Our First Time Outside, 05/25/2017

Mommy had us go outside for the first time. It was a pretty scary place, we had never been.

Things smelled interesting so I decided to poke my head out after awhile.

She took us into the back yard to sit in the grass under a big tree after we were more comfortable.

We decided to sit in her lap because being outside is a scary thing right now.

She told us that we were going to be outside last weekend but she ended up getting really sick and we stayed home. We will be able to get out and about later this summer, though!

So my third grade teacher was also a Harry Potter fan and she used to do this thing where when we came in from Recess there would be a scroll of parchment on the windowsill that “Hedwig” had brought us and it would always be a letter from Harry asking for help with his homework or something and she would let us all grab capes and robes from a box of dress up clothes and we’d write back as a class to tell him how to use commas or help him with the fractions in his potions recipe or something.

In hindsight I’m not sure how she got away with it bc this was at the height of the “HARRY POTTER IS TURNING OUR CHILDREN INTO DEVIL WORSHIPERS” nonsense and she wasnt even allowed to keep the books in our class bookshelf but she also had pet newts in the classroom and unflinchingly picked up a very large (domestic) rat that had escaped from someone’s show and tell down the hall and snuggled it while she carried it back so maybe she actually was a witch idk

July 4th,Happy Independence Day, U.S!

Mommy told us today the United States is having its birthday today! She took us outside to celebrate!

There were lots of interesting smells on the wind. Mommy told us people were probably cooking all kinds of tasty things. They sure smelled good.

It was pretty hot out there. We were in the shade but the heat made us sleepy.

Hamuul did a lot of sleeping even after taking a little nap.

I wanted to explore after my nap. There were so many interesting things to smell outside.

It was a pretty good day today. It’s always a good day when you spend some fun time with your family!


Got a new baby rat today. He’s surprisingly easy to handle for being new and isn’t very scared at all. I tend to adopt ratties young so I’m used to doing the taming myself. So this is really nice. I believe he’s a champagne? Not sure. His face and underbelly is a bit whiter then the rest of his body Now I just need a name for the bugger My other two are named Aries and Apollo, so what should he be?


i am offering skull and bone cleaning via dermestid beetles! pictured above are some bones, all cleaned by my beetles; a domestic cat, a feeder rat, a raccoon, a gray squirrel, a whole feeder rat skeleton, and a whole unwhitened feeder mouse skeleton. i can clean small to medium raw skulls for $10 plus shipping, large skulls for $15, and whole small skeletons for $15. ask me about larger skeleton cleaning!

i am also selling complete and cleaned mouse and rat skeletons, for those interested in articulating them yourselves. i am selling medium and large mouse and rat skeletons for $15 each, plus shipping.

beetle cleaning specimens preserves many of the small details and bones that would otherwise be lost during other methods of processing, and is how many museums clean their skulls and skeletons- it is my preferred method of processing.

Easter 2017!

Happy Easter everyone! We had fun with this photo shoot! We got some treats and they were super tasty.

We even explored the set a little and hopped into the basket to investigate.

Tonga liked to run around and sniff all the interesting things. The camera was really interesting today, too.

I wanted to snuggle with Mommy lots today during our photo shoot. I got to sit on her a lot!

We didn’t have Easter dinner in our house tonight so we didn’t get any tasty snacks from that but the treats from Mommy taking pictures sure are great!

I Don't Know if this helps is is annoying but it's what I have so far and what I don't know

Tony Stark- Cat (Black Tuxedo)
Pepper Potts- Cat (ginger)
Steve Rogers- Wolf (American Grey)
Bucky Barnes- Wolf (Arctic)
Peggy Carter- Wolf (Eurasian)
Natasha Romanoff- Fox
Maria Hill- Fox (Artic)
Bruce- Elephant
James Rhodes- Dog (Doberman)
Wanda Maximoff- Crow
Pietro Maximoff- Crow
Sam Wilson- Falcon
Clint Barton- Hyena
Peter Parker- Rat (Domestic)
Phil Coulson- Mongoose
Nick Fury- Lion
Jane Foster- Otter (River)
Darcy Lewis- Chimpanzee
Eric Selvig- Squirrel (Grey)
Steven Strange- Magpie
T’Challa- Black Panther Lmao I’m not original. His whole family is black panthers.

Ant-Man—I still have not seen this because I am garbage so I’m just guessing. WHOA-OH LIVING ON A PRAYER
Scott Lang-golden retriever because I have been told he’s a goober. (Also that scene in Captain America where he is visually fan-boying I want to pinch his cheeks lol.)
Hank Pym- Koala (I mean why not honestly, pretty solitary and also dicks)
Hope Pym- Hummingbird?? (Busy, tough little shits.)

Guardians of the Galaxy
Peter Quill-Rabbit (desert cottontail) because they’re social animals and I can see him trying very hard to be friends (and also it amuses me to think of him putting his headphones on and his ears are big enough that the music escapes lol)

The Defenders–I have not seen any of these?? Except Luke Cage but I’ve only seen one episode of that so far.
Matt Murdock (Daredevil)-?
Jessica Jones-?
Luke Cage-?
Danny Rand (Iron Fist)-?
Frank Castle (The Punisher)-?

Fantastic 4
Reed Richards-Rooster (brown leghorn) because he’s a huge dick lmaoooo (Have you ever had to run in terror from a rooster? It is not fun. They are NOT NICE.)
Sue Storm-horse (American Warmblood) because they’re good at, like, everything
Johnny Storm-horse (American Quarter Horse) because good at short sprints (I know this is a stretch considering Johnny isn’t running and when he flies it’s definitely not short but I felt like making him a different breed would be too much of a stretch from Sue???)
Ben Grimm-Was a black bear. Now a brick bear.
Victor Von Doom-ocelot. I have no reason for this except Cats Are Assholes.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)-a bat! (big brown [yes that is a type of bat lmao]) Like birds, instead of having wings for arms, he had bat wings that come out from his back.
Logan-I mean would a wolverine be too much of a cop out lol? This really sounds like him:  “a solitary animal, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself.” WOLVERINE’S A WOLVERINE BAHAHA
Others-?(Too damn many and I’m getting lazy lol) (@Marvel I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH ALL YOUR X-MEN)

Abraham Erskine-owl (tawny) Owls have so often been seen as wise. It wouldn’t surprise me that this wise old man looked at pre-serum Steve and thought yes, this is a good man.

Tiberius Stone- Weasel
Brock Rumlow- Jaguar
Obadiah Stane- Rhino
Johann Shmidt(Red Skull)-badger. Badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness. I assume he had to be strong and tough to survive his botched serum.
Arnim Zola-Coyote. Clever. Sometimes very dangerous.
Alexander Pierce-Moose. (Idk they’re huge assholes and I wouldn’t want to cross one. Ever.)