BTS reaction to you singing when you concentrate

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Jin would enjoy your humming. He would like to hear your soft singing whenever you were working on something. To him it would feel very domestic.

“Ah, I love your singing. It’s so peaceful!”

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Yoongi normally wouldn’t mind your singing. He would even find it to be inspirational at times…. except for when he’s working and you are in the room, too. 


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Namjoon wouldn’t mind it too much. He would actually like to get inspired by your melodies, since you don’t think about them too hard when you sing.

“WAH! I just had an amazing idea for a song! Thanks, babe!”

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Hoseok wouldn’t really notice your humming until you aren’t home for a few days. He would notice how much he misses it then. He would also sway along a lot without realizing it.

“I never realized how much you sing and hum. I really miss it. The house is too quiet without you.”

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Jimin would find your singing and humming very cute. Especially when you do it without noticing. He would have a secret folder full of videos of you singing while lost in thoughts on his phone.

“When we are on tour and I miss you too much I listen to them.”

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Tae would love the singing. Similar to Jin, it would feel very domestic to him. He would also love to sing along if he recognizes the song and turn it into a dramatic duet that leaves the two of you giggling.

“A whole new woooooooorld!”

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Kookie would find it mildly irritating, but he wouldn’t want to say anything since it helps you thinking.


“Something wrong Kookie?”

“Noooooo, me? I’m fineeee.”

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-Admin Krümmel

me, at a department store: *sees some bath towels* hm I wonder how soft they are

me: *touches the bath towels*

me: *immediately has sudden desire to get married and move in to a nice house with my wife and buy domestic items like bath towels and soap dispensers and bedsheets to decorate my house that I will cook and do taxes in*

me: *lets go of the towels*

domestic feelings: *slowly slip away*


I’m having feelings about Domestic Established Sanvers and Kara

  • one day Maggie’s in Kara’s apartment and she sees a new picture on the shelf and its a picture of her and Alex and they are both smiling and Maggie doesn’t remember it being taken so Kara must of taken it without them knowing and Maggie has to go cry in the bathroom for a hot minute
  • one day Maggie comes home with a dog and it’s just kinda stays but they never name her and Kara just calls it ‘puppy dog’ constantly so that becomes the actual name
  • Kara keeps Vegan ice-cream in her fridge for Maggie
  • one day Alex watches Maggie and Kara tease each other over something and she just watches her two favorite people smile and laugh with each other and gets overwhelmed with happiness
  • Kara talks to Maggie about her crush on Lena Luthor because she wants Maggie’s advice because Maggie scored Alex so she must have ways with the ladies
  • Maggie has a cabinet in her kitchen just for Kara and all her food
  • one day Kara puts her self in unnecessary danger to save someone and shes not sure if Alex or Maggie is more angry
  • movie nights are Alex leaning against the side of the couch, Maggie leaning into Alex, and Kara’s feet thrown over both of them
  • they have a group chat that basically Maggie and Kara sharing pictures of cute dogs they see
  • one day Alex is at Maggie’s apartment and she sees a picture of her and Kara on Maggie’s shelf and she gets emotional and calls Kara immediately
  • when Maggie learns how mean Snapper was to Kara, Alex has to distract her from destroying him
  • sometimes when Kara’s had a bad day she asks if she can stay with Alex and Maggie that night and crawls into bed with them
  • Maggie so unnaturally good at Mario Cart that the Danvers sisters have to work together to sabotage her races 
Marvin’s Clothes in Falsettos: An Analysis

The thing that I always think about when I watch Falsettos is that Marvin in Act 1 and Act 2 are so different. I mean, yeah, we all know he went through a whole lot of character development, but he just FEELS so so different, and I was thinking about how they did it, how they showed Marvin’s character development not just through what he’s saying and doing, but what he looks like, and the vibe he gives off.

And I came to the conclusion that it has to do with the costumes. Obviously, it also has a lot to do with Christian Borle’s amazing acting, his expressions, tone, etc, but for now I want to talk about the relevance of Marvin’s clothes.

For most of Act 1, Marvin wears the blue plaid shirt, the red tie and the green jacket, or some combination of the three. Button-up, tie, and jacket are the typical clothes of a working man, the breadwinner of the family, showing Marvin’s “masculinity” and “manliness”. He feels–––hard, I guess. Closed-off? Solid. Tough.

