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About the 1x12 make out scene:

Interviewer: How was that kissing scene and did you slip in the tongue? *laughs*

Dom: I can’t remember if there was tongue […] but I remember Kat and I turned to each other in our make up chairs and I think it was her that said “So like.. if by accident [the tongue] just happens to slip in, are you cool with that?”

I: Did you say yes or no?



Further destruction of the “cute and fluffly‘-stereotype - INFPs are critical as hell

(Note: this is an analysis based on myself, other INFPs I know, and INFP characters, as well as mbti function theory. So as always, it’s all non-exclusive and about non-compulsory traits - meaning others can have those traits too and being INFP doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to have one of those traits.)

This should be no surprise to anyone who actually knows INFPs and/or mbti functions well, because then you know that INFPs are natural observers (Ne-Si function stack sets a flow of creative/analytical perception as default, dominant Fi evaluates everything that is perceived). Logically, the more you see/are aware of (and not just in terms of quantity but also in the way you assess it; by seeing patterns in the case for INFPs) the more “errors” you notice (in lack for a better word. It can be anything from general inconsistencies to moral/emotional flaws/dishonesties).

Seeing that INFPs are idealists and we live in an extremely unjust and cruel world, criticism of this comes natural. Furthermore, Fi-Si as introverted function pair means intense experience of personal likes and dislikes (for those who read Dario Nardi’s “Neuroscience and Personality”, there’s a connection to neocortex area F8), which can show in a quick shooting down of anything new that for some (conscious or unconscious) reason causes dislike. This is the most instinctive side, but INFPs are also highly analytical and have a deep desire for knowledge. Ne makes them curious and appreciative of facts that many people have lost their wonder for, while Te makes them want to understand why things are the way they are (and since INFPs are introverted judgers, they have a craving for control and knowing their stance/opinion on everything important things everything.).

Also most superficial type descriptions will tell you that INFPs don’t use much logic, which is just really badly phrased in my opinion. The truth is that Fi-doms (INFPs and ISFPs) have their principles based on emotional values, so they certainly value emotional reasoning more than logical reasoning, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t use logic well or that they don’t think it’s best to use logic in cases where it seems…well, logical. The superficial description makes it sound as if INFPs were infants who go about with a mindset of “1 and 1 doesn’t equal 2, because I don’t like it.” Which is just ridiculous. Fact is that inferior Te actually makes you value logic and critical thinking, and a lot of people tend to have special interests/hobbies in the area of their lower functions (sometimes they also over-exercise it.). But even an inferior function is part of your personality type, so INFPs are as little logic-less as INTPs are emotion-less. And since inferior functions also tend to be the exaggerated versions of higher functions, inferior Te directly causes high criticality.

To sum up: Ne-Si notices patterns and their implications, Fi evaluates the observation (and since it’s dominant Fi, it cares about most things), Te construes it into words/actions. Since Te is the inferior function, a lot of the criticism of an INFP may not come to the surface for others to witness, but that doesn’t mean it’s not here (and when an INFP is close to someone, they certainly will hear it).

In other words…don’t be surprised if an INFP acts like what you think is stereotypically xSTJ.

Sons of Anarchy Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(Ok so i’m trying for my first SOA preference :3 Hope it’s okay and you all like it! Hope it is as requested :D Also I plan on keeping this list relatively short as I don’t want it to be as long as my TWD list, hope you all understand! Gif not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Jax-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d take a little step back and start to chuckle as he realizes you had a little dirty mind. He’d start to tease you, grinning and pretending to be in disbelief that you just said that, making you plead for him to get back at it and for him to give into your demands but only after you’d repeat yourself. “What? Daddy? You just called me Daddy! Yes you did!Fuck I never thought you were this dirty…Oh no I am not letting it go! Not until you tell me what was that all about! Come on, call me Daddy again!”

Opie-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and wouldn’t know what to say at first apart from calling your name curiously. However, seeing your sudden shocked expression as you’d realize yourself, he’d start to smile and laugh before cupping your cheeks and kissing you sweetly as he asks you what’s wrong. “Y/N? Did you just…Call me daddy? What’s that all about…You okay baby? It was an accident? Really? Well let me tell you what…I don’t mind if you call me that…”

Chibs-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and get cockier about himself. Letting out a chuckle, he’d lean in closer to you ear and whisper about how dirty minded you are to even think of such things, truly not letting you get away with what you just said before gripping you tightly and thrusting harder. “You dirty little girl…Calling me Daddy so loudly and eagerly…Is that what you think of me? Hmm…Say it again! Call me Daddy again! Louder!”

