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Hjertefolger Dome in Sandhornøya island

Fans of the Northern Lights will drool over the Nature House, a gorgeous geodesic dome home located on the Sandhornøya island of northern Norway. Built by Solardome Industries, the glass and aluminum dome crowns the Hjertefolger family’s recently completed three-level cob home. In addition to its ability to withstand extreme Arctic winds and temperatures, the eco-friendly abode includes solar panel technology, recycled building materials, and even a garden for growing produce.

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etsyfindoftheday | 4.30.17

vintage finds by kibster

sometimes i like to think of etsy not only as a place to discover rad makers of new products, but also as the world’s largest curated thrift store. srsly … there are SO many vintage shops on etsy with amazing found vintage goods to swoon over. kibster’s bespoke collection is full of mid-century modern, dansk, and other cool styles!


ZAOD Osaka 2017 Random Favourites 1

  Steam punk Brastle was my number fav. Interesting ways to display killer dome. The guy who done the killer dome food Diorama has over 80 killer domes at home. Quite the obsession. 

  Konig Wolf and Red Energy Liger were so beautiful.

Well, I guess I have to do it then. -shrug-

This is happening! lol

Part 1 (x) In case you missed it ;)

Part 3 (x) Because some people- can’t even. (Pun, entirely, intended)


As they spiraled around and up the lava filled volcano, Classic dodged some on-coming flaming rocks that came out of it’s top, as Modern Sonic circled the stage upward.

Classic took the more direct but dangerous route, it was faster, but it also meant certain doom if he didn’t watch himself and act fast on reflex.

Jumping from rock to rock, he found that some were dummies or, in otherwords, would cause him to slide down and take longer.

At long last, Classic made it up before Modern, and as he looked behind him to double check his surroundings, he looked inside the volcano and gasped.

A metallic dragon was battling Amy, but she looked on her last few breathes, as she wearily swung her hammer before taking courage and jumping on it’s head, only to have it drop into the lava.

She screamed a moment, flailing her arms before something spin dashed into her, knocking her away from a devastating fall.

She hit the back of the volcano and passed out, as he slid down the rocky wall with one hand gripping the sliding rocks around him and the other trying to hold on to her.

Once down, he worried he may have hurt her, seeing scratches and other such injuries before he angrily turned to the dragon, as it sprayed up lava from it’s head coming up, the magma also formed the tight, flying flame rocks that would form due to their mass spiraling into a ball form.

So.. it was the dragon that made him loose so many rings and lives on that climb up here!

He clutched his fists, and began to fight it, kicking and spinning the rocks back at the head, before jumping on a spring conveniently located at the foot of the lava crevice-like dome before homing attacking the robotic eye when a spring would click out like a door, and the head would fall flat down.

After the boss battle, the dragon roared it’s head and slowly departed into the lava, shutting down and blasting an explosion that triggered the full revival of the volcano.

When Modern made it, he was shocked by the explosions, “Woah! Guess I missed all the fun.” he didn’t seem cheery about that, because he frowned with his teeth showing, looking for Amy above.

But it ended up that Amy was on the floor level with him, and he turned to finally see her, still limp on the ground.

He raced to her at once, as Classic Worriedly dodged sparks of fire burst from the mouth of the volcano, before turning around to look at the two.

Sonic, almost as if in disbelief of her condition, lightly rose a hand over to her face, lifting her head to tilt it toward him.

He then let it down gently and shook his fists so mightily, that even his head lowered with the tremor of the earth, but he barely noticed upon his own dread at not being there for her.

“What happened!?” Sonic spun to Classic, “You got here first. Spill!”

His frustrations came off aggressively, and Classic wasn’t gonna take any of that.

Surprised at first, he widened his eyes slightly and stepped back, almost like, ‘dude, chill.’ before his true attitude came through and he folded his arms, turning his head before seeming to explain himself with gestures, but clearly acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

In greater rage, Sonic reached forward and grabbed his younger self, who started kicking back as the two struggled on the ground.

“Don’t act you’re better than me!!! You hurt her!!!!”

Video game noises spat out from Classic, clearly not putting up with his modern’s deal and starting to fight him back, a stupid brotherly wrestle of punches and kicks unfolded, before the volcano really did start spitting up more and more lava, rising from it’s mouth, getting close to overflowing… near Amy!

