Banishing Incubi/Succubi

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Incubi/Succubi are demons that feed off your life force and sometimes, if not the majority of the time, will force themselves upon you, sexually assaulting you in your sleep. If one is harassing you here is a way to get rid of it. 

What You’ll Need

  • Salt
  • Black Candle
  • Rosemary, Juniper, Garlic, and/or Agrimony
  • Your Wards
  • No fear

What To Do

  • Make a circle of salt around yourself.
  • Light the candle and keep calm, keep your ward up.
  • Hold the herb by your chest and say “I command you to leave me alone. I am not interested in your games. With all my power I banish you.” as many times as needed and be strong, be commanding, raise your voice so they know that you aren’t playing their games. Make yourself imposing to them and do not show fear.
  • Burn the herbs safely while still in your circle to cleanse your space and drive them out.
  • Blow out the candle and sprinkle the salt and herbs at every entrance to your space, windows, doorways, all that.
Hey There, Keith (klance fansong)
Hey There, Keith (klance fansong)

KLANCE - Hey There, Keith (Lance’s POV)

Parody of Hey There, Delilah

Written and sung by Caroline (roguekeith)


Hey there, Keith,

What’s it like expelled from class?

It’s a long time since I’ve seen you

But I know you’re kickin’ ass

Out on the case.

I’m sure it’s better than…this place,

A change of pace.

Hey there, Keith,

Do you ever think about me?

I know that we had our problems,

But I’m feeling kinda lonely

Without you.

You and your stupid mullet ‘do

Make me feel blue.

Oh, I miss our rivalry

Oh, I miss our rivalry

Oh, you’re such a mystery

Oh, you’re such a mystery

Stupid mystery.

Hey there, Keith,

I know there’s no way you’ll hear me,

But I’ll talk to you


Cause it makes me feel you’re near me,

Though you’re not…

Not like you ever cared a lot

About me. Stop.

Hey there, Keith,

Why’d you always look right through me?

I know I’m not really good at stuff,

But that’s no reason to be

So alone.

You’re isolated on your throne.

Away you’ve flown.

Oh, I miss our rivalry

Oh, I miss our rivalry

Oh, you’re such a mystery

Oh, you’re such a mystery.

I’m laying here, my thoughts askew,

And Keith it’s all because of you,

You’re gone, and now I’ve made it in your place.

My friends, they all will joke with me,

And I just laugh along, but see,

I can’t stop thinking of your glaring face.

God, Keith, I can promise you

That what I said, it wasn’t true,

And now I’ll never ever get to tell…

Under your spell…

Hey there, Keith,

I’m still stuck inside the Garrison.

I feel weird,

I think there’s something

Not quite right here.

But you knew that,

Didn’t you?

They knew that you’re a smart one, too,

And they took care of that, how cruel.

Hey there, Keith, you come back soon.

Please, come back soon.

Oh, I miss our rivalry

Oh, I miss our rivalry

Oh, you’re such a mystery

Oh, you’re such a mystery

Miss my mystery.

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  • Contacts bag
  • Wallet
  • Sketchbook/Art supplies
  • Sometimes a camera
  • Keys


  • Laptop
  • Candles
  • A bunch of necklaces even though I just wear one
  • Small statuettes


  • Make enough money to adopt a ton of dogs for puppy sanctuary so they’re safe and loved
  • Get into forensic science as a career
  • Travel out of Minnesota for once  
  • Just go traveling in general
  • Commissions at some point 


  • Jihyun Kim
  • My dog
  • Dogs
  • My plants


  • Rob Dyke’s Serial Killer Files/Seriously Strange
  • Psychology
  • Suffering™
  • Making my friends Suffer™
  • Mistake Messenger :’) 


  • Sleep
  • Sin
  • Zine art
  • V CG redraw
  • Greyscale -> RGB


  • I LOVE V
  • Half of my left ear is synthetic and reconstructed after an accident when I was little
  • I’m allergic to some chemicals so I can’t use hand sanitizer, perfume/cologne, some soaps, some lotions, etc.
  • I’m utterly terrified of dolls

I’m…not very interesting, sorry! ;v;

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“Crab’s Charm” Good Fortune Spell

Crabs have the potential to bring and send all sorts of spells but for this spell these crabs will bring you good fortune.

