Making Tony Stark Eat: A guide by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

Steve: Come on, please. eating is so important. do it for me. look, I’ll even make you a sandwich and bring it down to your workshop, and you have to promise you’ll eat it.

Tony: Fine, okay, whatever Steve.

Bucky: *throwing metal arm @ Tony* EAT SOME GOD DAMN FOOD YOU FREAK




Bucky: *launching breadsticks across room like projectiles* I. CARE. ABOUT. YOUR. FUCKING. WELLBEING. EAT OR I WILL SHOOT YOU

Tony: *screaming*

Bucky: *also screaming*

I know everybody loves the domestic avengers and trust me so do I but pals… just picture the domestic defenders
Jessica and Matt bickering over absolutely everything that goes on in the flat because she is Grump Supreme™ and he just loves to egg her on and play devil’s advocate (and yes he makes jokes about that in his own mind)
Luke just kind of watching them like an older brother with one eyebrow raised and this little smirk on his face and Actual Human Puppy Dog Daniel Rand sitting by Luke and watching the bickering happen with this big grin because honestly he’s just happy to be there
They all do work together sometimes and they’ll sit in a circle around a coffee table, working one of Jessica’s cases and Matt handles a lot of the paperwork because he’s a lawyer and he’s the only one who really actually knows how to do paperwork well
Jess doesn’t have to worry about stuff in her office getting broken by angry clients anymore because Danny always covers damage costs even though she constantly tells him not to
For some reason Danny is really enthusiastic about trying to teach all of them kung fu? They never let him because he’s basically the baby brother of the group and it would be painfully weird for him to be teaching them things
Matt, Jessica and Luke all conclude that Danny needs to be introduced into all things pop culture seeing as he’s been away for fifteen years and they love watching (and yelling at in Jessica’s case) Game of Thrones while all sitting on this Insanely Comfortable Couch that Danny got them, and all 3 of them are insistent that Loras Tyrell is the spitting image of Danny but he refuses to believe it
Luke is a surprisingly good cook??? So as much as they like ordering in when they have a lot of work do so they can get down to business and absentmindedly eat at the same time, they also sometimes enjoy sitting at the table and eating a real meal together as a team (Mr. Catholic Guy Matthew Michael Murdock always prays before he eats, Danny quietly says a rite the monks taught back in K'un-Lun, Jessica literally just kinda says “GRACE”)
As much of a porcupine as Jessica is, she actually really likes Danny and, though she won’t admit it, begrudgingly likes Matt as well
They sit in silence a lot just working or thinking and they do it practically anywhere; sometimes they just go for walks around Manhattan and say nothing, part of the reason for this is that they’re on patrol and part of the reason is that Danny wants to see as much of the city as he can and the others can’t refuse him (especially when he looks down all sad with those big precious puppy dog eyes of his) since he consistently does so much for them
They don’t often get into legitimate fights but if they do, they always all go separately to Claire and she just sighs and sits them all down together and yells at them to work it out
And rarely, very rarely, in the quiet hours of the morning, they’re able to get off their chests the hardest things they’ve been through and they kind of pour out their pain to one another and it’s in those moments that they’re at their most like a real team of heroes, and big brash tough Jessica’s voice gets so so small and peaceful Luke gets furious and Matt weeps from eyes that can’t see and Danny, sweet pure ball of sunshine, cries the quietest, angriest tears there are
and then they go out and beat the crap out of criminals because there’s nothing more cathartic than justice

“Five Times Tony stole Steve’s clothes….”

Photo manip by: nanuk_dain - they have a whole collection of these stony manip works!

I love this one, showing the domestic avengers being happy, just all being friends, living in the tower. And, of course, Tony is stealing Steve’s clothes and really doesn’t care what the others think, and he is standing very close to Steve, probably so that Steve can hold him close to him, and pull him down for a kiss every now and then.

Things I Want to See in the MCU at Some Point:

🔹 Steve helping old ladies carry their groceries from a taxi to their apartments, grinning as they tell him to be careful because they’re heavy.

🔹 Natasha giving ballet lessons to underprivileged girls.

🔹 Bucky interacting with other amputees, learning to embrace his metal arm as something other than a weapon HYDRA forced on him.

🔹 Steve and Bucky leading anti-bully campaigns at various high schools.

🔹 Tony leading fundraisers for Post-Traumatic Stress victims

🔹 Clint actually building something on his farm.

🔹 Steve and Bucky taking Wanda to a baseball game

Basically any and every modern!avengers scenario where my babies are happy and able to use their own tragedies to help others.


Principal Coulson: Did you really expect me to believe that we have a (looks down at paper) Philosophy and Star Trek class here? Taught by a (looks down at paper) Hugh Jaynus?

[Wade starts snickering loudly]

Avengers AU Meme » Superfamily [2/?] - Discovering a chance to slack off (and mainly inspired by last night’s Community episode) Wade convinces Peter to create a fake single-credit Independent Studies course for him. Principal Coulson manages to figure it out and brings both boys into his office.

I really like this picture. It looks like something out of a romantic movie. This is a little one shot I wrote about it
- - Oblivious to their surroundings they gazed into each other’s eyes. Lost in their own little world. It felt like magic. Though Vision was in his disguise Wanda could still see him, the same soft eyes that scanned a cookbook to make her favourite dish, the same eyes that looked woefully at her when she escaped the avengers tower with Clint. Those eyes now filled with joy. But the all knew this wasn’t going to last long, with everything going on outside of their perfect little world, all the chaos, all the madness.

Tony is 100% the type to burrow (read: steal) clothes from people.

