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someone once pointed out that a lot of fic makes cas all sunshine and flowers to dean's grump, when in fact, if u look @ s4-s6, cas is pretty much the grumpiest little muffin in the tin. SO: when one of them has a bad day, THEY BOTH HAVE A BAD DAY. and storm cloud their way through life, doom-and-glooming, etc. and sam just looks on in absolutely horrified wonder as dean and cas get nihilistic, "this is it. nothing matters anymore. thanks cruel world" over having coffee but being out of cream.

This combines two additional prompts: the anon who wanted pof verse “lazy sunday morning maybe after moving into somewhere NOT the bunker for the first time,” and obsiddean who asked for “for a lazy sunday prompt: dean n cas doing just that; having a nice lazy sunday morning.” This is so fluffy it’s disgusting and I’m sorry.

There’s a difference between living in a house with someone and living with someone. Dean already knows that–he played house for a year in Cicero, after all–but the difference is underlined when he and Cas sign on the place in Lawrence (thanks, Charlie) and move their crap a couple hours cross-state. Sam stays the night on the couch and heads back to Lebanon in the Lincoln as soon as the sun comes up. Dean and Cas spend Saturday getting naked in every room and wake up on their first Sunday alone.

They grin at each other over coffee. Cas has pillow marks on his cheek. They eat and unpack boxes until Cas’s hands begin to wander and Dean ends up with rug burn on his back.

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how many kids do you think dean and cas would have? what genders and names? which kid would dean/cas get along best/worst with? IM IN SUCH A DOMESTIC DEANCAS MOOD BECAUSE OF YOU

I have a lot of feelings about Dean and Cas having four kids, two girls and two boys. The first girl is Joanna, they adopt Daniel less than a year later, and then Esther less than two years after that. Joanna was thirteen when they decided to adopt again, and so that’s when they adopted Robert :)

Dean and Cas are both really really good with them as babies. Cas is better at the tough years of toddler-hood and young because he’s FAR more patient than Dean, but Dean is great with them when they’re preteens and teenagers because he understands how he felt at that time and can relate to them.

When they go away to college, they call Dean just to tell him silly stories and tell him about parties they go to (“yes obviously I’m being responsible, DAD”) but they call Cas if they’re getting overwhelmed because he’s so sensible and can really talk them down from a crisis. Joanna majors in architecture, Daniel drops out sophomore year and moves to New York to paint and sculpt, Esther majors in biology and then goes to med school, and Robert wants to be a teacher.

I have a lot of feelings about the grandbabies too :’)