It has come to my attention that, regrettably, there are certain exotic animal owners who knowingly and willfully try to hide the law and will attack those who share it openly online because they believe that knowledge of the law puts their “community” at risk of being busted.

Well I’ve never been a big fan of online bullies, much less online bullies who try to hide laws. So I’m gonna go ahead and remind all 8,100 of my beloved followers that the rabies vaccine in the USA is proven to work on domestic dogs and cats in clinical trials only. This means if you have an exotic like a raccoon, a fox, or a wolf or wolf hybrid and it bites someone, it can be forcibly removed from your care and destroyed so its head can be sectioned to test for rabies.

The rabies vaccine offers these animals NO legal protection even if it does actually prevent rabies, because the government does not recognize the vaccines efficacy on a legal level. This is the sad truth of the law. It isn’t scientific but it’s there.

This information is important to anyone ever considering adopting, fostering or even temporarily caring for an exotic mammal. Why certain people in these circles wish to keep such potentially fatal information hidden is beyond me.

So, again, I reiterate (just to make them mad) that the rabies vaccine offers no legal protection to an exotic such as a fox, raccoon, wolf or wolfdog if it bites someone. (Wolfdogs are occasionally treated like domestic dogs but dont count on it!)

Lack of knowledge of rabies control law can lead to tragedy for anyone responsible for exotics.

Big Ol’ Honkin’ OC Question List-- Long Post Ahead!

  Alright, here we go– I put together a list of questions about OCs that you can reblog and have people send in asks for you! I set it up so you can be like, “A3″, “D2″, et cetera… Keep checking in here to the original post in case I add some more to the list! In the meantime, I hope y’all have some fun with this and maybe use it to learn a little bit more about your OCs or get to share things about them!!

A. Psychology

  1. What of the Meyers-Briggs personality types they most fit into? INFP, ENFT, et cetera…
  2. What alignment are they? Chaotic neutral, lawful evil, et cetera…
  3. Do they have any emotional or psychological conditions? Are they aware of it? Do they try to treat it? 
  4. Are they a pessimist or an optimist? 
  5. Are they good at handling change in their life?
  6. Does your OC tend to assume their interpretation of events and reality is correct, or do they question it? I.e., “I’m sure that’s what you said” versus “It’s possible I misheard you.”
  7. Is your OC confident in their reactions to life in general, or do they get embarrassed or easily shamed for it? I.e., if something startles them, do they insist it WAS scary? When they cry, do they feel like they overreacted?
  8. Is your OC a martyr?
  9. Does your OC make a lot of excuses? For themselves? Others? 
  10. Does your OC compromise easily? Too easily?
  11. Does your OC put others’ needs before their own?
  12. Does your OC have any addictions? If so and problematic, have they admitted it to themselves? 
  13. Does your OC have any phobias? If so, where did they come from?
  14. Is your character empathetic?
  15. Is your character observant?
  16. Does your OC have to go through their own trials to learn a lesson, or do they listen and learn from observation and lecture? I.e., does your OC listen when someone tries to tell them the importance of budgeting, or do they have to go experience what happens if you don’t budget first?
  17. What’s one of your OC’s proudest moments of themselves?
  18. Do they get jealous easily? Do they feel bad if they do?
  19. What instantly irritates them or puts them in a bad mood?
  20. Are they harsh on themselves?
  21. Do they make excuses often?
  22. Is your OC intended to be found generally attractive? Unattractive? Average? Is there a reason why?
  23. Does your OC place much importance on their appearance? Do they feel confident in it?
  24. What are some of your OC’s biggest personal obstacles? This could be emotional, physical, social… Are they aware of it? Are they trying to overcome it?

B. Social

  1. Do they believe you have to give respect to get it, or get respect to give it?
  2. Do they get frustrated when lines at places like pharmacies, check-outs, delis, banks, et cetera, are moving slowly?
  3. Under what situations would they get angry at servers, staff, customer service, et cetera?
  4. Do they tip well? How easily can they be moved to not leave a tip?
  5. Do they hold doors open for people?
  6. Would your OC let someone ahead of them in line if your OC had a big cart and the person behind them had very few items?
  7. How do they respond to babies crying in public?
  8. Is your OC considered funny? Do they believe they’re funny?
  9. What kind of humor does your OC like the most? Slapstick, ironic, funny sounds, scare pranks, xD sO rAnDoM…
  10. Does your OC find any “bad” or “mean” humor funny? Do they wish they didn’t?
  11. Your OC is running late to meeting someone: Do they let the other person know? Do they lie about why they’re late?
  12. Your OC orders something to eat and gets their order done in a pretty wrong way, something they can’t just pick off or whatnot to correct, or something major is missing. What do they do?
  13. Do they have a large or small group of friends?
  14. Do they have people they are genuinely honest with about themselves?
  15. Does your OC enjoy social events, such as parties, clubs, et cetera..?
  16. Does your OC like to be the center of attention or more in the mix?

