domestic mice

Got some new beebs :3. These are females from the pet store. They’re in a separate enclosure from the house mice for obvious reasons. These guys aren’t really socialized but there aren’t any mouse breeders close by to buy from.

This enclosure isn’t finished, also. I’m going to have a lower level with tunnels for them to hide in, but I don’t have time to make it yet.

the signs and ruling animals

Aries- ram, foxes, crocodilians, coyotes, hawks, salamanders, axolotl, gila monsters

Taurus- cattle, bears, beavers, snails, tortoises, buffalo, groundhogs, pigs, rhinos 

Gemini- any passerine bird, bees, butterflies, migratory birds, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, rats

Cancer- crabs, sheep, rabbits, wolves, hedgehogs, armadillos, echidnas, turtles, frogs

Leo- lions, fireflies, iguanas, orcas, pelicans, hummingbirds, geckos, golden lion tamarins

Virgo- storks, herons, deer, elk, antelope, small reptiles, bats, domestic birds like chickens, mice, giraffe, gorillas, 

Libra- zebra, asian elephants, ants, cranes, otters, dogs, chimpanzees, birds of paradise, swans

Scorpio- eagles, scorpions, snakes, eels, honey badgers, boars, dragonflies, phoenix, hyena

Sagittarius- horses, tigers, dragons (western), humpback whales, minks, african elephants

Capricorn- goats, geese, vulture, sharks, moose, turkey, ravens, meerkats, rattlesnakes, stickbugs

Aquarius- monkeys, owls, spiders, parrots, marsupials, penguins, squid, leopards, orangutans, baboons

Pisces- whales, dolphins, porpoises, dragons (eastern), jellyfish, fish, seals and sea lions, octopi

rainbirb  asked:

What are your thoughts on domestic rats and mice as pets? I havent seen anything on the blog mentioning it, and as a pet rodent owner (rats/hamster/mice), I'm just curious as to what your thoughts and experiences are.

I don’t have a huge amount of personal experience with them, but I feel like they’re pretty heavily domesticated and are fine to own as long as there’s a standard level of care given similar to what is expected for cats and dogs. 


Trying to show physical differences among my three mice which were from the same litter and have been together all her lives. Before I could only tell them apart from their tails but now they’ve gained physical traits. Cheng Ting’s very full and pudgy, Chevre Truffles is smaller than Cheng Ting but bigger than Chelsea. Chelsea Buns is the smallest and skinniest of the bunch but is the sickliest of the bunch [they’re all sick to some extent]


Here is one of the deer mice I have that I posted about earlier that my manager’s son found.

This is the smaller one, Mikasamouse. I am calling the other one Michonnemouse. Michonne is a lot more timid & I have barely seen her at all since I put them in the tank. I was planning on releasing them in a few days once I made sure they were healthy, but it looks like Mikasa has an injured foot, I noticed her limping a little & she wasn’t bearing weight on it. She loooooves the wheel–I thought at first that she was anxious & running on it out of fear, but I sat quietly across the room & she didn’t seem to notice me & was playing along the top of it & underneath, seemingly very comfortable. I’ll wait for her leg to heal before I release them.

I wish the scale came across better in the photos! They’re SOOOO small, without her tail, Mickey is about the size of a quarter! They are ¼ the size of an average adult female domestic mouse.