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What You’ll Need

  • 4 Crab Shells
  • Red Candle
  • Green Candle
  • Basil
  • Alfalfa
  • Allspice
  • Kelp
  • Sea Lettuce
  • Beach Sand

What To Do

  • Make sure your crab shells are clean so they don’t stink.
  • Fill your crab shells with a little bit of sand.
  • Burn the Basil, Alfalfa, and Allspice (carefully) to ashes.
  • Put the basil in one crab, the alfalfa in the next one, the allspice in another, and then put all the ashes of the herbs into the final one.
  • Wrap each shell in sea lettuce and kelp.
  • Now if you want the good fortune to come to you you put each shell in the four corners of your space and have them facing away from you for crabs walk backwards and that fortune will “walk” backwards to you. If you want the good fortune to go to another person have the crab shells facing you in the four corners, again crabs walk backwards and that good fortune will “walk” backwards to the person you want to give fortune to.
  • Say/Think “Come good fortune.” as many times as needed.
  • Blow out the candle.
  • Bury the crab shells on your property, again facing away from you if you need the good fortune; bury them facing towards you for another person to have good fortune. Bury one north, another south, another east, and another west.
Five Things Tag

Thank you very much @small-and-nerdy​! Cute smol bean, as deigned by the ever sagacious @viridian99​. Your answers were a riot. Who eats lemons like oranges!? 😭

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bag

  • My favourite pink lipstick (if I accidentally forget it, I go back to grab it)
  • A packet of mints
  • Mobile phone
  • Credit cards/cash
  • Keys (my handbag/clutch thing is pretty damn small so you can’t fit anything beyond the essentials).

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom

  • This huge hanging portrait of my Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector’s Edition tarot card deck I got framed. Not into tarot reading, but the art is gorgeous.
  • My two limited edition UE Boom speakers for when I’m cranking up that music.
  • My signed copy of A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Always rereading a few pages here and there.
  • Having said that: my Kindle.
  • There’s this board I bought to hang up merchandise I’ve purchased from various conventions. Mostly anime stuff.

Five Things You’ve Always Wanted To Do

  • Make a movie (freaking Damien Chazelle: only 31 and already has an Oscar for Best Director).
  • Read the entire canon of literature.
  • Steal my best friend’s dog.
  • Become fluent in my second language.
  • Control time.

Five Things That Make You Happy

  • When you’re so engrossed in a good book/video game/story time seems to stop.
  • Going to the cinema.
  • Eating good food. Seriously. Nothing beats a good meal.
  • Hanging out with family and people I want to hang with.
  • There’s this moment in the middle of the night when all your worries and responsibilities fade away; it’s this perfect moment of bliss where you straddle the lines between today and tomorrow, and all of tomorrow’s tasks can go screw itself because you exist in this space where the moment seems to stretch on forever. You feel me?

Five Things I’m Currently Into

  • SLBP and Tumblr; they go hand in hand these days.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda.
  • La La Land’s original soundtrack.
  • Romance novels. Hey man, there are some great romance authors out there.
  • Having said that, books in general: the one I’m currently reading is called Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance– a beautiful memoir, but also a fascinating sociological and cultural exploration of white working-class America. Highly recommended.

Five Things On My To-Do List

  • Get a haircut.
  • Buy that plane ticket to see my best friend so I can steal her dog.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Catch up on so much: friends, reading, TV shows, life.
  • Beat my brother’s ass so hard in this card game we’re currently playing with visiting relatives and then lord it over his head for the rest of our lives. Petty af, but he’s beaten me too many times. We’ve had actual fights about this. 

Five Things People May Not Know About Me

  • Mentioned it a few times here, but if you met me in real life you’d be surprised at how truly introverted I am. Not shy, but the introversion is real.
  • Must write in complete silence. No music. No talking. No disturbances. Nothing. You know that image of a lone writer sitting at a cafe with their MacBook? MY ASS. As if that’s real. Same goes for prolonged reading of any kind. It’s why I wait to read fanfiction; can’t do it on the go.
  • I swear. A whole lot. Think you’d be shocked. But the real deal is only in front of family/close friends.
  • My parents are as much my friends as they are parents to me.
  • It actually makes me really sad that my best friend’s dog doesn’t like me as much as I love her. 😭😭😭

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being with daesung would include...