Modern Sonic shoved his younger self’s head down, “For once, think more than yourself! You knocked her out, do you not get that?!” He lowered his head down to get the point across, but the two were letting off steam from the stress of everything they’ve had to go through so far.

Classic fought back, having his face smushed but cried out a growl of annoyance before arching and leaning his back so far that he tucked his hands over his head and under his shoulders.

He kicked up like a break dance move, and shoved Modern Sonic’s face all the way back down, having him completely unable to guard against that.

Classic, seeing Modern now face down on his back, leaned down with his hands on his hips, before performing his signature ‘win’ animation and then give the camera a wink and a thumbs up.

Sonic groaned, rolling his eyes as most of his anger was gone and lost by now…

Then worry struck.


Shoving Classic off of himself, he rose up and started darting towards her.

Classic fell backwards but sprung up again, looking upset by that treatment as he sat down, before his tail was smeared with lava flow, and he leaped up in a firework of rings.

He rubbed his tail before turning to look at the lava so close to his head a moment ago, and gripped it, gulping.

They were distracted!

“Amy!” Sonic out stretched his hand but the earth beneath him had already melted away from where she lay…

“Darn!” he bite down before looking around, seeing the wall beside him was cleared from some rocks.

“Hmm..” He glared down, getting ready to jump as he seriously began to plan this daring rescue.

Jumping after gaining some speed on the now almost completely gone, rectangular earth piece, he jumped to the wall and scaled it, running along in a parkour style before spinning and flipping around, landing on Amy’s floating island.

The earth rocked and he almost fell in, but jumped forward to grab Amy, looking back to see her drap over his shoulder and the earth still a moment after flipping and rocking back and forth to balance itself.

Sonic looked up, half supporting himself with just one arm and the other up on his shoulder where Amy was.

He got up on his knees, looking back to Classic, who was now on a little island too.

“You got any bright ideas?” He looked calm, but his face showed he was a little worried, holding Amy now with both hands over one shoulder.

Classic looked down, his eyes shifting, before scrolling up to look around, and scanning possibilities.

He suddenly heard a roar beneath his feet, and lifted one comically, before smiling a huge open grin to Sonic.

He jumped up, spreading his legs as he put his fingers to his mouth, whistling.

This triggered the last remaining bits of energy left in the broken Dragon, as it started to roll it’s head up from beneath, it’s long neck pushing the lava up, and with it, the gang as well.

“Whaaaa!!” Modern Sonic cried out as they were lifted in a strange way up and out of the volcano, the Dragon breaking the surface with it’s blinking eye, about to flicker out, and half of itself destoryed in the explosion, causing it to twitch and have half it’s armor off, looking like a robotic skeleton.

Finally, the neck snapped and the flickering light of the dragon finally faded to nothingness as the dragon’s head fell to the depths of the remaining eruption.

Sonic jumped with Amy and then reached for his other, who gripped his hand and hung on from behind.

Modern Sonic got everyone down, but tripped over a sliding rock, something he had forgot was a thing in this stage, and the three tumbled the rest of the way down.

Falling flat on their faces except for Amy, the two shook their heads before looking up, seeing Amy roll off a cliff.

“AHHH!!” the two freaked out and charged, jumping off and racing down the cliff to grab her again.

“Why does this always happen!?” Modern Sonic, with eyes moving small and big in his panic, was referencing the fact that Amy couldn’t be safe for more than 5 minutes.

He grasped her arm and pulled her close before falling through the trees, Classic slicing his way through branches to make the fall not so painful, before letting them get caught by a his own hand.

Before then, Sonic had fully brought Amy over him, pushing her close, gripping her head to himself, and lowering his head. With eyes shut, he almost thought that could be the end, and a thought of prayer that Amy might at least make it skimmed his racing, adrenaline pumped, thoughts.

He reached up, looking for Classic and grabbed the hang, hearing him call out to do so.

The two swung and Sonic lifted a leg to push off a tree and land fairly decently.

He then immediately shot his head up, shaking Amy.

“Come on, come on! If that didn’t wake you up, then what will!?”

She lay motionless, as Classic hopped down, and slowly walked over to her.

