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Title: Breathe

Author: anonymous till reveals

Pairing: Suchen (Joonmyun/Jongdae), side Baeksoo, Layhun

Genres: hybrid au, romance

Rated: NC-17

Length: 10 K

Summary: Junmyeon is a cat hybrid that has been rotting in the pet store since forever. As he’s slowly starting to get desperate, he catches the eyes of a potential master, a bright man named Jongdae. Only, he’s not quite sure what he’s doing, and neither does Jongdae.

Warnings: Reverse size kink

in the middle of the night, person B has a nightmare about person A and bursts into wakefulness, gasping and frantic, waking A in the process. A asks what’s wrong, but all they can get out of B is “I love you” repeated over and over in desperation. A pulls their lover close, kissing their forehead and jaw and neck, whispering soothing words until B calms enough to tell them what happened.