Dean didn’t miss the dirty motels.  He didn’t miss life endlessly on the road.  He didn’t miss the vagabond, running-for-your-life sort of deal he once had.  Maybe it had been okay when he was younger, but he was ready to settle down.

He settled in, nuzzling into Cas’ shoulder and humming lightly as he waited for sleep to come.

Having a place to call home was nice.

Oscar Party Lulls Phil To Sleep & Makes Dan Shout | Phan Tweet Dabble

Summary: Having an Oscar Party with friends was tradition for Dan and Phil. Phil would fall asleep, which Dan would tease him about, and Dan would get so invested in the outcome and potentially need Phil to calm him down.

Word count: 1k

Genre: Domestic fluff

Warnings: Like one “swear” word

Extra tags: Oscar party, sneaky photos, tweets

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Headcanon that Victor is an EXCELLENT cook, and for the first few weeks of living with Yuri he tries hard! But, deep down he’s a lazy piece of shit who just can’t be bothered. So, even thought Yuri isn’t the best cook, he usually initiates the meals (and drag Victor into helping) because he knows if he leaves Victor alone the man will eat garbage for days on end.

When Victor’s really annoyed Yuuri, Yuuri likes to tell him off in Russian as that usually really makes him pay attention. However, considering Yuuri’s still a beginner, it doesn’t always work out. One time, he mixed up his words and instead of calling Victor a ‘unfairly selfish’, he somehow called him a ‘cheese-grater’. Victor ended up crying still… just of laughter on the floor. 

  • Victor: Yuuri?
  • Yuuri: Yes?
  • Victor: *pointing to his shirt* I've got a question for you.
  • Yuuri: I swear to God if this is going where I think it is-
  • Victor: What material is my shirt?
  • Yuuri: Don't you dare!
  • Victor: *whispering* Husband material.
  • Yuuri: Go back to Russia and leave Makkachin here.

*cuddling in bed*

Viktor: *giggling* hey, Yuuri?

Yuuri: hm, yea?

Viktor: is there a…. hole in your shoe?

Yuuri: no…?

Viktor: *is visibly shaking with laughter* pftt…. t-then.. how did you get your foot into it?????-l

Yuuri: ……. *forcefully shoves Viktor onto the floor*

Cute Drarry-isms

-Draco being the tall one
-which results in many forehead kisses
-and nose kisses
-and top-of-the-head kisses
-Harry being more built
-which results in Draco stealing his jumpers at every opportunity
-Draco in comfy clothes
-Harry hiding Draco’s hair products so he is forced to go out in public with messy tousled hair (which makes him very grumpy)
-drinking coffee in silence at 9AM every day because neither of them are morning people in the slightest
-Draco’s the big spoon
-Draco filling Harry’s hair with a million tiny braids while they watch a film
-Accidentally switching clothes bc Harry refuses to fold the laundry
-neither of them can cook, contrary to popular belief, which results in multiple attempts at eating undercooked chicken and burnt toast before they go to Ron and Hermione’s or order takeout
-Draco needs reading glasses but refuses to admit he needs them so he always steals Harry’s
-They are the ultimate power couple and everyone at the ministry is slightly scared of them every time they walk in together
-Friday night is board game night
-Every time, Draco becomes OBSESSED with beating Harry
-and he almost always loses
-which results in wrestling matches that lead to… well, you know
-Harry is the one who tells horrible knock knock jokes
-Draco is the one who makes appalling puns
-Draco making them color coordinate their outfits whenever they go to an event
-holding hands at every possible moment
-kissing in the snow
-kissing in the rain
-kissing while running errands together
-kissing at work
-getting in trouble for kissing at work
-just. Drarry being cute and in love and happy

The funniest moment in Victor and Yuuri’s relationship was probably just after Yuuri got his wisdom teeth removed. During that time, Yuuri couldn’t believe that someone as beautiful as Victor was actually his boyfriend (he didn’t recognize Victor at first and was very pleasantly surprised to find out they were lovers), he thought he’d lost his nose (and actually went looking for it while Victor giggled behind his cellphone camera), and then he was absolutely, completely convinced that Victor had gotten him pregnant… And he was VERY happy about it… To the point of tears. Yuuri even thought up names: Eiji, Katya, Tsukimi, or Pasha just in case it was a dog (yeah, Yuuri thought he could give birth to a dog…). That video got millions of hits once Victor uploaded it to Youtube.

Sick Yuuri, Part: 1

*Viktor is taking care of Yuuri, who is sleeping on the couch with a very high fever*

Yuuri: ….*suddenly wakes up and faces Viktor*

Viktor: *is visibly startled* y-yes, what’s wrong, Yuuri? Do you need me to get you anything?

Yuuri: *wide eyed, and rubbing his cheek on a glass cup* …. statistically…….

Viktor: …… Yuuri?-

Yuuri: *still rubbing his face on the cup in thought* ..statistically….. someone must have a Zamboni kink, right…?

Viktor: *softly* …holy fuck, Yuuri….

Yuuri: ….do you think it’s Yakov?

Viktor: oh my god…