“…This… this doesn’t make any sense.” Sonic started to look around on the ground, leaning back as if defeated. “She can’t… she couldn’t be that far out of it. Why is she not… What… mmm.” he swallowed hard, fear crippling his words, as he suddenly felt a deep feeling of loss and anguish wash over him.

So immediate was this tangible emotion that it gripped his chest and made it hard for him to breathe.

“..Amy…” he barely got the words out, it was so faint, as he slowly lowered her to the ground. “What have I done..?” he put his hand over his face, hiding any reading the audience could give as to his emotions.

He lowered his head as he hovered over her, before Classic looked to him, seeing something he never thought he woudl see in himself.


But this was more pure, more holy almost, the way he dealt with deep sorrow and pain.

Classic looked down to Amy then.

A angelic look of non-existence…

He bent down and put his head up to her mouth and nose, closing his eyes to listen.

She was breathing.

He looked back up to himself, as if not understanding.

Why was he so wrought with pain when she was still okay?

Classic pulled her a little from under him, as Modern turned to peek through his fingers, just trying to breathe right.

He lowered his hand when he saw Classic lightly stroking the middle ridge between her eyes.

He waited, not sure what he was thinking…

Classic then lightly stroked her ears, and looked for a response.

“…L…Little me..” Sonic was about to scold a bit, thinking it weird before the gentle touch actually stirred her.

Classic tilted his head, before smiling.

Modern looked amazed.

“Not even… that ruckus… woke her up but… that… that did?” He was still finding it hard to catch his breath, but couldn’t help and chuckle and shake his head down at that truth.

He reached and pushed off his raised knee, getting up as he walked over, getting his communicator, clicking it on.

“Tails, I need readings on Amy’s condition. Think you can get that off her tracker?”

Classic, almost having fun with this game, lightly ‘boop’d her nose.

“Emmm..mmm..” she slowly twitched, gently as if in a deep sleep, but her body was truly sore and her dress tattered.

She really did get a slam force on that spin dash, but in Classic’s defense, he was only trying to save her life.

Classic’s smile turned a smirk, as he raised his eyebrows to look back at Modern, wondering…

If he’d get mad…

“Right. Heart rate? That’s good, I guess.Critical for anything? Wow… she can take a hit. I-I mean I always knew THAT b-b-but still-!…” he was facing his back to the two, but grew nervous for some reason.

“Thanks, Tails. I’ll bring her back as soon as I can for further recovery.” he clicked the communicator off, turning around.

His quills bristled at the sight.

Classic Sonic was laying, completely chillaxed, right beside her; gently he flicked his fingers over her bangs and got her to turn her head more towards him, and opened his arms for the embrace as he held her head, turning his face to the side and closing his eyes, lowering his head before blinking up at Sonic.

Ohh… he was asking for it…

“Ehem.” Modern Sonic folded his arms, and looked ticked. “And what, do you suppose, does that look like?” he raised an eyebrow, tilting his head.

Classic cozied on up more to her, scooting himself, before smirking more mischievously as he flicked his finger under her chin, then gave Modern Sonic a look.

“Quit it!” Modern shot his arms down, and reached to remove him.

Classic dodged the swipe for him and raced off, before turning around mocking him with his hand on his nose like, ‘You can’t catch me! Sucka!’. He then reverted to acting like he was holding and loving on Amy, before sticking a finger in his mouth and hacking, showing he hated the idea of it all before fanning his older self as if saying, ‘Nasty, nasty! Gross, gross, gross! I’d never!’. He turned his head and squinted an eye in disgust, accusing his older self of liking her a little too much than just regular old fondness.

Sonic bent down by Amy, before glaring at Classic’s tauntings, lowering his head with a deep, serious look of annoyance.

He then picked Amy up, carefully, and looked her over to make sure she was okay.

He nodded when he figured it could all be something that could heal, given the right amount of time.

“Phew~ No broken bones.”

Classic mimicked a broken heart.

Sonic twitched, before looking away, then down back at her, as if ashamed again.

“…” he moaned a sigh, looking away and walking off before taking off in a sprint.

Classic, confused on him not responded, was baffled a moment before something terrifying skimmed his thoughts.

He gripped his head and started hitting his feet on the ground, making annoyed sounds of disapproval.

What if he was in love!?

