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Anon Request: Hello! Okay so I don’t know if anyone wrote an imagine about that but here’s the deal: A Tom Holland x reader where Reader is Tom’s gf and she’s watching him perform live at Lip Sync Battle and they get freaky right after the show while he’s still wearing his costume because Reader finds him extremely sexy so yeah! Thank you much! And if you don’t write smut it’s all good! Have a nice day xx

Warnings: smut, language, NSFW, 18+ please, oral (fem-receiving), dom!tom, sub!reader, basically porn

(Y/N) had heard of a show called Lip Sync Battle before, but she’d never really watched it. Sure she saw John Krasinski’s hilarious interpretation of “Proud Mary” as well as Channing Tatum’s Beyonce impersonation, but those were just isolate incidents of hilarity, right?
She sat between Harrison and Harry, who had come out to see Tom’s performance, and couldn’t help the laughter that came over her as she watched both Tom’s and Zendaya’s interactions with one another throughout their songs, but there was little she or anyone else in the audience could do to prepare themselves for the closing performance of the night.
(Y/N) stifled a giggle as she watched her boyfriend enter the stage in a suspiciously large suit and start swinging around an umbrella to one of their favorite musicals. She thought it was cute, but there was no way “Singing in the Rain” was going to beat Zendaya’s Bruno Mars performance. (Y/N) ignored the competition part of the show and payed attention to Tom’s movements as he swung around the prop light pole only to disappear behind the set. Suddenly, the piano music cut off and shifted to more of a modern day feel. (Y/N) turned toward Harry and Harrison and the three of them exchanged looks of confusion only to hear Rihanna’s voice flood over the speakers and a the crowd erupt into loud screams and cheers. The three quickly turned back in time to see Tom jump back out onto stage in a black leather leotard and pantyhose with frilly wrist gauntlets and a full face of makeup on.
“Oh shit!” “What the hell?” and “Fuck me!” escaped the mouths of the three people Tom brought with him to the show tonight as he grinned lightly against the umbrella he held in front of him before backing up into the crowd of dancers and joining in their routine: popping his hips to the side and pulling the umbrella parallel over his head before squatting and separating his knees as if air humping the prop. He continued to swing his hips in circles and body roll before he threw the umbrella between his legs and popped his ass out repeatedly.

(Y/N) could hardly contain herself as he spread his legs as far as he could, squatted down, and then rotate his pelvis for the crowd. She couldn’t help the tears streaming down her face from laughter as Tom continued over toward Zendaya to grind against her, but the thing that captured (Y/N) most was when he made his way back to the center of the stage during the song’s bridge, building up for the last chorus. As soon as the rain glistened off the leather surrounding Tom’s package, she was soaked. Tom hit his knees and started to throw his head in circles before slapping against the water that had pooled up and rising again to complete the song and then fall on his back.
Slowly, (Y/N) managed to slip away from her seat without Harrison or Harry noticing. She dipped and ducked around backstage until she made her way to Tom’s dressing room. Her heart was pounding in her chest as the television mounted on the wall displayed in real-time what was happening on stage. her heart beat faster and faster the closer the number in the corner of the screen counting down got to zero. (Y/N) paced around the room, trying to find the best place to wait for him, debating on whether to strip naked already or not. Before she could make a decision, the door knob started to turn and she quickly jumped on the side the door opened on and hid behind it as Tom entered. Just as she had hoped, he was still dressed in his soaking wet faux leather leotard. She slipped around the door as he closed it and quickly turned the lock.
“(Y/N)?” Tom called with an excited and shocked expression on his face. “How did you get-” He was cut short of finishing his sentence when she shoved her lips against his violently. He didn’t waste time questioning what was happening. Instead, he dropped the prop umbrella and stretched his muscular bare arms around her body, clutching tightly at her ass and leaving scratched along her back. The wet lipstick on his lips quickly smeared across each of their faces as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and then sucked hers into his, biting down as she tried to pull out.

Tom shoved his hand down the front of her shorts, not hesitating to push his fingers into her longingly quivering lips. “You’re so wet,” he breathed against her ear as his three middle fingers swirled within her. She pulled against the leather trousers that clung to his bulging cock and realized his outfit came in two pieces rather than one. She slipped her dominant hand down the front of his pants and gripped his dick, rigorously pumping her hand along his length. Tom groaned under her touch and started to push the tips of his fingers across her clit, causing her to whimper under his touch.

“Tom,” she moaned. The hand gripping his cock started to shake and her momentum slowed down as her hips twisted against his body, begging for more than just his fingers.