C. Morality

  1. Does your OC have a moral code? If not, how do they base their actions? If so, where does it come from, and how seriously do they take it?
  2. Would your OC feel bad if they acted against their morals? If not, would they find a way to excuse themselves for it?
  3. Is it important for them to be with people (socially, intimately, whatever) whose major ideological tenets align with their own?
  4. Do they consider themselves superior or more important than anyone else? Lesser?
  5. Do your OC’s morals and rules of common decency go out the window when it comes to those they don’t like, or when it’s inconvenient? Aka, are their morals situational?
  6. What do they do when they see someone asking for money or food? If they ignore them, why? If they help, how so?
  7. Do they believe people change over time? If so, is it a natural process or does it take effort? 
  8. Is your OC more practical or ideal morally? I.e., do they hold people to high expectations of behavior even if it’s not realistic for the situation, or do they have a more realistic approach and adapt their morality to be more practical?

D. Religion and Life and Death

  1. How religious is your OC? What do they practice, if anything? If they don’t associate with any religion, what do they think of religion in general?
  2. Do they believe in an afterlife?
  3. How comfortable are they with the idea of death?
  4. Would they like to be immortal? Why, why not? If they are immortal, would they rather not be?
  5. Do they believe in ghosts? If not, why? If so, do they think they’re magical/tie into their religion, or are they scientifically plausible?

E. Education and Intelligence

  1. Would you say that your OC is intelligent? In what ways? Would your OC agree?
  2. Which of the nine types of intelligence is your OC strongest in? Weakest? (Linguistic, existential, naturalist, et cetera)
  3. How many languages do they speak?
  4. Did they enjoy school if they went to it?
  5. What’s their highest education level? Do they want to continue their education?
  6. Do they enjoy learning? Do they actively seek out sources of self-education?
  7. Are they a good note-taker? Are they a good test-taker? Do exams make them nervous?
  8. What’s one of your OC’s biggest regrets?

F. Domestic Habits, Work, and Hobbies

  1. What sort of home do they live in now, if at all? How did they end up there?
  2. What’s their ideal home look like? Where is it?
  3. Could they ever live in a “tiny home”?
  4. How clean are they overall with home upkeep?
  5. How handy are they? Can they fix appliances, cars, cabinets, et cetera?
  6. How much do they work? What do they do? Do they enjoy it?
  7. What’s their “dream career” or job situation?
  8. How often are they home?
  9. Are they homebodies and enjoy being home?
  10. Do they engage in any of the arts? How good do you intend them to be? Would they agree they are?
  11. What are some of their favorite things to do for recreation? How did they get into it? What part of it do they like the most?
  12. Would they enjoy a theme park?

G. Family and Growing Up

  1. Is your OC close to their family?
  2. Who makes up your OC’s family, at least the more important members to them?
  3. Does your OC find their family supportive? If not, what would be an example why not?
  4. What kind of childhood did your OC have?
  5. Did they go through any typical phases growing up?
  6. Do they have any favorite childhood memories?
  7. Do they have any childhood memories they’d rather forget or be less affected by?

H. Romance and Intimacy

  1. What is your OC’s orientation, romantic and/or sexual? Has it ever been a source of stress for them? Have they always been pretty sure of their orientation?
  2. Is your OC a thoughtful partner, in whatever aspect of that you want to cover?
  3. Does your OC believe there’s only one ideal partner (or multiple ideal if not monogamous) for everyone, or that there are many people who could be right?
  4. Does your OC believe in love in first sight?
  5. Does your OC believe in marriage (or their culture’s equivalent)?
  6. Has your OC ever cheated on anyone or been cheated on?
  7. What do they look for in partners? (Emotionally, mentally, physically..)
  8. What’s your OC’s idea of a perfect date?
  9. What are some things that your OC finds to be an instant turn-off in potential partners?