Then at the end of Act 1, from Marvin Hits Trina through I Never Wanted to Love You and Father to Son, he changes for the first time into the red hoodie. This is around when he’s starting change–––starting to realize his mistakes and his flaws. (by which I mean, those last two songs are the best character development songs of all time)

And then from Act 2, his wardrobe is all made up of the purple sweater, the red hoodie, jeans, a grey hoodie, etc. It’s all casual and homely and domestic. It makes him feel softer. He has stripped himself of the forced role of the working masculine man, and has become comfortable with his sexuality and his identity as a gay man. Finally being able to accept himself leads to Marvin becoming a better, kinder person, and this change is reflected in his wardrobe choices.

Bonus: I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it, but Marvin’s rainbow shorts in a day in falsettoland is literally the cutest and it probably symbolizes Marvin finally accepting his sexuality and being more comfortable and open about it.

magic touch bond au
  • i keep thinking of a magical au where jack and bitty wake up
  • like after a party or something and they’re both in excruciating pain
  • and so all the guys are freaking out and they sort of piece together that jack and bitty are being affected by the same thing
  • so holster hauls a screaming bitty into jack’s room and dumps him on the bed next to jack and the moment they touch everything…stops
  • why yes, it’s our old friend, the Forced to Be Touching At All Times Trope

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omg i didn't even notice there's one too many drinks in Dan's tweet!! wtf! but yeah i think you're right that he probably listed his own. but on that note whose drink is whose i want to know your opinions on this it's very important

hahaha well assuming he listed his own then i think it’d be most logical for him to have listed the drinks in order of the couples ,, (and tbh the drinks really fit what i would expect for them): 

  • mr. lester & mrs. lester are the black coffee and english breakfast respectively
  • martyn & cornelia are the decaf coffee and green tea respectively
  • and finally his is the rooibos bc he’s a pretentious twat, and phil’s is obvi the latte :) 

i love how one partner in each of these pairings got tea and the other got coffee … this tweet is honestly sO fucking gross and domestic i feel tears in my eyes 

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labor - ros//ben prompt

@groovydevotedlyrose86, I think this is what you were asking for, yes?

The sound of it had been almost more than Benvolio could bear.

For hours her sharp cries had echoed through the corridors of the house, only to be followed every so often by the more terrible gasps of silence. He sat, his fingernails carving half-moons into the arms of the chairs, and he paced, his tread wearing a path along the terracotta floor, and he stared out the window, his eyes focused on the brick rooftops of the city even though his mind was somewhere else entirely.

Her pains had begun right after breakfast, her hand reaching to the base of her belly just as she stood up from the table. He had been confused at first, thinking that the meal had disagreed with her somehow, but then she had gasped, her face sharply contorted, and she had told him that it was time to send for the physician. Benvolio sent for the physician, and he sent for the midwife, too – he would have sent for the Doge of Venice if he had believed it would have helped his beloved through the trials of her labor.

It was beyond all reason that he could not be with her himself, offering her what little comfort he could, but he knew he would have been chased from the room before he could even enter, an interloper in such ancient and mysterious rites.

The first star had appeared on the eastern horizon when he heard a different kind of cry, one thinner and higher-pitched, and then his heart had overflooded within his chest, knowing that he was hearing the voice of his child, that it lived and drew breath enough to wail lustily.

He waited – in agony and hope – for the physician to appear, and finally he did, crimson stains still caked under his fingernails.

“Congratulations, my lord,” he said without prelude. “You have a son.”

Benvolio had no idea how much coin was in the purse he handed over, nor did he care.

By the time he reached their chamber, all evidence that anything out of the ordinary had happened there had been entirely eradicated, and he was greeted by a single chambermaid and his wife, who lay in the middle of an immaculately made bed, her arms wrapped around a bundle she kept clutched to her breast. She looked as if she had gone through a battle – her hair was loose and tiredness was etched into her features – yet it had clearly ended in victory, and she the collector of the spoils.

“Your uncle will be happy,” she said, a wry smile on her lips. “For now there is an heir.”

“Are you happy?” he asked, as he gingerly sat on the edge of the bed. He was a little afraid to touch her – he was afraid to do anything that might upset the delicate perfection of this moment. Everything lay before them – the future and all of its possibilities, both good and ill – and this, he now saw, was the point from which it would all begin.