He smirked devilishly as her power over her body subsided, leaving him in complete control. As soon as he knew she was his and that she wasn’t going to put up a struggle for dominance, he shoved her onto the couch and tore her shorts from her body without bothering to unbutton them. Tom pulled her back up from the couch to tease her, sliding his hands along her waist and then up her thighs as he slowly lowered himself into a squat. Soon, his hot breath panted against her stomach and his front teeth pinched her skin as the tugged against her black lace thong. Once he had her thong on the ground, Tom shoved her back onto the couch and took her knees in each of his hands before forcing her legs apart. He pressed his lips along her legs, leaving hickies dotted across the inside of her thighs before his lips finally collided with her opening.

He was slow at first, knowing that once he got her going, there would be no way to savor the moment they were in. The smallest part of his tongue slipped back and forth over her clit and (Y/N) arched her back in an attempt to raise her hips to beg him for more. Immediately, Tom pulled himself back and thrust his face into hers. “Fuck, babe,” he huffed, “I know you remember my rules.” She could smell herself in his breath as he licked his lips, his normally caring eyes calloused into what she called his ‘hard fucking’ eyes. Whenever she had seen this crazed look of necessary lust in Tom’s, she knew he meant business. Normally Tom was very attentive in bed. He liked to please and normally only had rough sex when (Y/N) told him to bend her over the bed and ‘fuck me like you mean it,’ but one night, she teased him so much to the point that he tapped into this other side of him and she realized just how much he was holding back.
(Y/N) tried to peck her lips against Tom’s before he went back to eating her out, but her failed attempt further unleashed his dominance. She knew his rules inside and out, but it didn’t stop her from breaking them. Whenever she did something that could be considered ‘asserting dominance,’ he would counteract her move with something even more irresistible, therefore, her attempt to give him a light kiss lead to him sliding his fingers inside of her and crashing his lips onto hers, sucking and biting her lips and tongue until the sensation between her legs was too much to handle and her moaned into his mouth.
She could still remember the night he became this sex monstrosity of her dreams and the way he delivered his rules to her. Even thinking about them now  got her going even more.

(Y/N) had wanted to introduce a little role playing to their sex life and decided that having him handcuff her and bend her over would be an easy transition but a strange sense of exhilaration came over him as he realized the meaning behind what she was having him do to her. Tom knew that (Y/N)’s greatest fear was her own vulnerability so letting him have complete control over her body like this only showed the true degree of trust she had in him.
Somehow she found herself on her knees with Tom tying his ties into tight box knots around her wrists to the top of the bed frame. Her back was arched and her head hung down as her arms were stretched out above her and Tom made his way behind her. Slowly, his shoved his hard-on inside her and slapped her ass.

“You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” he began. “You’re going to stay still, no matter how hard it is. Once you start moaning, you’re going to moan my fucking name louder and louder as you get closer to cumming. You’re not going to distract me by touching me,” each time he listed another rule, he slapped her ass harder and made his thrusts deeper. “If you break my rules, I will make you cum and then we will start over.”

(Y/N) leaned back on the couch as Tom hovered over her. His eyes were fierce and the bore against her bare chest. His head dropped and he immediately started sucking on her tits, nibbling at her nipples just enough to cause a tingling pain but not enough to make the mistake of getting smacked in the head again.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to break my rules?” Tom asked her as he put her legs on his shoulders and gripped her love handles so hard she knew she’d be bruised within the hour. His cock traveled into her in long, quick, violent thrusts and he repeatedly hit her sweet spot she reached forward to grab his perfectly toned chest only to have her hands swatted away and his thrusts to quicken. His thighs slapped against her ass with each thrust and a quick pulse echoed through the room, matching the throbbing in her vagina as she tried to constrict herself around him. “And now that’s three,” he sighed at her before flipping her over and pounding his thick cock into her until she bit into her arm to keep herself from screaming, saving herself even more humiliation of confronting Harry and Harrison who were no doubt wondering what was taking Tom so long to change. Tom stared at her ass as it bounced against him and looked into the mirror he had bent her over in front of to see her breasts smacking into the other.

“F-fucking shit, Tom!” she yelled before releasing everything she had pent up onto him. He looked over her naked body as she slumped against the chair he was fucking her over and smirked at himself. “What?” she asked as they each caught their breath.
“You owe me three more tonight,” he muttered against her hot and sweaty skin.

“Your brothers and Harrison are staying with you tonight,” she protested.