Requested by anon

  • Your early years of dating being all romantic comedy
  • Like silly misunderstandings, accidents and probably smooching in the rain
  • You’ll have to imagine the music in your head for that though
  • Daesung writing songs for you
  • Like not angsty I’ll do anything for you ones but ones that are light and upbeat because that’s how you guys are together
  • The rest of BB convincing him to put them on their albums and always shouting out a dedication to you before they perform it in concerts
  • It’ll probably embarrass him a lot but you know you like it
  • Shy skinship in public
  • Like hand holding and all that but he’ll be embarrassed to kiss you on the lips
  • So he opts for forehead kisses which are really super sweet
  • Having dates in fun places like amusement parks where you both scream like little pussies during the haunted house
  • It’ll be the one time he uses you as a meatshield, lets be real here
  • Daesung spending a lot of time like months to plan out his proposal to you
  • But it all goes completely and utterly wrong
  • You say yes anyways cause who can say no to Daesung
  • Moving in together (!!!!)
  • Like no really imagine the two of you trying to deck out a house together
  • It would probably be ridiculous
  • Several walls would probably be painted random colors because you can’t decide on one and you insist you’ll fix it later
  • But you never do
  • Making love would always be kind of silly and fun
  • Like there’s lots of laughing and silly pillow talk that makes you both giggle
  • You’d probably build a blanket fort in the living room just so you can do it in the blanket fort
  • Daesung always reminding you that you’re beautiful to him
  • Like even at the most random times
  • And you reminding him that he’s the most handsome man you’ve ever seen
  • Probably having a big family together cause Daesung would be like such a pro dad
  • Like probably more of a pro parent than you could ever hope to be
  • That means you can make him get up and check them in the middle of the night and he won’t complain
  • There always being laughter in the house even when you’ve gone old and all your kids have moved out

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My Self-Care Master Post

Things can get tough. You’re going to have days when nothing goes right and all you feel is overwhelmed, anxious, out of control, and off-balance. While it’s perfectly acceptable to just lay around sometimes (everyone deserves those days once in a  while), you’ll oftentimes feel a lot better if you allow yourself to focus on an activity even if it’s a seemingly simple one. Check out some of my favorite things here, and I promise they’ll leave you feeling better!


  • Make your bed
    • Whether it’s first thing in the morning, just after you get home, or right before you go to sleep, the simple act of making your bed can make you feel way more in-control of your life. Even when you’ve got a million other things causing you anxiety, this simple act of reclaiming yourself gives you a sense of control and accomplishment. Plus, does anything feel better than pulling back the covers and crawling into a neat bed?
  • Organize something
    • Anything, really. It can be something that’s causing you stress like a messy closet or something chill and fun like your nail polish collection. Put on a playlist and sort your eyeshadows, your sock drawer, or the inside of your purse. Putting things in order, purging things you don’t need, and neatening up a collection is not only a single-minded activity that you can focus on (think of it like meditation of solitaire), but you’ll definitely be glad you did it later on. 
  • Work out
    • Definitely not always what you want to do, and do not feel like you have to. However, if you’re up to it, something as simple as a walk around the block with your dog can have you feeling better. It’s genuinely incredible what a literal breath of fresh air can do for your state of mind. My favorite form of “exercise” when I’m feeling bad is to plug the headphones in to my phone to make a hands-free phone call to my best friends or my mom just wander around the neighborhood for an hour or so while we catch up. I come back home feeling refreshed, accomplished because I exercised, and happy from a chat with friends!
  • Tackle your to-do list
    • Okay, this one isn’t so fun. But I promise it will make you feel a million times better. I don’t know about you, but for me I’m often too anxious to get started on a project (pay bills, clean up, homework, whatever) because I was nervous about how bad it was going to be or how much stuff I had to do. Once I finally woman-ed up and assessed what actually had to be done, I found that 9 out of 10 times it was way worse in my head. Do something off your to-do list. Even if it’s just one thing. Even if it’s the smallest thing. You’ll pick up momentum and want to keep going, I promise.
  • Cook something 
    • It doesn’t have to be a super healthy something, it doesn’t have to be a complicated something. Just the act of taking care of yourself like that will make you feel accomplished and you’ll be more aware of what you’re eating. For me, when I’m depressed I want to order food and I almost aways overeat when I do. Actually cooking makes you more conscious of what you’re doing and putting into your body. Seriously, even if you just make mac-n-cheese. 


  • Take a bath
    • Or a shower. Just get clean. Lather your hair in shampoo and make it squeaky clean and then drench your ends in conditioner. Wash your face–twice. Scrub your skin (gently) with a yummy-smelling sea salt. Use a bath bomb. You deserve the best, and you deserve to take the best care of yourself. You are worth pampering! Bonus points: You always feel better after a bath. ALWAYS.
  • Do a face mask
    • Mix one up at home using a recipe you found online (haaaay DIY) or grab one from Target ($1, baby!). Lay it on your face and imagine your skin drinking in the nutrients. Feel yourself relax. While it’s on, do something you love. Scroll through Tumblr, paint your toenails, sing along to a good playlist. Feel secure and cared for.
  • Light a candle
    • Or burn some incense or plug in your oil diffuser. Scents are incredibly powerful and can alter your emotions. For a calm and relaxing atmosphere, try using lavender scents. You’ll feel tranquil, cozy, and clean.
  • Put together a playlist
    • This works much the same way as organizing something. The process of putting things in order and curating things makes you feel in control and decisive. Make a playlist for everything–workouts, chill-outs, parties, sleep, relaxation, etc. 


