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Perry: Actually, you know what? Fuck you. Is there any need for you to be making the contestants feel uncomfortable? You always radiate negativity, it impacts those around you, you know.

Luna: Excuse me?! I still care enough about you to host you a BC!

Perry: No correlation.

Luna: At least I care about you, unlike a certain sister of ours. Where the hell is Mia, huh? If she cared about us, she’d still be here, Mom and Dad would still be together and we’d still be one happy fucking family.

Perry: Thank you for proving my point despite talking total crap. Don’t you dare bring Mia into this! How many times does everyone in our family have to tell you that it wasn’t Mia’s fault that Mom and Dad split up, it was a given that they were going to eventually! You were too young to realise that, and also too young to not understand Mia’s reasons for why she left. She was in a really bad place, Luna. I guess you’ll never get that.

Luna: *incoherent grumbling*

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I just had a dream where the OWCA Files was like, a real sequel series to Phineas and Ferb - only instead of Harry, Maggie, and Karen, it was Phineas, Ferb, and Candace. It had a completely different aesthetic, more like AT2D with like an art deco, Batman Beyond-type feel. Recurring themes included Doofenshmirtz using his knowledge of Evil to take it down and jokingly talking about "hey, remember when we all had to keep secrets??? Those were the times."(part 1)

The reason why Phineas and Ferb are allowed to know is because Doofenshmirtz volunteered to be his new host family, so Perry lives at DEI and now it’s the Flynn-Fletcher kids who have to live double lives. There’s this whole B plot of Isabella trying to sleuth out “watcha doing?” And I think there’s a new recurring villain with a swanky flat on the edge of Danville? IDK I think he might be that one evil kid who tried to seduce Vanessa from the episode Monty was introduced.

Also Monty’s there, but only from time to time. Stacey makes more reoccurring appearances than he does. Jeremy’s the damsel in distress, like, 72% of the time, and sometimes Candace uses the Mysterious Force to solve the problem of the day, but only when things are REALLY dire. Oh yeah, that’s another B-plot: Candace trying to calm down mom. Also I think Isabella might find out everything eventually, but they HAVE to keep it secret.

So the B plot shifts from Isabella trying to sleuth them out to Isabella trying to keep the secret from the Fireside girls, which lasts ABOUT an episode before they become OWCA’s super-secret crack team. And like, ACTUALLY secret, nobody knows about them except for Phineas, Ferb, Perry, and Candace, though Doofenshmirtz has a vague idea that the fireside girls are more than they seem and that his boo has a crack team but can’t put two and two together.

Stacey helps the Fireside girls out from time to time, which leads to ~sibling rivalry~. I remember there being a few episodes about Pinky and the old OWCA Files being like, the Junior Agents. I think that Pinky and Karen might’ve been like, the weird parents of that particular squad? Anyway, my favorite episodes were early on in the series, because they had some REALLY great “Doofenshmirtz Saves EVERYONE” eposodes before it all focuses more on Stacey.

Also there were some really REALLY great domestic bits about Perry and Doofenshmirtz being roomies? Phineas likes to tease him about it, which makes Isabella go “you freaking hypocrite” because HOW CAN HE KNOW ABOUT HOW THE FEEL FOR EACHOTHER WITHOUT KNOWING HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT HIM OMFG HOW ARE U A SPY PHINEAS *ahem* anyway, that’s a recurring theme. A fan theory I liked was that he DOES know, but knows better than to let her know he knows quite yet, yaknow?

(I’m so sorry this went on for like ever) but yeah. The Phineas and Ferb OWCA Files was a pretty good show, and I really wish it was like… A real thing. The feel of the thing alone was deeply satisfying, it felt like those few episodes with REALLY good side characters we’d never see again (you know the ones) and it was so satisfying to see a world where Perry’s allowed to be himself and still see the boys. I REALLY wish it were more than a dream.