“Then maybe you’ll follow my rules those times,” Tom smirked at her as they slipped back into their clothes. They hurried to dress and leave before causing too much of a hold up for his brother and Harrison only to find the pair impatiently waiting for them in the parking lot.

“What took you so long?” they grumbled as Tom and (Y/N) walked past them. He gave her ass  quick squeezed before slapped it as she walked toward his car and turned back to the other guys with the pride of conquest in his eyes.

vivabucky’s masterlist

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Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier

Peter Parker / Spiderman

Steve Rogers / Captain America


Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

T’Challa / Black Panther


Tony Stark / Iron Man

Peggy Carter / The love of my life

Sam Wilson / Falcon

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Sebastian Stan

Lance Tucker

Tommy Holland

Chris Evans

Tom Hiddleston

Robert Downey Jr

Not My Alpha Or My Daddy

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Peter x Fem!Reader

Summery: Peter shows the Reader who’s in charge

Warnings: +18, Swearing, sex, dirty talk, Dom!Peter, oral, Sub!Reader, Omega!Reader

“Derek I’m staying for a few days!” You called out as you dumped your bag on the floor, heading to throw yourself over Derek’s couch.

“Well if it isn’t our favourite Omega, how can we help?” Peter drawled and you glared at him as you grabbed at your phone, wiggling around until you could pull it out of your pocket.

“Piss off Peter.” You hummed as you unlocked it and started to scroll through your apps.

“Well that’s just rude, you should know better than to argue with an Alpha.” He schooled and crouched next to you.

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Being best friends with Peter (headcannon)

My first headcannon post.. preparing for cringe :)) •you’d have the greatest story on how you two met •you’d be walking and you’d see Peter run into a pole •you’d be laughing your ass off before also running into a pole •and you’d both be cracking up on the streets of NYC and people would think you both need help •but Ned would yell, “I ship it!” •y'all would talk about science puns 24/7 •traditional star wars night •ned watching you two cuddle on the coach like a proud dad •protecting Peter from Flash because he’s so innocent and small and needs to be protected at all times •you practically living at Peter’s house •everyone at school would be waiting for you two to start dating •dressing up as a sexy woman version of Spider-Man to tease him •finding out Peter is Spider-Man because let’s face it; he can’t keep anything from you •you find by walking in on him taking his suit off •after you find out you’d swing around the city •singing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ out loud in front of him •people would find Spider-Man dropping you off at school •and they would be jealous •Peter walks out minutes later with a smirk oml •him FINALLY admitting his feelings for you •Spider-Man kissesssss •once you jump-scared him and he literally jumped and stuck to the ceiling •he •actually •got •stuck •you’d be rolling on the ground while laughing •when you finally helped him down he practically threw a fit •'you’re sOooO meeAannnN’ •you taking Peter’s virginity because we all know he’s too innocent to have lost it already (but hot asf) •Peter literally loving you forever •he’s clingy asf •when he’s upset he lays on your chest because “they’re comfy” •playing with his hair •once it is long enough you braid it •once Ned finds out about you two he flips •peter trying to do your makeup •keyword: trying •him being so proud of the results •holding hands all the time •in class too •you style his hair every day, but you’ve pretty much done it for as long as you’ve known him •the boy loves cuddles •like, lovesss •Peter looks like a small innocent bean but like •like •he’s a wholeee different person in bed •dom!Peter takes control •being super loving and careful afterwards •you just can’t get enough of Peter (I’ll definitely do more of these, so request some ideas, and I might make a Pt. 2 💓)

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For the nsfw asks with Peter Parker: a, b, e, f, I, j, k, and w.

nsfw asks list

a - aftercare

he’d definitely be a cute cuddly boyfriend. wants to make sure you’re okay and clean you up and bring you food and would probably even wash you and/or dress you up in comfy pjs, peppering you with kisses.

b - body part

his favorite body part of himself, i’d probably say his abs. he lovesssss his abs, he worked hard for them even if the spidey thing helped, and it makes him feel secure in his own body. his favorite body part of yours would probably be either your thighs so he can grab you tight while he pounds into you hard or your hair so he can grab at it while you’re going for it short or long, he doesn’t care, he just likes the feel of your hair between his fingers.

e - experience

he’s not that experienced. def a smol bean who is shy and does not want to rush into things and tbh you’re probably his first and if not first, one of the very few he’s had sex with

f - favorite position

oh shit son. his favorite position will either be missionary bc he likes to be able to see your expressions, or you on top so that he can see the way you move on top of him, especially because he loves loves loves that he can see you straining and sweating all for him, yeet i’m thirstin

l - location

peter’s favorite location is the bedroom, no doubt. he’s really shy and also gets jealous really easily, so he wouldn’t want anyone to see you besides him. the faces and sounds you make are for his eyes and his alone. also he would want the privacy of a bedroom so he could take his time and pleasure the both of you as much as he could, no lie.