“I am,” she murmured, her smile turning warm in the candlelight.

She reached out her arms and gently handed him the bundle, and Benvolio took it awkwardly, looking down for the first time at the face of his son, an impossibly tiny creature with tawny brown skin and a mop of dark curls. He was blessed with his mother’s wide eyes, though marked in hazel rather than mahogany. Benvolio had no words, no lines of poetry or godly hymns, nothing to give voice to what he felt. There was only joy, and the brush of sorrow, knowing that his long-buried friends would never have the chance to feel such all-consuming love.

“What will you call him?” she asked. “Another Benvolio? Or perhaps Damiano? That might drive your uncle to heights of unimaginable ecstasy, I fear.”

Benvolio glanced up at her, his gaze softly meeting her own. “Niccolo.”

Her face stilled, some unreadable emotion set loose behind her eyes.

“My father’s name?”

He nodded, watching as she pressed her lips together, her eyes bright with the threat of tears. Keeping his arms wrapped tightly around his son, Benvolio shifted so that he could sit right beside his wife, her body leaning tenderly against his. She reached out and took their child from him, and Benvolio curled his arms around them both, his own eyes soon nearly full to overflowing.

“Niccolo Montague,” she whispered, a tiny catch in her voice. “Welcome home.”

[send me a word, I’ll write you a Rosvolio drabble]

-modern au
-keith and lance show up to school in the same outfit
-lance is rly extra abt it
-probably demands a “who wore it best?” vote
-keith is amused and fond and this both frustrates and flusters lance
-lance goes to the lost and found and pulls on a sweatshirt so they’re no longer matching
-its dorky as hell and has a robot lion from some 80s cartoon on it
-its keiths sweatshirt
-he doesnt know this
-when he comes to the next class wearing it keiths heart does lots of flips and he turns bright red
-lance sits down next to him and grins
-“haha now we’re not matching anymore ur plan to humiliate me has failed”
-keith cannot speak bc lance is wearing his clothes and he looks rly cute and it feels so domestic and his gay heart can’t take it
-“i was rly lucky they had this in the lost and found i didnt wanna be stuck looking like i was copying u all day. also whoever owned this smells rly good which is a plus seriously take a whiff of this. think i can get their number lol”
-keith.exe has crashed
-they run into hunk after class and he’s like “hey guys! oh lance why are u wearing keiths hoodie?”
-keith buries his face in his hands and groans
-lance blushes all the way down to his toes
-rip in fucking pieces


Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Fluffy Fluff, Slightly Slight Angst (nothing big), Hybrid!au

Words: 3,328

Summary: A snapshot into the life of Jung Hoseok and his cat hybrid (aka Y/N)

A/N: Always wanted to write a Hybrid!au…so, here it is! Also, I got the title from the song by Lim Kim

“You smell weird.”

Hoseok stopped and turned towards you, blinking in surprise.

About an hour ago, you were sitting right next to him with your head on his lap, eating the strawberries he put in a bowl for you. You were quiet while watching TV as Hoseok shuffled with papers he had to get through for his job’s upcoming project. The television was put on mute, so you were just watching the characters on screen walk around and talk without any words coming out of their mouths (Hoseok said he could finish his work in the bedroom so he wouldn’t bother your TV time (he knows you enjoy a certain drama that comes on at 8) but you decided spending time with him was better than some drama you could watch again—but you wouldn’t tell him that). You would occasionally rub your cheek against his leg and he would let his finger run through your hair, stopping every now and then to put a paper to the side or rub his knuckles behind your ears.

Everything was quiet. You were quiet the entire time—letting out a purr every now and then when he scratched that particular spot behind your ears—and it was nice. He enjoyed the domestic feeling that resonated throughout the apartment, bringing forth a warm sensation that filled is stomach, making it completely full. Almost like he had eaten a century’s worth of food.

It felt nice. Being with you was nice, and he wanted to stay like this forever.

That is until you slowly removed yourself from his lap. He didn’t pay much mind to it at first, simply allowing you to move so you could go to the bathroom or get a drink or do whatever it was you needed to do, as long as you came back into his lap quickly. But, you didn’t walk to the kitchen or bathroom. He could still feel your presence beside him, staring at him. Well, it felt more like glaring.