The thought made him grip his throat, shaking his head, as if he’d rather be DEAD than love Amy Rose!

-Later in game~-

Sonic returned to the HQ only to hear that Amy had left without anyone knowing, and in great anger he tried to storm off and search for her, thinking her foolish for doing another stupid mission on her own again, but was stopped by the team.

Having a long debate, it was convincing to see that the team were going to hold him home, and wait the night out for her to come back.

Upset, and under the impression she was truly avoiding him, Sonic tossed and turned in his bed, thinking of ways to get passed his ‘guard dogs’ outside, before suddenly becoming very sleepy.

Unknown to Sonic, his drink was given a sleeping remedy, and he flickered his eyes out, his last thoughts on running to find Amy again.

Later that night, as Classic slept on the floor with an arm over his head, he heard Sonic’s Miles-Electric in his room turn on, flickering and making some phone ringing sound.

He yawned, before getting up and wiping his eyes, seeing his other had slept in, but not knowing he wasn’t stirred because of the powerful dosage given him.

He yawned and got up, clicking the answer button he had learned how to do and watched as the screen was black, and looked puzzled at it.

He tilted his head.


It was so gentle. So faint.

He recognized it at once, but turned to see she had turned off her video chat, and it was only her voice he could hear.

He looked around, confused as to why, but tapped the screen to try and indicate he was still there.


He raised his hands in frustration, clearly unable to communicate if she couldn’t SEE him.

He looked around the screen, before clicking his video on, and seeing a small square where it showed his face.

He smiled widely, glad he could figure out this strange, futuristic device, and proudly moved his shoulders side to side in a little happy movement.

“..Oh? Classic?” She giggled, “I wasn’t expecting you..”

Her voice was like a sigh, and Classic was surprised it was so soft. Usually, it had quite a force behind it.

He tilted his head, trying to hear what was around her, and hopefully get an idea of where she could be.

Forest? There was a lot of bugs… maybe if an owl hoot’d he’d be more precise on WHERE or WHICH forest…

But nope. There was only a breath released that sounded like weary exhaustion, and he picked the device up to sit down where he was laying, letting her speak, he guessed.

I… I was kind of hoping to go to voicemail.” she admitted.

What was voicemail?

Classic made a face, turning his mouth to the side.

She giggled, apparently seeing it in the dark lit room, since the light of the screen was bright enough a green to see.

He stared into the darkness, wondering why he couldn’t see her, and looked around to try and indicate he wanted too.

He tapped the screen again.

Sorry.. I… I’d rather not…” she admitted, but then continued with another soft inhale.

I need.. some time.”

Well, we all do.

Sonic made another, more insensitive face, not putting up with Amy’s crappy excuses.

He mimed how his older self really didn’t like her avoiding him, and how he really wanted to talk with her about why she was acting this way.

He then mimed Metal Sonic, using his fingers to push his eyes wider and stare into the camera, trying to reflect Metal’s red eyes as a prominent indicator that that’s what he was talking about.

“...So you heard..

He shook his head, looking back at the screen, a little more innocently.

Not all of it… but you heard, still. Which means…”

He heard too.”

Classic Sonic was growing upset and easily frustrated with all these stalling, secretive codes that he couldn’t catch on to.

Spill it, lady!

Classic Sonic tapped the screen harder, pouting to reflect a more physical look of impatience.

She giggled again, “Not now… but soon. I need to… I just need to be alone right now.

Classic Sonic thought about Modern, and slowly rose his head to the bed, remembering…

He looked tenderly back to the screen, and gathering strength, he closed his eyes and licked his lips.

“…You hate being alone…”

She was surprised, guessing by the mini-gasp he heard from her, that he could talk.

Cool guys only speak when dramatic effect is maximized.

And you have too. He winked to the audience.

Heh.” she turned on the video.

Looking down, he noticed she was laying down, her face on her side and half hidden, but noticed the tree roots on the ground she was around.

He quickly scanned the area, before looking over her to make sure she was okay.

She seemed fine.

I don’t know how to say this but...” she smiled lightly, before deep despair showed on her face, and she looked away.

Just tell Sonic… Tell him… I never meant to… to…” she sighed, “I’m sorry.” she closed down the Miles-Electric as she seemed about to cry.