Tig-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just to stare into your eyes, making you both get quiet before looking at you lustfully and smirking darkly. Seeing you shake your head and sigh in denial of what just happened, he’d then pin you down to the bed and would thrust even harder and spank your ass to make you repeat yourself. “You…You just called me Daddy…Wow…Fuck…That’s so fucking hot! Y/N! Baby! Call me Daddy again!”

Juice-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d blush and actually be so happy about it that he couldn’t stop smiling. However, he’d pretend to be bashful and would deny enjoying it as you’d ask him whether he might like it or not, yet despite his denial, he’d actually seem more confident. He’d end up pinning you down tightly and thrust even harder. “You just called me Daddy…What? No…No I-I am nothing like that…But that doesn’t mean i hate it…”

Happy-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and let out a satisfied chuckle. He’d growl and grip onto your hair, pulling you back and simply tell you point blank to keep repeating yourself. He’d claim you as his and wouldn’t give a fuck if you both made too much noises, even going as far as to thrust even harder and make you beg for more. “Daddy?! Was it?! I didn’t hear you right you dirty little slut! You’re mine! Say it again! Let everyone know that i’m your Daddy!”

Kozik-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d actually get confident about himself and wouldn’t be able to stop smirking and grinning as he’d look at you. Still thrusting, he’d tease you by getting you to get to be even louder. He’d even go as far as to mimic you at some point, only to make you blush even more from what you just said. “Daddy! Daddy! Oh…That’s you a few seconds ago! Huh, Y/N! You like that?! Calling me Daddy! Yeah you do! Look at you! Oh no don’t hide yourself!”

Rat-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get oddly quiet and would take time to process what had just really happened. He’d be actually overwhelmed with joy but just couldn’t find the right things to say or do in the moment that he’d kinda stay still for a moment. As you’d wonder if he’s okay and apologize for it, he’d panic and reassure you. “I-I’m fine! I’m really fine! I-I just never expected it…B-But I-I like it a lot! I swear! I really didn’t mind…”

Half-Sack-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and get so overly confident that he’d start to play into it with you, acting as if he has always been your daddy dom. He’d laugh to hear you and would try his best to be rough with you, pulling on your hair or spank you but doing so lightly you’d laugh more than moan. “Yes baby girl?! You like that calling me Daddy?! Alright! Why don’t you say it louder! For everyone to hear!”

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baby fever - dad!tom

Summary: Tom reaaaaally wants to have a baby.

-when you and Tom got married, you planned on taking a year or two to enjoy married life together before you began thinking about starting a family

-it’s been a little over a year now and Tom has been hinting that it’s something he wants sooner rather than later

-just little things like always pointing out cute babies to you and saying things like “I can’t wait to do that with our kids”

-it gets worse at Christmas, spent in London this year, when you meet Tom’s cousin’s 10 week old baby girl for the first time

-his cousin and her husband are staying at a hotel nearby Tom’s parents’ house and they come over christmas eve along with all Tom’s family nearby

-everyone has already met the baby except for Tom and you so his cousin is holding her and saying, “these are your cousins, Tom and (y/n)” and Tom says “can I hold her?” and picks the baby up under her arms being really careful and making sure her head/neck is supported and saying “hiii babyyy” in that coo-ey baby voice as he settles her against his shoulder

-Tom is smitten he holds that baby so much over the three days that his cousins are around

-after presents are opened he lays on the floor next to her while she’s just laying under one of those pack n play mat things kickin around at the little dangly things in her face and he’s just watching her with this wistful smile and you just know he wants a baby asap

-his cousin says something to you like “Tom looks right at home in dad mode. have you two thought about when you’ll start a family?” and you’re like “we’ve talked about it as something in the near future but I’m pretty sure after this weekend he’s gonna be on my case about it” bc look at him he’s like in love

-at one point you’re holding the baby and she falls asleep and you’re thinking okay she is freaking adorable but anyways Tom’s watching you fondly for a while and then comes over and puts a hand on your back and whispers in your ear, “you holding a baby is kind of turning me on” and you’re like “Tom” widening your eyes at him to tell him to shush

-when you guys leave after the holiday his dad says “start working on my grandchildren soon, will ya?” and his mom elbows him and is like “Dom, leave them alone” and turns to you guys and is like “don’t let him pressure you, take your time” and you just like laugh awkwardly

