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Blue mosque as seen from Hagia Sofia da Miemo Penttinen
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Travel photography from Istanbul, Turkey. November 2012.

A Good Time (1/4)

SUMMARY. College AU. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. As a joke, your friends wrote your phone number on a graffiti wall for anyone who “wants to have a good time.” You didn’t expect someone to call. But someone did.

WARNINGS. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. Slight Clintasha. Cursing / swearing. Don’t do this prank to any of your friends, kids!


AUTHOR’S NOTES. Finally, my first ever Bucky fanfic, all thanks to the AU writing challenge of @tatortot2701 (you may disregard this, while it’s still incomplete, if you like 😄), and inspired by seeing tons of phone numbers on a graffiti wall. It was supposed to be a (an?) one-shot, but then I got carried away, so it’s divided into four parts, lol. Enjoy!

#1: you are here // #2 // #3 // #4

Finals week was going to kill you.

A low groan erupted from your throat, hissing through your gritted teeth, as you pushed yourself off your seat. “I can’t take this anymore!” you said, stepping out of your room and crossing the hall to Natasha’s. Grabbing the doorknob, you swung the door open.

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fluff friday (saturday) “stardust/enemies” {falling star} [gaasaku]


Sakura steps forward, taking her bundle of waivers and nondisclosures with her. She glances down at the seated attendant, nervously pressing the papers into his hands. He begins to flip through them and Sakura glances around, filled with nervous energy.

This is the first time she has been to Suna since becoming a ninja. She remembers, vaguely, that she came here with her parents on a business trip when she was quite young, maybe four or five. The memories are hazy, but the way the sun beats down upon her is as familiar as it is abrasive.

“Everything seems to be in order here,” the chunin says, stamping the packet. “Take this pass; it’ll be keyed to your chakra. You’ll be staying in the Konohagakure suite. The exams begin in three days’ time.”

“Thank you,” Sakura says, taking the card from him.

He eyes her before smirking. “You might want to purchase a cloak of some sort. You’re bound to be sunburned like this.”

Sakura flushes but nods in thanks before stepping away. She weaves her way through the crush of people, taking her time to examine the tough materials used to build the buildings around her. Most are made in curving angles, smoothed by the harsh weather. It is alien to her, the unforgiving sunlight, the earthy buildings, and the stinging sand, but it is not necessarily unwelcomed.

In some ways, it feels like a cleaning, a scourging of her soul.

(Secretly, Sakura is glad of it.)

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Ilvermorny Dormitory Head-Cannons

Ever since Salem, the Northeastern American Wizarding World has amongst the no-majs, completely integrated and undetected. The Ilvermormy castle reflects this way of secrecy not only through it’s cloaking defense, but within the walls itself. 

My head-cannon is that Ilvermorny is a complicated system of hidden rooms which can only be found if needed, as if the campus was made up of hundreds of “rooms of requirement.” No two students could navigate the castle the same way. The castle is always changing and accommodating itself for its students. Which explains how the facilities expanded as the school started to gain more enrollment years after it’s conception. 

This also emulates how the world works outside of the school’s wall. 

The houses each have different entrances, the main ones, but also ones that appear when needed. Mostly, only members of the house can find and enter the dorms. However, if a student of a different house is invited or needs to enter the dormitory, they will be allowed based on the castle’s judgement. 

Here is where I think the dorms would be, how they would appear, and how they reflect the houses. 

Syre House (Horned Serpent) 

The house founded by Isolt Sayre, which favors the mind, can be entered through balconies above the library. However, the “Horned Serpent” Students, infamous for reading into the long hours of the night, and going long periods studying without sleep, will sometimes find their beds appear in little nooks and crannies within the library and the study rooms itself. These rooms will be completely hidden from other students who may even be browsing in the same aisle that the bed popped up in. Some Horned Serpent students have even claimed that they woke up the next day in the classroom of the course they were sleeping through. It is pretty common that a student from another house will be studying in the library late and a Sayre house bed would appear for them, causing some distress when a student will come home to sleep and a random student would be passed out in their bed. As for the common room, it’s the smallest one out of the four and the most simply decorated. It has a fire place, a couple of couches, and a balcony that looks out onto the scenery. Every morning an owl will arrive and deliver the morning newspaper which can multiply each time a student takes one. A House elf will also come up in the morning and serve tea or coffee. 