j - jack off

okay so my headcanon for this is that peter likes to take his time. he likes to bring himself to the edge and then ease himself off, to make it last longer. he’d go fast and probably squeezes certain areas, especially the head and the base, trying to simulate certain pressures, you feel? the squeezes are sporadic. doesn’t outright moan, but instead it’s little breathy grunts every time. the heavier panting is for when he squeezes. probably uses a lot of spit when he masturbates too, bc he likes to imagine you going down on him. when he finally lets himself come, he’s sore from bringing himself right there and then not letting it happen but it’s soooo worth it because he rides out his orgasm for so long.

k - kink

okay imo peter probably has a praise kink. like damn have you seen this soft, cute boy? he’s wild, but he’s definitely all about praise. like he wants to please you, obviously he also is chasing after his own pleasure, but like, he wants you to tell him he’s being a good boy and that he’s doing so well, etc. etc. the second you hold him tight and whisper in his ear, “you’re filling me up so good, you’re doing so well” he is gone and i mean gone okay, like he’s coming and it’s the hardest and best orgasm he’s ever had in his entire life and then you’re obviously filing that information to use it against him later lmao.

w - wildcard

hm…. as much as i love me some dom!peter as you can see if you’ve read be a good girl i think he’s probably a switch. he can do either or depending on what you want. bc i feel like since he’s so soft and shy, he’s probably also a sub. like he’d want to dominate you and wreck you in the bedroom but he’d also love to be wrecked by you, and i’m talking going all out; orgasm denial, overstimulation, tying him up, blindfolding, teasing, the whole thing. like he’d want you to wreck him okay just completely ruin him. his legs would be shaking afterwards and you’d take care of him and praise him for being so good and listening to you and reacting so cutely and it would make him blush so hard, but he’d love every second of it.

dom!Peter vs dom!Y/N would include

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  • Peter Parker may be an adorkable goofball 
  • but when he gets jealous his adorableness turns into sexiness and his awkwardness turns into dominance
  • whenever he sees any other person being close to you or checking you out, he gets this burning desire to let you know who you belong to
  • having a tight grip on your arm as he’s taking you to his bedroom
  • but not to tight because he doesn’t want to hurt his angel
  • as soon as the door is closed, he starts ripping your clothes off your gorgeous body
  • leaving hickeys all over your neck and chest
  • biting your lower lip every now and then
  • “tell me, whose making you feel like this?”
  • leaving open mouthed kisses on your tummy
  • “you are mine and mine only, angel”
  • thrusting deep into you as you’re moaning his name
  • “say it doll, say that you’re mine”
  • holding the back of your neck with his hand and firmly kissing you
  • “no one is allowed to see you like this, angel”
  • him making you see stars
  • leaving sloppy kisses on each other as you’re both coming down from your high
  • -2 minutes after-
  • “i didn’t hurt you doll, did i?”
  • “i’m sorry angel if i hurt you, i adore you”
  • “want me to order a pizza for us, your favorite?”


  • this usually happens when you’re on Tumblr and you’re reading a sub!Peter smut
  • making him sit on your bed
  • standing in front of him in nothing but his shirt
  • “take off your clothes Peter, right now!”
  • him hardening from seeing the dominant side of you
  • slowly going near him and sitting on his lap
  • biting his earlobe as you’re whispering what you’re going to do to him
  • tugging on his curly brown hair
  • rolling your hips on his at painfully slow race
  • him trying to caress your inner thigh
  • “tsk-tsk Peter, you’re not touching me until i tell you so”
  • him moaning desperately for your affection
  • “p-please doll, let me touch you, let me make you feel good”
  • licking his lower lip before biting it
  • palming him through his boxers
  • him being a moaning hot mess under your control
  • hearing his voice crack as he’s begging for release
  • leaving open-mouthed kisses on his neck as he comes in his boxers
Mine~ {Peter Pan Imagine}

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| Masterlist |

Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  Can you do a Peter x Reader one with #41 and #51 please??? 💕

Warnings:  sexslave!Reader, dom!Peter, slight mention of rape, that’s all I can think of

Note: This probably isn’t what you wanted, but I haven’t done anything like this yet, so why not? Srry if it’s confusing :P

I woke up to a burning sensation in between my thighs and lower back, my whole body aching for some odd reason. I don’t really remember all of what happened last night…all I can remember is coming home from school, watching TV for a while and then off to bed. That was it. Why am I not in my bed? 

