domesticated britt

anonymous asked:

I keep thinkin about domestic luke and britt who’ve been together for so long that they’re so comfortable around one another and they can read each other so well? and i’m emotional but hear me out like passing one another in the kitchen with gentle touches to the other person’s back for no other reason than they can and maybe they want to reach out and feel the warmth of skin through that thin t shirt or greeting each other with small kisses that they’ll give for their rest of their lives+

hands reaching for hands and arms and squeezing as they walk off together and hand cupping cheeks to kiss mouths and noses and foreheads, thumbs stroking cheekbones and fingertips brushing into hairlines or luke’s hands in britt’s hair, gently untangling the knots as she sits on the floor with her back to the couch he’s lying on, her head bowed over her laptop as she watches yet another conspiracy theory video

I love this, it’s so soft and perfect???? I’m melting on the floor over this 😩😍😩😩


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