-and on the way to the airport Tom’s like “so what my dad said…maybe we should start thinking about it” and you turn to him and teasingly are like, “oh, I know you’ve been thinking about it already, baby whisperer”

-you visit your family back home over new year’s and your extended family has already left so you’re like phew just the parents and siblings no babies but then at one point during the weekend your sister goes “you know what this family could really use?” and you’re like “what” and she’s like “a baby” and she’s staring at you deadass and you’re like “thanks for the hint pal” and Tom’s just sitting there looking at you like see everyone agrees with me

-like two weeks later one of your best friends has her first baby and you go down to visit in the hospital and you text Tom a picture of the cutie and he responds “let’s have one”

-so when you get back home you’re telling Tom all about the new baby and after Tom’s like “I was serious when I said we should have one”

-and you’re like “now?” and he’s like “why not?” and so you have a looong conversation about life and careers and how you could make it work in the next year and half or so and the pressure you’re feeling from everyone to have a baby and whether or not you feel ready but at the end of it all you call and schedule an appointment to have your IUD removed in two weeks

-he’s with you when you call and he’s just like all smiley as you hang up the phone with your gyno’s office

-later that night you guys have some really great sex and afterwards he’s looking at you all dreamy-eyed and says “i can’t wait to have a baby with you” awW

-so you get your IUD removed and you’re keeping it to yourselves that you’re trying to get pregnant

-and all the trying-to-make-a-baby sex is like, really hot tbh, like it just has this greater purpose and makes you feel so connected and just mmm yeah it’s real good and you’re not stressin even though it’s not happening right away because you know it takes your body a bit to get back on track after all the years of birth control so you’re just enjoying the ride ya know

-like 3 months after you start trying, Tom’s parents and uncle are in town and you all go to dinner and the uncle is Dom’s brother, the one whose daughter had the cute baby who you met at Christmas, and Uncle Mike starts talking about his granddaughter and Tom just squeezes your knee under the table

-after a while Mike is like “Dom, are you bitter I got a grandchild before you did?” bc Mike is Dom’s younger brother and they had this race going in their heads I guess and Dom laughs but half seriously turns to you guys and says, “yep, still waiting”

-Tom without thinking goes “we’re working on it, Dad, relax” and his mom is like “you are?!” all happy and excited and you give him a lil side eye like dammit TOm 

-but they’re very happy to hear that you guys are trying and bc you know Tom’s mom will tell your mom if you don’t,  you casually slip it into a conversation with your mom over the phone the next day that you and Tom are trying to get pregnant and she’s so so happy too and starts gushing about how great a dad Tom will be and it makes you smile

dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom ahhhhhhh sorry if this is a tease bc he’s not technically a dad yet in this but STILL its STARTING

also like we said earlier this is not the end of boyfriend!tom we still have lots of ideas and things to post we’re just skipping all around the timeline bc that’s how we like to do things



Ok, so this is a imagine that I’ve had in my head for a while now. Enjoy, My Lovelies. xx

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Dean looked up as the Y/C/H hunter walked into the viewing room. Her hair fell loosely around her face, the soft Hollywood curls framing it perfectly. His eyes wandered over her body, the way her jeans hugged her arse perfectly, the black tank she wore that was slightly see through, the deep red bra underneath that showed off some of her best assets. Her silver cross hung down over the top of her breasts, the diamonds shining in the light. Her heels clicked on the polished concrete floor, he glanced down at the ankle boots, that was a new looked. The look was Y/N all over, but a sexed up Y/N. He frowned at the duffels in her hand.


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Can they hear?

I just came home from the gym and took a quick shower,

“Kian? Jc?” I shouted

“In here!” Kian shouted

I headed into the editing room where kian and Jc were with headphones looking at their rather large computer screens. I smiled and went to give kian a kiss, he was so focused… Which made it extremely attractive. He quickly kissed me and laid his eyes back on the computer screen while moving the mouse around and replaying some clips over. I could tell he was tense, so me being witty I glanced at Jc and seen he was too into editing to even notice his surroundings which meant I was in the clear. I stood up looking over kians shoulder and rested my chin on his shoulder while moving my hands up and down slowly behind his back. I got up and started to rub his shoulders, I could tell he enjoyed it by the way his eyes relaxed at each time I unknotted a knot. Sneakily I slid my hands down to his waist and gripping not too tight his bulge, I looked at him and giggled as he bit his lip. He took off His headphones and sighed in sexual frustration looking at me,

