domestic short hair cat


On the plus side? These guys are all happy, healthy, and safe. Including the kitten from the litter we were able to rescue.

Sometimes you gotta just be grateful for that.

ps, I fucking hate using the flash but MY HOUSE IS DARK, and all my kit-kats are indoors only. In order from left to right, top to bottom: Tobias, Murdock, Shaman, Selma (my girlfriend’s cat), Caspian, and Valka.

About "free" kittens that grow up to be cats.

So you found a stray kitten, got one for free or dirt cheap, and it has grown into an adult cat that you love very much and is very special to you. That’s great, it truly is, but please accept these facts.

Your very overweight long haired tabby cat is not a Maine Coon because it’s 8kg. It’s just fat.

Likewise your enormous short haired tabby is not a Bengal. Weighing a lot because of fat is not the same as being a big cat.

Your delightful grey cat with the white feet, not necessarily (or even likely) a Russian Blue cross.

And the odds of that little kitten who wandered Into your yard at 6 weeks of age genuinely being an Australian Mist are astronomically low.

Your black cat is not a Bombay. Probably not even a distant cross.

And a long haired cat is not automatically half Persian. They are all beautiful and special. But they are all moggies. All wonderful and irrepressible domestic short/long haired cats. That’s all they need to be. They don’t need to be a fancy cross or have a pedigree to be special. They already are.

Boys with Cats
Yeah, we have a post about the boys with pets here, but who’s to say that they all can’t own a cat?

Noctis: Would have a really lazy ragdoll cat that sleeps all day. Nothing’s more comfortable than a warm, soft cat to take a nap with. He also likes to hold the cat up in front of him and wave its arms around, knowing that the cat doesn’t really care enough to stop him.

Ignis: Would also have a lazy cat, but one that liked to sit on laps and just be around him. A short-haired domestic black cat would be best for him, although he certainly has 30 lint rollers all around his room to clean up the [near invisible] cat hairs.

Gladio: He’d have a giant cat. This cat would be bigger than a lapdog, and he’d see to that. He’d get a collar and leash to walk it around town just to see people’s reactions. The cat would be a rescue cat, most likely with a scar or two from being out on the streets.

Prompto: This little ball of energy would have an even smaller ball of energy as a cat. The little tabby would constantly be jumping around, climbing up things, and playing with toys. Prompto has scratching posts placed strategically around the room to ensure that his kitty won’t tear through every piece of furniture he owns.

- Mod Cloud
Our First Pet

Iwaizumi and Oikawa - German Shepard - Believe it or not, Iwaizumi is the good cop and Oikawa is the stern mom. They adopted a German Shepard(Per Iwaizumi’s persuasive arguments and lack of underwear.) that Iwaizumi loves to roll around with and consistently play tug-of-war with. Yet it’s a female dog with a dainty way of crossing her paws who sits next to Oikawa when it’s just the two of them. Iwaizumi is guilty of sneaking her snacks and bits of his dinner; Oikawa is concerned about her weight usually. They both like to play catch with her and Oikawa is the one who takes her to the groomers for something gaudy and pretty.

Hinata and Kageyama - Collie - She’s sleek and her snout is almost mocking by default; yet her coat is crazy and usually out of control. Kageyama is actually a total baby around her and will playfully coo to her every morning. Hinata loves to take her out running and will forego the leash to race her(Which she always wins.) Almost as if berating him, she always goes back to him with her leash in her mouth, as if asking Hinata “How could you let your baby run without a leash in your hand?”. Kageyama learned to socialize a little bit more when he took her doggy training. Despite his awkwardness, she is charismatic in a way that reminds him of a certain orange-headed dork.

Daichi and Suga - Golden Retriever - He’s a spoiled baby by both parents. He cries when he’s hungry or wants some loving; he cries when he’s lonely; he even cries when he’s alone. Daichi sometimes calls him “Asahi” as a joke. Suga loves when he jumps on the bed in the morning and snuggles next to his face. Daichi loves to walk him and hike up steep hills. They both love to give him treats and toys whenever possible; yet if he ever feels his family is in danger, he is the first to stand in front of them and bark. Once when Suga was being harassed, he snapped at the stranger and led Suga home to Daichi, who had a similar expression once he heard.