I. Food

  1. What are their favorite kinds of flavors– Sweet, salty, sour, spicy, creamy, et cetera?
  2. Do they have any eating requirements or preferences? Allergies, vegetarian, organic-only, religious restrictions…
  3. Are they vegan/vegetarian (if their overall culture/species generally aren’t)? If so, why? Do they think animal products are wrong in all circumstances?
  4. How often do they cook? Do they order out a lot?
  5. Are they a good cook?
  6. Could they eat the same thing they enjoy over and over and not get bored of it quickly?

J. Politics, Current Events, Environmental Aspects

  1. Where does your OC stand most politically? What would they align with most?
  2. How politically aware are they?
  3. How politically active are they?
  4. Is your OC the sort to fall for fake news? If not, do they ignore it or make a point to clarify that it’s wrong?
  5. Are they or would they protest for a cause they’re passionate about?
  6. How do they react to people whose political viewpoints are very opposite of theirs?
  7. How much interest in environmental health do they have?
  8. In reality-based or applicable worlds, do they believe in global warming? Do they recycle?

K. For OCs in Reality-Based Worlds Who Are Unusual in Paranormal Ways (such as magical abilities, being another species, having a curse like lycanthropy, sci-fi abilities, being from another time, et cetera)– Also for OCs where the scenario is similar even if their universe isn’t based on reality

  1. Does your OC have to keep their paranormal aspect (PA) a secret from general society? If so, how? I.e., they can’t discuss their abilities, they have to hide a tail, they have an alter-ego, et cetera. What would happen if society found out about it?
  2. Are there others in their universe with the same or a similar PA as your OC? I.e., others from different dimensions, others of their same species. Do they know about it?
  3. Does your OC have any friends who know about their PA? Any enemies?
  4. Does your OC ever use their PA to get an advantage? I.e., use their ability to be invisible to steal or get out of things, compete in track while their species is a naturally superior runner, use their invulnerability in careers like police work… If so, do they have any hang-ups about it?
  5. Does your OC feel isolated or unrelatable due to the experience their PA brings with it? If so, how do they deal with it?
  6. Does their PA cause issues in daily life? I.e., if they’re inhuman in a human universe and they can’t go to a doctor or risk the doctor realizing they are not human, super abilities with physical drawbacks, they don’t have control of their abilities and must keep to themselves, et cetera… If so, how do they feel about it?
  7. Does your OC’s PA affect their dietary habits so that they are unusual or problematic by their society’s standards?
  8. What are some routines, if any, of self-care that your OC must engage in that are not typical of their society? I.e., having to file their teeth, maintaining magical rituals, drinking blood…
  9. Does your OC have knowledge that they can’t share with the rest of their world that could improve it if it didn’t cause chaos? I.e., a character from the future knowing about technology not yet invented, but they can’t reveal themselves by sharing it?
  10. Would your OC give up their PA if they could? Why or why not?

L. For the Writer/Owner

  1. How have your characters changed since you created them?
  2. What do you consider the biggest themes in your character, if any?
  3. Did you create the character to be like yourself, did they end up being like yourself, or are they very different from you?
  4. Would you hang out with your OC if you could?
  5. Which OC do you think is the most decent morally or behaviorally?  AKA, which is supposed to a “good guy”?
  6. Which OC do you think is the worst morally or behaviorally? AKA, which is supposed to be a “bad guy”?
  7. Which OC do you think is the most attractive?
  8. What’s the longest you’ve had an OC for?
  9. How did you come up with your OC?
Day Thirty (Jimin angst)

Request: “Jimin is the reader’s husband and he asks a divorce. Reader asks for a month to spend with him and promises to let him go after that” - from anon

Originally posted by suga-com

Word count: 6.3k

Genre: Angst

Day one

“Please,” you begged. You were on your knees, clinging to him pathetically. It felt like he was stealing the future from you. There was no hope left it your body. You needed to stop him. He was pulling your whole world out from under your feet.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be,” he said.

“Who is she?” you asked, your voice distraught.

“It doesn’t matter.” His voice caught a little this time, as though he was finally getting upset.

“Jimin, please, please, I love you so much,” you pleaded. You held him tighter, like that would somehow hold your marriage together. But you could tell that his mind was made up. You were powerless.

“Please let go of me,” he said. You looked up at him. His eyes were closed. He couldn’t look at you.