  • Watch a funny TV show
    • Emphasis on funny. When you’re already feeling stressed out, the latest character death on Game of Thrones or a cerebral documentary might not help things. A lot of people have comfort shows that helps them relax even though they’ve seen every episode a million times. Mine is 30 Rock. No matter what, it never fails to calm me down and make me feel comforted. I suggest laugh-out-loud shows like The Office, Summer Heights High, The Mindy Project, Parks and Rec, etc. Something with endearing, lovable characters and an easy-to-follow plot. Turn down the brightness on your TV or computer, though, so you don’t ruin your sleep schedule. 
  • Read a fun book
    • Nothing complicated or overwrought. Just something fun, simple and entertaining like a romance or a YA novel. Read Cosmo magazine and earmark the pages with outfits you like. Cut out cool images and make a collage. Flip through Rolling Stone and find new artists to listen to. Read a fantasy book and imagine new worlds. 

More to come! Send me any suggestions you have!

Omg , you’re so lovely, good luck too! i tried my best, any mistakes feel free to say (i love this odd theme) and i hope i did it right, i’m a bit insecure.

I hope you enjoy just like i did!


  • He was gaming Really?
  • Gotta go for that special loot baby!
  • When he decided to take a break and go grab some water he hears someone singing
  • It was MC
  • The curiosity took over him and he go there
  • He finds MC in tears singing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, a Cinderella Song
  • He look a bit confused why you are watching this at this age you can’t say anything Yoosung
  • He noticed that in your side was a lot of films abouts Disney Princess related stuff
  • “Mc…?Why are you watching these?”
  • You finally look at him, pausing without even looking at the remote
  • “I just love Disney Princess stories…It’s so romantic..Incredible”
  • You sigh, lost in your own world, and Yoosung is just like:
  • What?
  • Mc go to sleep
  • Then he just sit beside you, and you don’t waste time and start to  watch the Cinderella film again
  • 15 minutes passes and Yoosung is just cuddling with MC almost in tears with her
  • “I can relate so much to Cinderella when my mom come to visit us”
  • Yoosung, stop


  • You’re his princess already.
  • And he is your knight in shining armor, beutiful hair, shining ey—
  • Ok that’s enough Zen
  • He just got back from jogging
  • And he finds MC, singing Let it Go
  • He don’t mind at all
  • He finds it cute in a way
  • But he is a little sad that you’re not singing his songs all the time !
  • “Wow MC, i dind’t knew it you liked kids stuff, you want one?”
  • You jump in surprise to look at him, your face is all red and he already came closer
  • “W-What?N-No!I just…Really like disney princess…That’s all!”
  • He just laughts and he gives her a very tight hug
  • “Baby..That’s why your room is filled with this kind of stuff, i would prefer it’s was my photos instead”
  • Tipical Zen..
  • You just look at him, giving a wicked smile
  • “Maybe…If you put an Elsa costume..You will look just like her!”
  • WHAT
  • His jaw just hit the ground
  • Was because of the hair?
  • He is not a cold guy, Jumin is, he is more warm than a furnace
  • “Don’t call me a princess!You know i’m the knight!”
  • “So don’t say it is childish”
  • After a long time, he just..Accepted your obsession
  • The neighbours will have to endure two people singing Disney Songs, but SPECIALLY Let it go


  • I don’t even know if he really know any Disney Princess, so i put in a way he didn’t  know
  • If he knows, it’s not my fault , i keep forgetting some important info
  • Ok…What the hell is going on?
  • He just came back from work and he founds his penthouse filled with those cartoon girls that look just like a princess
  • And Elizabeth with and odd pink dress
  • Ok , Elizabeth is cute in these, but his penthouse?
  • No,no,no
  • He was wondering, what the heck did MC done?
  • He knows it was you, because he already has seen one of those cartoon princess in your phone
  • And then you gets out of the bedroom and look at Jumin smiling
  • “Honey, you’re home!”
  • You give him a quickie kiss , smiling , you look really happy…
  • “Mc…What happen to the penthouse?”
  • “Oh..You already said to me that i can decorate this place anyway i want…So i just did this”
  • Ok he said that
  • But he didn’t think she was going to do this
  • After a long conversation, he convinced you that this was a little too much and you agreed, but in one condition
  • He has to watch some disney princess movies with you
  • He agreed, it didn’t seen that bad
  • “Why she is living with 7 men ?”
  • “Why midnight?”
  • “She just sell her voice to see a man?She don’t know the value of a family?”
  • “Jumin just watch the goddamnit movie”
  • After some days he finished his promise, and MC was taking off the decorations,Jumin said that you don’t need to take it off, he would pay someone to do it, but you insisted
  • Meanwhile,Jumin is talking with Jaehee trought the phone
  • “Yes, cancel all the meetings tomorrow, and arrange everything for my Disneyland trip tomorrow”
  • You just look at him while he turn off his phone, surprised
  • “Really?”
  • He just laughts and give you a little kiss on your forehead
  • “If my princess love other princess that much, why don’t go to their kingdom?”
  • Besides he needs new princess fantasies for Elizabeth..And for MC


