Domain registrar Namecheap said that Bob Parson’s elephant kill video has resulted in 20,433 domain name transfers from GoDaddy. Bob Parsons is unapologetic, saying it was done to protect crops. Crap?

Meanwhile, PETA presented Bob with the Scummiest CEO of the Year Award, the first-ever, and told him they’re taking their domain somewhere else.

How's this for irony? GoDaddy takes down

Righthaven LLC (see earlier post on Right Haven) a “copyright enforcer” that files lawsuits to enforce content licensing and which has sought (unsuccessfully) to seize domain names, had their domain name taken down by GoDaddy, its domain registrar, for an invalid whois. 

Per ICANN rules, domain owners are required to maintain valid whois information. Anyone can report an invalid whois record via the WDPRS system. Source:

I made it clear that the only entities that would benefit from .XXX are ICM Registry, registrars and ICANN. The Internet community and the sponsorship community want no part of this … I pointed out that this was nothing but a money grab in the name of ‘child protection … I have nothing against businesses making money — in fact, I am in favor of capitalism — just not by forcing adult businesses to purchase something they don’t want simply in the name of child protection.

Diane Duke of Free Speech Coalition (FSC) reiterating the organization’s opposition to the .xxx domain in her debate on CNN with the ICM Registry legal counsel.

The article points out that the domain is the first to categorize websites by content, setting a negative precedent for fragmentation of the Internet.

Domaineq: I do think .xxx is a silly idea that has nothing to do with social positions with respect to porn. The main stakeholders in this issue are those who want to rein in porn and those in the porn industry. Many of them said they did not want anything to do with this domain extension.

A business in the porn industry would have no reason to buy this because they become easier to block and filter (by spotting the .xxx extension). The only reason they will buy this is to prevent others from hijacking their company names/brands, i.e. cybersquatting. What they’ll do is just to redirect these .xxx domain names to their existing .com’s. Moralists on the other hand see .xxx as legitimizing porn and would actually make porn accessible to those not old enough to be viewing it, e.g. type in anything in your browser and add .xxx.

The bottomline is money for a privileged set of stakeholders - those in the domain industry. The more extensions, the merrier. Holders of popular TLDs like .com’s would have no reason to object with this scenario because the more domain name extensions there are, the more the regular extensions like .com’s would become more valuable.

The .xxx is an odd-looking, passé-sounding,corny-feeling domain extension I hope people would not make the mistake of buying it.

Watch on

This video produced by the Center for European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) gives you a friendly visualization of how the domain name system (DNS) works. As I’ve said, I love basics. I guess it’s like good ads - the smoother/easier they look, the harder the creators most probably worked. Kudos!    

A significant number of phishing attacks in the second half of 2010 originated from Tokelau’s .tk domain and Korea’s subdomain, according to the latest survey released by the Anti-Phishing Working Group on April 27 … By offering free domain names, .tk has become the third largest country-code top-level domain after Germany’s .de and Great Britain’s .uk … Scammers are snapping up the free .tk domains in droves. While there were phishing domains registered across 183 top-level domains, 89 percent were concentrated in just four: .com, .tk, .net and .info.

While I’m on the subject of for (earlier post), let me share with you my experience with I often type in my browser and yes, I have from time to time mispelled it by missing the letter “l”.

You will note that redirects you to, a unit of the search company Why do you think this is so, i.e. why not just use, which is shorter? 

Note that Bernabe Googe is a real person, albeit quite “old”: He lived from 1540 to 1594, was a poet and translator, one of the earliest English pastoral poets (Wikipedia). If Google sues for under UDRP, do you think it would be successful?

