hey! so i recently hit 5k followers (mom, im famous), so i decided to do another follow forever. 

i’ve been on tumblr for a few years now, with many different blogs, but im happy to say ive found some of my best friends in the walking dead fandom. thank you for following and putting up with me, even though all i do is talk about daryl dixon. i love you all so much 

Special Shoutouts: 

drew @taraschambler : my mom always warned me about meeting weird people on the internet, but if you’re the weirdest it has to offer, i think i can handle just about anything. i know we have our differences, but i love you more than you’ll ever know. you’re one of the best people i’ve ever met in my entire life. dan ricky your bobbie s. bails burp meth poo on my chest pussys? will never die

tyler @michonnegrimes : bitch you know i love you more than anything. one of these days im gonna hug you so tight and i know the hardest thing ill ever have to do is let you go. you always make me laugh, and you can piss me off more than anyone ever. i love you so s o so so so so much babe

eva @eldenshenson : i love you eva even though you bully me . you’re so talented and funny and pretty and u make me laugh SOO much. when you meet elden i will literally shit my pants, no one deserves it more than you do

mel @reedusnorman : you are my internet mother. normans biggest fan. i love your love for him and how you’re always defending him and daryl from the nasty people in the world (i cant do it alone). you’re super funny and gorgeous and you have an adorable dog, which is like double cool points. you help me captain the darus ship too, together we are unstoppable

ali @alecsilghtwood : i love you. so much. you’re so smart and kind and beautiful and talented. i aspire to be you. you know what it’s like to love daryl dixon with your whole entire heart and soul, just like me. i know i can always come to you to talk about rickyl and my boy. i love you

cass @rositataras : my precious little bean. i love you so much. i love your passion for the things you love, your creativity, your woke-ness. i love watching you grow each day. you deserve everything good in this world and nothing less. 

solene @ijustwantedyoutoneedme : my soulmate. i adore the shit out of you. no one else in this world makes me happy like you do. we agree on pretty much anything, and we can talk for hours. you’re beyond talented and gorgeous and kind and funny, and i love you so so much. 

pheobe @thebarbarians: mY DUDE. MY BRO. MY MAIN SQUEEZE. without you the shitty teens au would be nothing. you’re one of the funniest most creative people ive ever met. i love you to bits and pieces and i hope you know that

maija @rickdaryl: MY LOVE. you’re SO pretty and BEYOND talented. i love your love for my angel Daryl and my dad Norman. im so so so glad i met you through this website and fandom. i adore you

rachel @corlgrimes : by far one of the nicest people i’ve ever met, ever. you’re such a genuinely good person, its so refreshing to see your posts everyday. and your gifs are beautiful as is your love for carl. i love you 

nicole @hershelgreene : you’re like my partner in crime. you’re so talented, everything you make is beautiful. i love you to death. we need to meet at wsc this year so i can hug you and squeeze you to death.

haley @gleggie : hey! nice name ;) i love you soo much name twin. you’re so kind and smart and you take ZERO shit. i love it. your love for glenn and gleggie is basically what gets me up in the morning. 

haley @michonnescarl : nice name part two! you’re literally the funniest person ive ever met. no to mention you’re fucking GORGEOUS. how you’re not famous just for being you is beyond me. i love you bro

amanda @glenns : i know we don’t talk much, but i adore seeing you on my dash. your love for glenn is amazing, and i love seeing all your headcanons and discussions about him. i love yout <3

okay, thats enough being sappy. 

onto everyone i love just as equally but dont have to suffer through my stupid little spews of emotions


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