  • Wait what was he hearing?
  • Disney songs in his bunker?
  • Omg!
  • This is just…
  • Just…
  • MC was singing and dancing really noisy songs from a few Disney Movies
  • He loves it
  • He already know about that little obssesion of yours
  • A few minutes went by and Seven just entered the room
  • With a dress…And with a blonde wig, she looks just like Aurora, but with glasses
  • “Seven?!”
  • MC said between laughts, seeing him like that was the funniest thing ever
  • “Oooh weeeell…My beautiful wife loves those princess more than me, so i thought, why can’t i be one of them?”
  • He said smiling, spinning
  • “Besides, i look stunning in this dress,don’t you think?”
  • MC couldn’t even say anything, you was relieve that he was not angry at you for liking this things, you got worried about it
  • But he did what he always do
  • Makes jokes about it
  • Without you realise Seven got  pretty close to you
  • “And a dress is much more easy to take off than pants and a hoodie”
  • He said in your hear, that makes you shiver and look at him
  • “You know one thing Seven?You would be my favorite Disney Princess”
  • “Oh really my love?This is one kinda of info i didn’t know!”
  • You laughts and hugs him
  • “And yes, you are stunning in this dress,as always”
  • The rest of the nights mas that dress switching to one body to another, with the two singing off key
  • Saeran just was in the kitchen hearing that sound…
  • Gosh…
  • Maybe kill himself is not a bad idea at all


  • Ok hear me out
  • Jaehee never had time for such thing as princess and this things
  • So when she discover that MC was obsessed over it
  • She was pretty confused
  • She was like..
  • Why Mc?
  • WHY MC
  • For Jaehee was childish, but MC always tried to make her love it
  • She finds pretty cute MC singing and her happy face when she was watching one movie
  • Ok, she tought :
  • Why don’t see Zen instead?She have a bunch of his performances filmed ready to make a marathon for it
  • But MC prefer this cartoon woman
  • She was not seeing the sense of art, the sense of beauty
  • Ok,ocurred a little fights in that house
  • Who gonna watch?Zen or princess?
  • Util the two of them make a pact
  • One day Disney Princess, another Zen related things
  • With this pact she realizes that was not so bad at all watch this
  • But watch Zen was a lot better
  • Things got better


  • MC was watching Pocahontas
  • Singing the song that was playing in the moment
  • V can’t see,well he can a little, but now to recognize the movie
  • But he can listen
  • He make his way to the couch and sit beside you
  • “Sweetheart…What are you listening?Seems familiar”
  • You laughts and cuddle with him in the sofa
  • “I’m watching Pocahontas”
  • It takes a while to him understand and remember but when he realizes he thinks that it is pretty cute
  • “But why are you watching these kinds of movies my dear?”
  • “Oh…Ugh…I kind have a little obsession with Disney Princess related things”
  • You said with a red face and he just laughts
  • Little?He swears that he already hear that song before
  • “A little dear?”
  • “Ok a lot.”
  • You quickly said and he laughts again and kiss her forehead
  • “You’re just too cute to me handle…The film has some sort of…Books for children?”
  • “Why do you ask?”
  • You said looking at him confused, and he just gives that smile that make you melt
  • “I want to know more about it love, perhaps you could read for me, if it makes you happy , i’m willing to know”
  • He is just too precious


  • Ok
  • No just no
  • He really just stand up and unplug the TV
  • Not this shit
  • Be more considerable?
  • You want him to commit suicide?Yes or no?
  • You want to continue watch this close to him?Then yes
  • You want to keep this thing to yourself?Then no
  • Simple as that
  • He don’t think he ever  want to listen to that music again or see those cartoons again
  • Ugh
  • But he can listen to you sing…He would like this
  • And see you in a few dress
  • Ok, plug the tv back on
  • Maybe is worth it

Please i don’t know if this was what you wanted, if it’s not, sorry, request again

“Song Of Healing” Spell

Based of the Legend Of Zelda song of the same name.

