Buying A Domain Name

Buying A Domain Name

[ad_1] A Domain Name Reserving a domain name means that it is possible to reserve its trademark or its trade name on the Internet, to put an Internet site on line to increase its visibility and exchange emails with a personalized and professional Internet identity. To hold your own domain name, means you will also be free to use it as a means of communication and you will be able to preserve the…

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The domain registrar «Gransy s.r.o» (AKA «» AKA «» AKA «») was threatening us with blocking «» domain if some webpage were not removed from «» website.

This page is not related to Wikileaks, nor to the Gamergate controversy, nor to the war in Donbass. Not even to the copyright. They wanted to remove the snapshot of a deactivated LGBT-clothes shop.

We can only guess why the «Gransy s.r.o» employees consider this case so important - against the background of all the hot controversies that use «» to preserve the proofs which many people want to disappear - to renege on registrar’s neutrality and arrogantly use such a dirty method as threatening with blocking the domain in their intention to censor the client’s website content.

I have moved «» to another registrar.
Also mirror on «» is still active and I registered «» where I am going to set up an additional mirror.

Class Feature Friday: Feather Subdomain (Cleric Animal Subdomain)

There’s something beautiful, majestic, and absolutely ridiculous about birds. Easily the closest living relative to the dinosaurs (Or at least, the theropods and other bipedal beasties) birds are perhaps most famous for their ability to fly, although not all birds can do so.
What is universally true of birds is that most seem to have keen vision and reactions, making them agile at both attacking and dodging.
Today’s entry focuses on birds over all other animals, at once making them more narrow in scope, but also very diverse. I imagine clerics of this subdomain mix many of the character traits associated with the air domain into the mix. The deities they worship will likely be standard nature gods, or those with an association with both the skies and the creatures that live in it.
It is also a natural fit for druids who favor the skies from an animal perspective, and for inquisitors who wish to hunt the enemies of their faith with the long sight and precision of a bird of prey.
Let us not forget, however, the power of the flightless birds, however, the aquatic speed of penguins, the primal deadliness of cassowaries and their ax beak progenitors, and so on. These too can find emulation in the subdomain.

Rather than speak with beasts, those who are blessed with this subdomain instead are gifted with the sight of a bird of prey, allowing them to pick up on details and react to them with supreme speed.
Full casters will also benefit from a slightly different set of domain-granted magic, dropping several spells meant to manipulate and repel animals in favor of those that grant flight or slow the fall of their recipients.
Additionally, with their association with flight, these divine casters also take to learning to fly via magic or mundane means with ease, and they prove even more maneuverable than their fellows when under the effects of such spells.
Want a little air superiority with your beast cleric, or with your animal domain druid? Consider this subdomain. Without support from fly-casting allies, inquisitors will not get the most out of its passive ability, so keep that in mind. I recommend a long-range aerial sniper build with this archetype, acting first to get in your buffs and powerful ranged attacks and spells from on high.

As mentioned previously, the personalities of those with this subdomain might contain traits associate with the animal and air domains, being flighty, fighty, and so on. However, if you’ve been on the internet for a while and spent late nights looking up videos of animals doing things, you know that birds can often be silly, silly animals. Consider bringing some childlike frivolity to your character.

One never looks for a cassowary to attack from the sky, except for those that live in or near the Ganas Rainforest. The Druid guardains that worship She of Every Feather favor the predatory birds as deadly warbeasts, enchanting them with flight for awesome and terrifying effect. The only options are to secure passage or else face their deadly talons.

Zaione is not a well-known goddess. The Memory Keeper being responsible for keeping traces of the world’s oldest creatures alive, both in memory and in a more literal fashion. Even when her clergy have no access to true dinosaurs or megafauna, they still find ways to honor their memory, even tapping into the birds, the inheritors of the sky. A rare few even gain archaeopteryx or pterosaur companions in reward for their services.

Dire corbies are not the first one thinks of when is comes to inquisitors, save for those following the demon lord of ravens Koraxus. These subterranean mutants punish those who would threaten the affairs of his winged servants, in the vain hope that one day he will grant them wings of their own. Until then, they fight like made for their chance, spelling doom to others.

Wordpress blog için alan adı satın alma

WordPress blog için alan adı satın alma

WordPress blog için alan adı satın alma işi bir blog oluşturmanın ilk ama belki en önemli basamağıdır. Alan adı yani domain, oluşturacağınız sitenizin temel taşı olacaktır. Bunun için bazı konuları tecrübe edindiğim kadarıyla açıklamaya ve aydınlatmaya çalışacağım.

Alan adı yani domain nedir?

Genellikle com, net, org vb. uzantılara sahip olan ve sitenizin adını taşıyan isimlerdir.…

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There is an extremely new domain being constructed, which partly undermines architecture or eliminates the reason for being of architecture - the electronic domain. Now is an existential moment for a discipline that will decide whether it will be a dinosaur or whether it will be reinvented.
—  Rem Koolhaas, “On Architecture,” 2000

Banana, plantain. Musa paradisiaca. Illustration by Jean Theodore Descourtilz. Le jardin des plantes, Bernard, P., Couailhac, L. (1842) by Swallowtail Garden Seeds
Via Flickr:
From our collection of botanical photographs, illustrations, and paintings. We hope you will enjoy these images as much as we do.
How To Find A Good Domain Name For Your New Website
When you’re about to create a website, there are two things you need: (1) someplace to host your site, and (2) a name for your site. These two things act like your virtual property and address where people will come in order to find you online. Both are rather easy to jump into and pick out as far as...

When you’re about to create a website, there are two things you need: (1) someplace to host your site, and (2) a name for your site.
These two things act like your virtual property and address where people will come in order to find you online. Both are rather easy to jump into and pick out as far as…