Sitting up slowly while groaning at the movement, I noticed that the room around me was dark and silent. I was definitely not home anymore. But how’d I get here? Who took me? I sworn I locked all the doors to my house, my parents were at some business dinner…everything is a blur, I don’t know how this person could have kidnapped me without me putting up a fight.

“Morning, love.” A husky voice echoed around me, making me tense up and rub the skin on my arms up and down, suddenly having a chill. Then, that’s when I saw them. 


I was chained to the wall, from my hands to my feet, I was trapped. Panic starting to bubble up inside me, the only thing my brain could function to do was start pulling like hell. But, my action only made the voice chuckle at my attempts. 

“You’re not gonna break them. I’ve made them myself personal, for you my dear Y/n,” The sound of my name coming from this stranger’s mouth made me freeze. 

“H-How…” I rasped, my throat dry and sore for some strange reason.

“How do I know you name, you were going to ask? Oh, it’s quite simple, sweetheart. I’ve been watching you for months, seeing if you were the perfect toy for me to play with. And as you see…you’ve passed the test. Last night was one of the best nights of my life. You are definitely my new favorite. Guess I can let Wendy go now.” 

That sentence alone made my heart stop. What did he mean by ‘new favorite’? 

What did he do to me? 

Subconsciously I rubbed my thighs gently, wincing at the pain. Looking down, I gasped, nearly choking on air. The inside of my thighs were all bruised up, dark purple marks colored some parts of my hips, as my sides held scratch marks. Tears sprung up to my eyes, as my lip quivered at the horrible realization. 


The sound of footsteps now echoed the room, but I payed no attention as the agonizing truth crashed down on me like a ton of bricks. I could hear that his footsteps were closer now, I closed my eyes tightly as I cried silently to myself. What I didn’t expect was for him to reach up and stroke my hair, so I jerked away from him, backing up against the wall.

Now having a good look at him, his physical appearance actually surprised me. I was expecting him to be some old creep, or a guy who would be in his late 20s or 30s…this boy looked like a teenager. Someone who would attend my school. But I didn’t recognize him at all. His chestnut hair, those forest green eyes that were filled with mischief, and that evil grin that rested upon his face. He was deviously handsome…

“You’re surprised, love. What? Expecting me to be ugly? Unattractive?” He teased, watching as I shook slightly from crying. “I’m actually surprised you don’t remember all of last night, love. You want to see my markings?” His smirk deepened, as he reached behind him, pulling at the shirt and over his head, turning around.

I gasped again, seeing the long scratch marks and bite marks on his shoulder blades, making vomit slowly rise up my throat. I shook my head rapidly, more tears streaming down my face. “Those aren’t because of me…we never…w-we didn’t…”

“Oh, but we did, love. And it was spectacular! Of course you don’t remember it, because it was your demons taking over. You were no longer in control of your body at the time.” 

“W-What? Demons? What are you-?”

“You’re a feisty, aggressive, saucy little minx, Y/n. You’re demons are rough and hungry for excitement, and they were just begging to be let out. That’s why you’re so special! No man has ever been able to let those inner demons escape. Especially that little boyfriend of yours. What was his name? Henry, was it?” 

I hiccuped at his name, realizing that I’ll probably never get to see him again. Not to mention he wouldn’t be my first…this…lunatic was. And I don’t even remember, nor do I ever want to!

“You…you monster! Henry and I never slept together, he never touched me! He was sweet, kind, and patient with me wanting to wait, and you took it away from me! You used me!” I screamed, running up to him only to be yanked down to the ground by the chains. 

The boy raised his eyebrow high, his smirk growing wider like a mad man. “Even better, my princess. You were pure, which explains why you were so…well. How can I put this lightly?” He walked over to me, with a wave of his hand I was up on my feet, my eyes widening at the action. How the hell did he do that? He pushed me up closer to the wall, staring down at me intensely. “You, my dear, were rather…secure. All my years, I’ve been chasing used toys…and, boys don’t like when toys are all used up. New and untouched toys are their favorite.”

“G-Get away from me! Let me go, take me back home! Please, I have a family, I love Henry with all my heart, please let me go!”

“Beg all you want, my sweet. But, I’m afraid letting you go is far from being an option. You’re ass is mine, got it?” His smirk fell from his lips, as one of his hands grip my jaw roughly, making me look up at him. I wiggled my head, trying to break free, only for him to lean down quickly and connect out lips in a sloppy embrace. 

