Gray wolf (Canis lupus) anatomy

The bones of wolves are strong, giving them the power to bring down large prey such as caribou. The narrow shoulder blades and long limb bones limit flexibility but make wolves efficient runners.

Wolves are sleek but also very muscular. Large trunk muscles drive the slender legs, allowing the animal to run fast and leap far. Strong neck muscles hold up the head, and powerful jaw muscles give wolves their ferocious bite.

Although its structure is very similar, a wolf’s brain is both larger and heavier than of a domestic dog. Other features of the nervous system are virtually identical to those of dogs.

Male wolves have to sperm-producing testes located in an external scrotal sac that hangs between the back legs. The penis is ejaculated during sex, has a supporting bone called the baculum.

Female wolves have two egg-producing ovaries. From each ovary, a fallopian tube leads to the uterus, which has two horns (it is bicornuate). The uterus expands greatly during pregnancy and can hold up to 11 cubs.

As is typical of canids, the wolf has a long, narrow skull. The powerful jaws house an impressive array of teeth suited to a carnivorous diet. The sharp fangs – the canines – can reach 2 inched (5cm) long.

The wrist bones of wolves are fused for extra strength. When the toes are splayed, a wolf can grip onto slippery, uneven, or steep surfaces. When closed, the toes form a strong paw.



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so phoenix and edgeworth are at some stuffy district attorneys’ gala thing that they’re both rly tired of but miles was obligated to attend and nick went bc he’s a good husband, anyway, they’re trying to sneak out of the parking lot when someone they’re talking to notices miles has a dog harness in his backseat. “prosecutor edgeworth! you have a dog? i wouldn’t have guessed”

“WHY YES I DO” miles turns around to respond and immediately pulls out his wallet to show this poor person ACTUAL PRINTED PHOTOS of pess that he has on hand at all times. “she’s a purebred retriever, beautiful honey-gold coat, and she’s nearing ten years old but you would never know because she can keep up on a run like she’s barely two, and she…”

phoenix groans and drags a hand down his face because holy shit now they’re gonna be here all night. he attempts to distract him to no avail. “babe. trucy needs us to come home. miles. hey. it’s getting late.. miles… okay. i’ll just. i’ll just go back inside…. and wait this out…… at the bar probably”

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what about some shin soukoku domestic au headcannons?

I’m such shin soukoku trash.

shin soukoku:

  • Akutagawa is actually the chef at home although Atsushi can cook too. He just doesn’t like it when Atsushi touches the kitchen and makes a mess. He also likes it when Atsushi stuffs his face with his food.
  • they share equal amount of house chores because they got tired of competing who can do the most after one month
  • Akutagawa secretly wears Atsushi’s clothing when he is not at home. He just wants to look cute!
  • Akutagawa likes it when Atsushi walks around in an oversized shirt and briefs C: *wink*
  • Since both of them are writers, sometimes they would read each other’s book and admire each other!
  • Both of them really love pets!
  • Akutagawa has a soft spot for dogs so he adopts a ton of them. Atsushi on the other hand loves cats but has only 2!
  • When they go grocery shopping, Akutagawa will be the one choosing the ingredients, because Atsushi once misread tomato as potato. (I WONDER HOW BUT HE DID) 8’D
  • They love to cuddle together, but Akutagawa doesn’t like it when Atsushi wraps his hand around his waist because it’s ticklish

These are just a few of the head canons I love HAHA! Hope you like it ꒰ ´͈ω`͈꒱

Dog Days

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean’s mind meld with a dog turns out to be very interesting. 

Warnings: Brief implied sexual content.

Requested by @malindacath (Sorry this took so long to write! I’ve been super busy. I hope it was worth the wait!)

A/N: This takes place in episode 9x5, Dog Dean Afternoon, so there are spoilers for this episode. Also, I’m so behind on SPN, I had not seen this episode before, but I watched it to write this fic (plz forgive me there are so many episodes and so little time.)

Originally posted by wheresupernaturalgifsgo

“You’re telling me the only witness to the two murders was a dog?”, you ask, nudging your phone between your shoulder and chin as you continue to drive.

“I’m afraid so, sweetheart.” Despite the dire situations, Dean’s voice still brought a smile to your face. “We’re going to adopt him for now. Kevin said there’s a way to communicate with it. We’ll meet you back at the hotel, okay?”

“Alright”, you respond as you turn into a diner. “I’m getting lunch, what do you guys want?”

Once you pick up the food, you head back to the motel and set up the table to be ready to eat. After about ten minutes, you hear the familiar rumble of the Impala’s engine and the door being unlocked.

Sam walks in first, followed by your husband, who’s holding a German Shepard on a leash. Dean immediately opens his arms when he sees you approaching him, but frowns when you crouch to pet the dog.

You tangle your fingers in his soft hair, making sure to pet behind the ears. “Who’s this?”

“The Colonel.” Sam’s voice answers you as he prepares the ingredients for the “mind meld”.

