“They are both passionate, they both will live and die for the ones they care about, the ones they love. They are family oriented; they’re strong and loving and they are actually very, very similar characters in many ways.”

                                            - Dominic Sherwood

as a bisexual person from a homophobic family, i can 100% that i have handled people using the f-slur the exact same way Matt did. You stop them from saying it again but you don’t make a scene in front of other people. Am I beyond disappointed in Dom? Of course. I hope the rest of the cast speaks out against it as well. But I don’t blame Matt and I understand what an awful situation that is to be in.

Matt daddario has spent his career bringing LGBT+ representation to the screen and has always treated this community kindly. I’m glad he was there in the apology video to show that he understands the gravity of the situation and how hurt the fan base is.

Right now, I feel disappointed, sick, and upset. But none of those feelings are directed towards Matt.