I tried to push him away, but the chains only tightened and pulled behind my back. Pulling away was out of the question as my head was being pushed into the wall, keeping me planted in my spot. 

Suddenly, his other hand came down slowly towards the almost bare bottom half of my body, one of his fingers grazing over a certain spot making my clamp my legs shut. He pulled away from the kiss angrily, staring down at me with a firm glare.

“Why must you be so difficult, love? Things would be a lot easier if you would just let your demons go-!” I spat in his face before he could finish his sentence. Regretting it already just by the look on his face, he quickly turned me around, pushing me farther into the wall. “Want to be a naughty girl? Fine. Then you shall be treated like one.”

I heard the sound of some kind of door opening, making the him halt his movements, but still hold me in place. “What do you want?” He snapped, making me flinch, even though he wasn’t talking to me.

“Wendy escaped her cage.” Another male voice spoke, sounding very timid compared to this guy.

“Well, then you and the others go looking for her, I’m busy!” He growled, pushing me a little bit harder into the wall, practically squishing me.

“You of all people know this island better, Pan. Forgive me for interrupting, but we-”

“Okay, alright! I’ll be out in a moment, just let me…finish up in here real quick.” He sighed into my neck, inhaling my scent for a moment, making me shiver at the feeling.

I’m sure the guy who was talking understood and left, as I heard the door close. I felt this so called ‘Pan’ stroke the sides of my neck, finally pulling me from the wall and turning me back around. 

“Now, I have to go away now for a little bit, sweetheart. I guess you aren’t the only naughty girl on this island. But, that’s gonna change, I promise.” He smirked, pressing a kiss to my temple. I jerk my head away from him, making him roll his eyes. “When will you learn to except the fact that I am your master now?”

I refused to answer, feeling him start to kiss the curve of my neck getting a small whimper out of me. I felt a dampness in between my legs, making me bite my lip hard, cursing my body for reacting to his touch. He must’ve noticed because of the smirk that colored his face once more when pulled back up.  “Why must you torment me?” 

“Because, my dear, I love the reaction I get in return. Just know that you are mine. You’re body, heart and soul belong to me.”

“I don’t belong to anyone, especially not you! Let me go!”

Sighing loudly he pulled away from me fully, turning to leave me in this hole, by myself again. The thought of being alone in here scares me more than him being in here alone with me.

“W-wait! Don’t leave me here, please! Let me out of here!” I screamed, going back to tugging on the chains, having no luck of breaking them whatsoever. “Help! Help me please, someone help!”

His laugh overpowered my screams, as he was just about to shut the door to this prison. 

“Cry and yell all you want, love. No one can hear you here.”

“Where is here?!” I cried, tears streaming down my face in frustration, as I continued to tug on the chains.

“Welcome to Neverland, my queen. You’re new and permanent home.”  

ESFJ: Joseph Sisko, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

ESFJ – the Provider, the Facilitator, the Caretaker

Ben Sisko’s two biggest nemesis are Fe-doms (more on that during DS9 Villains Week), so it only seems balanced that one of his strongest guardians is an Fe-dom as well. Brock Peters had already appeared in the Star Trek universe during the original cast years as Admiral Cartwright, so I like to think that the Siskos are his descendants. Cartwright didn’t turn out so good, so he’s lucky he has men like Joseph down the line to make sure Earth is still a happy—and delicious—place to live.

Dominant Function: (Fe) Extraverted Feeling, “The Garden Fountain”

Joseph makes an outgoing host at his restaurant, cooking up a storm for his guests, welcoming them in and checking up on them as they eat. He recommends desserts and won’t let them say no. He even intends on serving the Starfleet officers patrolling the streets, despite the fact that he disagrees with their reasons for being there—they’re going to need a meal at some point, after all.

As much as Joseph fusses over his family and guests, he hates being fussed over in return. He denies to his son Ben that he feels ill at all, and doesn’t want to slow down or leave the restaurant in the hands of anyone else. He’s eager for his son and grandson to join him when they return to Earth, and doesn’t quite understand that Ben’s visit is for work, not pleasure. He acts a little dramatically hurt when they don’t stick around long enough for his liking.