“Baby what are you doing?” He asks

“Nothing, I’m just… Helping you relax?” I say giving him puppy dog eyes while I bite my lip

I could see his eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips,

“Jcs right there… And I’m editing… You’re making it really hard to” he says

“He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, and am I? Maybe we could…” I say signaling him

“You know I would but I have to finish up this video” he says

I get closer to him and whisper in his ear,

“Maybe you could finish me” while lightly nibbling on his ear

He groaned, “fuck..” He says under his breath

In that room we both felt heated, but Jc on the other hand… He was just editing away

“Jc!” Kian shouted

“Yeah?” He says taking off one ear set

“Uh.. I think I’ll finish editing later. I need to help y/n with something” kian says

“Yeah no prob. Just make sure to finish it” Jc says

Kian nodded then we headed upstairs, I was in front of him walking up the stairs. He slapped my ass and it made me giggle running up. He slammed the door shut and locked it,

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you baby” he says in a husky voice which caused me to bite his lip

“Please do” I responded

As we laid down we started making out, he gripped my ass and began to spank it which I yelped because I loved when he did that

“Now get on your stomach” he demanded

I did as told and lifted my ass into position, “God this is so worth it…” He says

I could feel his tip teasing me, “just do it!” I say

“I will, but you have to be quiet, Jc downstairs and Dom is a couple rooms down” he says

I nodded, then I felt him. He trusted in me and out of me. So fast,

“Fuck baby, faster… Harder” I moaned

As he continued to thrust into me he managed to continue to slap my ass and moaned. After we both finished we laid there, hot and sweaty.

“So why out of all day did you choose today to be so sexual with me?” He asks

“I like to see you edit, it’s turns me on” I laugh

He laughs too, “you’re weird babe” he says

We throw on our clothes and head back downstairs where Jc gave us the look,

“Dude I could hear you guys through my EARPHONES” Jc laughs

Kian laughed and there came Dom rushing down the stairs,

“Kiian Kiiiiian faster!” Dom mocked

“Shut up Dom” I laughed

“Surprised that you don’t like to be called daddy” Dom jokingly said to kian

“You’ll hear a lot more” kian responds

So much for being quiet…

You're what?

Warnings: none

a/n: I love love love Brian O’Conner 

You sighed as you sat next to Mia as she looked at the computer screen in front of her. Your head quickly snapped behind you as you heard a car revving from outside of the garage. You quickly stood up from your seat as two people walked in. Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head.

What the hell?

You turned to Mia and mumbled,
“Get out of here.”

She nodded before she snuck off as you slowly walked towards your older brothers. Dean glared at you,
“You said you were on a case in Sioux Falls, what the hell are you doing in LA?”

You hesitantly stood in front of them,
“Plans changed.”

Dean scoffed as Sam placed a hand on his chest to calm him down,
“Dean relax.”

Dean slapped his hand away as you saw movement from the corner of your eye. No, no, no, stay back there.

Dean narrowed his eyes,
“We haven’t seen you in a year Y/N!”

“Dean just let me explain.” You stated.

You heard footsteps behind you as you kept your eyes locked with Deans.

“Aye is everythin alright here?” Dom said as he stepped behind you.

“No, I haven’t heard from my little sister in over a year.” Dean spat out as you heard more people enter the room.

“Dean, I didn’t mean to leave the case. I met them and things changed.” You sighed as you saw both of your brother’s faces soften.

“Life has been bad for us and we were worried sick about you. After dad died I promised him that I would never let anything happen to the two of you. I ain’t plannin on letting that happen."Dean said sadly.

Dean grabbed your wrist tightly as he pulled you towards him,
"We’re leaving.”

You heard someone running towards you,
“Get your hands off of her!”

Brian stepped in front of you and pulled you away from Dean. Brian placed an arm protectively in front of you,
“She isn’t going anywhere.”

Dean stepped closer to Brian and got in his face,
“That’s my little sister, it’s about time she comes with us.”

“You’ll have to kill me then if you plan on taking her.” Brian said.

“I ain’t got any problem with that.” Dean said as you stepped in between them.

You placed your hands on their chests,
“Stop it!”

The two only continued to bicker before you sighed and yelled,
I’m pregnant!”

Everyone went silent as you stood in between your brothers and your boyfriend.  

“What?” Dean said as you hesitantly met his eyes.