Than you spoke. And it wasn’t sweet like your strawberry stained fingers. It wasn’t sugar coated. It was blunt and straight to the point, just like most things you said (but he liked that about you). You just straight out and said what was on your mind, even if it might’ve been kind of harsh. You didn’t come right out and say it, but Hoseok knew what you meant.

Hoseok, you stink.

He put his papers down and used his finger to adjust the glasses that rested on the bridge of his nose before he spoke.

“I…I do?” he stuttered out, sounding confused and a little offended. You usually enjoyed his scent. Well, at least he thought you did.

Once his glasses were in place, he could see the way your eyes bore into his, glaring at him. You sat on your knees with your hands clinched on your lap, and your tail swayed side to side vigorously.

Were you angry?

You were wearing his oversized white t-shirt (the one that fell off your shoulder, exposing your smooth skin), and it kind of distracted him from the situation at the moment. Hoseok loved your skin. It was similar to silk with how much he wanted to constantly touch it; to feel how soft it is. You weren’t wearing any pants either. Probably just shorts that were being covered by the shirt. Or maybe you were only wearing your underwear underneath. Or…or maybe you weren’t wearing anything underneath. Nothing at all. Just the thought made a chill run down his spine.

He felt the need to touch you now, but he remembered the sharp gaze you had on him and he thought maybe now wasn’t the best time for that.

He really wanted to, though.

Hoseok brought his gaze back to your eyes and, indeed, you were still glaring at him and your tail was still moving around anxiously. You must’ve been waiting for a better response than the one he just gave you, but you broke the silence before he could say anything else.

“Yes. You smell weird,” you said as you shifted your eyes to the side for a second, only to bring them back to Hoseok’s. “You smell kind of. . .different.”

Hoseok took his glasses off and put them on the coffee table before leaning his back against the couch, never breaking eye contact with you. So, cute.

“Well, what do I smell like?”

The question made you snap your head up at him, looking into his sleepy eyes, and crawl over to him slowly. You brought your face close to his, your nose touching his, and you stared at him for a while, admiring his features, before dropping your head down to nose at his neck. You took a deep breath, and began running your nose down his neck to his shoulder. You inhaled and then rubbed your cheek against his shoulder until you’ve had enough and used your nose to trace your way to the dip in the middle of his neck.

You continued to nose at the exposed skin around his neck and shoulder, pulling down the strap to his white beater to expose more of him. Hoseok softly smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist to hoist you onto his lap. Once you were straddling him, still smelling and scenting him, Hoseok ran his hands up and down your bare thighs, sighing at the warmth of your skin. He moved his right hand up to your hips, moving the fabric of the shirt with him to feel more of you. He kept moving his hand up until his palm was on your back, his thumb gently rubbing circles into the skin.

He closed his eyes, and enjoyed the moment while it lasted. (You were wearing the baby blue underwear that had small pink hearts everywhere).

Eventually, you removed your face from his neck with your nose scrunched up. “You smell fruity. Like some perfume,” you said with a little sniff. “really strong perfume.”

Hoseok opened his eyes and looked at you. “Really?”

You nodded. God, he’s beautiful.

“That’s strange. You know I don’t where any cologne usually or body spray.” He knew you liked his natural scent more than of those artificial flavors people envelope their body in.

But he wasn’t prepared for what you said to him next.

“Were you with a woman?”

Hoseok’s head snapped up, his eyes looking directly into yours. You were expressionless. Not upset, not sad, not anything. Your face was completely blank. If he had to name one thing he didn’t personally care for about you (which was difficult because he literally loved everything about you), it would have to be this face that he could never read or decipher. It made understanding you quite difficult; especially when he first brought you home.

“A woman?” he questioned with a frown. “Y/N, you know I work with other women at my job. Maybe one of them brushed up against me while they were walking by or something like that.”

That was a lie. He was with a woman at work. Well, not in that type of context. While assisting an associate with a bug on her computer, she was leaning pretty close against him, having her chest a little too close to his shoulders. Once he was able to fix the problem, she showed her gratitude by running her hand along his bicep with a flirtatious smirk. He felt extremely uncomfortable and quickly took his leave before anything escalated. He didn’t think much of the encounter since he didn’t feel much from it—just discomfort.

