Rattie roll call!

I’m order shown, we have Otto, Fin, their cage, and then Artemis, Fiddler and their cage.


I did the thing.
Got two male hairless ratties.
I assume they’re brothers (I forgot to ask).
The furred rat you see is one of my dumbo girls. She’s gonna be bred to one of the males as well as one of her sisters.
The smaller of the two males has a kink in his tail, it looks like an injury that healed, but I’m not sure and didn’t notice it til I got him home.
He won’t be bred just in case it’s genetic.


Well, here we are! Meet Hattie (rattie on the right) and Violet!

They’re both standard-eared mink hooded rats. You can tell them apart as Hattie has a near complete stripe down her back whereas Violet only has a little splotch. They’re very skittish right now and Hattie’s a bit of a biter due to lack of socialisation but with some TLC I’ll get them sorted :)

Sorry for the blurry phone pic!


Got a new baby rat today. He’s surprisingly easy to handle for being new and isn’t very scared at all. I tend to adopt ratties young so I’m used to doing the taming myself. So this is really nice. I believe he’s a champagne? Not sure. His face and underbelly is a bit whiter then the rest of his body Now I just need a name for the bugger My other two are named Aries and Apollo, so what should he be?


Ahhhh Tumblr there are two sweet young (under a year of age) rats in my room and they are super cute. They’ve also never really been well handled, so like while one of them doesn’t run in terror neither of them are entirely sure what to do with me. And I’m excited!!! I get to learn about rat care and behavior, and get to actually teach them to be well mannered well handled rats!!! It’s already a project and I’m so happy.