Webster Boot House (Wampus) 

The house of Webster Boot lays dormant within the mountain, and can be accessed through various places around the grounds. Openings in the cliff face, under the fountain, tunnels beneath the school, are all examples of where some students have entered from. No matter from which door you enter, a brick staircase will build itself under your feet while you walk down. Some young “Wampus” Students will run so fast that the bricks can’t form steps fast enough and they’ll fall. Despite being under ground, a spell ensures that every room has a large beautiful rounded dome-like sun roof which is made too look like the sky, much like the spell in the great hall in Hogwarts. This dorm is made to accommodate the “pleasures of the body”. The rooms are private and well insulated, there are many little kitchens for students who love to cook and eat, and the dorm opens right out to the grounds where the more athletic students can play sports, run, etc. and students from other houses who want to join in can. The common room is at the bottom of the structure, where there is normally a fire place and either a phonograph will be playing music, or an old film will be projected. Sometimes students with No-Maj parents will bring LP’s from home, gaining them some serious “street-cred”. No matter what time of day it is, when you walk into the Webster Boot house, there will always be the sound of loud laughter and invigorated cheering. 

Chadwick Boot House (Thunderbird) 

The Chadwick Boot Dormitory, or the “Nest” as some call it, is the easiest entrance to find, but one of the hardest to access. The Dormitory is in the highest tower of the school, and a grand staircase leads to it. A student who is not permitted or invited to enter the dorm will find themselves climbing the staircase endlessly without ever getting near the end. In reality, the staircase is only one story high. Many students have sworn that if they’re having a good conversation, the steps will last until the conversation ends. Others admit that when they are having a terrible conversation, the steps will be remarkably short. Much like the Sayre House, sometimes students will be so exhausted, that their bed appears in a little nook along the steps, but they will always wake up in their regular room the next morning. The common room is much much bigger on the inside considering that the tower is so tiny from it’s exterior. The rooms are exclusively furnished and decorated with objects that students have brought from home or abroad, and are enjoyed and admired by their peers. Things brought in by “No-Marj-Born,” are deemed very exciting and special. The living room, kitchen, and houses, may seem like it’s filled with clutter and junk, but in reality it’s decades of treasures. Many of these objects are enchanted, and a true thunderbird can always find something they need. 

Steward House (Puckwudgie) 

The Steward dorm is burrowed under the school’s impressively large green house. The easiest entrance to find is a glass door within the greenhouse, which to other students looks like a regular glass pane. However, there are also tunnels, corridors, and even a few fireplaces that lead into “Puckwudgie’s” network of rooms. Every room and window is overgrown with different beautiful plants, flowers and trees. Each room in engorged with “Komorebi” light, and the delightful scents of earth and flowers. The house is the most communal, and the students share one big bed room and bath room. Sometimes, these dorms are gender segregated, but some years not, it depends on the class. There is also the option to have a private bed and bath room which is provided, but many students of this house love long nights talking, practicing spells with each other, brewing potions, and telling stories. When a student first moves in, they know which bed is theirs by the fact that their favorite plant or flower will be growing along the headboard. Sometimes, for those who are not so amused by plants, a (reasonable) favorite animal will be waiting for them. For students who are less interested in the flora and fauna, it’s been known that a favorite candy bar was waiting for them at their bed. One year, a kid with No-Maj parents arrived to a box of Kit-Kats. For some of these special gifts, the students are still not sure if the head of house puts them there, if it’s the castle itself, or maybe the puckwudgie who wants to welcome the new students. 


So apparently, my original post of this got deleted.

The only reason I wrote this was because the idea was really stuck in my head for the past few weeks. I realize that this fanfic is probably a bit repetitive, and probably a bit overkill on the details,  but I really wanted to paint a picture of how each photograph looked.

As always, please read and enjoy, constructive criticism is always appreciated and probably needed.