Classic Sonic freaked, clicking the buttons and trying to turn his ‘show’ back on before looking upset.

Why are girls so fond of leaving everything in a conversation open for interpretation that will never be gotten?

He smashed his head on the device, groaning…

The next morning, he was much more willing to search for Amy then last time, and gestured two thumbs to himself, stating through the gesture to trust him. He knows a good forest where tree roots grow large and above ground…


The Hippies were right

On August 15, 1969, 45 years ago today,  nearly half a million people flocked near White Lake, New York for “three days of peace and music.” The Woodstock festival was heralded as one of the most pivotal turning points in culture. The festival was a huge concert event that featured some of the world’s top musicians. And the ways in which Woodstock changed culture forever show just how important the festival was to society…The Woodstock American counterculture of the 1960s and early 1970s term is often interchangeable with ’ the hippie’s, although the latter term is sometimes used as an oath of derision. The characteristic traits of members of the Woodstock Nation include, but are not limited to, concern for the environment, embracing of left-wing political causes and issues allied to a strong sense of political activism, eschewing of traditional gender roles, vegetarianism, and enthusiasm for the music of the period. 

1 Make love, not war. It’s a cliché, but it’s as sensible as anything anyone ever said anywhere. The Vietnam of the past is the Iraq of the present. We’re still at war, and would prefer not to be.
2 Natural foods are a way of life, not a lifestyle. Natural foods are not a fad diet. When people eat natural foods, and eat slow food and cook at home, those people enjoy better health. We know that people are committed to eating healthy, natural food because Outpost owners stick around, even during a recession.
Buying bulk saves money & the planet. “Unpackaged,” a new store in London recently opened its doors, marketing itself on this premise: customers buy empty containers, fill them in the store and return to re-fill them when they are empty. This keeps prices down, and keeps bottles out of landfill. We agree, and it’s why we’ve been offering bulk grains, soup, tea and spices for decades.
4 Pesticides are harmful. We instinctively know this. A pesticide kills bugs, so why would we want to eat it?
Cooperation is better than corporation. It works for Outpost, of course, but consider others. Think about the recession. Think about the banks. Then think about the credit unions. The credit unions fared better because of their cooperative, less risky business model.
Knowing where your food comes from makes sense. “Know your farmer, know your food,”. Whether it was a slogan on a sandwich board in 1973 or a clever piece of copywriting out of Washington , the fact remains that consumers are less likely to suffer from food-borne illnesses if they know where their food comes from. This isn’t just about touchy-feely community relations. Recall the October New York Times article exposing how ground beef products can be made up of different cuts of meat from different slaughterhouses — impossible to trace. The reporter told the story of dance instructor Stephanie Smith, whose E.coli-tainted hamburger meat put her in a coma for nine weeks. How can we keep food safe when we don’t know where it came from? We can’t.
Herbs are nature’s pharmacy. If a natural remedy can cure what ails you, why use anything else?
8 Logo t-shirts are cool. Just ask Alterra or Milwaukee’s Teecycle Tim, who runs a business selling vintage logo shirts.
So are Red Wing boots with vibram soles. It’s how you wear ‘em.
10 Freedom. People everywhere just want to be free.
11 Yoga. People everywhere 
just want to be flexible, 
strong, calm and pretty.
12 Composting. Even hip NYC urbanites are composting in their teeny kitchens these days. And the mayor of 
San Francisco made it a rule. If you don’t compost your food scraps, they smack your legs. Of course, San Francisco officials are now coming under attack for supplying residents with toxic composting material, so I guess they’re the ones getting their legs smacked. Lesson learned: It pays to research your compost.
13  Fair trade. It’s only fair.
14 Collecting rainwater. While this is outlawed in some western states, this makes common sense here. Protect that lake, people!
15  Growing our own food. There’s an amazing amount of satisfaction to be gained from eating food you grew out of your own spot of earth.
16  Meditation. This is going to keep on growing in popularity. We are information-saturated; imagine being able to empty your mind!
17 Joplin,Hendrix, Dylan the Stones and the Beatles.
Love them or not, there’s no denying the influence.
18 Community works.
Small-based businesses coming together as a community have pooled their talents and resources to promote themselves, each other, the city and the shop local ethos.

