Grocery Shopping headcanons for Reaper

A/N: Thought of this while I was out shopping. Also, dedicated to my friend @ukcatsgirl10 because of her love of Reaper.

* It’s so fast to get everything. Until you get to the tortilla chips.
* It takes him thirty minutes just to pick out a bag.
* “These are whole grain? They must be healthy! Ooh! These are multigrain! They might taste better with the queso!”
* “Gabe, they’re just chips…”
* “Ooh! (y/n), look! These are black!”
* You pay like fifty dollars on tortilla chips alone.
* He tries each type when you guys get home.
* That’s all you have for dinner that night. Tortilla chips and cheese, maybe a bit of salsa and guacamole.
* He might make nachos if he feels like it.
* All of the tortilla chips are gone in two days.
* Then you have to go back to get more chips.

anonymous asked:

i'm 18 and am just now realizing that i'm a lesbian because of years of compulsory heterosexuality. and one of the hardest things for me to accept is that i can't have children with my future wife. like, i'm probably going to adopt, and adoption is wonderful. but i've always dreamed of being pregnant and having kids with my partner. it just makes me upset that i can't have children with my wife. idk. i don't feel like i really know my options.

Hi anon!  I didn’t realize I’m a lesbian until I was about 18 either, and it does have an impact on future life plans, which was something I didn’t expect.

There are lots and lots of options for two women who want children, and while they can be very different, that doesn’t make any less valuable or meaningful than the others.

I’m sure you’ve thought about adoption.  Personally I think this is a great option, because even if you don’t birth the child, you can still have a wonderful relationship with them and offer a child a loving home - which is something that there isn’t enough of these days.  It won’t make your relationship with your child any less, and would even be providing love and family for a child who might not get that without you.

But you mentioned that you also want biological children, which is also understandable.  Many women want this as a part of their life, and that’s entirely normal and good!  Depending on how big of a family you want, you might adopt and have biological children as well, or only do one or the other.  Both are awesome decisions to make!

Biological children aren’t always entirely impossible for lesbians or two women.  There are trans women who could be able to provide sperm, and I found and article online that is actually about two women and two men who want biological children from Time that I’ll link right here.  The article talks about using a partner’s sibling to try to get a closer biological match, and the thought that in the near future it might be entirely possible to actually have a biological child between two cis women.  Another option that I’ve seen many lesbians choose is for both partners to carry a child using the same sperm donor (The Kids Are Alright anybody??)

Regardless, there are TONS of options for you in the future!  It might require some research and some patience, but don’t give up!  You might not be able to have biological children the “conventional” way, but medical technology is evolving rapidly and someday it might be possible :)