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What You’ll Need

  • Thyme
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Waxing Crescent Moon Water
  • Waxing Crescent Moon
  • Red wax for physical healing
  • Blue wax for emotional healing
  • The Song Of Healing
  • A Poppet 
  • A Small Bowl

What To Do

  • Make sure you’re in a place where you can see the moon for this to work properly.
  • Pour your moon water into the bowl.
  • Place all the herbs in and let them soak in the water for a bit.
  • If you want physical healing drip red wax into the bowl, if you want emotional healing drip blue wax in the bowl, if you want both drip both waxes into the bowl.
  • Place the poppet into the bowl of water so it’s floating while the song plays.
  • Chant/Sing/Think 
    “Day to night, dark to light,
    Fall the sands of time.
    Let the years like the gears
    Of a clock unwind
    In your mind walk through time
    Back to better days.
    Memories, like a dream,
    Wash tears away.
    Like a star in the sky,
    Darkness can’t reach you
    Light the night, joy is light,
    Till the new dawn.
    Cast away your old face
    Let go your spite,
    With this mask I’ll ask
    To borrow your light.”
    (Lyrics by ColdFlameZero on Youtube)
  • Let the poppet soak all the herbs over night and then let it try in a dark place where the moon water’s healing energies cannot be dissipated. (The poppet drying represents the healing process)


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Reaper and genji with chubby s/o headcanons please? Chubby headcanons are so fucking cute.



  • Loves u a lot. don’t change please
  • Still picks you up and carries you. Just scoffs if you try to say anything about your weight
  • Perpetually ready to fight anyone who talks shit
  • Not very vocal but definitely tries to reassure you through actions
  • Holds your hips a lot, just because
  • Kisses / pinches your cheeks because they’re cute
  • Lord knows where he gets lingerie but he buys you a LOT of lingerie
  • If there’s any possible excuse to cuddle he will take it
  • Big Thigh Couple yes please
  • Probably owns a thick thighs save lives shirt that he only wears around the house with you in case you ever need a reminder that you’re gorgeous


  • Holy shit you’re adorable
  • Hugs you from behind a lot, likes to cross his arms over your stomach
  • “Good morning beautiful” / “you look especially radiant today” / “wear that outfit more, it looks so good on you”
  • Lotsa kisses! Especially on your cheeks, your shoulders, your pudgy little fingers
  • Likes to dance with you in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon. He must dip you. It is a rule
  • “Hey babe what time is it” “it’s like four Genji why–” “no it’s snuggle time
  • Like literally, he used to be so self-conscious about his hard robot parts but you’re so comfortable?? He’ll spend hours just holding you if you let him
  • You belong on his lap also. Shut up yes you do
  • Makes extra sure that you know he thinks you’re perfect. bc you are

anonymous asked:

Lately I have been hearing voices again. They tell me that people hate me and are going to kill me. The voice tell me that the only way to defend myself I to kill them. I'm really scared. They also put violent images in my mind. Help please

Hi anon. I’m sorry to hear your voices are so distressful to you. Here I found some tips that can help you to cope with them.

DISCLAIMER: First thing to do is to seek medical help, the following tips are ONLY useful if you are under the right medication.

Get support

If you are finding hearing voices a problem, then learning to understand your voices can help. But it is much better to do this with support than to try and do it on your own.

The first thing to do is to find someone who also accepts that your voices are real, and is able to support you. This may be a hearing voices group, another person who hears voices, or it may be a mental health worker, counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist. It doesn’t matter who they are, as long as they accept your voices and understand what you are doing. 

Accept what is happening

The main organisation helping people who hear voices is the Hearing Voices Network.  They suggest:

  • you need to accept your voices – they are real
  • your voices come from you and belong to you
  • your voices are related to your life history
  • accept yourself as who you are, with your voices.

Understand your voices

When you have found a safe supported way of working, you can start asking yourself questions, such as:

  • What was happening when I first heard voices?
  • Where was I?
  • How was I feeling at the time?
  • What did the voice(s) say?
  • What did they sound like? Aggressive or threatening, or pleasant?
  • What age were they? A young child, a teenager, an older person?
  • Who do the voices represent?
  • What problems do the voices represent?

Answering some of these questions may help you to gain an understanding of the voices.

Some people find it helpful to keep a diary of their voices – what they say, tone of voice and so on, and this helps to accept and identify them.You may be able to identify them as individuals from your past, or as representing yourself at different ages, but they may also be related more indirectly to a traumatic event. You may find, for instance, that what your voices do is stop you from thinking too closely about unhappy or traumatic memories – keeping certain events at a distance.