Levy and Gajeel have moved to the Pacific Northwest and have decided that they need to explore the beautiful new land they live in. Levy leaves Gajeel in charge of their camera to take pictures of the scenery to document their adventures. But when Levy goes to get the pictures printed, she finds that all the pictures Gajeel took are.. of her. FT Is owned by Hiro Mashima.

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History part 1: Farming to Persia

The other night I attempted to stop S from leaving to his room by lying on top of him, intending for this to delay him for about five minutes. Somewhere in the ensuing discussion he realized that I didn’t know anything about the Californian Missions, or actually almost anything else in world history. And he thought I might like history, since it helps organize and make sense of many things about the world (contrary to my impression that it is a whole bunch of unorganized statements about names killing other names and random anecdotes and dates attached to names, which sounded bad for knowledge compression). So he told me about it. It only took about six hours. Here is what I remember of the story (after a few more shorter discussions, but before looking anything up now, so probably false in many ways—I want to see what I remember):

History (of civilizations) can arguably be divided into three eras (or maybe this is just Western civilizations? Definitely something happened in China in all this time, but we didn’t discuss it, so I’m not sure if it coincides era-wise). 

The first era stretched from about 4000BC to 1200BC and is fairly hazily understood. It started around when agriculture did. It is hard to know exactly when agriculture started, but we can actually pinpoint where very well, because genetics tells us that many modern agricultural species come from the same tiny part of the world. There are also the ruins of an extremely old city there. 

The writing around these ruins is in a strange pointy looking alphabet that is also used briefly on the front page of EconLog, and was apparently big in this first Era, and it’s sort of surprising that I haven’t come across it. Its letters somewhat correspond to ours and recognizably resemble them, and similarly for some other important alphabets. Wikipedia shows a table of these, and also the words from which the letters were derived. The original letters represent simplified pictures of the words. For instance R is a head. I am pretty sure that I have drawn the letter R as a head on shoulders before, when it needed decoration, which somehow makes me feel closer to my very distant ancestors—that we independently make the same mental connections reminds me that they were people with very specific familiar internal experiences.

There were a bunch of smallish empires (or whatever you call units of political control at that scale) in the general vicinity of Greece and the Middle East. They all sort of fell apart in around 1200 though it’s not entirely clear why. There was a massive volcano eruption which might have caused it. There is also some lasting reference to sea-men appearing, but nobody is sure what that is about. There were also some other things. Anyway, everything sort of fell apart for a bit, and there weren’t large units of political organization.

Incidentally, the mega-volcano is quite beautiful now. It is the one in the photo you often see of white buildings with domed blue roofs overlooking the sea. Actually there is a massive cliff leading down to the sea, and the sea is actually in the middle of the volcano, which is a terrifying circle big enough to nearly meet the horizon. If we ever want to go to a really pretty place, maybe we will visit.

When things regathered themselves at the start of the second era, some of the new empires roughly corresponded to ones that had been in similar places in the past. For instance, I think Greece did. At any rate, many of their stories came from that earlier time.

Sometime pretty early on in Greece’s history, Persia was a large and militarily successful empire to their East, which had never lost a war. It was run by Cyrus, then Darius, then Xerxes, but I’m not sure which one we were up to when they decided to attack Greece. 

(Darius was not the son of Cyrus, but upon Cyrus’ death apparently he suggested they decide who should be in charge by having a horse race, where the rider of the first horse to neigh got to be ruler, and then he fairly predictably set out to teach his horse to neigh on command, and got leadership. I get the impression that many of these early stories are pretty much made up, though this one at least sounds physically possible.)

Actually, history is long, that’s enough for now. Maybe there’ll be Part II another time, if everyone can hold out on telling me how much I have embarrassed myself so far.

drew’s disney’s descendants auCassim, Prince of Agrabah, son of Sultana Jasmine and Prince Aladdin, the Diamond in the Rough

The southernmost kingdom in Auradon, Agrabah has never played by the rules of the other eight kingdoms. Although Dorwood, Caravell, and Fairedge boast about being the oldest established kingdoms, Agrabah has a history more ancient and more richly detailed than any of these. Agrabah is proud of its differences from the rest of the nation, in its government policies, in its religion (the Faith of the Tiger-God), and even in its very setting. Long stretches of dry, golden desert are interrupted by oases of cities, square buildings and palaces with domed roofs, along a series of rivers that have allowed the people of Agrabah to thrive. The Agraban coat of arms is a black scarab beetle on a split field of crimson and gold, and their words are “Seek Thee Out.”

