In Deep by RickRhymes

Rick comes to terms with his feelings for Michonne. Richonne oneshot, set between 6x09 and 6x10. 
Rated M

Spring Awakening by lisnoire

Michonne needs Rick’s support in letting things go… 
Rated M

Shards and Slivers by DirtieBirdie17

A series of ficlets and drabbles focused on the relationship between Michonne and Rick. (Richonne, Grimes Family 2.0) May be based on prompts. 
Rated T


Headcanon that Victor is an EXCELLENT cook, and for the first few weeks of living with Yuri he tries hard! But, deep down he’s a lazy piece of shit who just can’t be bothered. So, even thought Yuri isn’t the best cook, he usually initiates the meals (and drag Victor into helping) because he knows if he leaves Victor alone the man will eat garbage for days on end.

*cuddling in bed*

Viktor: *giggling* hey, Yuuri?

Yuuri: hm, yea?

Viktor: is there a…. hole in your shoe?

Yuuri: no…?

Viktor: *is visibly shaking with laughter* pftt…. t-then.. how did you get your foot into it?????-l

Yuuri: ……. *forcefully shoves Viktor onto the floor*

domestic couple starters

  • “you forgot to take the trash out again.”
  • “do you think we should just order in tonight?”
  • “what’s the point of making the bed if we’re just gonna mess it up?”
  • “will you pick up your clothes? it’s like a pig-sty in here.”
  • “you cooked, it’s only fair that i clean.”
  • “i haven’t shaved in like a week.”
  • “let me run you a bath.”
  • “you used all the hot water.”
  • “oh come on, i just cleaned the kitchen!”
  • “can you stop using my bath bombs? they’re expensive.”
  • “dinner was ready a half hour ago.”
  • “you cooked me dinner?”
  • “i had to carry you to bed last night, you were exhausted.”
  • “do you even know how to load a dishwasher?”
  • “your red sock turned all my whites pink.”
  • “what’s with the hat? are you having a bad hair day?”
  • “we’ve spent too much on pay per view this month.”
  • “are you watching porn?”
  • “next time it’s your turn to do the dishes.”
  • “my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow.”
  • “play hooky and let’s sleep in tomorrow.”
Okay, are you ready for this? Don’t say I never treat you. Do you guys, right now, want some fan service? Do you want me to just give the people what they want? … Okay, you’re not ready for this, you’re not ready for this. Are you ready? You’re just gonna die. You’re not ready for this. Okay, this is going to be insane. You’re not ready for this. So we were out having lunch with our friend Laura and then I had to go meet up with my mum, who was in town, because I left my denim jacket at their house over Christmas - boring. And I went outside in just [the weed jumper] and this is really cold, right? ‘Cause when the wind blows and such and it’s been really warm in London recently but I went out and it was like freezing and I had to go walk for like twenty minutes to meet my mum, so you know what I did? While Phil was going home and I was going for a walk? I asked Phil if I could borrow his coat and I DID. Holy shit. So for twenty minutes today, I was wearing Phil’s coat. That-that… I mean, don’t say I never do anything for you. Okay? Don’t say… don’t say I don’t give the trash cans what they want. Don’t say I’m too busy acknowledging what the casual viewers and the calm people that don’t like crazy people, that leaves comments on my videos saying ‘Dan, this doesn’t represent me. I’m a normal person. I really don’t like watching these danisnotonfire videos where you're crying all the time. I feel like it’s too intense. We’re not all like that.’ You know, so there you go. I mean honestly.

@danisnotonfire​ during his live show on the 4th of April 2017

Quotes from Dan (44/?)

The fan service that Dan thinks we deserve apparently.