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There was that post on the Anidala tag on how Obi-Wan becomes the Skywalker’s pet and now I cannot unsee it

/is kicked out of the fandom for good 

Persever to Enjoy

Izaya doesn’t think of himself as a coward. He regularly faces situations that he’s sure would reduce most people to stammering terror, laughs in the face of danger that would drop most to their knees to plead for their lives. Shizuo tells him he’s reckless, that he’s an adrenaline junkie, that he should be more careful in almost everything he does; Izaya isn’t afraid of the yakuza, or physical danger, or heights, or crowds. He can and does deal with a whole range of things accounted frightening or even downright deadly, depending on the circumstances, and as a rule he never experiences anything more than a shiver of excitement more pleasant than otherwise, if the situation is truly dire enough.

And just at the moment, he is absolutely terrified.

“Izaya,” Shizuo says from alongside him, his voice dropping into that tolerant range that would draw irritation from Izaya’s lips in an ordinary situation, that would pull frustration over his tongue if he dared trust the thrum of panic in his throat to coherent sound. “Are you going to be okay?”

Izaya can’t answer out loud. He’s afraid if he opens his mouth he’s going to whimper audibly, and if he does that he thinks he might stop walking entirely, and if he does that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to move forward again. He ducks his head into a nod instead, a sharp movement that he’s sure looks exactly as insincere as it feels.

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Why the Nazis Loved America
The terrible history of racist laws
By James Whitman

To say America today is verging on Nazism feels like scaremongering. Yes, white nationalism lives in the White House. Yes, President Donald Trump leans authoritarian. Yes, the alt-right says many ugly things. But for all the economic pains of many Americans, there is no Great Depression gnawing away at democracy’s foundations. No paramilitary force is killing people in the streets. Fascism and Nazism have not arrived in the United States.

But there is a different and instructive story to be told about America and the Nazis that raises unsettling questions about what is going on today — and what Nazism means to the U.S.

When we picture a modern American Nazi, we imagine a fanatic who has imported an alien belief system from a far-away place. We also, not wrongly, picture captives in concentration camps and American soldiers fighting the Good War. But the past is more tangled than that. Nazism was a movement drawn in some ways on the American model — a prodigal son of the land of liberty and equality, without the remorse.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, America led the world in race-based lawmaking, as a broad political consensus favored safeguarding the historically white character of the country. That is, it codified white nationalism. Congress passed immigration legislation designed to guarantee the predominance of immigrants from northern Europe, largely shutting the door on Jews, Italians, Asians and others. As Nazi commentators approvingly put it, this was law intended to keep out “undesirables.” (Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a 2015 interview with White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon that that policy was “good for America.”) Jim Crow segregation blanketed the South. Thirty of the forty-eight states possessed anti-miscegenation legislation that prohibited interracial marriage — not only between whites and blacks, but also between whites and Asians — and sometimes threatened violators with harsh criminal punishment. In Maryland, they faced up to ten years in prison. Law made second-class citizens of blacks, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, Asians and Native Americans. Most especially, it deprived these non-white Americans of any meaningful right to vote.

A fluffy headcanon for good vibes

I’m very fond of the idea of Viktor posting videos of Yuuri doing everyday things with captions like “look at this boy” “I’m so in love with him” “how did I get so lucky?”
The videos are extremely domestic. Like Yuuri cooking dinner, Yuuri vacuuming, Yuuri across the table from him at a restaurant on his phone, Yuuri sitting on his laptop on the couch with earbuds in, Yuuri putting on his shoes, Yuuri making baby noises at Makkachin, Yuuri giving Makkachin his food, Yuuri letting Makkachin lie on top of him while he pets the pup, Yuuri still asleep while the sunshine filters through the blinds.
Yuuri sometimes catches Viktor filming him and smiles really big and covers up the camera. And there’s a couple videos of Yuuri talking to Viktor, like him reading off the grocery list and then he looks at the camera and says “are you filming me? Oh my god Viktor you’re filming me stop it I love you.”
Viktor’s favorite one is the one he recorded of Yuuri sneezing bc Yuuri looks like and sounds like a little bunny.
The comments are usually people using heart emojis or typing GOALS in all caps, with a few rare assholes trying to say that this is totally platonic.

Halfway (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin are extremely domestic, but not dating. Lin asks you to move in with him anyways.
Low-key inspired by this quote:
“Date someone who meets you halfway. Date someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend money on ridiculous things. Date someone your ex hates and your mom loves. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barely even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a little puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.”

Word Count: 1,203

Warnings: Cheesy ending? Mentions of jazz? I’m not sure. 

A/N: Hi! I’m back at it again. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever get a single note on any of my writing, so the fact that I did get notes just has me over the moon. I might have a few fics already planned out because I have a free weekend and zero chill?