Although women have always been able to inherit the crown, Sultana Jasmine is the first firstborn daughter in over three centuries, and therefore the first female ruler of Agrabah in a very long time. Her father, Sultan Hamed, was a beloved if not entirely capable ruler, and her mother, Sultana Zahara, was the jewel of his eye. Her decision to marry a commoner, Aladdin, son of Cassim and Thamina, was shocking but gradually accepted by the people of Agrabah as they succumbed to his charisma and charm. Their four children are each as strong-willed as Jasmine and as charming and clever as Aladdin: Cassim is the eldest and heir to the throne; Acacia is second in line and the most beautiful and ambitious of the three girls; Jacinta is an athletic young woman who cannot stand the confines of the palace walls; and Zahrah is a quiet but sweet child who can make you fall in love with her silver laughter. The Agrabans have always remained decidedly neutral on the topic of the Isle of the Lost; but that didn’t stop them from sending multiple high-profile offenders to the island, from the ex-vizier Jafar to the cruel sorcerer Mozenrath and everyone in-between.

Cassim is a confident young man with a prankster’s heart. He inherited his mother’s disdain for the palace walls and his father’s talent for pick-pocketing and general sneakiness and has used both to his own amusement as he has grown up. Never interested in school or learning about his future as sultan, Cassim has always preferred to experience the world on his own. Although he’s been meeting suitors since he was fifteen years old per the Agraban custom, Cassim has yet to find a match, and his parents have encouraged him to wait until he finds love. But of all people on earth, he was not expecting to be swept off his feet by the son of an Agraban traitor…


Ok so we know Hawkmoth is getting a sidekick, and there’s also hints of competition for Adrien! We hardly have any ‘bad boys’ in ML, so what if Hawkmoth’s sidekick also transfers to Mari and Adrien’s school and tries to get close with her civilian form? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES~


“I can’t believe it’s our final year at collège already,” Marinette mused, tapping her pencil against her sketchbook. She was sitting with Nino and Alya in the courtyard, early for once, and classes had yet to begin.

“But I hear we’re getting a new student in our class,” Alya said, swiping through her phone. “Not anyone famous this time, though.”

“It’s kinda late to be moving school,” Nino observed, surprised.  

Marinette made no comment, pursing her lips. Luckily the newest transfer, Lila, wasn’t in any of her classes, and they managed to avoid each other in school.

“Hey, man!” Nino grinned, waving as Adrien neared their group. “Did you hear? You’re not going to be the newbie anymore.”

“Oh?” Adrien laughed, ruffling his hair. Marinette diverted her eyes back to the book on her lap. Her crush never seemed to realise when he fell into casual modelling poses! Luckily, she wasn’t as awkward around him anymore, since they had spent more and more time together. But it didn’t mean she was immune to his charms.

“Yeah, I heard it was a guy…” Alya said, as the bell rang out. “I guess we’ll know soon!”


As always, Alya’s info was correct. The new student entered late, apologising to Madame Bustier, because he’d went to the wrong room. She quickly introduced him as Hubert Crésac, and he was directed to sit down next to Nathaniel.

“He’s kinda cute,” Alya whispered, nudging Marinette in the side. The girl shrugged, non-committedly. He was cute, in a kind of kicked puppy way. He had tousled, long brown hair that reached his shoulders, and droopy brown-black eyes, as if he was always sleepy. His skin was tan, as if he worked in the sun a lot.

“Oh, I know, no one can replace Golden Boy,” Alya rolled her eyes at Marinette’s underwhelming response.

“Cuter than Nino?” Marinette teased, and her best friend flushed before humphing.

“Excuse me, not possible.”


As it turned out, Marinette was paired with the newcomer during science lab.

