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Dan and Phil react to Teens React to Dan and Phil

30 Day OTP Prompt Day 17 - Doing Something together 

I picked growing older together because I wanted the challenge. I had a lot of fun drawing this. They both crack me up. 

I’d say this is Klance 30+ years of being back on earth together. They are in their late fifties, maybe. They love each other but they still like to rile the other up. 

Lance: Keith! Where the truck did you find that vest? It’s hideous. 

Keith: I like it. Ally found it for me. It reminds me of the jacket I wore when we were in space. 

Lance: I see. It does, kinda. For the record that jacket was hideous, too.

Keith: What? You liked that jacket. You stole it all the time.

Lance: What? Nope. Don’t remember. Didn’t happen. 

It Feels Perfect

Sequel to “It Feels Right” (read the first one hehe, u don’t have to but I would) first one is in the tag “it feels”

Genre: tiny smut scene in the beginning, angst, fluff, happy ending

Word count: 1.6k+

Tags/Warnings: a lot of angst, talk of breaking a bond, domestic talk, cum inside, so much NEW STUFF AND LIFE AND FAMILY, I like this a lot, phil and dan worry too much, it’s got smut but v vanilla, Dan’s parents are here hehe.


(Dan’s POV)

If you had told me a month ago that I’d have dick up my ass fifteen minutes before I’m supposed to walk for graduation, against a whiteboard in an English classroom, I would have told you that I believed you.

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Morning, Sunshine

So the other day I was talking with @fanforfanatic and @beecoveredcas about our hopes and dreams for S13 and the mustard!verse was born. Our S13 is Dean and Cas being domestic in the bunker with Sam. It’s a season where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. 

Warning: Could cause spontaneous fluff, right @halzbarry?

Anyways, here’s an excerpt. Link at the bottom.


Dean had always hated winters in Kansas. It was cold, wet, and more often than not, he was stuck out in it; saving people, hunting things. This winter had been especially brutal, storms dropping snow every other week and the streets had been icy for months. Dean blamed global warming. (Thanks, Obama.)

Day before last, a storm dropped an unexpected 5 feet on them and Dean and Sam had spent the day clearing a path to the bunker’s garage and now his Baby was snug as a bug inside. They had used Cas’ truck to do a grocery run and had no future plans to leave the bunker. Ever since they defeated Lucifer (for good this time) and got Cas and Mary back, their work life had slowed dramatically. It seemed like everyone wanted a break, hunters and beasties alike. Dean wasn’t about to argue, he’d wanted a break from the life for a while now.

That morning, Dean was embracing it. Well, technically he was embracing Cas, as he did most mornings these days. Once Cas came back to him, Dean had made a decision: he wasn’t going to lose Cas again, he just wouldn’t survive it and he wasn’t going to waste another minute of their time together. Cas came back to him and while he recovered in bed (even if he stated repeatedly that he was ok, and please Dean, let me help) Dean wouldn’t hear it. Bed rest while Dean redecorated their room around him; a brand new smart TV so Cas could watch his Netflix, a bookcase for their books, a new fluffy duvet (blue to match Cas’ eyes) and possibly one too many pillows to go on a new, larger bed frame and memory foam, this time in a California King instead of the double he used to have. Dean had found an old hope chest in one of the bunker storage rooms and he spent a week refinishing it, placing it against the wall, next to his, so that Cas had somewhere to put his stuff. He didn’t have much but Dean planned on changing that soon enough.

All in all, their room was completed in less than a month and they spent little to no time breaking in their new bed, making up for years of lost time between them. Just last night, after Dean had come in complaining of a sore back, Cas had drawn him a bath and then laid him out on their bed, face down, massaging lavender oil into his back, kneading out the knots in his shoulders, smoothing Dean’s soft skin with his hands, eventually working him open with his long fingers. It wasn’t until Dean was shaking and moaning under him that Cas gave in, sinking into him in one slow motion. Some nights were frantic, both of them anxious and needing to connect, remembering darker times and all that they denied each other, while other nights were made for going slow, savoring each other and worshiping every inch of skin, regret and relief warring inside them.


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Random Speirs/Malarkey domestic headcanons

– they both suck at cooking. Don at least tries very hard, but he always ends up burning something, while Ron doesn’t even bothers, so they usually end up eating something that they order
they have a terrible eating schedule

– Don moves a lot in his sleep, while Ron is one of those people that steal the blanket. Don is still wondering if he does that unconsciously or if it is a form of vengeance since he always kick him in his sleep

– Once a week Lipton visits them and help them clean the disaster that they make, knowing that they won’t clean if he doesn’t tell them, since they suck at being functional adults

– Every now and then Don brings dogs home, asking Ron if they can keep them. For some reason, even if he doesn’t particulary likes them, dogs love Ron.

