Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

‘Grimalkin’ is an old word for a domestic cat, especially an elderly female one. It was used often during the 15th-18th centuries, when women tried as witches were accused of having cats as their familiars. Even Shakespeare used it in Macbeth, when one of the three witches refers to her familiar, who takes the form of a cat, as 'Graymalkin’. Source Source 2 Source 3

Domestic Kingdom.

Here we have two Holland lop bunnies in their natural habitat.  The male, affectionately called Simon by his caregivers, is performing the ancient bunny dance of happiness known as a binky.  These house rabbits even practice a primitive bartering system in which offerings of noogies or treats are required before they will allow their happiness to be photographed/videotaped.  Simply fascinating!

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“I like when you ramble. You get really passionate.” with daisuga and Suga talking about baking to Daichi and then he suddenly gets really into it and Daichi is just staring at Suga like he's lovestruck <3 I just rlly love baking and Suga (*´꒳`*)

Sugawara is handsome. 

He has a sharp jaw, just soft enough in the right places. His nose is shaped very nicely. His skin is a smooth, dark color, the mole under his eye and his long, long eyelashes, grant the illusion of innocent beauty. Daichi is in love. 

“–And, I lost the star tip, and I was so stressed! God, Daichi, I was making those cupcakes with the star tip, lord help me. So I went and–” 

Suga’s lips, too. God, Daichi wants to kiss them all the time. They’re plump and pink– slightly chapped, but…Nice. Warm. Their kisses are nice. 

“–The lady at the craft supply store was so scared! I swear, I looked like a madman–” 

And his eyes when he talks like this; about a hobby, about homework, or about a show he likes. 

“–Even listening to me!” 

Daichi blinks. Suga pouts, blowing air out of his mouth. “You’re not even listening to me! Daichi, what the hell? Don’t you love me?” 

Daichi chuckles, hearing the teasing lilt of his boyfriend’s voice. “I’m sorry. I like when you ramble. You get really passionate. I can’t help but stare…” 

“Oh.” Suga seems actually genuinely surprised at Daichi’s reply, and his tan cheeks redden. Daichi finds this especially handsome. 

“I love you a lot.” 

Suga smiles softly. “…I- I love you too…” 

Resting his chin on the table, looking up to Suga with smiling eyes, he says, “Please continue. I’m listening this time.” 

He really isn’t listening, still, but Suga doesn’t seem to mind anymore. 

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My man my man what about supercorp buying furniture for their home and gotta compromise or sth domestic like dat

hoe boy im no good at these domestic prompts but i gave it a shot lol. enjoy!

Lena grumbled as Kara laughed into her neck.

“Just a little more to the left!”

“I swear to god if I have to move this one more time-”

“Come on Lena! We’re almost done!”

Lena heaved a sigh of relief as she dropped the mahogany table down with a soft plonk on top of the carpet as Kara beamed at her from across from it, not even breaking a sweat. She clapped her hands together. “Now for the lamps!”

Lena groaned and instead, sat down heavily onto the brand new couch that was in the centre of the living room. “Can we please do it later, darling? I’m not Supergirl, I can’t lift heavy objects with ease.” Kara flushed at her comment but sat beside her heavily and placed her head on Lena’s shoulder. “We have to finish moving everything eventually. We can’t have boxes in our new house.”

Lena laughed and began to play with the hairs that had fallen out of her girlfriend’s ponytail. “A home’s a home no matter what it looks like, darling.”

Kara smiled and hugged Lena. She kissed her neck. “I’m still going to need your help moving everything in.”

Just Imagine

This one is for @withjiminie bc it’s her birthday

You had a rough day at college. Everything was going so horribly wrong since you’ve woke up this morning way too late for your class. You hurried up to get some socially accepted clothes onto your body and ran out forgetting your phone in the process. You noticed too late when you just bought a coffee from the shop on campus and if that wouldn’t be enough you tripped over an uneven stone, pouring the whole coffee over your creamy white sweater. 

It was a marathon of classes today and you were so ashamed of your big brown stain that you froze yourself through every class with just a shirt on instead of a comfy warm sweater.

So to say that you just wanted to get home and have a nice hot shower would be a little too less. your hands were almost frozen when you pushed the key into the door of your apartment building, breaking it in the process. That was enough. Big hot tears were streaming down your face as you just stood outside and cried for a long moment because of your horrible day. 

It took a few minutes to gather yourself again and to press the bell of your neighbour who thankfully let you in. You were still sniffling a bit as you carefully put in the keycode for your apartment door and found yourself enveloped in two warm arms immediately after stepping in. For a moment you were shocked but then the comforting smell of your boyfriend pushed into your nose. 