Side note: If you don’t know who Miles Davis is and have the time you should watch the movie Miles Ahead. Guy was wack.

“Cariña,” Lin softly called out to you, drawing your attention away from your notebook. You looked up to see him offering you a glass of water and you were suddenly aware of how dry your throat was. You had spent a considerable amount of time with your only form of communication being the words you were scrawling across the pages of your notebook. You dropped your pen into the pages and set it aside, flexing your hand before accepting the glass with a grateful smile.

“Thank you, love.” you cooed back, taking a large drink. You set it on the edge of his desk that was only a few feet away from the window seat you were currently sitting in. He sat at his desk, flipping open his laptop, the screen illuminating his face in a way that the diminishing sunlight had ceased to do hours ago. This was your usual spot, Lin working away at his desk while you sat in the window overlooking New York. Your eyes had been drawn back to the pages causing you to miss the way Lin looked up at you, admiring the curve of your lips and the glint of your eyes as your mind seemed to pick right back up where your pen had previously stopped. There was a time when you had used to move straight out of his line of vision the moment he sat down at his desk, much to his dismay. It took a couple of weeks until Lin finally got the nerve to tell you to stay where you were and it had been your designated space ever since.

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listen scriddler wise? youd rarely catch jon and eddie apart, even if their ideas clash theyll bicker until they can do a heist together, they share an apartment, share the same bed, have extremely fluffy domestic moments both alone and possibly in the batmobile as they resolve an argument they had during the heist (and make bruce a bit impatient as he drives around the block over and over so they dont give the arkham staff a hard time) ((they still give the arkham staff a hard time))

but the moment anyone asks abt marriage both of them get a heart attack and cant keep eye contact for a week. they dont talk abt that.


Lin x Reader

  • Robbed -  You admittedly robbed someone of an Oscar. Lin unadmittedly was robbed of an Oscar. But you meet each other so everything turns out okay in the end.
  • Halfway - You and Lin are extremely domestic, but not dating. Lin asks you to move in with him anyways.
    • Writing Romance -  You and Lin spend the day book shopping. You get mistaken for a couple. Casual flirting in between. [Can Stand Alone]
    • Cold Weather Kisses - It’s freezing and our building’s heater goes out and so you’re just left trying to make the best of this weather. [Can Stand Alone]
  • Pillows - Your husband’s favorite way of unwinding is reading, he’s got some time off and you come home one afternoon to an adorable scene.
  • Chinese Food and Confessions - You’ve been Lin’s friend for years and after a bottle of wine and some pressing questions you learn he’s in love with someone.
  • Downgraded From A Hurricane - Your husband is a drama queen when he’s sick and you’re stuck taking care of him. You’d never admit it aloud but you’re amused with his antics.
  • Back At One - Your husband makes you slow dance to your song in the middle of a grocery store.
  • Paper Planes - Soulmate AU where if you throw a paper plane out your window it always makes its way to your soulmate. You can’t write your full name, your location, or any contact info, anything else is fair game. It’s up to fate to bring you together.
    • Epilogue - You and Lin have very special memories all centered around paper planes.
  • In Case You Didn’t Know - Lin says I love you for the first time.
  • A Little Bit of Cinnamon -  You’re the source of Lin’s inspiration.
  • Libraries and Piragua - You were sexiled by your roommate on a day that you’d kill just to collapse into bed. You end up passing time with someone that makes your day end on a high note.
  • Coffee and Colors - You’re a historian who agreed to help Lin through his writer’s block. You’re taken with him immediately and spend a lot of the time being distracted by the charming company you’re keeping.
  • Leave ‘Em On - Lin was ready to take you home before the night even started.
  • 9A - There’s something romantic about passing notes on a plane.
  • Island Vibe -  You’re all that Lin really ever needs.



  • Postcards to You - Your post graduation gift to yourself is a three month backpacking trip through Europe trip. Lin is staying behind because In The Heights is starting to finally take off but you make sure to keep in contact.

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phansterdam  asked:

but phil was asleep so he probably woke up to the exact same thing and just imagine that extremely domestic argument about tweeting pictures of each other sleeping

phil had tried to stay awake, he really really had.

he was surrounded by a couple of close friends at the party, they had all caught up over drinks and nibbles and the atmosphere was light and easy, he’d not felt so relaxed in a while, all work and general life worries seemed to have just melted away.

he’d tweeted that he was really going to try and stay awake, even if it meant pouring coffee into his eyeballs (his friends snorted when they read it) but he meant it, in some sense of sanity.

he was sat on the sofa, his legs draped over dan’s lap, their hands loosely holding each other in the space between them. 

“you’re falling asleep, there’s no shame in going to bed early” dan whispered, and squeezed his hand.

