domenico's pizza place

Domenico’s Pizza Place

Very few pizza parlor’s can transcend being a simple eatery to being a cornerstone is a community. The little lake-neighborhood of White Meadow Lake is blessed to have such a place in Domenico’s. It’s not just a pizza parlor, but also convenience store and meeting place/hangout spot. It’s where all the neighborhood kids ride their bikes to and buy ice cream on hot summer days. 

I went with Alex (The bassist from Use Big Words) and we both ordered the buffalo chicken slices. We sat down at that cool looking table and watched some wildlife documentary about Lions who only eat antelope livers.

When the slices arrived the first thing I noticed was the chicken. It wasn’t your generic chicken this was similar to popcorn chicken in style and seasoning. It was very good. The crust was also great and did not fall apart (which is easy to do with the saturated saucy buffalo chicken slices). The cheese was melted to perfection and the price was reasonable. 

The only things was that my slices were very greasy. However, Alex’s were perfectly fine so I don’t think all their slices are like that and won’t take too much off for it.

Rating: 4.5/5