“Hey baby, i cooked dinner for you. my god you’re so cold…..hey…what’s…what’s wrong?”

Jimin asked worried immediately before pulling you into the apartment. You were sobbing once again as you explained what a horrible day you’ve had while he took care of your sweater and pushing you careful into the bathroom.

“hey…sweetheart… everything is okay. You take a nice shower and i’ll heat up the food and we’ll just have a nice dinner and go to bed okay?”

He smiled comfortingly as he ran a hand through your hair. You sniffled and nodded weakly before rubbing your eyes. You really had the best boyfriend ever.

You took your time warming up under the spray once again and when you stepped out of the stall you saw that Jimin had already brought a fluffy towel and some change clothes for you and hung them over the heater to get comfortably warm. The pit of your belly grew warm as well at his adorableness and you dressed quickly in the sweatpants and the huge sweater of his you were almost drowning in. You were still sniffing at the collar of the sweater as you came up behind him and kissed his cheek in thanks.

“A little better?”

You nodded at his question. He smiled relieved and pecked your lips carefully before giving you your share of dinner. It was a short affair eating with your boyfriend and you two decided to leave the dishes for tomorrow and instead curl up on the couch instead together. Your eyes were already drooping a bit as you heard a quiet 

“I love you”

next to your ear. You smiled bright and pressed a soft kiss to Jimins jaw. After all your day couldn’t be ending bad if you were with him.

“I love you too”

Some Kurotsuki domestic headcanons

Fixing things around the house:

  1. Kei definitely takes care of house maintenance. If he left anything up to Tetsurou to do, the entire house would probably be in shambles.
  2. While he doesn’t understand plumbing, Kei can take care of most small repairs/replacements, such as changing the bulb, fixing the doorknob on the bathroom door, replacing the rollers of cabinet drawers, etc.
  3. Tetsurou takes advantage of his boyfriend’s proficiency in these tasks, but not in the way you’d expect. He tries to take pictures of Kei slyly.
  4. Kei totally notices, though, and positions himself in ways he knows will look good on the camera.
  5. Also, he holds the pose for longer so that Tetsurou can get a good snap.

Voicemail greeting:

  1. Considering how different their personalities and modes of social interaction are, making voicemail greetings is quite hilarious for them.
  2. No, seriously, imagine Tetsurou’s cheerful “This is Tetsurou!” followed by “This is Kei” in Kei’s most bored voice (he probably didn’t even want to do this, like “Kuroo-san, why can’t you just make a greeting yourself? I’m fine with whatever”).
  3. This is followed by a completely unscripted moment like “Kei, come on, try to sound more upbeat!” and “Tch. Why don’t you try sounding a little less excited for something so stupid?”
  4. This back-and-forth continues for a while, and before they realize, they’ve used up the entire timeslot this way, being abruptly cut off on “BEEP”.
  5. They decide to leave it as it is.It made most of their friends crack up, and made Akiteru cry (“my little brother is all adorably domestic now!”)
  6. Sometimes Bokuto calls their number only to hear the greeting because it cracks him up; Akaashi had an apologetic gesture ready even before Bokuto could begin to explain this.


  1. This is another one of those things Tetsurou probably leaves entirely up to Kei, because honestly, he would fill it up with all kinds of junk.
  2. Kei has cabinets organized by function, so there is a medicine cabinet, a wine cabinet, one for sauces and spices, one for dinnerware, stationery, etc.
  3. He’s even taped an inventory to the inside of the door of the cabinets to make them more navigable.
  4. In a strange turn of events, this becomes something he and Kageyama bond over. Basically, one time, Kags was looking for medicine because he ate too much (big surprise there) and when he opened the medicine cabinet (“it’s the first one on the right when you enter the kitchen”), he instantly fell in love with the orderliness.
  5. So every now and then Tetsurou and Hinata watch fondly as their otherwise stoic boyfriends light up over a discussion about closet organization.

The early bird and the night owl (or cat, in this case):

  1. Tetsurou, despite his (and Kei’s) better judgment, stays awake until nearly 2am every night. Then he’s out until nearly 9am, which is fine because most days he works from home.
  2. Kei sleeps at 11am and wakes up at 6am sharp. He then goes for a jog around the neighborhood, gets ready for the day, prepares breakfast for both of them, and wakes his boyfriend up before leaving for work.
  3. It’s only on Friday and Saturday nights that Kei stays awake longer than usual and Tetsurou stays awake less than he usually does. It’s a worthwhile compromise because by adjusting they get to cuddle before going to sleep. They go to bed around 1am and take their time waking up in the morning.
The tongue thing...

Note : just a small CS Domestic-Fluff after a dream I’ve made… big thanks to @captainswanismyendgame for taking a look at it! Enjoy!