Kenma and Kuroo - Twin Domestic Short Hair(Black) - Kenma read once on the internet that black cats are often overlooked for the silliest reasons; he dragged Kuroo to the shelter the next day and found twin black cats that had been there for a year. One had a gold spot on top of his head and the other had stray long hairs(Their mom was a long haired cat.) His heart bled and he didn’t even have to plead as Kuroo adopted them. The one with the gold spot on his head likes to sit in Kenma’s lap when he plays games and occasionally bats at the screen. The other one like to purposefully flick her tail in Kuroo’s nose, especially when he seems stressed out. They both nap with Kenma when he’s on the couch and both fight to sit on Kuroo’s lap during movie night; Kenma tends to win overall though. Kuroo is actually more an enabler and feeds them way too much; he also enjoys the laser pointers and actually bought two separate ones for each cat to play with at the same time instead of fighting.

norcumi  asked:

The cat thing is absolutely delightful. :D Is there any Rex or Fives headcanon running around?

There is for Rex, not yet for Fives, but that will probably change.

All the clones-turned-cats are cream-colored short-haired domestic cats with various markings.

- Cody is a cranky gold-and-cream tabby.
- Rex has blue markings above his eyes and a large gray patch on his left shoulder.
- Fives probably has a black splotch on his right temple, and gray patches on his shoulders.

All about twelve pound cats, just a tiny bit larger than Obi-Wan (who is a very fluffy lavender-point siamese).

As for some headcanon for Rex:


Obi-Wan isn’t sure if he wants to swat Rex - the large patch of gray on the left shoulder, and the blue markings above the eyes are distinctly Rex - or just bury his face in the back of Qui-Gon’s head when Rex pounces, claws extended, on Qui-Gon’s tail. Trying to distract the big cat for the rest of the cats to pounce on, probably. Or at least for Cody to do so, who seems to think that a frontal assault is an excellent plan.

/They’re adorable. I think they’re trying to protect you./ Qui-Gon shifts, batting Cody away from his face with one paw, and flipping his tail out of Rex’s reach.

Moving with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan walks back to where Rex is about to pounce again, jumping down to land on the clone, bowling him over. He’s not sure how to tell him that Qui-Gon is a friend, but he tries to say it anyway, despite the sounds coming out as a litany of meows and chirps and warbles.

Whether Rex understands what he’s saying, or just understands that he’s not pleased with them attacking, he doesn’t try to pounce again once Obi-Wan backs away. Though the disgruntled look when Obi-Wan jumps back up onto Qui-Gon’s shoulders is enough to convey Rex’s dislike of the situation.

/I’m perfectly capable of protecting myself if I need to be protected, thank you./ Obi-Wan curls up on the warm and blessedly dry fur of Qui-Gon’s shoulder, watching as Cody hisses and spits at Qui-Gon for a while. Trying to yell at him, perhaps threaten him? He’s not certain, though he thinks that does answer the question of whether or not Rex understood him.

/You’re tiny. You’re all tiny./ Qui-Gon uses one paw to drag Cody closer, and licks the top of his head, at which point the hissing turns into an indignant yowl.

/Anakin is not tiny./ Much to Obi-Wan’s dismay. Though he hasn’t seen his former Padawan since shortly after they were changed. Something about finding Ahsoka.

This is taken by me at home of my baby Peanut. 

This was taken when he was 6 weeks old (dob unknown)

I adopted him from a stranger… (yes i did)

He is just a domestic short hair (which really means no particular breed)

He is an adorable cat, where he was given up by some random strangers. Stranger 1 threw him away, stranger 2 then gave him to me. (It’s complicated)

My family hated him, despite it I adore him and still do. *Don’t tell Nala, but he’s my favourite.*

He’s my little tiger and I love him to pieces.


My friend Mitchell has lost his cat, Megabyte. 

If you could share this and anyone in the Los Angeles area keep an eye out for a kitten-sized adult cat. She’s black and white and appears to be a domestic short hair. 

Her name is Megabyte and has been an indoor cat until now (she chewed through a screen and escaped).

Mitchell is relatively new to the LA area so please contact if you spot or catch lil Mega.


Help Bring Pan-Pan Home

Hi all!

This is Pan-Pan.

Pan-Pan left the house on Saturday morning, May 31st, and never came home. This is a cat who has been leaving the house in the morning and returning in the evening like clockwork for years.

He was last seen on 7th Avenue in L'Ile Perrot, Québec, Canada.

Pan-Pan is a short-haired domestic cat with black and white markings. He’s 18 years old, weighs about 14lbs, and when he went out last he was wearing a red collar with a silver vaccination tag with our vet’s phone number on it.

Could I prevail upon the lovely folks on Tumblr to signal-boost this? The whole family misses our kitty a lot, and we’re worried that even if something didn’t happen to him, that he’s gone a long time without the medication he needs to be healthy and happy.

Thanks in advance!