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Slow Down, Mate *Part ll*

Teen Wolf - Peter Hale

Note: uhhhh, sorry if this is bad, omg I’m such a tease😂I also recommend reading the first one before reading part two, just so some of the stuff makes sense PART ONE
Triggers: this one is a lot more sexual then the first one, but like no sex actually happens because I’m not good at writing smut (and writing in general)cause I get all cringey writing it😂 um idk there’s a bit of dom reader, and sub Peter. Again unless Peter Hale is trigger.

Peter turned around and walked back to his loft, a smile plastered to his face, he messed his hair. It was you he needed in his life, his mate. A sour thought exploded in his mind, how was he suppose to bring a mundane person into the scary, reckless, mess that he calls life. He pushed that thought aside, thinking he could hide that from you as long as possible, instead he thought about your anger and smile.

Derek stood by the door as he waited for Peter to return, and when he did Derek raised a brow at him.

“You better not plan on scaring her off, we could use the extra money to fix this place up” Derek said, he crossed his arms and stared at his uncle.

“Scare her? I don’t think you were here when she ignored you and started yelling at me. She’s not one to be scared quickly… I presume” Peter said nonchalantly, making sure Derek couldn’t see his feelings.

“Peter, you didn’t even stop her, what’s the deal here?” Derek said his suspicions raising.

“Yeah Peter, that was very unlike you, you even ran after her” Scott said his own suspicion starting to peek through.

“Guys, it’s really clear to me” Stiles said, a smirk on his face. He stood as if he were speaking the obvious, but no one seemed to comprehend.

Stiles threw his hands up, “seriously?! Guys it’s obvious Peter likes her” Stiles said rolling his eyes. “Idiots” Stiles whispered under his breath in a room full of werewolves.

“You’re an imbecile, and no I don’t ‘like’ her I’m a man not some whimsical school boy” Peter retorted

“Scott, tell me you don’t see it, the man is clearly all flustered for her” Stiles added

“You wouldn’t understand, human” Peter said, as if it were an insult.

Stiles rolled his eyes at him, the level of annoyance in him was tangible, before he could spit a sarcastic remark, Scott jumped in. “Well, I’m not so make me understand” being the caring and understanding person he is.

“She’s my mate” Peter said

Derek in the corner lightened a little, his arms fell from where they were crossed. He walked over to Peter. “Are you sure?” Derek asked surprised.

“Derek, you’ll know. It’s something you can smell and feel when you’re around them, I’m positive it’s her” Peter said without hesitation.

“So what’s the plan?” Scott asked

“Plan? What? No, you’re all staying out of this” Peter said

“Peter, what’s the plan?” Derek insisted

“There’s is no plan” Peter furrowed his brows

“I got a plan” Stiles smirked

Stiles then commenced jumping up and down and screaming, and Scott joined in. The noise would eventually bring you back up to complain.

Peter growled at the two boys. “She might just come back and slap you upside the head” Peter said.

The boys stopped, “well you gotta do something, significant others don’t just happen” Stiles said, rather eager to help Peter with his ‘relationship problems’ all of a sudden.

“Hey, I got an idea, how about you buzz off and I’ll do the work” Peter said before storming off downstairs.

You had just sat down to continue your Criminal Minds marathon, when a knocking at your door made you get up. You loudly sighed before getting up. “This better be good” you said to no one, since you live alone.

You opened the door and there stood Peter, you smiled thinking of all the things you could say, thinking of all the things you could have worn, but a large t-shirt and sweatpants were your go to.

“Are you here to ask me out for dinner?” You smiled

‘I can give you so much more than just dinner’ is what Peter thought, he wasn’t planning on using the cocky card with his mate.

“No, maybe tomorrow. Right now I just need to get those stupid boys upstairs to quit… disturbing your silence and my peace” he said as he let himself in.

“And how do you plan on doing that?” You said watching him carefully as he scanned your living space.

“By doing this” he said as walked over to you and pulled you close once again. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering, making your tummy feel light, a gasp escaped your lips.

“Damn it, Y/n” he breathed on to neck

“Peter, what are you doing?” You questioned but didn’t want him to stop.

“Marking what’s mine” he said, pressing his lips onto your neck, he trailed kisses up to you lips, he pulled back slightly to look at you.

Your eyes closed, your hands full of his shirt, your scent ever so desirable.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop if I kiss you” Peter said leaning in, so your forehead touched his. You slowly opened your eyes and smiled at him.

“I haven’t stop you yet” you whispered

“If we’re going to do this we have to do this upstairs” Peter said

“But, there’s people up there” you said, tightening your hold on his shirt.

“They’ll only be quiet then” Peter said with a grin, “unless you want me to make you scream” Peter added smirking at you. You hit his chest “Peter!” You said covering your mouth as you laughed.