You didn’t have anything to worry about, since he only saw you, but he felt the need to ease your suspicion, so he wrapped his arms around you more and place his face in the crook of your neck.

“Besides, I don’t have the time or the urge for anyone else. It’s only you. It’ll always be you.” Now it was Hoseok’s turn to run his nose along your neck, letting it run along your jawline, knowing it always made you feel good.

There was only you, and there would always only be you. Only you-

“I don’t believe you.”

Hoseok’s entire body froze and the hold on your waist loosen. He removed his face from your neck only to see your catlike eyes glaring at him once again before removing yourself from his hold and walking out of the room.

Hoseok sat on the couch for a moment, dumbfounded by your comment, until he heard the slam of a door making him jump up and shuffle towards your bedroom door. As soon as he was in front of your door he gave a slight knock, requesting your permission to enter.


He knocked a second time.

No one answers.

He gives a third knock and, with another no answer, he knows you were going to be ignoring him for a while. You only did that when you weren’t in the mood to argue. Ignoring him meant you weren’t angry, but far from happy as well. He let out a defeated sigh before reaching for the doorknob and gripping it. Hoseok could easily walk into your room and make you give him your attention, but he knew that would just be invading your privacy. You never locked your door. You didn’t, because you never had a reason to. He respected you. You were of value. His equal. So, if you wanted time to yourself, he would grant that to you. You didn’t have to lock the door to get away from him because he would already know what mood you’re in to know what you want. And, if that so happens to be away from him, then he would make himself give you some time until you’re ready.

So, Hoseok releases his grip from your doorknob and slowly walks away from your bedroom door, settling back on the couch to finish his work; hoping you would feel generous enough to see him before he has to go to bed.

Sometimes you wished Hoseok would just storm into your room, and make you listen to him. He had every right to ask for an explanation from you. And you knew there was no reason for you to be upset. It wasn’t that big of a deal. He comes home smelling of other people most of the time since he works at an office with like 15 other people. It was understandable that one of them (even if it was a woman) might bump against him or get close to him.

It’s just…why did it have to be a woman? Why did it have to be someone with such a strong smell? Why did she have to get so close that you could smell her all over his body?


Hoseok was too nice for his own good. He always saw the good in people and didn’t really like confrontation. That’s why whenever you both did so happen to get into an argument, he would always give you time to calm down whenever you stormed out. Afterwards, you would come out of your room and he would be waiting for you, ready to cuddle with you and run his hands along your tail. The issue is never really solved and it doesn’t get brought up again. It’s not the best way to resolve a problem, of course, but it worked for the both of you.

Well, except this time.

You didn’t feel like going back into the room and ignoring the issue just so he could pet you and rub his hands along your body. Though that did sound nice, you wanted to let him know that this isn’t going to be solved with just a few gentle strokes. Hoseok needed to know that…

Hell. You didn’t even know what you wanted him to know, honestly. You weren’t particular upset about the way he smelled. You just. . .just wanted him to-

Shit. What the hell is wrong with me?

You waited about two hours before deciding it was time to leave your room. You tip toed to your door and leaned your ear against it, wondering if Hoseok was still around.

You didn’t hear anything, so you quietly opened the door and peeked your head out. Looking both ways and seeing that the close was clear, you quietly walked towards the living room. The television was off and the room was dark. Good. You weren’t really in the mood to talk to him right now. You made your way to the kitchen and opened the fridge, seeing if there was anything to snacks on before going back to your room. You settled some more fruit—blackberries, blueberries, and more strawberries—grabbing a bowl and pour them in together. You plucked a blackberry out the bowl and started putting the containers back in the fridge.

Once you were done, all the food back in its place and about to grab the bowl to head to your room, you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist and hoisting you into the air. You let out a weak yelp and tried to get out of the hold, but stopped once you heard a familiar voice.

“I’ve finally got you.” the voice chuckled against your ear before placing a light peck behind the lobe. You immediately stopped moving and allowed yourself to be carried bridal style in Hoseok’s arms as he made his way to the living room. He sat on the couch, placing the bowl of fruit on the coffee table and wrapping his warm arms around your waist so you won’t try to run away.

(Even though you didn’t plan on leaving.)

You just sigh in frustration and cross your arms over your chest, looking anywhere but at him.

