domestic injustice

hello sara,

you don’t know me. but here’s the thing: i do know you. as a matter of fact, i doubt there’s anyone out i know as well as you. i’ve been by your side for years. i’ve seen your highs. i’ve seen your lows. no matter what, i was there for you. and though you might not know it, you’ve always been there for me, too.

you see, you and i, we are not that different. we both are very passionate about certain things. sometimes a little too much. we are messy. straightforward. a little rough around the edges. we share the same berserk buttons: domestic violence and injustice. we have a hard time letting things go. we are stubborn. we used to be a loose cannon, but now we are doing pretty okay.

enfin, remember a couple of years ago when grissom came to your apartment after you got suspended? i know i do. you wanna know why? because that night probably meant as much to me as it did to you, if not more. even over a decade later, i still vividly remember the things you said that night. as it turned out then, our communality doesn’t stop at just personality traits..

you know, the thing is, for the longest time i thought my past was the thing that defined me the most. but then all of a sudden there was you, sara sidle, the human epitome of ‘’what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’’ if you could make it through all of that and be okay – i mean, ‘’i’m fine’’ is your catch phrase, right? – then surely i could, too.

so, i guess what i’m trying to say here is thank you. thank you for giving a girl the strong female role model she didn’t even know she needed so badly. thank you for being the most important person in my life without even really trying. but most of all thank you for being you.

it’s been a great ride, sara. I love you. I always will. goodbye.

p.s this is completely irrelevant, but a very reliable source once told me that grissom spent the last couple of years perfecting his grilled cheese sandwiches. 7 years is very a long time to be working­ on your croquet monsieur skills. i bet he’s the gordon ramsey of grilled cheese sandwiches now. let me know how they taste, okay?