dome tour: tokyo

170903 japan arena tour 2017 in tokyo dome day 2 fanaccounts/translations

Minho pressed 0525 on the phone at the end of Your Number (©@iloveviewsh )

Minho: please anticipate my drama/movie!
Taemin: I’m really looking forward to it!
Minho: really?
Taemin: yes
Key: me too
Jonghyun: me too
Minho: thank you! (©@2minaddict )

when taemin was talking about his drama
Minho whispered to taemin: amazon prime?
taemin: yes, it’s amazon prime! well, it cost money!

While Minho blew a kiss
taemin: it’s a bit gross
jonghyun: don’t say that to your hyung!
taemin: it’s because me and minho are close friends~ it is cute if you see it occasionally but i see this everyday so it’s a bit… 
Minho then fake punched Taemin in the stomach ㅍ_ㅍ (@fodfran, ©@2minaddict )

minho: This moment when I am together with everyone is my happiness.
Please take with you the most amazing memory today.

Jonghyun: Minho-san, you’re so full of energy today

Minho: Do you have work tomorrow? Don’t go. Let’s be together tomorrow 
Jonghyun Key Taemin: S-O E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G! (repeat x10) (© @SWEETGRAVlTY)

afterwards taemin chased minho as he ran away
taemin: don’t go, lets stay together? (© @2minaddict)

minho: Today it was 4 of us, but bc of your support we’ve finished performances and filled the gap. Thank you so much, SHINee exists bc of SHINee world. SHINee World you are my hope! (© @polina_choi)

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"Where are all you hoes who gleefully harassed exo-ls and shamed them for hyping their faves saying “they would never compare to [insert group’s] global achievements!11″ " not to say that all this harrasing others are right, but when it's would be exo song in victoria secret show, when it's exo who won Billboard Music Awards, when we can talk about exo global success comparison to other grops

Oh My God. Are BTS that boring to stan that you’re following EXO’s comeback more closely than your faves? Literally no one here wants to hear you guys rant about why a social media award makes a group superior to everyone else. You know what makes a group a top group? MONEY and IMPACT.

You want to talk fashion? Let’s talk abt Sehun in Paris

You want to talk Billboard?

You want to talk global?

Been there done that. Call me when other groups become the fastest and youngest group to hold Tokyo Dome Tours (you know…things that actually bring MONEY). Subtle reminder that global doesn’t mean “WESTERN” yet I see you guys conveniently pretending that Asia and the rest of the world besides America doesn’t exist. Cute.

EXO remain unbothered, and yes, GLOBAL Kings.

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what are your top ten (twenty?) shinee moments?

it took me 3 years but I finally managed to come up with my top 10 20 25 (mostly ot5; some ot2, etc.) moments and I gotta say ily for making me revisit all of these okay

they are each very very special to me whether they depict smiles or tears (or both), so, a heads up: the following list was arranged in random order! and a friendly reminder that these are /my/ favorite for some reason or another; it’s fine if anyone doesn’t agree, you don’t have to. 

1. I’m your boy tour @ tokyo dome ending talk (2015)

this should go without comments, but… even though this list isn’t sorted in any particular way, if there’s any moment that deserves to top it… this is it. tokyo dome had been their dream since japanese debut days, and watch it come to life was more than any of them, any of us could take. they cried, we cried, everywhere and everything was shinee and we didn’t allow ourselves nor anyone else to suppress our pride at how long they’d come, have come. it felt awesome to see everyone gathering together in a single mess of too many emotions.

2. that one time jinki murdered taemin at the JAT  (2013)

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Big Bang reactions to their gf singing a cover of their song and killing his part


FINALLY. NEW REACTION. I finally had some time to write it. Hope you like it ^.^

[GIFs not mine]

You were at variety show where you had to sing covers of songs. You were there with your group and T.O.P was there with Big Bang. You pushed the button and random song will be chosen. The song you had to sing/rap was Big Bang’s latest song ‘FXXK I’. You already knew the lyrics and nailed the whole song. T.O.P. was proudly watching you and staring at your awesome performance. He was thinking how you must’ve sung it at home when he wasn’t there. He was really impressed.

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At one of Seungri’s parties, you were playing truth and dare. And Daesung dared you to cover one of their songs. You chose 'sober’ because everyone was so drunk, you wanted all of them to just sober up. GD never knew you could sing and rap so well. He was happy when he saw you perform in front of others even though he was drunk a bit. He then told everyone at the party how good singer you are and the next day when he sobered up and remembered everything he made you sing it once again.

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You went to karaoke for a date together and he did a cover of your song and he wanted you to sing a cover of their song. He let you choose which song will you sing and you decided on singing 'Lat dance’ their latest single. You loved that song and sang it a lot at home. You reached all of the high notes and his mouth was wide opened from surprise. He didn’t know you like singing at all. When you came home, he made you sing a duo with him to show how skilled you are.

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You love the Japanese language and Daesung’s songs are mostly in Japanese so you sang them all the time. You are a youtuber and do kpop reactions videos or just vlogs  But this time you decided to do a cover of Daesung’s song D-Day since it was just a few days until his Tokyo Dome Tour. When he got a notification about your video he checked it out and fell in love with it immediately. He was very honored you made a cover of his song and he promised to be in your next vlog the whole time.

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You both loved going on variety shows and now you were both invited to the same show. Together, as a couple and you decided to go. Many people loved your relationship and gave you the challenge to sing each other’s songs. You chose Big Bang’s song 'If you’ because you loved it. You killed Seungri’s part the most and he was just sitting there impressed and surprised. He then joined you and proudly sang the rest of the song together.

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