“Hey,” Hoseok hums, kissing behind your ear again. “Hey, come one. Look at me, Y/N. Please?”

You didn’t respond. Just kept your attention on the blank television screen. Your tail swayed side to side, agitated.

Hoseok sighs. “Y/N, come one,” he buries his face into your neck. “I…I’m sorry. I took a shower for you. Do I still smell like them?”

At that moment, you felt like complete shit. Hoseok apologized, and he had no right to. It really, really wasn’t his fault, yet you made him feel as if it was. I really don’t deserve him.

Your ears began to flatten at the thought. Slowly, you turned your body around to straddle him, and buried your face into his neck. You took a deep, deep breath of his scent, and, the smell flowed through your nose. His smell. The smell of citrus and honey, but also the distinct smell of a man. You know, that musky smell. You couldn’t get enough of it. It was so addicting. Hoseok, he was so addicting. You could stay cooped up in his arms forever.

But, as you basked in the scent that is Hoseok, you could still, very faintly, smell the fruit scent of some woman.

“Do I smell any better?” Hoseok broke the silence making you snap out of your thoughts. You took another whiff before nodding your head. That made him sigh in relief, pulling you more into his arms. He could place his hands on your cheeks and lifted your head to meet his so he can place his forehead on yours. “Good. Do you love me again?”

That made you frown. Love again? What was he talking about? You’ll always love him. What kind of question is that? Why would he even think about you not loving him? That’s ridiculous. It should be a crime to ask such a question like that. Your ears straightened up and your tail began to move around again. You pressed the palms of your hands on his cheeks as well and lightly pressed your lips on his. When you pulled back, you could see the soft smile and happiness that shone in his eyes.

“I never stopped, Hobi.”

Hoseok let out another sigh before burying his face in your neck, tightening his arms around your waist again. “That’s good. I’m glad,” he peppered light kisses along your neck and jawline. “So, glad.”

You began running your hands through his hair, burying your nose in the strands. He washed it, and it smelled like the rose shampoo you really liked. Your stopped moving your tail and laid it over his knee. You both stayed like that for a little while, simply basking in each other’s scent. Hoseok would continue to nudge your neck with his nose and leave random pecks throughout the skin, while you buried your nose further into his hair and occasionally rubbing your cheek and forehead against him. There was no sounds this time. No papers rustling around; just the sound of you and Hoseok breathing and the deep breaths you both took. It was perfect. He was perfect. You both were perfect together.

You both finally broke apart once Hoseok yawned against your (his) t-shirt, causing you to move back to look at him. His eyes were drooping and he looked exhausted, yet he still managed to keep that lovely smile on his face just for you.

“You should go to bed, Hobi.” You said as you began removing yourself from his lap, but Hoseok gripped your waist to make you stay in place.

“No, not yet. Stay with me,” he leaned his back against the couch, keeping eye contact with you. “Right here.” He gently lifts you and lays you across his lap, grabbing the bowl of fruit afterwards. He picks up a blackberry and holds it up against your mouth. You let the blackberry hit your lips a bit before opening your mouth and eating the fruit from Hoseok’s hand. He smiles and continues to place more fruit in front of your mouth for you to eat.

“Hobi, you have to go to sleep. You have work in the morning and I don’t want you to be late or tired when you get up.” You say even though you’re still eating the fruit he holds in front of you.

“It’s fine. I want to spend more time with you before I go to sleep.” He response and licks some of the juice on his thumb before grabbing a strawberry from the bowl.

You pout. “But you’ll be tired in the morning.”

Hoseok chuckles. “But I want to be with you a little more.”

You feel your heart speed up and your tail start to find its rhythm again. “But you could be late for work and Namjoon will be mad at you!”

“But I love you.”

And that’s it. Those three words cause you to forget how speak and simply eat the strawberry from his fingers with your face the color of the fruit. He won this round, I guess.

But, honestly, he somehow wins every round.

(You both eventually fall asleep on the couch, with you lying on the couch and Hoseok on top of you, resting his head on your chest and holding your intertwined fingers against his lips.

Hoseok’s alarm goes off at 7am, but neither of you hear it since its charging in his bedroom, causing you both to wake up at 8am—thirty minutes before he has to be at the office. You try to get him to hurry, but he refuses, saying something about, “I don’t feel good!” and “You have to take care of me today!”

