domestic belle

That promo gave us little but actually a LOT of answers, specially for the haters. They cant argue anymore that Rumple still want to be a villain because his HE is being A FUCKING HERO. He doesn’t want magic, or power or anything. Just a domestic life with Belle and possibly Bae. And for those saying that he is being childish, i’m sorry but what did you expect him to wish for? Money and power and magic? He is not evil! He isn’t ambitious. He is not what you haters expect him to be and that’s what the rumbelle fandom and A&E keep saying. Watch again Spinner Rumple scenes, see how good he was and how he tries to fix everything for his son and wife. The Dark One made bad things to him, but that doesn’t change that the real Rumple he is trying to keep alive is still there. Rumple is a good man who made bad choices trying to make things right and got lost in it.

OMG!! I Just Realized. ..

Do you know how many things they could do with Rumple in a coma? Like Dark Castle scenes that never happened and if it’s off they just say …it was a dream. Domestic Rumbelle. Pregnant Belle? Kissing? Every AU ever written could happen as he dreams. I would watch a show just based on that.