(The hippies (also known as flowerchildren, idealistic, new age thinkers) were the inspiration for green living, dome homes, natural homes that were made for Eco living to ‘conserve’, water, add natural light sources, and run on it’s own power from solar/sun, sources. (Which are being bulit in todays world).. Bottom photo is: The aerodynamic forms resist hurricanes and the structures pass California’s earthquake codes. They are flood and fire resistant as well. A double eco-dome can be built (bagged) in 10 weeks!)

Not all hippies were like this, but the ones who  taught their children the importance of our earth, ecology,  living off the land’ and respect for others regardless of culture differences… are also the ones continuing this today that has ‘made a difference, in the world’.

(scanned images from me)

The House of Tomorrow

16 year old Sebastian has spent most of his life with his Nana in their geodesic dome home tourist attraction where she home schools him on the teachings of her former mentor Buckminster Fuller in hopes that one day Sebastian will carry Fuller’s torch and make the world a better place.

But when a stroke sidelines Nana, Sebastian is taken in by a bible-banging single father from the suburbs who’s struggling to raise his sexually charged teenage daughter Meredith and son Jared, a chain-smoking, porn-obsessed, punk-loving 16 year old with a heart transplant. A shared desire to escape their respective bubbles leads Sebastian and Jared to form a punk band and soon Sebastian experiences all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll he’d been sheltered from.

With his Nana’s dreams, his first real friendship, and a church talent show at stake, this coming of age dramedy asks Sebastian to decide if he wants to become the next Buckminster Fuller, the next Sid Vicious, or something else entirely.

Short Menance

[22:35]Zanzan Yanzan nearly lands back onto his feet as he finds Braxis’s boot against his torso as he’s sent flying back and skidding across the ground. He grunts as he picks himself up before charging straight at the Highlander. With a running leap, he aims to grapple and tackle down his opponent with a facegrab.

[22:36]Braxis Wynterwulf “OI! GET OFF ME HELM YE GRABBY LIL'BUGGER!” The dragoon bellowed as the lalafell clinged onto his helm. Thrashing and flailing about attempting to fling the Lalafell off before the highlander looses his balance.

[22:39]Zanzan Yanzan hangs on for dear life, avoiding any attempt to be thrown off. Lifting one hand into the air, he then ains multiple pommels with his scepter into the side of his opponent’s helmet.

[22:40]Braxis Wynterwulf was able to keep himself from being hit by the scepter somehow. Raising his hands to block the blows, almost out of sheer luck. The highlander dropped his halberd. Grabbing Zanzan with one hand and his helm with the other. Aiming to toss them both off his head and into the dirt below. “I SAID OFF FURY’S SAKE!”

[22:42]Zanzan Yanzan is still able to hang on, slapping away Braxis’s hands from his attempts to throw him off once more. Now gripping onto his helmet with only his Lalafellan legs forcing it to stay on, he raises both scepters into the air and attempts to do what Qara does best, bashing him repeatedly against the top of the Dragonslayer’s head.

[22:43]Braxis Wynterwulf “OI!”  "OOOF!“  "GODS DAMN IT ZANZAN!” Shouting and growling in rage between each endless blows to his helmet. The highlander swinging his mettallic prosthetic hand towards Zanzan’s side. “OFF. GODS. DAMN. YOU!”

[22:46]Zanzan Yanzan is struck hard against his  side as he falls off but not without pulling Braxis’s helmet off with him. He lands onto the ground heavily  with an ‘Oof!’ By just mere reaction, he then tosses the helmet back to where it originally made its home, Braxis’s dome.

[22:47]Braxis Wynterwulf did not even notice the lalafell took his helmet off with him. He took a deep breath of air as Zanzan landed into the ground. “AIR!” He called out almost forgetting he was fighting his friend. Gaze quickly snapping back to Zanzan before “THUNK!” The highlander blinking blankly before falling over with a thud.


“The second that I saw you, I knew you weren’t the same man that I knew two and a half years ago; I mean, you’ve changed, Dale. You The way you hold yourself, the look in your eyes.That edge you had from Iraq is gone.
Now, I know there’s only one thing that can do that.”