As you gain more insight into where your voices are coming from in relation to your own history, you should feel more in control of them, and better able to stand up to them. You may even be able to tell them that you don’t need them any more and they can go – and find that they do. You may simply develop a better relationship with them so that they no longer interfere with the way you live your life or prevent you from making your own choices.

Take control of your voices

There are other ways that you may be able to get more control of your voices, without necessarily exploring the story behind them in depth.

  • You may try and ignore the voices, or block them out or distract yourself, by listening to music on headphones, for example.
  • You may agree to have a dialogue with them, or tell them you would like to wait before doing what they say.
  • If you have more than one voice and some are helpful and others not, you can ignore the nasty ones and focus on the nice ones.
  • You may control them by giving them times when you will listen to them, and times when you will not.
  • You may stand up to them – telling them that they have no power over you and ignoring their commands and threats
  • If you find yourself losing touch with reality when your voices just won’t go away, you can try and ‘ground’ yourself by taking in your immediate surroundings, or doing a simple task like watering a plant, or washing up. This reminds you to stay with what is really happening and not get taken up with what is going on in your head (see ‘Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy’ under ‘What support is available?’).

Through various therapies and my own knowledge of my voices, I understand I don’t have to give in to their demands. I can negotiate and wait before acting on instructions [and] try grounding techniques to distract myself.

Try out the ‘Recovery approach’

The recovery concept in mental health has a different meaning from the normal use of the word ‘recovery’. It has developed from the work of the Hearing Voices Network, and means:

  • living the very best life you can, with the life experiences you have had, and the consequences of them, even if these are long-term or recurrent mental health problems
  • building your resilience and well being, and focusing on the things you can do, rather than those you may no longer be able to do
  • making our own choices, and being your own person
  • very importantly, maintaining hope.

Recovery is also regarded as a journey rather than a destination, and includes accepting that you may have set-backs. This does not mean you have failed – you are learning more about yourself and what you need to do differently.

Self-esteem is an important element of recovery, and the recovery approach helps you to aim for what is important for you.

In terms of hearing voices, it includes the things mentioned above  about accepting your voices as yours and learning more about them, and changing the power structure between you and your voices. It also means recognising and accepting your own emotions, which may have been hidden in the voices you hear.

Look after yourself

You may find it helpful to take exercise, especially outside in the fresh air, e.g. walking or running in the park or the countryside. Some physical activities, such as gardening, may be part of a recovery programme, and you may enjoy doing them with others.

Sleep is important, and voices may sometimes make it difficult for you to get to sleep. It may be helpful to learn relaxation techniques, or meditation, to help calm your thoughts, or you may find massage or aromatherapy helpful.

It is also important to pay attention to your diet. Try to eat regularly, to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible – this can make a lot of difference to your mood and energy levels. It may be helpful to keep a food diary to see if there are any foods which you are sensitive to.

alright friends! most of us are returning to school in the next month or so (and those of us in the co 2017 are entering the dark abyss of college application season) so i thought i’d make a post on how to make returning to school after two months of vegetating on your laptop!!! disclaimer: this really only applies to middle/high school bc i know nothing about college.

in the month before school starts

  • make a list of all of the school supplies you need! @prettylittlestudies​ has a great masterpost here and @hermionegoals​ has one here once you have a list of everything that you need, go through what you already have and check things off. make a finalized list of everything you still need to get, and figure out where you can get it cheapest. walmart, target, and staples are my go-tos for school supplies. you can usually get 99-cent notebooks etc, which is great when you’re on a budget!!!
  • start trying to fix your sleeping schedule. you don’t have to wake up at six every morning but try and be awake by eight or nine starting the month before you have to go back to school, then the week before, try and start waking up when you would have to for school. nothing sucks worse than getting three hours of sleep the night before the first day. if you’re having trouble going to sleep earlier, try setting an alarm for eight o clock no matter what time you go to bed. it sucks during the day but it should help you reset your sleep sched
  • make the best of what’s left of your summer! take days to relax and do nothing! studyblr culture absolutely has this illusion that you have to productive every second of every day which is??? untrue??? days off are necessary to avoid burnout y’all, you’re just a person not a robot, you can’t be constantly productive. hang out with friends, with family, take time for yourself to just chill and recover.

the day/night before school starts

  • do something with your friends. just something small. go and get ice cream together, grab lunch, go for a walk together. hang out in barnes and noble (my personal fave.) 
  • make yourself something good for dinner!!! make your favorite food. have dessert. treat yourself. 
  • get everything together the night before YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. get your backpack organized. pick out your clothes for the next morning. make sure you have something you really like for breakfast (a package of pillsbury cinnamon rolls are my go to) it will make the first day so much easier and more relaxed
  • go to bed early duh???? 

when school actually starts

  • make sure to write everything down. that might seem obvious, but DO IT. it’s so so so helpful. set reminders in your phone. 
  • do everything you need to do at the first opportunity after it’s assigned. you’ll feel so so so much better knowing that it’s out of the way - and that way if you want to, you can make plans later on, bc you already did what you need to do
  • make sure to do some relaxing the weekend after school starts
  • y’all remember that it’s completely okay to feel a little burnt out as the school year starts, you just went from doing nothing to doing a whole lot
  • make a list of concepts that you’re foggy on that you need to review to make your classes this year earlier, especially in math classes and in some science classes! 