“How about we just kiss, take it slow, buy me dinner? and then we can talk about how loud you can make me scream” you said in between giggles.

Peter growled slightly, “there’s only a little bit of self control left in me, Y/n” Peter said.

You pushed Peter onto your couch, and sat in his lap. “Put your hands behind your back, if you touch me you’re gonna have to leave” you said, making yourself comfortable.

“Whoa” Peter said as he obeyed, sticking his hands behind him, under the cushions of the couch.

You leaned in and very lightly placed your lips on his lips, and sighed. Peter leaned in and pushed his lips onto yours, starting the kissing, your mouths moving in perfect sync. Your hands travelled down his chest and back up to his hair. You both now breathing heavily as you pulled away and made your way to his neck and place small kisses here and there and when he moaned a little where you lips touched under his jawline you began to suck lightly. Peter no longer able to contain himself he wrapped his arms around you trying to pull you in as close as physically possible. You instantly pulled away.

“You didn’t listen” you said placing one last kiss on his mouth, before squirming out of his embrace. You walked over to the door and opened it for the frustrated Peter.

“You can’t do this to me, Y/n” Peter said from the couch

“Watch me” you said seductively.

Peter growled, “this isn’t over, mate” he said, walking over to you and pulling you in by the waist, you felt his hot breath on your neck and cheek. Both of you stood there frustrated with each other. Peter even more frustrated because he can smell everything: lust, sweat, the mate scent. He can hear your heart racing in your chest. He pushed some loose hair behind your ear.

He reluctantly let you go, “at least you have that to show the boys upstairs” you said regaining yourself, you brushed your finger under Peter’s jawline where a hickey was forming.

Peter laughed, “you’ve got your own to show off too” he said examine his work on your neck.

Peter left, and you couldn’t stop smiling. How could you have such a strong connection with someone you met not too long ago. It’s like you’ve spent a lifetime with him already. It was strange but, it felt so right, like he wouldn’t bring you any harm, only the opposite. He called you his multiple times, and your heart tingled every time, this had to be proof of soul mates, right? Well whatever it was, you want him, as yours and only yours.

Peter was back upstairs once again expect this time, Derek, Scott and Stiles waited by the door for Peter’s return. A flustered smug look was on Peter’s face.

“I have so many questions” Stiles said staring at the purple bruise on his neck.

“Save it, please” Peter said annoyed already.

“Is that what I think it is?” Scott said pointing at Peter’s neck.


“Your uncle got some action” Stiles said elbowing Derek

“That’s disgusting, shut your mouth, Stiles” Derek said

A round of “ohhhh’s” and excited cheering came from the three of them, as Peter held a smirk.

A faint sound came from the floor, and the werewolves could clearly hear your voice “if you don’t shut up!” You shouted. The boys laughed and settled down.

“I’ll kill any of you if you look at her just a second long” Peter said before leaving the three, to talk amongst themselves.

Tie Me Down

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Request: #10 - Blindfolds with Peter

Author’s Note: Yay, more Peter!!! I think this was a really good prompt for him, so I’m really excited :) Now, I have no experience with this, so forgive me if it seems unrealistic or something..? Also, I’m gonna throw in some other stuff as well c; Anyway, I do hope you like it. It is rather short, but oh well. Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; smutty smut; dom!Peter (kinda); blindfolds; restraints; porn right outta the gate


“Fuck, right there,” I panted, my hips bucking up toward Peter’s face. He put a hand on my lower stomach in an effort to keep me down, but I kept squirming. “Yes, Peter! Oh, God…” My nails were digging into my palms, but I didn’t notice the sting. I was way too preoccupied with the magic that was happening between my thighs.

“Come for me, baby,” Peter growled, pushing two fingers into me before reattaching his mouth to my clit. I cried out, my back arching as he curled his fingers just right to find my sweet spot. I came with a loud cry, white hot pleasure exploding in my body. It was intense and strong, seeming to last forever as Peter continued to work me through it. Once I’d finally calmed down, he pulled back and mouthed at my inner thighs, letting me recuperate.

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cautious lips

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader 
Warnings: Dom!Peter, Rough!Peter, Language, Smut
Summary: Jealously was a toxin that was almost impossible to rid from the system.
Word Count: 1.2k

Hiii, Can i ask for a Peter maximoff-reader in which they are dating for a year and he doesnt wnt to have sex with her cause he is afraid of hurting her until one day she dance with Charles in a party and he gets angry and jealous and have smut sex with her? Peaceee

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