You try to make him leave, but he gives that really annoying (annoyingly cute) puppy dog face causing you to give in and let Hoseok call Namjoon about not being able to make it into work today.

From the other line, you could practically hear Namjoon rolling his eyes as he tells Hoseok to ‘get better’ before hanging up the phone.)  

 …The End?

(Part 2? Possible series? Let me know what you guys think with likes/comments please! ^^

See ya around!)

Day 6: Murdoc’s Birthday

…this turns out more decent than my other Murdoc’s birthday post I’m

Oh well _(;3JL)_

I was gonna do a more “personal” version of 2doc but I just want a lil bit more fluff and domestic feels y’know, so just a cute cheek-kissing will do hehe

And yeah that’s Russel in the back and Noodle is snapshoting Murdoc opening his presents

Took place in phase 4 where everyone is chill and happy sobs

Domestic Happenings

Request: dan x reader domestic fluff with prompt 26 please!! <3

26: “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.”

Requested by: @honeyscamander

a/n: super cute idea! Thank you for the request!

Warning: domestic feels…?

Originally posted by shinyphan

You were doing your least favourite thing of the day. Dishes. You didn’t know why you hated it so much, but as a child you were always forced to do it and you thought when you were older the damn chore would be forgotten, unfortunately you got a wake up call. And quickly.

Twenty three years old, you stood in your boyfriends apartment that he shared with his best friends, washing their dishes. Okay… so maybe you didn’t have to. But when you’d walked into the flat and saw the mess they had in their sink and the literal grime on the plates, you couldn’t help it.

You didn’t know where Dan or Phil were, you’d used the spare key they’d given you and let yourself in. Deciding to just wait here until someone did get home and then you’d found the mess. So you’d grabbed the gloves, soap and a sponge and got to work.

You hated it, but you refused to let your boyfriend live in such filth, even if it was his (or partially) his fault.

You heard the door open halfway through the dishes, and the stomps of the two giant making their way up the steps. Rolling your eyes at their loud stomping and animate conversation, you continued to wash the dishes. 

You heard the sudden chatter stop and turning with a confused glance, you stared at the still form of Dan and Phil with shocked looked on their faces. You blinked, unsure of what was their problem. Waving with your wet gloved hand, you rose an eyebrow. “Hello guys…?”

“Y/N…” Phil started and you blinked.

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” Dan suddenly said, his face leaving no room for argument, only issue is you didn’t know what he was referring to.

“Uhhh, what?” You stumbled.

“Y/N, why the hell are you doing out dishes?” Dan bluntly asked, staring at you with disappointed. You looked back at the almost sink, then at your hands and back at Dan and Phil, still confused. 

“Because they were dirty and I didn’t want you guys living in that filth, so I decided to do them?” 

Phil suddenly smiled, “that’s so sweet!” He said, excitedly. “But you don’t need to, it’s our flat and you shouldn’t have to do our chores.”

You shrugged, “it’s really no problem. I don’t mind. I did the dishes when i was younger.” You smiled at Phil. Missing the way Dan made his way over to you, until he was right in front of you taking off your gloves and placing them on himself.

“Uh, Dan?” He said nothing but turned towards the sink, lightly shoving you over and beginning to do the dishes.

You smiled suddenly.

professordrarry  asked:

ARE YOU STILL TAKING REQUESTS:D I just assumed I'd missed it! Congrats on the followers, your art is gorgeous and you deserve it!! I'd love domestic Drarry if you felt like it. I don't care what they're doing even! Keep being wonderful :)

I don’t know if this even counts as domestic BUT I JUST FEEL LIKE DRAWING THIS TOO MUCH lol!!

And thank you, that’s very nice of you to say so :)

The First Time // Lee Seokmin

the prompt: (abridged) seokmin is your new neighbor, and after a bit of bonding, the two of you carry not only romantic, but domestic feelings for each other.

words: 3375

category: fluff on fluff

author note: you had me at seokmin and domestic feel like ever time I look at dk I think of how much of a husband/boyfriend vibe he gives off and to write a whole scenario based off of that??? i am blessed. also i suck at summaries but the request was rlly long so i tried to shorten it. i also changed the ending from dinner and tv to dancing bc i had more inspiration for the latter.

- destinee

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