He has an old, well-worn MIT hoodie that used to belong to Rhodey and wears it during the winter. Rhodey stopped making comments about it years ago.

Tony has a pair of mittens that used to belong to Pepper and after 10+ times of trying to get them back, she just lets it go. She comments on how nice his mittens are whenever they’re together and he wears them. It becomes a sort of inside joke.

After losing his favorite hoodie to Natasha one to many times, Tony takes her favorite black slippers. Natasha makes no comment when she sees him wear them from time to time.

Tony takes one of Bruce’s lab coats and likes to wear when he’s about to preform “mad science things” and Bruce just smiles softly in the background.

Tony once used Thor’s cape as a blanket after he comes up from his workshop after several hours of working. He still has it, but keeps it in his bedroom.

Clint says nothing when Tony walks into the kitchen one early morning wearing light purple sleeping shirt. When asked about the shirt later, Clint shrugs and says “He looks good in purple.”

Tony likes to steal Steve’s shirts because they are freaking huge and he has the excuse of not wearing pants. They also smell like home and Tony likes that.

Just…Tony Things.

So I had a Thor headcanon for Vine (Which is no longer a thing, but still)

Anyways, I had this idea that Thor would have a vine account that consisted of videos of him finding the Avengers when they’re distracted, or doing something else, and saying hold this, before dropping Mjolnir into their hands. Which would of course cause them to topple over like quicksilver did in AOU. 

It is also my headcanon that Darcy is the one who made him a vine account.

That is all.


Clint/Natasha AU - [Barton family is compromised]

“On the day my son Josh was born, (Joshua; Natasha insists), she grabbed me (nearly by the throat, but she’d tell anyone otherwise) and made me swear on my bows, on my life, and on my manhood that her son would stay safe. As I watched the redheaded assassin hold him, I allowed myself that minute of peace. I told myself that nothing could be as forgiving as this moment; every terrible thing we had done would be cleaned then, for Joshua was brand new and it was our job to keep him that way. Sure enough, a few years later we welcomed the arrival of a daughter who brought her mom’s cleverness and strength with her. I don’t cry often, but I’ll tell you what, when Mya wrapped her tiny, wrinkled fingers around mine, (as she chewed on them, too), I was a goner. Natasha was never too fond of pink, but because the baby who called her ‘mama’ loved it, Nat figured it must not be so bad. Later, when I listened to Nat sing a Russian lullaby to her fussy daughter, I knew the promise that I made Natasha years ago was something I could never guarantee. Our children were in danger from the moment they were conceived and I tried to convince their protective mother otherwise. I was wrong. So damned wrong. I guess it came with the family name.”

Some Tony Stark and his Bots headcanons that no one asked for

I’m gonna go ahead and headcanon that Tony created FRIDAY as a potential girlfriend for JARVIS but as soon as JARVIS interacted with her he was like, “Sir this is a child. You’ve given me a daughter.”

And Tony is just like “well damn okay I guess.”

Which is hilarious until you think about the fact that Tony would definitely make a companion for his artificial intelligence because he cares more about his robots potentially being lonely than his own crippling loneliness and then you cry forever because Tony fucking Stark everybody

Mornings Like This

Summary: (Request) Where Bucky helps his daughter make Mother’s Day cards and breakfast for the reader.

Word count: 354

A/N: I’m not sure if this is what you wanted but it’s my first time writing domestic Bucky so hopefully, it won’t be so bad

Bucky feels a slight tug on his shirt, making him shift on his bed. The sun shines brightly across the room, her soft skin against his, legs tangled up with Y/N still wrapped in their blanket. A small smile appears on his lips because this is what his life turned in to. This is what God gave back in return for all the years he’s spent in a living nightmare. She is his own forever, his own happiness. She is someone to come home to with tender kisses and—


This little 3 year old peanut.

“I’m up, sweetheart.” He yawns, rubbing his eyes in hopes to keep him awake. Bucky rose out of the bed with his daughter following him to the bathroom, gently picking her up into his arms from the sink after watching him brush his teeth. “Your arm’s cold.” She squeals and rubs her father’s metal arm with the palm of her hand.

“Shh,” Bucky quickly rushes out of their bedroom. “We don’t want to wake mommy up just yet.” She giggles, placing a finger in front of her lips.

2 broken eggs and a stack of pancakes later, Bucky starts chasing after their child with a handful of flour, screams and laughter filling the house. Y/N leans against the kitchen counter, trying to hide the smile on her face. He immediately dusts off the flour on the ridiculous apron Tony got him on his birthday, finally aware of his wife’s presence. “What’s going on?”


“Mommy, look at what daddy made!” Right next to the bouquet of flowers was a card made of pink construction paper and pancakes soaked in maple syrup with a warm cup of coffee. 

“You did this?” Y/N asks and he shrugs, a chuckle escaping his mouth. Bucky scratches his head and walks towards her.  “I did get a little help from our peanut right here.” Placing a kiss on her forehead

“Thank you.” she mouths.

“Happy Mother’s Day, doll.” 

And he quietly thanks the universe and the stars and Y/N, because he was lucky enough to have mornings like this.



A competition between Tony, Bucky and Phil -because yes, he’s not dead- on who knows the most about Steve. 

Tony whose dad spent most of his life either with or looking Steve and didn’t shut up about him. 

Bucky who lived and fought with -and against but let’s not focus on that- Steve. 

And Phil, who’s just an obsessed fanboy. 

The winner? 

Obviously, it’s Natasha. 

Who knows a scarily lot about Steve, that it even makes Bucky cringe, to the point where she knows what his favourite shampoo is. 

Meanwhile, Steve is sat in corner concerned because even he didn’t know what his favourite shampoo was.