said it was love and did it for life (did it for you)

Excerpt: Dan is down on his knees the first time Phil mentions weddings with any seriousness.

Title from Trouble by Cage the Elephant.

Beta: The always-wonderful Laney, who puts up with me magnificently. Follow her, she deserves it. (make sure to read the notes at the end once you’ve finished the fic!)

Word count: 4000 exactly y’all

Warnings: swearing, too much fluff

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Add. tags: oneshot, proposal, TATINOF, TABINOF

Prompt "Why are you up so early?"

Paul’s eyes fluttered open slowly, the room is still dark, the covers of the large king bed keeping him warm. He rolls over in search of his hunter, naked body moving against the sheets.

Only when he rolls over does he realise he is alone in the bed, he breathes out through his nose and sits up, running his hand of his face and attempting to tame his wild hair. Looking around the room Daryl is still nowhere to be found, he does however notice the time is 6:30 the sun would be rising soon. His brows furrow. He and Daryl have the day off why the hell is he up so early?

Paul groans as he stands up from the bed, an ache has made a home is his muscles due to the previous nights activities. He begins to look through the clothes scattered around the bedroom, he pulls his boxers on when he finds them and then the first shirt he found which he believes is Daryl’s due to it being too big on him.
He exits the room in a sleepy haze.

He finds Daryl downstairs spread out on the lounge in nothing but boxers reading one of Paul’s books, the only light source in the room being the large lamp to Daryl’s left. Daryl finally notices Paul’s presence when he begins walking towards him bare feet padding quietly on the floor, Daryl drops the book to the coffee table as Paul collapses on top of him. Paul takes advantage of his head being buried in the crook of Daryl’s neck and places a few kisses there already knowing there is a bright line of red hickeys. Daryl’s muscular arms wrap around Paul’s back, one rubbing up and down.

“Why are you up so early?” Paul mumbles into Daryl’s neck, voice muffled.

“Woke up a few hours ago and couldn’t get back ta’ sleep.” Daryl explains yawning afterwards.

“Seems like you could sleep now.” Paul states with a smile.

“Probably could, lyin’ like this.”

Paul grins against Daryl’s neck before pulling back up to look at him. Their eyes meet and Daryl moves one hand to Paul’s cheek, his thumb stroking it. He leans down and kisses him softly for a few seconds.

“Do you want to go back to bed then? I’m so tired and could go back to sleep.” Paul asks when he pulls back. Daryl replies with a nod.

Paul stands up and grabs Daryl’s hand when he does the same, entwining their fingers. They sleepily make their way back upstairs and drop down to the bed when they reach it. He lies on his side facing Daryl with Daryl snuggled into his chest, their arms wrapped around each other.

“I love you.” Paul whispers his hand threading through Daryl’s hair.

“Love you too.” Daryl replies equally quiet.

Paul smiles and bends down to kiss Daryl’s head before closing his eyes. With the sun beginning to rise the two men let themselves fall asleep, soft breaths against soft skin.

types of kisses (part i)

  • wake up kisses pressed gently to the column of A’s neck or the underside of B’s jaw.
  • morning kisses; gentle and lazy, humming in contentment, limbs still tangled together, hands wandering over soft exposed skin.
  • stay in bed kisses, mischievous and deep, punctuating flirtatiously whispered bargaining words.
  • come back to bed kisses left on A’s neck and shoulder, unhurried and tender, with arms wrapped around A’s waist.
  • rushed late for work kisses, a flash of heat before hurrying out the door.
  • tender kisses when one brings home flowers for the other.
  • sticky ice cream kisses, sitting on a bench in the park and laughing against each other’s lips.
  • cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains.
  • kisses absently left on the backs of hands, fingers entwined in silent comfort.
  • joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles.
  • comforting kisses pressed to tear-stained cheeks between whispered words of reassurance and concern.
  • heated kisses with gasps in between, hands tugging at clothes and exploring skin, bodies pressed close. giving in.
  • long, slow kisses in the afterglow, fingers woven through hair and hearts beating in unison.
  • soft goodnight kisses exchanged on lamp-lit doorsteps on chilly autumn evenings.
  • a single loving kiss left on the other’s forehead when they fall asleep snuggled close together.

are you fucking kidding me?