dom ino

Events from Kushiel’s Legacy - Phèdre’s first Midwinter Masque (Kushiel’s Dart)

Because it is the privilege of Cereus House to elect the Winter Queen, it is the theme we maintain, in costumes of white and silver. I was hoping to see Suriah, to show her mine. All four of us were adorned as winter sprites. We wore sheer white tunics of gossamer to mimic the effect of snow drifting in the wind, with dagged sleeves beaded in glass that hung down like icicles when we raised our trays in offering. Simple white dom-inos edged in silver, suitable for children, masked our faces, and we wore only a touch of carmine on the lips for colour. An apprentice ribbonnaire bound our hair, and did a very fine job, too, plaiting our locks with white ribbons to evoke a tumbling fall of snow.

But Suriah did not come to see us, and it was another adept who gave us instruction in the kitchen. He wore white brocade trimmed in ermine, and the mask of a snow fox rode his brow, snarling above his own eyes.

have mies will travel 5 – fly me to the moon edition

resor house, sea of tranquility, the moon (1937-1938)

collage 30" x 40" (graphite, bamboo veneer, cut-and-pasted gelatin silver photographs, and cut-and-pasted photoreproduction of anselm kiefer’s only with wind, time, and sound, 1997)

mies van der rohe