“Call me Hue,” he smiled, as he rummaged in his bag for his notebook. “I can’t stand my full name.”

“No problem,” she nodded. “I’m Marinette. Nice to meet you!”

Hubert’s eyes lit up at this, and she resisted bursting into laughter. He really was like a puppy, only this time, one who had just been rewarded a treat.

“Are you any good at science?” he asked, as they waited for Ms. Mendeleiev to hand out their equipment.

“I’m okay,” Marinette said, scrunching her nose. “I’m better at biology than chemistry.”

“I’m the opposite!” Hubert grinned. “We’ll make a great team.”


“There’s something off about that guy,” Adrien said, adjusting their microscope without looking at it.

“Oh?” Nino asked, as he dripped violet liquid onto a slide. “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know,” the blonde rubbed his tongue against his teeth as he watched Marinette giggle next to Hubert. “I can’t put my finger on it. Isn’t he acting really close, even though they just met?”

“He’s probably just crushing on her,” Nino shrugged, wiping his finger on a paper towel. When Adrien blinked at him, he laughed.

“What? Most guys here have, it’s not unusual.”

“Most?” Adrien choked. “I mean, I know you did for a while, but…?”

Nino nodded, counting off on his fingers. “Me, Nath, Kim confessed to her in école, I think Ivan proposed to her in playgroup…”

“Okay, I get it,” Adrien grimaced.

“Your turn must be next,” Nino winked.


“So, where did you move from?” Marinette asked, as they packed up for lunch.

“Toulouse,” Huburt replied. “My father’s job moved us here. It was kinda sudden…I’m so lost in Paris. I’m not really a city boy…”

“It’s all I’ve ever known!” Marinette admitted. “But it must be hard to get used to.”

“Yeah…” Huburt admitted, forlornly. “I miss my friends…”

Marinette felt her heart clench, and had the sudden urge to hug this boy she barely knew. She felt protective over him somehow, the way his shoulders sagged and his hands paused over his mobile phone, as if realising he had no one to talk to. He took a small yellow ball from his bag, taking some comfort in it, tossing it from hand to hand.

“Hey,” she said, suddenly touching his arm, startling him from his thoughts. “Why don’t you sit with me and my friends? Adrien only moved here last year, so he knows exactly how it feels to be new!”

“Really?” Huburt asked, his dark eyes shinning. “I mean…as long as that’s okay? You don’t mind?”

“No problem,” Marinette said. “C’mon, everyone was curious about you!”


Adrien felt his whole body tense as Marinette walked over to their lunch table with Hubert in tow. He just couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about this guy that stank. Of course, sweet Marinette, who was always kind to everyone, would never pick up on it.

“Guys, this is Hue!” she bubbled excitedly. “Hue, meet Nino, Alya and Adrien!”

“Hi,” Huburt shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other. “Mari said it would be okay if I joined you for lunch?”

Adrien clamped his mouth shut. He had never heard anyone call Marinette by her shortened name (apart from Alya on the odd occasion, and that was her best friend). What gave this guy the right to give her a nickname? Only Chat was allowed to do that!

He was aware of Nino and Alya chatting to the new guy happily, asking him questions, and Adrien felt even more distant. Perhaps it was immature, but these were his friends. It had taken him a long time to make them, and he didn’t want some outsider butting his nose in and ruining the dynamic.

“Adrien?” Marrinette had suddenly sat down next to him. “Are you okay? You’re really quiet.”

“Y-yeah,” the blonde nodded quickly, suddenly aware of her arm brushing against his. “I just realised I forgot to do my history homework.”

“Oh!” she blinked at him, chewing her lip. “I can let you see mine, if you want? It’s probably not very good, but it might help?”

Suddenly, all his bad feeling dissolved, like a storm being swallowed by the sea. He smiled softly at her. “That would be great.”


“Looks like we have company, chaton,” Ladybug smirked, as the purified akuma fluttered into the night sky, like a drop of the moon.

A figure slunk in the shadows, and Chat Noir immediately hissed, his senses on red alert. Ladybug rested a hand on his arm, and he sucked in a breath, embarrassed at losing control so quickly like that.

