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Request: Prank War with Juice

Request: Prank war with Juice (You are Jax and Opie’s childhood friend and are back to Charming. Juice became your best fried, but he secretly likes you. Jax tells you the secret, so during a prank war with Juice he steals your time in the shower and you confront him)

[Hi everyone,

Thank you for being patient with me, I needed a day or two on my own.

I had fun with this imagine, Juice is so sweet, I like so much to write about him…Sorry for the pranks, I’m not good at this LOL

Enjoy! Love you all]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: semi-smut

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The last time you saw Charming’s streets was when you left the town with your mother after she divorced you father. You were miserable, you had left your best friends there, Jax and Opie, and all the fun you had together around the SOA clubhouse. Gemma hated your mother and tried everything to make you stay, but it didn’t work.

Now, years later, after drop out college and get arrested, you were back. Your father needed you and you couldn’t be more happy to get back. Jax and Opie were over the moon for you being there, so was Gemma, who quickly got you a job at TM. Samcro family had changed nothing…Well, maybe a thing or two, including this new guy with the cutest smile you ever saw. Juice.


How he was supposed to concentrate with you around?

Juice was working on Unser’s old bike while you were walking around the garage, holding you clipboard, taking notes of what Chibs was talking.

“I think this is all lass”, Chibs said.

“Okay. I’ll buy this”, you walked to where he was, Juice smiled to you. “Hi Juice, do you need me to buy anything for the garage?”

“No y/n”, he said. “Nothing at the moment”

You winked and went back to the office. Since the very first time Juice saw you, he felt in love. You were so beautiful, funny and nice that he couldn’t resist. Bad thing was: you became one of his best friends during that time and he didn’t had a chance.

Come on! How would you ever look at him? You were like brothers, playing pranks around all the time.

Talking about pranks…You were in the middle of a serious war there, which started with you putting toothpaste on his Oreo’s. Then Juice filled your car with balloons, making you angry for hours. You fought back, covering his laptop with glitter…Now it was his turn.


Juice spent all his morning thinking about a prank. Every idea seemed funny, but it would take time to prepare. He was coming to the office to get the keys from the car he would work on, when he heard you talking on the phone.

“Yes, I’ll be there”, you said sounding happy. “No love, I can get there by myself… Absolutely… Love you too”

What the hell? Who was on the phone? It sounded like a date!

“No way!”, Juice thought, jealously boiling his blood.

He started to walk around circles in the garage, thinking about what to do. He wouldn’t declare his feelings to you, he would receive a “No” right away, but he couldn’t let you go on this date.

Suddenly he remembered of your habit of taking a shower at the clubhouse by the end of your shift. Smiling, Juice ran to the clubhouse and waited.


You were outside the office to smoke and saw Juice running to the clubhouse, waving to Jax in his way. You followed Juice with your eyes, barely noticing Jax coming closer.

“Haven’t you talked to him yet?”, he said smiling and taking your cigar from your hands.

“No”, you said. “How I am supposed to talk about something like this?”

A few days ago, when Jax saw you putting glitter on Juice’s computer he invited you for a walk and told you that Juice liked you, more than just as friends.

“This prank thing is looking ridiculous”, Jax said that day. “You better stop it, now”

What Jax didn’t know was that you liked Juice as well. It would kill you to stop being his friend, but moving on the relationship was scary.

“Well, shift is over”, Jax said. “Go have your shower, I close the garage”

“Thanks”, you smiled. “I’m going out with a friend today”

“Male friend?”, Jax smirked.

“No dumbass”, you hit his shoulder with your fist. “Female, it’s just girls gossiping”

“Have fun”, Jax said as you walked away.


Juice heard you greeting Bobby who was sit at the bar and rushed to get into the bathroom before you. He heard you close the bedroom door and sat on the bed to take off your boots. He got into the shower.

“What the hell?”, you said when you heard the shower and he laughed satisfied. “Who is in there?”

“Me!”, he said over the noise of your knocks.

“Juice?”, you angry voice came through the door. Juice couldn’t help a smile.

“Yes”, he said. “Sorry y/n, I have a date tonight”

“No you don’t”, you said. Yes, you were right. It had been a while since his last proper date. “Get out!”