Waffles and Interruptions

I couldn’t resist. Chapter 2 of The Hayloft. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 (AO3 Link)

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“Sleep tight guys!” Carmilla growled as LaFontaine settled into the hay beside Laura, curling her arm more protectively about her out of reflex. Perry tittered nearby, smiling apologetically before laying down next to the bio major.

“Laura, are you sure I can’t eat them?” The tired journalism student was not sure if she wanted to laugh or cry and so she settled on a loud sigh, turning Carmilla’s face away in an effort to discourage the fangs already peaking past her lips.

“Why are you two up here exactly?”

“I’m hurt, frosh. Not happy to see us? A few hours is practically a lifetime while on the run.”

“We woke up shivering. And I’m fairly certain something was crawling on me.” Perry glanced around, as if expecting to see the offending creature from earlier.

“I suggested that we come up here, share body heat and what not.”

“I’m a corpse.”

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Carmilla Head Canon | Will You Still Love Me When I Stop Shining?

Summary: Carmilla Head Canon, or the one where Carmilla rages war against a toaster.

Pairings: Hollstein & Laferry

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Fluffy, Domestic Hollstein | Featuring Laf & Perry | Inspired by this post (x)


“Fucking hell,” Carmilla swore softly, wringing out her hands in annoyance and trying not to throw the toaster at the wall.

She glared at the hot metal machine now whirring inexplicably on the ground; upside down and crumbs spilling everywhere.

She hadn’t exactly been around when the stupid thing had been invented and she had never really gotten into the device that so commonly turned fine bread into dry, black pieces of cardboard. But Laura had said she wanted toast this morning and Carmilla was trying every which way to make that happen.

“Shit,” Carmilla glanced at the bathroom door; the shower had just turned off. She had approximately three minutes to clean up the mess and somehow make toast before Laura finished up, without her girlfriend knowing any the wiser.

She paced the room then smirked as she thought of an idea. Carmilla grabbed the nonsensical apparatus and kicked all the crumbs under Laura’s bed; she could figure out how to clean tiny bread deposits later.

Carmilla ran out of their dorm room at vampiric speed and found the room that ‘Ginger One & Two’ seemed to hang out in most often. Neither of them were there, which was a bummer, (she had hoped they would make her toast), but she just switched their toasters and almost laughed as she left their room with her new toaster.

She rushed back to her own room and shoved another two pieces of bread back into the new, shiny toaster. (Ginger Two had done a good job of keeping this clean).

She glared at the appliance and her hand wavered over the buttons, before deciding on a particular round little toggle. This was clearly a good decision because one and a half minutes later the two pieces of bread popped up and Carmilla caught them (once again with vampiric speed) before they disappeared never to return again.

She grabbed the closest plate and put the pieces on it, aiding the toast with various condiments and cutlery options that her tiny human seemed to like.

Just as she finished Laura opened the bathroom door and smiled as Carmilla presented her with the completed plate.

“Thanks Carm,” Laura beamed at her and planted a quick kiss on her cheek before sitting at her computer and switching it on.

“Is there a burning smell?” Laura asked quizzically, turning to Carmilla with her eyebrows raised.

“No, of course not,” Carmilla smiled at her, gaping as Laura shrugged and turned back around to her computer.

Carmilla had just been through hell to make Laura her stupid “toast” and this is the thanks she gets!

She was about to ask her girlfriend if she was enjoyed her browned, hot bread when the door was thrust open. She whipped around only to see Ginger One & Two standing in her doorway holding the crumbling devilry machinery.

LaFontaine just stared at it, still uncomprehending how far gone the path of destruction the toaster was, whereas Perry angrily stepped forward and shook the toaster in Carmilla’s face.

“You think this is funny?” she asked shrilly, her eyes wide and her hands tightly clasped around the.

“Carm, what did you do?” Laura began slowly, rolling her eyes at Carmilla’s now-guilty expression.

“The toaster Laura- it- it attacked me first!”