Under The Table

Request; Imagine having sex in the school library with Isaac
Word Count; 1K
Warnings; Exhibitionism, fingering, Dom Isaac.
A/N; Lord, into the sin bin this goes. I am so here for this though, Isaac is a godsend I tell you. Thanks to @writingsof-mine for asking me to write this, you get my eternal Isaac love. (My proofreading skills are horrible so sorry in advance)


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quote inspiration →  Thorin Oakenshield

If it was only others that were missing, all well and good: one gets over the loss of other people as best one can; but I myself am missing, and that lacuna is all-important.
Dangerous Desires - by Fortem

√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ Setting: 2 years later
√ 49 chapters
√ My score: ❤❤❤❤ (very nice)
√ Rating: M
√ Language: ***** (close to no mistakes)

His hand was warm and firm, calmly placed against the nape of her neck, wrapped into her curls and tugging, not enough to move her head, just with enough tension to trigger all sorts of hormonal reactions. It was the move of newlyweds and desperate fiancées and always expressed a kind of intimacy. But this near stranger did it all the same, he gently squeezed the back of her neck and her omega roots were purring with joy. A deep rumble echoed in Malfoy’s chest, the primal noise of pleasure igniting something she needed more of. His other hand moved to her hip, the heat of it pulsing through the fabric of her dress. Draco Malfoy is an alpha and he is very used to getting what he wants but when his marriage negotiations begin his life gets far more complicated. Hermione Granger is an omega and just wants to be taken seriously. She’ll do anything to overcome her station, even if it means making deals with a certain irritating Alpha. At least, that’s where it starts.

My notes: In some kind of magical medieval world with kings and slaves, Dom (alpha) Lord Draco falls for Sub (omega) Slave girl Hermione. I love how they were able to make Hermione submissive without making her weak or taking away her fierceness. Very well written.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write headcanons for dom johnny please

THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST (lmao I haven’t been this excited since I wrote my Vernon dom headcannon)

  • Good lord, just to let you know, you’re gonna have a hard time walking straight afterwards
  • ROUGH af
  • He’s super bossy when being dominate too
  • Literally will tell you how to move and when to
  • “Just stay like that for me”       ASDFGHJK OH DADDY!
  • Ok speaking of daddy, don’t kill me but I don’t think he has a daddy kink (hear me out tho!)
  • The thing with him is that he’d probably rather you say his name instead
  • He’ll probably tell you to scream his name tbh
  • His hands will be ALL over you, and I mean EVERYWHERE
  • He’d like to spank you (or just grab your butt/boobs in general)
  • He would want be on top the majority of the time anyways, so when he’s feeling dom it’s a must
  • I feel like he would tease the living hell out of you
  • Like imagine being at a restaurant or something and suddenly you feel his hand on your thigh and it just keeps moving up higher and higher
  • He just might finger you in public and have a smirk on his face while watching your reaction
  • jfc it’s intense 
  • He’ll leave hickies all over your body just to tease you about them later
  • And he’s lowkey scary when dominate because, he keeps a very calm yet stern tone of voice the whole time.

Sooo… Anons gave me the power of shipping and… Well Rebbeca Sugar gave me an inspiration XD
So here it is dear anons and other ppl!