“Come out, then,” the heroine called, idly twirling her yo-yo around her wrist. “Or don’t you want to play with us?”

There was movement, then, and the stranger jumped from the basilica of the Sacré-Cœur, where their fight had just ended. The white domed roofs had been restored, and it seemed their new enemy had been watching from above.

“I certainly do want to play, my dear Ladybug,” the voice said, huskily. The heroine blinked, and Chat snarled, immediately standing in front of her, baton pointed.

“Who are you?” the black cat demanded.

There was a throaty laugh, deep and echoing around the silent church grounds.

“Call me Bloodhound,” the boy said, as he finally inched into the light. “Though, Ladybug may call me whatever she likes…”

His suit was black, like Chat’s, but made of a soft, suede material, rather than leather. The sides were deep brown, and he wore knee high boots of the same colour. His long, floppy ears were almost comical, but his black, glittering eyes were threatening behind his tawny mask.

“It had to be a dog,” Chat groaned, stabbing his baton into the ground. “Great.”

Ladybug coughed delicately into her palm. Bloodhound certainly didn’t look like much of a threat, but they’d made that mistake with akumatised victims before (she still shuddered when she thought how close Manon had been to stealing her miraculous).

“So, what’s the script, puppy?” Chat asked, taking a step forward. “Someone stole your bone? You didn’t get to go walkies?”

Bloodhound curled back his lip, revealing impressive, sharp teeth.

“Shut up, cat. I’m not here to talk to someone that reeks of cheese.”

Chat spluttered, his grip tightening on his baton so hard his claws screeched against the steel.

“Chaton,” Ladybug put a hand on his shoulder. “Let me handle this one.”

“Oh, please do,” Bloodhound grinned, opening his arms.

“My Lady,” Chat choked, but she had already darted forwards. She flung her yo-yo, planning to ensnare him, but he tumbled away from her reach. His long ears flopped with his movement, and she chuckled.

“If you stay still, I’ll give you a treat,” Ladybug promised. She couldn’t see where his akuma was: he didn’t have a collar, and there didn’t seem to be any pockets to his suit.

“Promise?” Bloodhound quipped, bounding over to her in a ridiculously doggish manner.

“Buginette, be careful!” Chat cried, but it was too late. The brown dog widened his mouth in a grin before attempting to clamp down on her ear.

“BAD DOG!” Ladybug yelled, diving underneath his parted legs, wrapping her yo-yo around his ankle and pulling him down to the ground. Chat was instantly by her side, helping her up and checking her face anxiously.

“Are you okay?” he asked, ignoring the growling from below them.

“Fine!” Ladybug said, red with embarrassment that she had let her guard down. “Now, where is the akuma?”

They both observed Bloodhood, currently tangled in the yoyo’s wires. He bared his teeth and barked at them, and Chat yowled back in response, claws extended.

“Mon Dieu!” Ladybug said. She walked around the brown dog, turning him over with her foot, but there was nothing save his suit.

“You won’t find it,” Bloodhound growled. He tapped his head. “It’s in here. I willingly became Papillon’s tool.”

“What?” Ladybug gasped. “That’s—that’s ridiculous! I can always cleanse the akuma! It must be under your suit. I’m going to take it off, somehow!”

“My Lady!” Chat coughed, grabbing her wrists before she could do any such thing. “I think he’s telling the truth. There’s something different about him. More…bad than the others.”

“You’re one to talk, Chat Noir,” Bloodhound spat. “You’re the epitome of bad luck!”

The hero quivered at the comment, but Ladybug chucked her partner under the chin, snapping him out of it.

“And I’m Lady Luck,” she said, leaning closer to their enemy. “So we balance out. Now, why did Papillon send you here?”

But they never received their answer. Suddenly Bloodhound was growling and writhing, and his muscles seemed to bunch underneath him.

“Buginette!” Chat immediately tugged her back, just as the dog snapped the yoyo’s strings with his strength.

“I’m stronger than both of you,” Bloodhound grinned, raising his nose in the air. “And now I have your scent, there’s no escaping me. I’ll track you both down, when you least expect it, and destroy you.”


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