domestic mice

the signs and ruling animals

Aries- ram, foxes, crocodilians, coyotes, hawks, salamanders, axolotl, gila monsters

Taurus- cattle, bears, beavers, snails, tortoises, buffalo, groundhogs, pigs, rhinos 

Gemini- any passerine bird, bees, butterflies, migratory birds, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, rats

Cancer- crabs, sheep, rabbits, wolves, hedgehogs, armadillos, echidnas, turtles, frogs

Leo- lions, fireflies, iguanas, orcas, pelicans, hummingbirds, geckos, golden lion tamarins

Virgo- storks, herons, deer, elk, antelope, small reptiles, bats, domestic birds like chickens, mice, giraffe, gorillas, 

Libra- zebra, asian elephants, ants, cranes, otters, dogs, chimpanzees, birds of paradise, swans

Scorpio- eagles, scorpions, snakes, eels, honey badgers, boars, dragonflies, phoenix, hyena

Sagittarius- horses, tigers, dragons (western), humpback whales, minks, african elephants

Capricorn- goats, geese, vulture, sharks, moose, turkey, ravens, meerkats, rattlesnakes, stickbugs

Aquarius- monkeys, owls, spiders, parrots, marsupials, penguins, squid, leopards, orangutans, baboons

Pisces- whales, dolphins, porpoises, dragons (eastern), jellyfish, fish, seals and sea lions, octopi


Trying to show physical differences among my three mice which were from the same litter and have been together all her lives. Before I could only tell them apart from their tails but now they’ve gained physical traits. Cheng Ting’s very full and pudgy, Chevre Truffles is smaller than Cheng Ting but bigger than Chelsea. Chelsea Buns is the smallest and skinniest of the bunch but is the sickliest of the bunch [they’re all sick to some extent]

30 Days of Cheesecake~

29 photos taken from the first 30 days of owning this mouse from when she was only about 5-6 weeks old to a little over 2 months old. I missed a day of taking photos. She’s a Himilayan with big adorable ears, thick long tail that fades to a light brown and beautiful dark ruby eyes.

I had a blast watching her markings come in day by day and she’s proven to be a natural around the camera.


98 photos and a pooping mouse later:

Day 6 of 30 days of Cheesecake.

I decided to take this one later in the day when it was just starting to get dark since taking it earlier in the day whites out her colors too much. I let her crawl around on the couch to get more comfortable rather than nervously crawling up and down my arms. She stopped and groomed and I got some good clear pics between her breaks, even some pics during for the interesting dynamic of her poses. Her nose is starting to visibly get darker and her coat is lightening up some.

Later this week I’m also going to start attempting to clicker train her to do some tricks and start towards the path of mouse agility [just for fun]. She’s still very young so hopefully she’ll be up for the training. She’s really starting to get used to me from all the handling I’ve been doing and I’m already starting to teach her to give me ‘kisses’ like Chestnut used to.


155 photos and a cameo from Cheezie later:

Day 26 of 30 Days of Cheesecake.

Sadly, earlier this morning Cheerio passed away. While I was taking today’s photoshoot, my boyfriend felt bad that Cheezie was all alone so half way through She made an appearance. She’s been a little under the weather lately, most likely stressed from the loss of her buddy. I’m doing the best I can to make sure she’s comfortable.


80 photos and a very well behaved mouse later:

Day 23 of 30 Days of Cheesecake:

In the last photoshoot I got a lot more of Cheesecake with my Lynx skull more than any of the others. I also have a photoshoot of just my bobcat skull so, I decided why not make today’s photoshoot with my favorite cat, the African Caracal. This is probably one of the pieces in my collection I’m the most proud of. Even if I end up getting a wolf skull or something in the future, The caracal will probably still be my most prized. Cheesecake seems to love skulls. For her they’re a lot of fun to play on and around. She was very cooperative with the photos today and I’m quite proud of her. It’s almost like she knows how to pose and hold it. [My guess is maybe the clicking sound of the camera on my phone could act as a training clicker stimulating some sort of response whenever she stands still]. Maybe I unintentionally trained her to pose for the camera lol. All I know is she’s a natural at it. On a plus, she only pooped once this time and the shoot didn’t last long until I got the pictures I needed. One more week left to go.

Disclaimer: I did not kill the caracal and it is not a poached item.