There was only the sounds of their pens on their papers.

The lines progressed slowly, words appearing on the white surface. Her handwriting was like little bubble, fancy but legible. All the letters were round, easy to read but still a little young compared to her age in her opinion.

All the opposite of his, actually. Emma was almost hypnotised by his handwriting: clear; meticulous. Refined.

She stopped writing on the envelope, only to look at his hand moving up and down, the dark blue inking the paper as she was dictating the content of the letter. His hook blocked the shit on the corner as he tried his best not to damage the paper. However she was focused on how easily the feather was sliding along the smooth parchment. For a few second, she thought she would falls asleep if she continued to stare at him but his voice brought her back to the task at hand.

After a moment, her gaze went up following the curves of his right arm, pausing at each muscle moving from his writing. Her hand going directly to the back of his neck, her fingers started to play with his hair, which made him hum. Before she realized what she was doing, he had slowed down his writing, focusing on her ministration more than what they needed to finish by the end of the hour.

Against her desire, she stopped her movements, going back to the task…

As she was spelling out  a word, her eyes traced the line of his perfect jaw to the end of his chin.

He was so concentrated on writing the word correctly that she has barely noticed his tic. His mouth was half-open, his tongue traveling from a side to another. The tip snuck out, passing along his lower lip from time to time.

She didn’t know if he was teasing her intentionally but it  without any doubt had a certain effect on her.

And then as her mind railed off, his tongue stopped moving, the tip on the right corner of his mouth while Killian turned his face slightly to look at her. Emma was motionless, her mouth half open, a look of embarrassment on her face as she was staring at his expression. She had been caught ogling him again, but she couldn’t stop the laugh that began to form in the back of her throat.

As soon as she realized he had noticed her, Emma gaze fell down to  the envelope, trying her best not to giggle at the concentrated face he’d been wearing.

He stood straight, his tongue sliding back to his mouth.. A small, “What?” escaped his mouth as one of his eyebrows went up in confusion.

Why the hell is Swan was laughing at?” he thought. But after she finally cracked up, she explained him why before he started to make that face he always did when he was  vexed.


After that, every time he had to write something, he felt her eyes on him, waiting for that moment when his control would broke down and he would let his habit take over, letting the tip of his tongue sneak out on the corner of his mouth knowing very well  a soft laugh wasn’t too far behind.

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Symmetra and Sombra.

Their place is incredibly organized, almost sparkling clean. Sombra isn’t exactly a neat person but she’s not naturally messy either, so she’s willing to keep things organized for Satya’s sake. 

That being said her office, which is strictly her own, is a bit of a disaster zone. It’s cluttered with charts and information that she wants off the grid. Satya knows better than to move any of it, Sombra has a weird organization system, so she just steers clear of the place unless Sombra needs to be dragged out to eat. 

Satya has her own office. Since leaving Vishkar, she’s been working on her own brand of light technology. She’s working on mostly infrastructure work and prothesis at the moment, but she’s always willing to take a call from an area that needs a bridge or a building repaired. It seems like a way of undoing Vishkar’s work in a way, constructing for the will of the people rather than an abstract idea of an orderly society. Sombra helps her filter calls since she gets some jerks. 

Sombra helps her on her building projects frequently. Satya is a genius architect but a second set of eyes is always a useful tool. Plus, she can always suggest failsafes to keep her designs from getting hacked, which is useful.

They have a cat. It’s Satya’s, a kitten she found while repairing a collapsed building in their town. She adores it. Sombra says she tolerates it, but really she also loves it. It’s an asshole who likes to climb all over their work. For some reason Satya does not mind the disorder.

Sombra is a night owl and Satya is a morning person, so they spend time together in the afternoon. Satya keeps a garden in the backyard (flowers are so interesting) and on nicer days, they sit on a bench out there as Satya designs and Sombra codes, back to back. They get the best work done there.

On multiple occasions, when Sombra works too hard, a light projection of a cat will appear at her feet and tug at her leg.

On other occasions, when Satya works too hard, he tablet will power off on it’s own with a skull icon in the middle.

On those occasions, they meet in the garden. Almost always, one of them is waiting with flowers.

Me: “Huh, Donald Trump is cutting back on spending for his OWN PLANE in order to save government money? Hm…well, that’s surprisingly noble of him, and even if it’s a small good deed, it’s nice that he’s willing to cut down on spending for his own–”

CNN article as I keep reading: 


Major Dad is trying to be helpful in anyway he can. So we got a mailer from the dentist here today and he’s like I can call and get them appointments. Which is great bc I hate phone calls especially to new places.

But I have to listen to him pick terrible appt times because he disregards or ignores any type of schedule. And I can’t correct him mid-call bc he can’t focus on both.