“I’m your wife,” you said, your voice laced with desperation. “Don’t I get a say? Why do you get to decide that it’s over?”

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☕ coffee magic ☕

(reposting bc i deleted the original post, whoops)

a compiled list of easy correspondences for witchcraft on the run! or, to start your mornings with a simple potion, ingredients/flavors you can add to your coffee to have a magic start to your day

🌾 sugar

love and attraction, positive attention

🍼 cream

nurturing, prosperity, and protection

🍬 caramel

love, kindness, domestic works

🍃 cinnamon

divination, fortune, healing, power, prosperity, protection, psychic abilities, spirituality, wealth, and wisdom.

🌰 almonds

prosperity, wealth, and wisdom

🎃 pumpkins

banishment, divination, healing, prosperity, and protection

🍇 blueberry


🍫 chocolate

love, lust, health, prosperity and money

🌾 vanilla

happiness, love, and lust

🌰 hazelnut

fertility, protection against evil, creativity, intuition, and psychic abilities

🍇 raspberry

love and protection

The Uncalled-For Chore

The Uncalled-For Chore

A cleaning woman, on her way,
Came by a house she broke into
In doing her housework for pay,
(As dishes in the sink she’d do)

And coffee pots to be washed out
As well as mopping up the floors;
So, she would potter roundabout
By doing sundry cleaning chores.

And having done it all, unasked,
When finishing her cleaning up,
The lady, who was multi-tasked,
Made coffee she drank in a cup.

She’d made the bill and left that on
The kitchen table which she signed
And when upon her way she’d gone
She left her phone-number behind.

The owners of the house returned,
And found how she had broken in
To leave a bill of what she earned,
Albeit—asked—she had not been—

Calling the cops upon the phone,
The owners did report the crime
Of all she’d done, upon her own,
As she’d be tried, & do her time.

It has come to my attention that, regrettably, there are certain exotic animal owners who knowingly and willfully try to hide the law and will attack those who share it openly online because they believe that knowledge of the law puts their “community” at risk of being busted.

Well I’ve never been a big fan of online bullies, much less online bullies who try to hide laws. So I’m gonna go ahead and remind all 8,100 of my beloved followers that the rabies vaccine in the USA is proven to work on domestic dogs and cats in clinical trials only. This means if you have an exotic like a raccoon, a fox, or a wolf or wolf hybrid and it bites someone, it can be forcibly removed from your care and destroyed so its head can be sectioned to test for rabies.

The rabies vaccine offers these animals NO legal protection even if it does actually prevent rabies, because the government does not recognize the vaccines efficacy on a legal level. This is the sad truth of the law. It isn’t scientific but it’s there.

This information is important to anyone ever considering adopting, fostering or even temporarily caring for an exotic mammal. Why certain people in these circles wish to keep such potentially fatal information hidden is beyond me.

So, again, I reiterate (just to make them mad) that the rabies vaccine offers no legal protection to an exotic such as a fox, raccoon, wolf or wolfdog if it bites someone. (Wolfdogs are occasionally treated like domestic dogs but dont count on it!)

Lack of knowledge of rabies control law can lead to tragedy for anyone responsible for exotics.

[NEW] My 20 year old Idol Husband - A BTS Fanfic

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant. 

All Chpts: #My20YearOldIdolHusband

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Is this my familiar?

this is a post dedicated to strictly working with domestic familiars (an animal familiar that lives with you), and is geared towards people who think that might have found theirs. this a response to the multiple asks about familiars i have received recently. this is one of a few posts about them to come 

First off what is a domestic familiar? 

The domestic Familiar is an animal that stays with the Witch, it is an animal that you have a strong connection with, Both psychically and magically. They may offer guidance, teachings aid in magical working and form a deep connection with us for the remainder of their natural lifespan. 

I have a cat can i make them be my familiar? 

Just because you own an animal doesn’t automatically make it a domestic Familiar, so don’t start thinking that you can suddenly force your beloved pet cat into some form of magickal service for you. The animal must choose you and want to work with you of its own free will.

if you start to preform a ritual and the animal suddenly leaves, let it go. it doesn’t want to participate. if the animal only remains becuase you force it to, it is not your domestic familiar. nor will it ever be most likely. 

I want a familiar how do i get one? 

as mentioned above you cant simply force an animal into being your familiar. but when you are ready your familiar will find you. it might take awhile, and keep in mind that is not something you need, many modern witches have beloved amazing pets in their lives who are not familiars. having/not having one doesn’t make you any more or less of a witch.   