By: thejennire

Hades and Persephone - Ch. 2

Originally posted by kougami-shinya

Summary: After agreeing to stay with Kylo, seeing her old friend still inside the dark Emperor who is now bonded to her through the force, (Y/N) suddenly realizes just what she has agreed to. As the weight of her decision settles in Rey panics, scrambling across Naboo to try and find (Y/N). When she hears of what happened, frantic, Rey tracks down the next political obligation the Emperor attends, hoping to the stars (Y/N) will be there as well.

A/N: AHHH I love this AU! Don’t be shy to let me know what you wanna see! Send me your ideas! It’s going to end up being about 10 chapters but I can always squeeze in plot details you request. Hope you all enjoy this :)

As the Falcon broke through the air space of Naboo, Rey excitedly bounced her knees from the captain’s chair, trying to maintain focus despite her jubilance. It had been months since she had seen you last and she couldn’t wait to let you in on it all. From the last time she had seen you, she was only recently becoming a part of the Resistance, still actively training under Luke Skywalker. Now however, she was a skilled and praised protege and apprentice of the legendary jedi. You knew of her origins as an orphaned child, forced into a life of scavenging on Jakku, and she could hardly wait to make you proud with her newest successes.

To say Rey thought of you as a friend would surely be an understatement, with her kind and warm heart the instant you got to know her better she regarded you as her sister. She was relieved by your bright and warm aura that made her feel as though she was openly accepted. Rey was also the kind of light hearted spirit to giddly listen to all of your duties as the princess of Naboo, but also the strong and determined young woman who could easily beat you in a fight. Or so she thought she could. 

Landing the Falcon on your palaces nearest docking bay, Rey switched off all the controls, practically stumbling over a few of them from being so eager in her movements. Assuring everything was off and set for her stay she sighed contently as a grin spread even further across her face. Bringing herself out of the captains chair she swung around to the table to grab her bag of belongings as she quickly hit the control to lower the ramp. 

From behind her on the ship, BB-8 rolled forward, beeping happily with a few whirls. Rey looked down, nodding.

“Oh BB-8 you’ll love (Y/N)! I assure you that. She’s a lovely person, she’ll likely love you too.”

BB-8 made beeping noises as if flattered and excited at once, Rey giggled as she started walking down the now descended ramp.

“Well it is quite difficult not to actually.”

Walking closer towards the palace, Rey took in the view, smiling at the way the sun hit the dome of your home so perfectly. Despite all the times she tried to come visit you, she never quite got over the beauty that Naboo possessed, each time looking at it with fresh eyes. This time however, the longer she looked at the palace, the more something inside her felt anxious. Something in the air was not the same, and it became more and more evident as she approached the palace. 

Pondering over the possibilities, Rey considered that you might have just suddenly fallen into a sorrowful state. You were optimistic, luminous and generally all smiles, but you could only hold that appearance for so long. 

Noticing one of your guards approaching her, Rey brought a smile to her face once again as she bowed respectfully.

“Good afternoon.”

The young man with sunkissed skin and slicked back black hair bowed respectfully as well, “Afternoon miss.”

“Is princess (Y/N) free at the moment or have I arrived at a bad time?”

The man’s expression fell entirely, going rigid and somewhat solemn. Avoiding Rey’s eyes he tried to look at the ground beside her. Despite his efforts to at least partially hide his hesitation to answer, Rey could read him like an open book. He was nervous, sad, regretful and also stressed over the thoughts that circled through his mind. Clearing his throat he brought his eyes back to Rey.

“Oh, well miss it is quite a bad time to arrive if you are expecting the princess.”

Rey arched a brow. None of your palace staff had ever spoken to her like that before, nor were they such a bundle of stress and depressive energy as he was now. Typically they would simply tell her to wait, patiently await you to be finished with your meetings, but this was different. 

“Why is that?”

“Miss…have you not heard the news?”

Rey shook her head, now anticipating the words that were going to fall out of his mouth more than ever. With the First Order ramping up its attacks and take overs across the galaxy, the possibilities of what could have happened to you were only increasing by the day. The strange energy in the air only made Rey more anxious to discover just what it could be. 

“The princess was taken from the palace, 2 weeks ago.”

Rey’s eyes went wide as her mouth fell agape and her gut took a freefall. Of course something was different in the air, you weren’t there. The possibility of what state you could be in as she spoke to this young man however, did not put her mind to any ease whatsoever. 

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