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Liverpool FC as Cakes Part 2

#thecakeseries also in honour of my anon, i have too much love for them

disclaimer ive tasted like none of these cake i dunno what the fuck im talking about, dont take it serious, its not meant to be 

Buvac is Fruitcake

  • traditional 
  • old but gold
  • needed in life to survive and appreciate all good things 
  • idk if fruit cake is needed to survive but zeljko defo is 
  • i love zeljko

Bobby as Baklava 

  • SWEET AS HELLLLLLL is baklava sweet??? ive never eaten it
  • weirdly shaped like all those dumb haircuts bobby seems to get 
  • apparently baklava in english means diamond and bobby is the brightest diamond in the world
  • baklava is a diamond, bobby is the shiniest diamond, its perfect 

Joe Gomez tiny prince charming as Pancakes 

  • who wants to pour syrup on jomez???? i do
  • tiny prince and pancakes, life is great 

Dejan as Cremeschnitte

  • this cake originated in croatia
  • if it was gonna be anyone it has be dejan
  • totally fitting
  • very thicccc
  • made w custard, for that time he beat the bees 

Marko as Ice Cream cake

  • literally who else but my tin y smol son as the cake everyone is bound to love 
  • full of all the good stuff just like marko
  • crazy and messy and too good 
  • prolly overlooked 
  • ice cream cake is for kids, and marko is a child, its totally fitting 

Gini as Raspberry 

  • sweet and good
  • but not when he scores on u, thats the sting of raspberries 
  • actual cinammon rolllllllllll, i mean raspberry cake 
  • the brightest star in the universe and v beautiful 

Alby as Carrot Cake

  • i mean that hair come on
  • the cake and his hair are practically the same colour
  • xabi alonso’s son, is of course carrot cake 
  • cant shake the ginger hair and beard 

hendo as lemon and coconut cake 

  • tough on the outside, dont mess w a cocunut cake @diego costa he’ll take u down bruh 
  • cocunut is bit of a rough texture???? idk what im saying at this point ive lost my mind 
  • sweet as hell on the inside 
  • yellow for sUNSHINEEEEEE

Migs as a Creme Puff

  • this is so funny i canttt
  • that kit and the puff, like theres no difference 
  • sometimes migs gets so angry at his defence that he too burts like a creme puff
  • idk if he has cream pouring outta him and tbh idont wanna kno goodbyee
  • someone shoot me in the face 

Dom as  Merveilleux

  •  sprinklessssssssss
  • sprinkles are so good and so is GOAT AND WORLD CUP WINNER DOM
  • chocolate goodness which we all wanna eat *wink wink*
  • he is also bursting w cream
  • i could get down w that
  • imma stop now
  • this post is not going where i wanted it too i hate myself  

Joel as Pound Cake

  • i mean ididnt even kno that was a thing
  • pretty sure joel feels like pounding a few people in the head when hes defending 
  • yhh the word pound is distracting me imma move on now 

the entire team is hazelNUT cake

  • they all nutworthy goodbye 
  • they are all beautiful and perfect 
  • and i would die for them all 
  • i love them all too much
  • the team is just hazelNUT bruh
  • lets be real i just did this to make a hazelNUT joke :DDDD

and that my guys is the end of thecakeseries, hope u enjoyed it, 

link to part 1 

“Evening everyone. Vic and I both are so glad you all could make it this weekend, and we want to thank everyone for travelling out for this, especially the cousins from France, who apparently can’t take a hint. I first met Victoire at the Burrow when I was seven years old. She was two years younger than me, but already my height, and was probably the most intimidating five year old I’ve ever met. By the end of the day I couldn’t tell if she hated me or wanted to be my friend. By the time we started school, she was my best friend.

“I remember in my fourth year when Caleb Jordan and I turned the great hall into a swamp. Vic happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got put in detention with the rest of us. I knew she was something special when she spent the entire night laughing about it. For a lot of the time I knew her, I was in love with her, even if I didn’t know it yet, and most of the time, she had a boyfriend. But I knew early on I would wait as long as I had to for a chance with the most brilliant person to ever come into my life, who makes me happy in a way nobody else can. To find someone who loves you despite your many flaws and weaknesses is one of life’s greatest treasures. So to my beautiful bride. From the first moment I saw you, I was yours.”

Teddy’s speech at his rehearsal dinner at everyone in tears, first from laughing, then from really crying. His birth parents might not have been there, but everyone else he loved was, and that was truly special.

Victoire, who was glowing even more than usual, the night before she married the love of her life.

Taken by Louis.

Summertime Vibes
DJ Mike Rizzy
Summertime Vibes

Just a little something to get you in the Summer mood.  Enjoy!

  1. All Night Long Blend - Faith Evans
  2. Wine Glass Woman - Mayer Hawthorne
  3. Be Your Girl (Esta Remix) - Teedra Moses
  4. Own It - Mack Wilds
  5. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  6. Summertime In The LBC - The Dove Shack
  7. Something For The Honeys - Montell Jordan
  8. Dom Perignon - Little Shawn
  9. Send You My Love -Born Jamericans
  10. Smile -Lily Allen
  11. Best Friends Right? - Amy Winehouse
  12. Do It - Tuxedo
  13. We Are On the Move - Zo! feat. Eric Roberson & Phonte
  14. Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson
  15. Things Are Getting Better - N.E.R.D.
  16. Get On Up - Jodeci
  17. Fantasy - Earth Wind & Fire
  18. This Is For The Lover In You - Shalamar
  19. For The Lover In You b/w The Love Song - Babyface feat. LL
  20. Need You Tonight - Junior Mafia feat. Aaliyah
  21. Fallin In Love - Faith Evans
  22. Do You Know - DJ Quik & Kurupt
  23. Summer Rain - Carl Thomas
  24. Why Don’t We Fall In Love - Amerie
  25. Part II - Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé
  26. Something About You - Zo! & Phonte
  27. ForTheNight - Musiq
  28. Kissin You (Oh Honey) - Total
  29. Officially Missing You (5 On It Blend) - Tamia

Leonardo DiCaprio suit porn!!!

  1. Jay Gatsby 
  2. Jack Dawson 
  3. Howard Hughes
  4. Dom Cobb
  5. Jordan Belfort
  6. Jay Gatsby - 
  7. Jay Gatsby - 
  8. Fank Abagnale
  9. Frank Wheeler
  10. J. Edgar Hoover