But if you are determined to find one you can, it just takes time. they could be in your life already and you might not even know it, or they could be at a shelter, an adoption agency, a pet store, the stray that hangs out all the time, ect ect  as long as an animal is willing/wants to work with you it can become your familiar. 

if you do not have an animal in you life that acts as your familiar, give it some serious thought before you go out and get one. after all an animal is a life, they require, food, proper housing, possibly medical care ect ect. you have to make sure that you can meet all the requirements that they will need to happy live and thrive in your home.  They will find you when the time is right and you are ready. 

“So i have become a witch recently and my cat has been acting strange and touches my altar does this mean they are my familiar?” 

before you go and assume that this animal is your familiar you should maybe ask yourself some of these question. 

  • Why are they doing this, is it a normal behavior for them?
  • if its a new animal could they just be getting used to you?
  • What reasons could they be performing this behavior? 
  • what reasons could be making them attracted to my work (curious, new smells or sounds)
  • How uncommon is this behavior for the animal overall as a species?
  • How persistent are they in showing this new behavior or interest?
  • Is the animal okay medically (did they start any new medications)? 
  • How long does this behavior continue?
  • do they show signs of wanting to work with me?
  • am i ready for this?
  • Is this safe for them?

This concludes the beginning of my familiar posts, there will be more to come in the future, Next is Familiar safety. If you have any questions feel free to ask me
- honeycoyote -
Sailor Senshi Correspondences

Sailor Moon/Chibi Moon: Self Love, Confidence, Justice, Compassion, Determination, Moon Magic

Sailor Venus: Love (all types), Leadership, Success, Motivation, Glamour Spells

Sailor Mercury: Wisdom, Healing, Logic, Studying, Technology Witchcraft

Sailor Mars: Psychic abilities, Protection from spirits, Spirit Work, Passion, Self Control

Sailor Jupiter: Strength, Domestic Works, Green Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchcraft, Protection in the Home, Gardening, Cooking, Crafts. 

Sailor Neptune: Creativity, Intuition, Reveals Hidden Truths, Sea WItchcraft

Sailor Uranus: Travel, Freedom, Liberation, Weather Work

Sailor Pluto: Cosmic Witchcraft, Astrology, Change, Past Lives, Astral Travel, Protection in other realms and time

Sailor Saturn: Power, Destruction, Silence, Rebirth, Cursing

Bonds of Love

Okaaaaay! When I said I enjoyed Nobu’s ES, I meant it on the different hype from all the others I’ve read so far–.

I just love how it started off a bit of lonely and apprehensive and annoying (like Nobu ignoring MC and being so impatient)–then funny–and progressed to something really happy and heartwarming, plus less angst to boot! And Nobu conquered without killing anyone yaaaaay

So what do we get from him this event?

>that lipstick kiss

>plum blossoms

>another showcase of his acting skills

>  They’re so domestic in here - working with the villagers, like jack and jill fetching water, making sandals, and just really being together and just talk ;A;

>Friggin’ cute the way they kept holding hands!

>AND FINALLY MC was able to take part in Nobu’s affairs. He would normally just leave her in the castle or in Kyoto, but he brought her to do this undercover thing with him.

While most of it is not really new, there’s a really refreshing atmosphere around it this time. Most of his event stories were heavy and they both get so emo, but this one has just the right amount of humor, drama, and sentimentality.

Aaaand they got their first dance together :> (I remember the first event it was Mitsuhide who MC danced with)

mmm let’s :>


The first time she hands him the brush, he stares at it in stupification.

He knows what it is, obviously, he just doesn’t know what she wants him to do with it.

He frowns, staring at her  in their dresser mirror and raising his eyebrows in question. He opens his mouth to ask her but she presses one finger to his lips and then turns. Presents him with her back and the long, silken tangle of hair which is tumbling down it.

Her eyes look… troubled in the glass.

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My Fic Masterlist

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no-name | samascara wanted ada and her girl friend *sitting in a tree, k i s s-*, anyway cute artist girlfriend antics and lovely domesticity [wc: 2001]

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Helping in the Household

You know that trope how women not only do the majority of domestic labour, but whenever a man contributes in any way, he expects to be acknowledged and praised for it, no matter how small the task?

Well, being raised in the patriarchy just like most of us, even though in a liberal household, I am the same. My wife was, back when we first moved in together, understandably annoyed with that, and we talked it out. We found a solution.

