Imagine Person A waking up before Person B and just looking at them like “How did I get so blessed?”

Imagine when Person B wakes up Person A gives them a peck on the lips/cheek/forehead and tells them “Morning beautiful.” While Person B has awful bed head and has droll on their face and slurs out a sleepy “Mornin’”


Domestic fluff mornings with your OTP

yuiicorn  asked:

Hiiii:) I've seen that the requests are open so .. eh wanna write a cute morning fluff with Osomatsu?:)♡

I’m always a sucker for domestic fluff~!

Your eyes fluttered open as the faint morning light began filtering in through the windows. Shadows of snowflakes slowly drifting down appeared over the pillows and blankets of your bed, making the entire world seem quiet and soft. You shivered slightly, not having expected the sudden temperature drop overnight, and snuggled closer to your love.

Osomatsu groaned and opened his eyes, grabbing your hands and shoving them away. “You’re freezing, stop it,” he muttered, rolling over.

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our paper houses reach the stars

author: intronevermind

rating: G

status: Completed [ 1 ch. ]

length: 14,284


Yoongi is desperately trying to make it work with his six-year old kid who is spending an entire week in his house for the first time in well– six years. Thank God, Kim Taehyung is ready to give him some lessons on how to communicate with kids that are obsessed with The Avengers.

cute date idea: i sleep over and you wake up to the sound of me baking brownies and singing along to the radio in the morning. i’m wearing your t-shirt, which looks like a dress on me. we dance and cook together, stopping only to smear brownie batter on each other’s faces and look at each other with love and laughter in our eyes. this is happiness.

domestic couple starters

  • “you forgot to take the trash out again.”
  • “do you think we should just order in tonight?”
  • “what’s the point of making the bed if we’re just gonna mess it up?”
  • “will you pick up your clothes? it’s like a pig-sty in here.”
  • “you cooked, it’s only fair that i clean.”
  • “i haven’t shaved in like a week.”
  • “let me run you a bath.”
  • “you used all the hot water.”
  • “oh come on, i just cleaned the kitchen!”
  • “can you stop using my bath bombs? they’re expensive.”
  • “dinner was ready a half hour ago.”
  • “you cooked me dinner?”
  • “i had to carry you to bed last night, you were exhausted.”
  • “do you even know how to load a dishwasher?”
  • “your red sock turned all my whites pink.”
  • “what’s with the hat? are you having a bad hair day?”
  • “we’ve spent too much on pay per view this month.”
  • “are you watching porn?”
  • “next time it’s your turn to do the dishes.”
  • “my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow.”
  • “play hooky and let’s sleep in tomorrow.”

Dean’s not drunk, exactly. He’s just this side of tipsy and drowsy in the way you only get after a really good meal. Add to that the pure giddiness he’s been riding all evening, having most of his family under the same roof and having dinner together, and the effect is almost like being drunk.

The good kind, though. The kind that leaves him loose and a little fuzzy in the head and unable to keep from smiling. 

About half-way through the evening, their drinks run out and Dean offers to pick up another round in the kitchen (for the adults, Jack and the girls got cut off after one beer each). He hardly notices when Cas follows, besides the vague feeling of relief that he won’t have to carry it all back to the living room by himself.

“Grab a bottle of red,” Dean instructs Cas as he rummages through the fridge for beer. “Jody likes it classy. And it’s apparently good for the heart.”

“It’s not,” Cas replies but he selects a bottle from the wine rack anyway. 

Dean gathers a couple of beer cans in each hand and turns, nudging the fridge door closed with his hips. Cas is reading the label on the wine bottle, brows furrowed slightly in concentration. It’s really ridiculously endearing, and Dean can’t stop the affectionate smile from spreading across his lips.

Then Cas looks up, their eyes meeting, and he smiles back and… something just goes wrong inside Dean’s head. 

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