– Once Don kidnapped accidentally a dog. His owner was a few feet behind but he hadn’t see him. Thanks god, the owner noticed and followed Don at his house to save his dog. Don is still sad about it – “It was so cute –”

– Ron doesn’t really like sweet food, but Don loves it, so, if he has any, he always give it to him. Even when someone offers him a biscuit or something at work, he always takes it and he brings it home for Don.

– Their apartament has a veranda. Don keeps there some plants, and they go there reading on rainy days.

– Don is the kind of person that gives a name to his plants. Ron finds that adorable.

– When they fight, it’s very rare that Ron is the first to be sorry. And even if he is, he never tell. Hejust hugs Don from behind and kiss his forehead, and stay there until he feels Don’s muscles a little more relaxed. They stay like that for a while.

– When it’s Don the first one to say sorry, he usually sits next to Ron – that always smokes after a fight – and looks at him for a moment with his puppy eyes, before muttering that he’s very sorry and that he’s an idiot.

– Don loves kids. Everytime they go to Harry’s house, since he had a kid with Kitty, Don plays with the kid while Ron takes a beer with Harry and Kitty.

– They always fight on who has to clean the dishes. Always.

– Don likes to use Ron’s t-shirts. He stole his Led Zeppelin shirt and he swear that he’s never giving it back.

– While in some situations Ron can be very silent, Don can never shut up. Evene when it’s 2 am and they just went to sleep he would just burst out something like “ do you think aliens would like beatles??? “ 

Sanvers Week - Domestic

When Alex wakes up, it’s not to the shrill beeping of her alarm – that’s a relief – but it also isn’t to Maggie, because the bed is a little too large and a little too cold.

Alex rolls over and props herself up on one elbow, slipping on her glasses. She pushes the duvet off her bare skin and reaches for one of her oversized shirts that Maggie thinks are officially hers.

She pads into the kitchen, following the smell of fresh coffee, the quiet sound of music playing through the speakers.

Maggie’s pouring coffee into Alex’s favourite mug – she bought it for her last Christmas, because the FBI logo is a running joke now - wearing nothing but Alex’s shirt, nothing but a smile, nothing but love in her eyes as she gazes at her girlfriend.

“Good morning,” Maggie murmurs, tilting her head to the side as she stands on her tiptoes to kiss Alex’s cheek.

“You’re wearing my shirt,” Alex observes grinning as she takes in Maggie’s outfit.

“Is that not okay?” she teases playfully, grinning as Alex rolls her eyes and takes a sip of coffee.

“It’s always okay, it-it’s amazing” Alex agrees, because no matter how long they’ve lived together, no matter how many times Maggie steals her clothes, it will always be her favourite thing ever.

“Still making you stutter, Danvers?” Maggie asks, smirking as she places two pieces of bread in the toaster.

“Pfft. No. Never,” Alex splutters.

Alex sits down and watches her for a long moment.

“I can make toast, Maggie.”

“After last time? You and Little Danvers nearly started a fire. Never again.”

“She has freeze breath,” Alex mutters under her breath, scowling.

“And I like my kitchen,” Maggie retorts with a wink.

“Your kitchen, Detective?”

“Fine. Our kitchen.”

“Don’t you forget it.”

They spend their day off cleaning their apartment – well, Alex does most of it while Maggie teases her when she finds a pile of old pictures of her and Kara when they were kids – and go to meet the family at the bar in the evening.

When they get to the bar, Alex and Maggie are greeted by the familiar buzz of conversation and the smiles of their family.

Alex goes to get drinks while Maggie sits down next to Kara. When she returns, Maggie has a mischievous grin on her face and Alex’s eyes narrow.

“What?” she asks slowly, tilting her head to the side, something she’s picked up from her girlfriend.

“Oh, Hey, Danvers,” Maggie says innocently, taking a sip of her beer. “Kara and I were just discussing your… fascinating taste in music.”


“Well, I gotta say, your punk rock phase – a little weird.”

“Ugh,” Alex sighs dramatically, “blackmail.”

Winn almost chokes on his beer.

“Blackmail?” he splutters “you can’t blackmail Alex Danvers!”

“I can,” Maggie boasts, smirking.

Alex pretends to glare at her but ends up putting her arm round her.

“That doesn’t mean it’s safe for you, Schott,” Alex warns.

“Ah, yes. We can’t forget the many uses of your index finger,” Maggie mutters into her glass.

J'onn groans and hides his face in his hands, wishing his newest daughter would think a little more quietly, and Kara takes a while to understand and buries her face in Lena’s shoulder, blushing.

“We should play pool,” Alex suggests, grabbing Maggie by the shoulder.

“When did those two get married without telling us?” James asks, grinning.

“I don’t know,” Kara replies, watching them set up the game as Maggie nudges Alex’s side, both of them laughing.