if you need anything, daddy.” She said, running off and laughing.

Bucky chased after her, grabbing her by the waist and throwing her on the couch. She giggled as she bounced a little. Before she could get up, Bucky pinned her wrists down playfully. He tried to be mindful of his metal arm, not wanting to hurt her. She smiled up at him.

“You’re not funny.” Bucky said.

“You’re right, I’m hilarious.” Y/N replied.

Bucky tickled her ribs, pinning her legs down with his. He smiled a little as she laughed hysterically, trying to push him off. He’d never though he could have a life like this. A beautiful, giggling girl underneath him. A safe place to live. Eventually, he stopped tickling her, giving her a minute to breathe. She reached up, playing with his hair. It hung in his face. He didn’t want to cut it, he was afraid it would be uncomfortable after he did. He’d had it long for so long.

“You should let me braid your hair. You keep insisting you don’t want to cut it, at least let me get it out of your face.” Y/N said. 

Bucky glared at her momentarily before sitting with his back to her. “Fine, you can braid my hair. Just don’t make it look girly.” He pouted.

She giggled, kissing his shoulder. He smiled a little, loving her kisses.“God forbid I bruise your male ego.” She teased, braiding his hair out of his face and tying it back. He liked it like this, though he was too stubborn to admit it. It was nice for his hair to be out of his face yet still be the same length.

“You’re pushing it, doll.” He said in a playful-warning tone.

“You love me.” She said, putting small fake flowers in the braid when he wasn’t looking. Tony was always one for ‘class’ or whatever he wanted to call it. A vase of small fake flowers sat on an end table by the couch. Maybe Pepper had put it there.

The rest of the Avengers walked in and Steve chuckled. “Looking good, Buck.” He said.

“What did you do to my hair, Y/N?” Bucky asked.

“Nothing…” Y/N replied, glaring at Steve.

Bucky touched the braid, plucking a flower out of it. Y/N screamed and ran away. The team laughed, watching Bucky chase after her. 

“Children.” Natasha said, smiling gently.

“Well, I never pictured the Winter Soldier with flowers in his hair chasing his pants-less girlfriend. I guess there’s a first for everything.” Tony said.

There, some good old, domestic fluff.

to me, sam and gabriel are slow.
they spend ~months~ courting each other in the most elaborate ways possible; flowers and chocolates and candlelit dinners where their hands almost brush next to the salt shaker
and on the one hand, they both kind of know it’s going to happen, but on the other hand in a way they’re enjoying the buildup
because gabriel doesn’t take it slow with anyone, not ever. he’s barely ever spent this much time with one person before, let alone if they’re not even sleeping together yet
but sam’s different
sam’s worth it
and honestly, gabriel has been waiting for sam for millennia, so what’s a few more weeks?

in contrast, dean and castiel are fast
they’re post case, ‘both of us just almost died’, still high on adrenaline, grabbing each other and kissing each other like their life (still) depends on it and fast rough sex that’s half desperate and half relief that they finally made it
they don’t exactly think about it
they barely get to appreciate their first time because it still hasn’t sunk in that this is actually happening
and it’s not until later that dean reluctantly suggests that maybe they should talk about it
but once they do, they’re moved in together by the end of the day
because really, what’s the point in waiting when they both know it’s inevitable?

dean and cas go from 'not a couple’ to 'couple’ suddenly, but in all the ways that count, they’ve always been a couple, so it works.
sam and gabriel take the long way round, slowly strolling from 'not a couple’ to 'couple’, possibly because they have further to go

but in the end, it doesn’t matter how they get there. because all four of them are happy, safe and content, maybe for the first time in their lives

and that’s everything