“I’m pregnant. I know you don’t want me getting hurt. You’ve both always looked out for me and I appreciate that. But I’m starting my own family now, and you’ve got to accept that.” You panted.

Deans face softened as he and Sam looked at one another before they both smiled at you. Dean lightly laughed,
“Come ‘ere little sister.”

The two of them squeezed you in a hug as Sam sighed,
“We missed you kid.”

“I missed you both so much.” You said as you pulled away and smiled at them.

“You’re pregnant?”

You turned around to face Brian who bore a surprised look on his face. You hesitantly looked up to meet his striking blue eyes as you stepped towards him,
“I’m sorry I’ve tried to tell you bu-”

You were cut off when his lips connected with yours. You closed your eyes as you wrapped an arm around his neck. You pulled away and couldn’t help but smile when you noticed the grin on his face.

“We’re going to be parents.” He said smiling down at you.

You grinned,
“Yeah, we are.”

Brian pressed his lips to yours as he placed a hand on your stomach. Your eyes opened when you were picked up from behind. You laughed as you noticed it was only Dom.

“Congratulations sister.” Dom said as Brian pointed a finger at him.

Brian gave him a pointed look,
“Toretto, be careful she’s got precious cargo.”

You heard some of the crew laugh as Dom set you down. You pressed your lips to Doms cheek,
“Thanks Dom.”

He nodded before going over to Brian and hugging him. Mia and Gisele were next as they both congratulated you. You continued hugs and such until you noticed your brothers still standing there. You walked over to Brian and grabbed his hand as you pulled him along with you. You stood next to Brian as you cleared your throat,
“These are my overprotective older brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. Dean, Sam, this is my overprotective boyfriend Brian O'Conner.”

Brian chuckled a little bit before he shook both of their hands. Brian cleared his throat,
“It’s nice to meet you, and sorry about that back there.”

Dean shook his head,
“Anyone that protects my baby sister is good in my book.”

You saw the boys softly smile as you looked at your brothers,
“You guys are such babies.”

Brian chuckled as he pressed his lips to the side of your head. You smiled slightly,
“Sam, keys.”

Sam smirked before tossing you the keys as you ran out of the garage.

“What is she doing with my keys Sam!” Dean yelled as you ran towards Baby.

“I believe that dad gave this car to all of us. Plus I’ve always been better with cars than you have!” You shouted as you heard him chasing after you.

“Y/N don’t touch Baby!” Dean yelled as you heard more people coming outside.

You slid across the hood of the car and unlocked the driver’s seat. You put the key in the ignition as you locked the doors. Dean tried to pull open the door as you turned to Sam,
“Hey, Sammy do you think she drifts?”

Sam laughed,
“I mean going off the engine power and-”

“Sammy, I don’t need technical. Will she drift?” You stated as you saw Brian laugh.

“Yes.” He said simply as Dean glared at you.

“Do not hurt my baby.” Dean said seriously.

“You’ve got three options for the term baby. Baby as in the car, Baby as in me your baby sister, or baby as in my baby. So which one were you referring to?” You asked sassily.

“I would prefer if you took care of all three.” Dean said as you winked at him.

He stepped away from the car and you revved the engine and sped off. You whooped as you neared a corner before switching the stick and hitting the brake. You perfectly drifted around the corner before making your way back around. You laughed as you noticed the dumbstruck looks on your brother’s faces.

You hopped out of the car,
“Really guys? We own a car garage. How do you think I met Dominic and Brian?”

Roman opened his mouth to give his version when you cut him off,
“Don’t listen to Roman’s version as it is incorrect and hardly near the truth.”

Brian walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist and settled his head on top of yours,
“She was street racing. Beat Dominic and I by ten seconds, most I’ve ever been beaten by.”

You smiled,
“You lost, and I can still beat your ass any day.”

He chuckled as one of his hands rubbed your small bump before he quietly said,
“But I still got the best prize of all.”

Your cheeks flushed as you heard Roman and Taj whistle,
“Get a room!”

Dean and Sam’s eyes widened as Dean said,
“No, don’t get a room.”

You smirked at them as you leaned into Brian’s embrace. You looked up at him and smiled,
“I love you.”

Brian smiled as his hand rubbed your small baby bump once more,
“I love you both.”



Brian x Sister!Reader

“So, why’re you in here so often huh?” Mia asked as she leant in and smiled at him. “I mean really.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Brian admitted after weeks of getting nowhere and all his leads reaching a dead end.

“Oh, yeah who?” She asked and watched Brian smile to himself.

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