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“My name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I had a father but he is dead. I have a mother but she is dead to me. I have a brother and I will bind him to me. I have a sister and I will teach her to love me. My name is Jonathan, but everyone calls me Sebastian. And I am going to burn down the world.” 


Dominic Sherwood looking daddy af

Problems of being a Twenty One Pilots Fan
  • Me: *listens to Twenty One Pilots"*
  • Random Person: oh you like them? What kind of music do they do?
  • Me: Umm... Well... It's not rap. It's not hip hop. It's really just an attempt to make the voices stop.
  • Random person: O-ok... *runs off*
  • Me: Well nice talking to you.

kat mcnamara reacting to & agreeing with dominic sherwood’s words on the hate of the apperance of the cast/characters (mouthing a quick “me too” when he said one negative comment like that ruins his day) and pointed to her hair when he said most of the complaints were about physical apperance.