The solution was not, however, that I no longer expected praise for my contributions - it was that she deserved, demanded and got praise for her’s as well! I mean, why the HELL would we do it any other way? Do you know how nice it is if, after doing some annoying chore like vacuuming, cleaning the bath room or scrubbing the kitchen, the person you love most in the world praises you for how great it is that you did that, what a good job you did, and what an amazing person you are?

Let me tell you, it’s pretty damn nice. We are not giving up on that, neither of us!

not real

relationship: hank mccoy x reader
words: 711
a/n: this is the result of some pent up feelings and not having internet to distract me soooo
tagging: @madelyne-pryor @whitesamantha @paperclipmac @alexsunmners @kurtwxgners @girlygirlbishop @rax-writes

You know it’s not real. Sure, there’s some shared intimacy between you but that comes from being friends for years, it isn’t because there is real feeling shared between the two of you. You love him though, but you know it’s one-sided, no matter how many times he dares says that he loves you. You know it’s fake.

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I say this as a devoted Jane the Virgin fan: Through two and a half seasons, it’s been one of the warmest, most entertaining shows on network TV, with smart writing and great performances, especially from Gina Rodriguez. But the decision to kill off Michael and then zip forward three years feels like a storytelling cheat — like the writers wanted the shock value (and social-media spike) of a major character death, while also skipping past all that uncomfortable “grieving” stuff. Monday’s episode gave us a few fleeting moments of Michael, with photos of him coming to life to give Jane a pep talk. But mostly, he was swept aside so we could focus on more pressing matters, like the fate of Rogelio’s reality show. And Mateo’s bratty behavior. And the douchey new hotel owner next door to the Marbella. It felt unseemly to linger on such silliness when a major character just died. It’s been three years for them… but only a week for us.
 […] I understand death can be random, and we don’t always get any warning when the people we love leave us. But that doesn’t feel like the kind of dark emotional territory a show like Jane should be wading into — especially if it’s going to bend the rules and jump forward to a time when the wounds aren’t so fresh. Plus, I don’t really buy that Michael “had to die” to shake up the show; the show could’ve found a way to make Jane and Michael’s domestic bliss work, as an oasis of normalcy amid all the craziness. (Coach and Tami Taylor, anyone?)
To be fair, Michael was referenced again later in this week’s episode, when we discovered that Jane based her new romance novel on her relationship with Michael. She got choked up when asked to read aloud from her book… but a newly bearded Rafael, not Michael, was the one to encourage her to get out there and read it. And let’s be real: These two are definitely getting back together at some point, right? The inevitability of the Jane-Rafael pairing just pours salt into the wounds of Michael fans, like he was ultimately just an obstacle to their happiness.
Leading the wolf to slaughter

A little breakdown of this scene, re: why I loved Tom’s Lestat so much in this scene, since we’re talking about it.

^Claudia leads him in, and he’s so trusting. When he sees the boys there, he is not immediately very pleased. He actually looks a little disappointed. The house rule is not to bring victims into the house, and she brought them in, is he going to have to lay down the law again? Bad timing for it, since he’s trying to make peace with her.

She glances up at him to gauge his reaction but looks away before he can meet her gaze. She’s thrilled with what she’s about to do and doesn’t want him derailing her from her mission. 

^I use this gif a lot for “such feels,” but there’s really more going on here, and not necessarily happiness. She’s told him that the boys are the gift to him. He starts w/ a facepalm, bc, hey, Lestat would actually rather not kill children.* He tries to go for adult evildoers. It’s clearer in TVL than in movie!IWTV, but he does tell Louis in an earlier scene, “Evildoers are easier, and they taste better.”**

Lestat is also very guarded in his body language here, all closed off w/ his arms across his chest (we don’t usually see him this closed off in the movie). When he shows his face, he’s not smiling at first, bc, this wasn’t really the kind of truce he would have wanted. But then he rallies, shakes his head a little bit, and tries to smile, probably tells himself inwardly, “She did this for me, she has good intentions…”

^”Well, you certainly have… outdone yourself,” he says. He’s struggling to compliment her, that hesitation could have led to a criticism. Trying to convince himself that this is a peace offering and to reign in his usual edgy sense of humor. The main rule in their home was always “Never [kill] in the house” and she wants him to share this kill. In. The. House. A rule she’s broken countless times. He’s still guarded, still has his arms up protectively.