You three sit down to review the case, and soon, the concoction is complete as well. You cringe as the brown liquid fills the glass, the smell putrid. Dean’s hand quickly grasps onto the cup. “I’ll do it.”  

Sam begins to protest along with you, before Dean speaks again. “Sammy, you have enough on your plate. And Y/N…” His hand reaches out to your swollen stomach, gently resting it there while looking at your eyes.

“Fine”, you and Sam mutter out as Dean downs the drink. His face morphs into a grimace before speaking the Latin words. All three of you look at the Colonel expectantly, but Dean just shrugs.

You all decide to eat while waiting for the drink to kick in.

Who’s the babe?

Dean immediately perks up, searching for the unknown voice. You and Sam look at him skeptically as he stands up and looks around.

“What is it, honey?” you ask, also looking around the room.

Yoohoo, down here.

Dean looks down at the Colonel. “I think it’s working.” He takes his seat before speaking again. “Say that again.”

I said, who’s the babe?

Dean slightly growls. “My wife. Back off.”

You and Sam share confused glances. “Uh, why don’t you ask him what happened?”, you suggest, perplexed on how you got in the subject.

He asks the Colonel, and after a minute of silence, he shares the facts with you and Sam about the description of the killer and the disappearance of the cats.

You watch as Sam chucks his napkin in the trash, grinning when he makes the shot. Soon, the napkin is returned on the table by Dean himself. “Dude, I don’t want this”, Sam explains, throwing the trash away again. Dean keeps returning the spare napkin, making you almost laugh.

Soon, the Colonel begins to bark, and Dean quickly stands up and looks out the window. You see the mailman delivering mail door to door. Dean begins to growl and yell “hey!” over and over.

“Dean, baby, calm down”, you soothe, giving the poor mailman an apologetic smile. Once seated again, you notice Dean beginning to scratch his head. “Gee, itchy today?” you joke, running your fingers through his hair. He sighs in relief, pushing his head into your hand.

“God, Dean, you’re acting like a.. Dog”, your voice falters in realization. “Uh, Sam, you might want to give Kevin a call.”

Turns out, Dean’s mind meld would make him act like a dog until the spell wore off. This would be a fun case. After a bit of convincing, Dean allowed you to come to the shelter with him and Sam.

On the way to the Impala, you notice a glob of white poop on the windshield of Dean’s precious car.

“He’s being a douchebag!” Dean whines, pointing up at the pigeon on the lightpost.

“Let’s get in the car, Dean”, Sam coaxes, trying to pull Dean into the car. Soon, Dean pulls out his gun, and Sam quickly conceals it with his chest. You wave with apology at the staring people as you rush to the car.

On the way there, you roll your eyes when Dean sticks his head out the window, but discuss details with Sam in the meantime.

Once you arrive and after the little dispute between Sam and Dean, you head the the entrance. You notice Dean and the Colonel stop abruptly, so you follow their gaze to a poodle. Frowning at the suggestive looks towards the dog, you grab Dean’s chin and pull his eyes towards you instead. He gives you a cheeky smile when you roll your eyes and keep going.

The information is found rather quickly, and Sam and Dean made a plan to attack the suspect that night. You, of course, wanted to help, but Dean refused, asking you to stay with the Colonel in the car.

The case is soon over, and Sam comes stumbling out with Dean. You gasp at the blood on his neck, immediately heading over to check the wound, but, there was none. You frown at the reason why, but regardless, clean up the blood on his skin.

You three decide to hand the Colonel over to the vegan couple at the beginning of the case. You and Sam give your goodbyes while Dean takes him in.

You two stand in silence for a while until you speak up. “I know you won’t admit it, but that case was close. I wish you two would let me help…”

Sam cuts you off before you can speak anymore. “We’re fine, really. And besides, we don’t want you two to get hurt.”

You smile softly as you place your hand on your belly, grinning when you feel the baby move. Familiar arms wrap around you, his hands replacing yours while he nuzzles his face in your neck.

You swear you hear Sam fake gagging in the background, but you ignore it. “Hey. Spell wear off?”

Dean nods, slightly swaying you two. “Sorry you had to deal with that. Can I make it up to you?” You grin and nod.

“How about…”, Dean’s mouth moves close to your ear. “Some doggy style?”

You groan loudly, as you facepalm. He was an idiot, but heck, he was your idiot.

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How domesticated ARE the Russian experiment foxes? I feel like foxes should't be anyones pet personally. Unless they really ARE domesticated in which case I guess it's ok, but don't they destroy things out of their nature/boredom? :O

The russian foxes were never purposefully domesticated. They were bred for a single trait - low flight distance - in order to attempt to replicate how we think dog domestication occurred. They started selling them as pets due to a funding shortage, NatGeo overly romanticized it, and it blew up into seeming something it never was. The project now seems to be dead and gone.