“You are right! I don’t!”, he said, getting a little angry for admitting that to you while you had a hot date for the night. “But you do. I hope he doesn’t bother you being late”

“What? How do you…?”, you started. You kicked the door this time. “Oh you bastard! You heard me on the phone!”

Juice ignored you and started to whistle, enjoying his shower. Suddenly you opened the door entering in the bathroom. Juice’s mouth hang open. You were naked; his dream was coming true though you had a killer expression on your face.

“What… What are you doing?”, he said in shock. You were getting under the shower with him. This should be turning him on, but he was completely surprised. He never saw that coming.

“I’m having my shower”, you shrugged.

“But… but I…”, he stuttered. Juice was trying to keep his eyes on your face too, not looking to your beautiful naked body. “I’m here…I mean, I…”

“What?”, you said turning your back to him, looking for the shampoo.

“Not cool”, he said, realizing he was naked too and covering his cock with his hands.

“Really?”, you smiled and looking at his hands. “I think is very funny”

“Oh shit!”, he cursed and looked around completely lost. “I… I…Let me out”

“I don’t think so”, you smiled and held his hand, exposing his member to your eyes. You touched him with your finger, Juice felt a shiver ran down his spine. He dreamed many times about you touching him, this felt incredible.

“What are you doing?”, he said swallowing hard.

“Was this supposed to be a prank?”, you said, closing your fingers around his base, stroking a little bit.

“Yes”, he swallow again.

“Bad news”, you said starting to move your hand, masturbating him. “I liked this idea of share a shower”

You pushed Juice against the wall. You licked your lips, looking at his cock between your hands, getting hard. Juice’s eyes widened and you smiled, leaning to lick his neck. He felt your tongue and teeth on his neck and jaw. When you moved your lips to his ear, you moaned a little. Was he dreaming?

“Y/n…”, he started.

“Please Juice”, you begged with a sweet tone that made him crazy, his mind blank. Juice put his hands on your hips, making you take a deep breath. He moved his fingers to your thigh, getting closer to your core.

“Oh no!”, you laughed, leaving him, hands to yourself. “I don’t think so Juicy boy”

“What?”, Juice watched you leave the shower. What he did wrong? You were begging… “Are you leaving me like this?”

“Yes”, you smiled wrapping a towel around your body.

Juice couldn’t believe. You were under the shower, acting like you were interested in him and then you leave…What a fool he had been!

“Right! Go! Just go to your date!”, he said getting out too. “I hope this guy is a douchebag, so dumb that he can even have a decent talk for more than five minutes!”

“Wow!”, you said. “Where is this coming from?”

“I’m tired!”, he said. “This may ruin our friendship, but I don’t care! I’m in love with you!”

Juice took a deep breath. There it was, he had said it. This whole prank war was a mistake, act like best friends wasn’t helping with his feelings for you, they were just increasing.

He expected you to be shocked or maybe make fun of him, but you smiled. You took a step forward and put your hands on his face, looking into his eyes.

“I know”, you said, caressing his cheeks with your thumbs. “Jax told me”

“Wait…What?”, he said.

“Jax heard you talking to Chuck about me”, you said. “When you said you liked me and this prank war was just to be closer”

Juice felt his skin getting warm, he was blushing. You shouldn’t had discover like this and he didn’t want your pity. He opened his mouth to say something but you silenced him before he could make a sound. You were kissing him, like he had imagine a thousand times before.

“I like you too Juice”, you whispered against his lips.

He didn’t waste time, Juice pulled you closer to his body. He was still naked and your towel, loose around you, felt on the floor. Your skin against his was better than he could imagine.

“How about your date?”, Juice asked breathless when he broke the kiss.

“There is no date”, you said moving your hand to his member again.

“No?”, Juice gasped when your fingers closed around him.

“No”, you smiled. “Just me and my girlfriend gossiping and getting our nails dome. Girl’s night”

“So I did this prank in vain?”, he took a deep breath while you kissed his neck.

“No, not in vain baby”, you looked at him. “We finally admitted we like each other”

“Yes we did”, he smiled and held you in his arms, walking to the bedroom.

“Juice”, you said while he put your body on the bed, hovering over you.

“What?”, he asked admiring your body.

“Prank war is over”, you pulled him to you wrapping your legs around his hips.

“Yes baby”, he mumbled. “Prank war is over”