The stylised name of the Gryphonet (as opposed to the more standard spelling of “griffin”) is due to the deep love of antiquarian texts, held by the original breeder, who managed to cross pygmy griffins with kneazles, creating small domesticateable Griffins which, oddly, resembled owls more than any other bird of prey. Although technically an illegal cross, the creatures were found to be easy to domesticate and, although the original breeder has been struck from record, their naming of the creatures still stands and their remaining extant family still profits from the sale of the creatures today.

Making excellent pets, Gryphonets hunt for themselves as they please, but will accept owl and cat food alike, as well as owl treats. Oddly affectionate pets and familiars, given the creatures they are born of, Gryphonets love nothing more than to curl up on their chosen humans lap and be given affection. If their human feels sad they are fairly good at comforting as well, allowing themselves to be hugged as needed, and purring and and nuzzling against their humans as required.

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Whalp, I said I was gonna do a big compilation post and here it is! I’m so so glad I turned these followers over to you guys because I would never have come up with such varied and interesting characters on my own! 

Here is Raz, his cohort Sirias, and the eight followers I have (Tanner soon to come.) 

Satraza “Raz” Raneid- A charismatic and clever ifrit from the north who acts as a bodyguard (and sometimes lover) to his expedition leader, Raz is a  passionate and honorable man. Though his pragmaticsm sometimes overrules what seems ‘good’ at the time, he has a strong protective streak and will generally act on the good of the whole vs the few.

Sirias- Snarky, impulsive, and quick-witted, this former pirate is Raz’s opposite in many ways. However, rather than constantly being at odds, he compliments the other ifrit’s tendency to overthink and overstrategize by simply doing.  He is extremely skilled for reading cities and socially navigating the slums.

Brief follower write-ups below the cut! :D

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briannathepotato  asked:

I've been wondering, at what age do you consider it appropriate to own a krup? To my knowledge they are, for the most part, domesticatable, but when should I begin my journey with one of my very won?

Any age is just fine I think- Crups make absolutely wonderful pets for the average witch or wizard.  So long as you can dedicate time to the care and handling of this creature, they will make a loyal, lifelong friend.

Oh, but maybe reconsider your companion choice if you live near muggle residences.  Or have muggle relatives.  Crups tend to attack them, see.