Dear A is for Ally

Let me tell you a thing

Because no matter how loud I scream

You aren’t listening

You don’t belong


You’re insistence you do

Makes things harder for me

The A is for Asexual

Sex isn’t something I do

But you think I’m broken

Because I don’t fuck like you.

Aromantics aren’t robots

We still love our friends

We just don’t do romance

That’s where it ends.

Agenders matter

We’re people too

Just outside the binary

There’s more genders than two

But you want our letter?

You just want to share?

Tell me your story

Prove that that’s fair!

Decent humanity

Sure must be hard.

Hey, for your effort

You get a gold star

But for your troubles

I guess you want more

And what do us oppressed

Need a letter for?

I joke about being invisible

But it’s unfortunately true

Asexual erasure

Is caused by Allies like you

Demanding my letter

And taking my place

Pushing me out

Of LGBT safe space

A is not for Ally

Stop saying those words

I already struggle enough to be heard!

And aromantics, agenders

Stand further back yet

Wondering just

How erased can you get?

Don’t say A is for Ally

Because it’s not true

Can’t you see

How much damage you do?

Allies are helpful

And that’s really great

But Allies don’t belong



This is another work I hope to read at Lindenwood Gender Studiesclub’s LU Monologues. It was inspired by @artoverchaos

 if you think you can help me improve this please tell me!

kunwarianghel  asked:

Hi! I just made a studyblr account but I don't know where to start. Can you help me? xoxo

hey, love, i gotchu! hope this helps a bit!

  • so first off, if you haven’t seen this, this is my masterpost on starting a studyblr / new studyblrs! it’s got a lot of things to get you up on your feet!
    • it’s got stuff about reaching out, getting connected, posting stuff, setting up your blog, etc.
  • once you’ve read my post and gotten the gist of what a studyblr is all about, there are a few things you can do!

(here we gooo)

  • you should make an introduction post! 
    • this is what i procrastinated on tbh but the moment i made my post, it made a huge difference on my presence in the community!!!
    • you want to introduce (but don’t have to list all of these, just some of ‘em) your…
      • name
      • age / what level of education you’re at (senior in high school, college freshman, etc.)
      • what your goals are, what you want to do in life, etc.
      • basic stuff about you, i guess
      • and you want to add a bunch of studyblrs who have inspired you or helped you out!
  • so then after that, you can choose to post your things (original content)!
  • if you aren’t sure what to post
    • you can
    • post notes you’ve taken for school / today
    • post anything study related you’ve done recently
    • start the 100 days of productivity
    • post things from a journal / bujo if you have one
    • find a month / studyblr challenge (usually challenges go something like “day one - your favorite place to study, etc”) to do
    • make masterposts or guides on things
      • like a masterpost of music 
      • or a mp of resources for a certain subject, etc.
      • you could make a guide on how to take notes
      • or a tips post on how to stay awake in school
      • the sky’s the limit!!!
    • also remember that you can tag other studyblrs in your posts (in the hashtags) to signal boost your posts
  • next step: engage and go talk
    • the studyblr community is by far the best community out there. it’s welcoming, open, and extremely friendly! 
    • so go out there and start making friends! message people, send them asks, tag them in things, etc!!!
    • it’s super awkward at first, i know, but it really makes you feel good when people talk to you and stuff!
    • this is what i did when i was first starting my studyblr and
    • bc i went out and talked to people, 
    • i met my bestest friend ever ever ever, @standardunistudent (she’s so amazing omg)
    • and once i talked to more and more people, i got to know more and more amazing people that i consider some of my closest friends!!
    • so just take a leap of faith and get to know people!!
  • and if this is all a bit much to take in,
    • then just take it slow!
    • find some blogs that you like and follow them
    • and then just reblog posts from them
    • until you feel like you’ve built up a solid base for your studyblr
    • then you can start posting your own stuff and meeting new people, etc.!

that’s a little of what i can think of, i hope this helped, love! if you have anymore questions, feel free to come and pop me another question! xoxo