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so there are ONE MILLION people on the earth with dogs. and NINETY NINE percent are untrained. thats NINE HUNDRED NINETY THOUSAND untrained dogs ready to just randomly viscously maul their owners to death. those are some sick numbers bruh. honestly whatever youre on you need to come off it or share bc that was most ridiculous fuckin thing ive read all day nd i cant fathom that someone SOBER wrote that lmfao

Canine Queen huh? LOL! Wow, you really took the context of that post and warped it into something totally different. It is not just about dogs attacking their owners, it is about people who cause situations like this by NOT training, controlling and most important taking the necessary safety precautions with their animals. YOU are the one who misread what I posted, not to mention took it completely out of context! The millions and or thousands is an estimate for christ sakes, and that comment was NOT just about that one dog, it is about the fact that, and I will retype this again “There are millions of people in the U.S. alone that own dogs, and MOST of the dogs that are owned are untrained, and or NOT controlled!” I really think you misread my post big time. The hard truth is there is MORE idiot dog owners then that in this world, which is what leads to cases like the dog in the picture I reblogged. Everyone and their grandma own’s dogs and YES most of them are untrained and not controlled because their owners are morons. Last time I checked pet owners are suppose to be RESPONSIBLE for their animals, that means trained, leashed, collared, and CONTROLLED! To make that comment it must mean obviously you never have been bit or attacked by a dog (or an (owned) pack of dogs) out in mid day just walking down the street! In my town almost everyone I know has dogs and most often they are not trained, it does not matter if they correct these dogs, or scream at them they still do not listen. These animals growl, bear their teeth, pull and strangle themselves on their leashes just to get to you or your pet your walking with! I cannot count the how many times I and others I know have had stray, or owned dogs get loose out of their yards, or with their owner present run down and threaten and or attack you for just walking down past their owners house! Ignorant people like you piss me off literally, you need to get off your high horse and state your fact to someone else that gives a shit. And as far as your opinion about me being drunk or sober, I can say you need a reality check. It is moronic to make an assumption of someone you do not even know, plus I do not drink to begin with, and cannot stand alcohol and or anyone who consumes it! Of course someone who is bothered by or does not like someone else’s opinion would make that kind of retarded assumption about someone. Especially considering you do not know me personally or run my life so please feel free to unfollow me if you already did not and get the fuck off my page, thank you! :)

P.S. you are also being reported and blocked, have a nice day!

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Sweetness & Blood


Fandom: Bungo Stray Dogs

Chapter 1 (here) | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 


AU in which Dazai is still in the Port Mafia. Osamu Dazai, although cool and collected on the outside, is everything but on the inside–a single father to twin boys Atsushi and Akutagawa alongside a demanding work schedule as the youngest executive in the Port Mafia’s history, at times it’s a wonder that he doesn’t crack.

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Digs uncover buildings in Cyprus' 11,000-year-old village

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) – Cyprus’ Antiquities Department says recent archaeological digs have uncovered more than 20 round buildings in what is believed to be the east Mediterranean island’s earliest known village that dates as far back as the 9th century B.C.

The department said in a statement Tuesday that excavations, which concluded last month in the Ayios Tychonas-Klimonas area near Cyprus’ southern coast, also found domestic dogs and cats had already been introduced to Cyprus when the village was active 11,200 to 10,600 years ago. It said villagers hunted small wild boar and birds, but didn’t produce pottery.

Excavations directed by Francois Briois from France’s School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and Jean-Denis Vigne from France’s National Center for Scientific Research-National Museum of Natural History found most buildings had built-in fire places. (source)
Goats are just as smart and loving as dogs, say scientists
Say hi to your new best friend.
By Fiona MacDonald

Goats might not seem like the most cuddly animals, but researchers in the UK have found evidence that goats are as clever as dogs, and just as capable of building emotional relationships with humans as all the other domesticated animals we’ve let into our hearts and homes.

The study showed that goats stare intensely at their owner when they’re struggling to complete a task - a trait that’s also observed in domesticated dogs, but not wolves.

“Goats gaze at humans in the same way as dogs do when asking for a treat that is out of reach,” said one of the researchers, Christian Nawroth from the Queen Mary University of London. He’s pictured above with one of the goats involved in the research project.

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Do you have any helpful links about raw feeding dogs? I am considering switching my dog to raw but I have no clue where to begin.

General Sites

Raw Diets for Dogs

Hope this helps!


On Appeasement Signals

Okay, people seem super confused about this so I’m going to make a post and hopefully clear things up.

Appeasement signals do not always indicate stress. It’s important to observe what kind of appeasement signals you’re getting as well as the context.

If there is nothing you can identify as a stressor and it’s something your dog does often (like yawning or lip licking), chances are it is not being done out of stress.

Dogs and wolves use appeasement signals both to diffuse tense situations and also to keep things running smoothly during normal communication.

For instance my dog, Kookie, often yawns when we interact with her. This isn’t to say she’s stressed, it’s a ‘look how non-aggressive and chill I am, we’re all cool right?’ sort of thing.

This is a good chart to see how likely the appeasement signals you’re seeing are stress related. The lowest on the ladder are signals dogs often use during normal communication. The higher you get, the more likely you’re seeing stress.

- Dark