“’m fine” phil mumbled and waved his free hand dismissively. he could feel his eyelids getting heavier.

“whatever you say, dork” dan chuckled softly and turned his attention back to the tv.

phil tried to do the same, but there was no point in fighting against his body’s inevitable betrayal.

his eyes snapped open what seemed like a minute later, and he noticed immediately dan was no longer beside him, and there was a thick blanket now draped over him.

“who put this on me?” he asked bryony, whilst fidgeting to try and wake up his still sleeping muscles.

she laughed. “who do you think?”

he should’ve known, in hindsight.

he reached for his phone to text dan asking where he was, when a twitter notification sat at the top of his notification stack which had gathered whilst he was sleeping.

it was opened with great interest, and he groaned when a picture of his sleeping self was tweeted by dan. his hand had been moved on top of his own lap and was still very much in the hand-holding position it was in when he was awake, but he did look peaceful.

as if the universe was granting him a favour, dan walked back in the room at that exact second, carrying in more drinks and food.

“look who’s decided to join us again!” he grinned.

“you’re so annoying” phil replied, and threw the blanket over dan’s head, nearly sending his drink pouring out of the glass.

“i needed proof, don’t blame me, blame your body! but come on, there’s not many awards left to go” dan insisted, and took his hand again.

“fine. but i’m not done with you yet.”

dan grinned again and squeezed his hand. “i’d be concerned if you were, love.”

“do you love me?” 

dean murmurs this into the room, voice barely above a whisper. he keeps his eyes forward, staring in front of him, because this has been bugging him for a while but he’s not sure he can face it head-on if the answer is no. 

“cas,” he repeats, voice still soft, “do you love me?” 

beside him, cas rolls over on the bed, turning his back on dean and burying his face in his arm. he heaves a sigh.  

“dean,” cas’ voice is low, slurred with sleep, “it is four in the morning. go to sleep.” 

“but do you love me?” dean asks again. this is serious; dean feels anxiety curl up in his chest. dean loves cas more than anything, but what if cas doesn’t feel the same? 

there’s a slight touch of exasperation to his tone when cas says, “dean, we have been married for eight years. shut up and go to sleep.” 

dean stays quiet, staring up into the blackness of the room at the ceiling and thinking. then: “… does that mean you love me?” 

“i will make you sleep on the couch.” 

dean rolls over, curling up against cas’ back and throwing an arm over cas’ waist, feeling where his shirt has ridden up. he nuzzles his nose behind cas’ ear, laying soft, light kisses there, and hears cas sigh in content. their fingers thread together at cas’ hip. he can feel the cool touch of their wedding rings.

“i love you,” dean whispers, and cas finally turns his head, his lips brushing along dean’s cheek. 

“i love you, too, dean,” cas replies. he turns back over and shuffles back to press against dean. “now go to sleep.”
This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach
Don’t want toxic smoke blown in your face? Move to Sweden.
By David Roberts

Before Donald Trump, GOP elites — policymakers, intellectuals, DC operators — were in the grips of a comforting illusion: that their party was united around the principles of limited government and free markets. The family values and national security stuff rounded out the picture, of course, but small-government economics was the core.

That is how the elite — with help from a compliant media — interpreted the Tea Party uprising that followed Obama’s election. Here were patriots devoted to reducing burdensome regulations and defending economic freedom.

Post-Trump, this illusion has become untenable. Trump never paid lip service to conservative economic ideology. He doesn’t even possess the vocabulary, the catechisms that virtually every Republican candidate can recite by heart. He bypassed small-government ideology almost entirely in favor of white resentment. And Republicans, at least a plurality of them, embraced him for it.

“We’ve had this view that the voters were with us on conservatism — philosophical, economic conservatism,” said conservative intellectual Avik Roy in an interview with Zack Beauchamp. “In reality, the gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.”

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 64: Coming to Terms

Sam Winchester x Reader

~1200 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

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With the bag clutched tightly in your hand, you waited at the front of the store for Sam and Dean to finish their shopping. If you hadn’t been so concerned about the tiny little box in your hand, you would have chuckled at the sight in front of you. Dean was pushing the cart, looking extremely domestic as the two men argued about the items they wanted to purchase. Each time Dean grabbed something unhealthy, Sam would frown at him. The same thing happened every time Sam grabbed fruit or veggies. But at least there was a healthy mixture in the cart.

Seeing you standing in the front of the store, Sam whispered something to his brother, before jogging over to you. Seeing the bag clutched in your hand, and the frown upon your face, he searched your face for answers, not liking what he was seeing. “Y/N, honey, is everything okay?” He asked, reaching to cup your face, but you stepped back. You were a little over the edge, on emotional overload, and you couldn’t stand to be touched.

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