The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse, Inc. (CADNA), a 501©(6) not-for-profit corporation founded in 2007, seeks to make the Internet a safer and less confusing place for consumers and businesses alike. Its mission is to decrease instances of cybersquatting in all its forms by facilitating dialogue, effecting change, and spurring action on the part of policymakers in the national and international arenas.
If you are creating a more customized name, then one thing you may want to do is to make sure it is not already trademarked, as you wouldn’t want to build your site on a domain that someone might go after you for. If you visit the US Patent and Trademark Office’s trademarks homepage, you can use the Search Marks option to search for your idea and see if someone has already claimed it.
I will make NiRA a foremost registry in Africa, build an institution with a happy workforce, create conducive environment and make the dot ng ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) registry stable, secured, competitive and the domain names affordable.
—  Mary Uduma, newly-elected President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

What it Means When U.S. Law Enforcement “Seizes” a Domain Name (

It means that the U.S. government moves the domain from its current name server to one under its control. That means that the U.S. government can control what content users see when they access these domains, without ever taking possession of the domain, at least in the sense of becoming the registrant of record.
Of Lawsuit Factories & Copyright Trolls - Righthaven Defies Court, Ignores Domain Name Ruling

Last Friday, the Chief Judge of the federal court in Nevada, which is overseeing more than 200 Righthaven copyright cases, dismissed Righthaven’s meritless claim to seize its victim’s domain names. In each case so far, Righthaven contended that the mere hosting of any infringing material means that the entire domain name was forfeit to the copyright troll (Source: 

Righthaven LLC is a copyright holding company founded in early 2010, which acquires newspaper content from its partner newspapers after finding that the content has been copied to online sites without permission, in order to engage in vexatious litigation against the site owners for copyright infringement. The lawsuits have been heavily criticized by commentators, who describe the activity as copyright trolling and the company as a “lawsuit factory”.

Righthaven initially purchased copyrights to a number of old news articles from Stephens Media, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, based on a business model of suing bloggers, other Internet authors, and Internet site operators for statutory damages for having reproduced the articles on their sites without permission.

In April, 2011, a federal judge unsealed the agreement between Righthaven and Stephens Media, revealing that Stephens media receives 50% of the proceeds of lawsuits (after deducting costs). (Source:

Is Righthaven simply a copyright troll? for

ICANN has sent a Notice of Breach to domain name registrar EuroDNS for its failure to transfer a client domain name after an adverse UDRP decision.

In September 2010 a EuroDNS client lost a UDRP for (with one ‘o’). Domain name registrars have ten days to transfer a domain name after receiving communication from the UDRP provider of an adverse decision unless the respondent files a lawsuit over the domain name. is a common typo for the popular social network. It forwards to a page offering a “Facebook survey”. 

Domaineq: Update: As of this writing, forwards to a parked domain page. Buying typos of popular words or brands have been popular for domain investors. Do you think it is as popular today? Considering UDRP decisions like this?

Among fashion companies, only Calvin Klein ( and H&M ( own a two letter domain. 

Most other fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton (no, Christian Dior (no or Dolce & Gabanna (no missed obtaining their famous acronyms.

In 2004, Calvin Klein bought the premium domain name Calvin Klein is one of the few corporations worldwide to own a two letter domain name. 

Domaineq: Two-letter domains, and generally short domains, are as close as they can get to status symbols in the domain world.

Think (General Electric). GE also owns but it’s simply redirected to

Same with and
Can you name another politician being haunted by his "own" domain name?

2012 GOP aspirant Jon Huntsman, President Obama’s soon-to-be-ex ambassador to China, apparently forgot about one very important task for any likely presidential candidate: Buying his own web domain name.

Visitors to are now taken to a page that hosts the former Utah governor’s so-called “love letter” to Obama that someone leaked to The Daily Caller last week. The letter is posted against a pink backdrop dotted with light pink hearts. Meanwhile, whoever is behind the page also created a heart graphic for the site modeled after Obama’s 2008 campaign logo.

According to WHOIS, the directory of web domain owners, someone anonymously purchased the domain in late January - weeks after Huntsman put out word that he was considering running for the GOP nomination in 2012.
A simple Firefox browser plug-in as free insurance policy against domain seizure?

Web revolutionaries affectionately call anti-piracy organizations like the RIAA and MPAA the MAFIAA as they are otherwise collectively known the Music and Film Industry Association of America.

This is the association responsible for getting the U.S. Government’s ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) involved with taking down websites with infringing content and site with links to other infringing sites.

Now, some technologists are proving that this cat-and-mouse domain seizure game is unlikely to end soon. The guys at has designed a Firefox plug-in that would automatically redirect you to another domain when the domain name you typed in is under seizure.

Simple? Neat? Will the ICE and the MAFIAA win the next round?