The smile fails as he looks over the boys like he’s looking at something unappetizing at a buffet. For me, that would be the wilted salad area.

^There’s a full second pause as he looks at her bc he’s still struggling to believe it was all this easy. Then he asks: “We forgive each other, then?” This is Lestat without any of his bravado, no games, not asking as her maker, just as someone who loves her and wants her love, too. This is the Lestat who spent most of his childhood unloved or beaten down for trying to find a place where ppl would love him ;A;

^There’s almost a full second pause as she looks at him - bc she doesn’t really forgive him - and then says: “Yes” She’s lying right to his face, so evil! If you cover her mouth, her eyebrows don’t change at all with that smile. But there is still a chance to abandon her plan if she wants to.

^Having secured the peace, putting his trust in her about this gift being OK to consume, he has this little sigh of relief; his usual confidence comes back in, you can see a hint of a smile as he turns away.

(This victim is one of the moments in the film that really pushed the envelope for its time, when Lestat bites into the child. It’s actually a lot less homoerotic/pedophilic than in the book, where he gets his hands wrapped up in the kid’s shirt. Unlike when he bites adults and we see his face, here, we see him from behind. It makes it less sexual, he didn’t choose this victim, it’s seems like it’s more about the consumption.)

^Anyway… he thinks she spiked their blood with absinthe bc he immediately feels drugged/drunk from it. She tells him it’s laudanum, and he repeats that word, has he heard of it before? Probably not, bc she tells him what it does. 

So right up until the moment she explicitly lays it out for him, he still believes they’ve reconciled, and even that she flavored the blood for him as an extra consideration! It’s a very painful betrayal, specifically bc he wanted to believe her SO BADLY that he ignored all the red flags ;A;

You could say he deserved this betrayal, but I think this scene is part of what makes Tom’s Lestat so very good. Even as he’s led into getting his punishment, you still feel sorry for him, it’s hard to hate a monster when he’s being this trusting and gentle and really wanting to well… not be a monster.

I recognize that this is a social media site so you are welcome to reblog and comment and engage on this, but please do so respectfully, and keep in mind that #your headcanon may vary, and we are all entitled to our own interpretations/opinions about canon, and about movie!IWTV.    

(Asterisked notes under the cut.)

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106. (ii)

Bucky had lost the habit of home in the army, and nothing in his life since had allowed him to pick it back up, nothing let him be close and safe and settled and still. He bunked in with Steve in their little Brooklyn apartment, but there was nothing of him in the shape of it; he could walk away any moment without looking back. 

He wasn’t quite comfortable with the fact that a ratty place in Bed-Stuy would be a hell of a lot harder to leave behind, if that moment came. That he’d somehow gotten used to the sound of claws on hardwood, to sputtering fitful showers and the couch that tried to take out your kidneys if you sat on it wrong. 

It wasn’t his but there was something in his chest that said it could be, that said maybe the good kind of four letter word could be applied to it if he tried, only he seemed to be the only one thinking it. He was still coming in through the window left open for Lucky, welcomed but uninvited, never asked to make himself at home. 

And still the sound of Clint’s keys in the door settled something in his chest into a space made exactly for it. 

“Hey buddy,” Clint said, dropping to his knees to return Lucky’s greeting. “Hey, Bucky.” 

Bucky pushed himself to his feet, and Clint didn’t meet his eyes as he shoved Lucky away and clambered upright. He folded his arms across his chest, curled in on himself in a way that didn’t make much sense, and Bucky wondered what it was he thought he’d done. 

“So Natasha says I’m an idiot,” Clint said, apologetic, and Bucky was willing to accept the premise. It was frequently true. “She says that I fucked up when I didn’t say it back.”

Bucky blinked. 

“I do, though,” Clint said. “I’m just bad at saying it ‘cos it matters, and things that matter scare the shit outta me.” He smiled with one side of his mouth, glanced up at Bucky halfway and sidelong. “Therefore you’re the most terrifying and the best thing in my life.” 

Oh. So maybe it wasn’t the shape he’d thought he’d needed it, and maybe the words weren’t quite there, but the meaning was clear enough to set up home in his chest and pulled him forward like he was magnetised, like gravity, to fold Clint up into his arms. 

“Hey,” he said, into the skin of Clint’s neck, pressing the words close and safe and settled and still. “Hey, welcome home.”