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I know damn well I can't be the only one tired of people fancasting Jensen Ackles for Jason Todd all because he did the voice in the animated film 😴

Like there are millions of actors that are around the age Jason would be as the Red Hood, that could actually be really great! Like literally anybody but Jensen, I have nothing against him I love him but just because he did the voice doesn’t mean he has to be the live action actor too. Jensen is too old for the role and he has pretty much devoted his life and career to finishing Supernatural. Please stop fancasting him for Jason and then getting offended when nobody wants him, I can list a few actors I think would be perfect for Jason Todd and that fit in with the age range that he is when he becomes Red Hood…1. KJ Apa, 2. Dom Sherwood, 3. Alfred Enoch, 4. Asa Butterfield, 5. Freddie Highmore, 6. David Castro, 7. Johnathon Whitesell, 8. Bryshere Gray, 9. Keith Powers, 10. Noah Centineo, 11. BooBoo Stewart 12. Dacre Montgomery 13. Shameik Moore..there are soooo many talented young actors that could play him and have that chemistry with Batfleck. Y'all need to use your imagination and think outside the box a bit

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99% of my crushes are +10 years older than me and out of my reach

Kinky Chips- K.A. Imagine:

Requested by @ans-atkins

KJ Apa x Aja 

Warnings: BDSM, language, dom! KJ Apa, personalized imagine, unprotected sex 

Word Count: 640

Wattpad: spikedcherrycola🍒

It was a quiet night at the apartment KJ and Aja had bought in Vancouver, so he could be closer to the set of Riverdale. She had decided to make some of KJ’s favorite cookies for when he got home.

“Aja?!” KJ called through the apartment

“In here babe.” Aja called from the kitchen where I was baking

“What are you up to?” KJ asked

“Just baking some cookies.” she smile 

KJ dipped his finger in the batter and dug some out, moaning around his finger as he tasted the dough.

“You’d think you were tasting my pussy, the way you moaned.” Aja laughed 

KJ’s bones tingled and his cock throbbed at Aja’s dirty, explicit words.

He walked closer to her with some of the dough on his finger and stuck it in her mouth. Aja licked and sucked KJ’s finger and moaned around it, tasting the magic she has whipped up. 

“Take those out of the oven.” Aja said to KJ as she cleaned up

Her core quivered at the thought of KJ’s masculine, burly body on hers as she begged and pleaded for more.

“I’m going to go shower.” KJ said and planted a solid single kiss on Aja’s temple

She followed shortly behind him as she heard his voice singing from the shower.

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?

you can ride my face until you’re dripping cum

KJ sang from the shower, his voice husky and laced with nothing but sex.

Aja laid on the bed waiting for him to emerge from the steamy shower. Her hands teased the waistband of her panties and threatened to reach down and play, but something stopped her. 

“Aja.” KJ said as he looked into her eyes

She knew she was in trouble for what she has just done. Her hand was in her panties and she was getting off on seeing KJ’s naked body and hearing him singing.

KJ wasted little time pulling her hands out of her pants and securing them with two black ties on the headboard. 

 Her pussy grew wetter as KJ dropped his towel and his semi erect cock was exposed. Aja had brought a cup of ice water for her to drink, but KJ had other plans.

He crawled down to her thighs and exposed her to his pleasure. His warm wet lips begin to kiss her aching thighs and she strained against the ties.

Without hesitation, KJ grabbed some ice with his mouth and placed it against Aja’s throbbing, puffed up clit. 

His wet hair tickled her pubic mound and thighs as he dropped the cube and used his warm mouth against her, sliding his single digit into her dripping wet cunt.

She struggled against the headboard until he pushed her hips down and continued his assault.

KJ was tired of playing, he reached for the lube and stroke his 8″ hard shaft and ripped into Aja.

“FUCK!” Aja screamed from intense pleasure

He held her legs open as he thrusted in and out and gave her no room or time to adjust to him.

“Stay quiet or I’ll stop.” KJ growled 

The bed shook with power and nothing but sinful lust as he pounded into her warmth, strangled moans filled the room as KJ had placed a hand around her throat.

“Harder.” Aja strangled

KJ griped and thrusted harder at the same time, not knowing which she wanted.

“I’m gonna cum.” he grunted

Aja was barely hanging on as she took the pounding like a queen,but her consciousness was fading from pleasure and ecstasy.

“Open your eyes.” he moaned

Her eyes flew open and mouth went wide as KJ’s hot white liquid filled her and dripped on the bed. He creamed her til no end and made sure there was endless drippings.

KJ collapsed n the bed next to her as she closed her legs, savouring the hot cream inside of her.

“Like The Weeknd said until you’re drippin cum.” KJ smirked and began to untie her 

Author’s Note: you can insert your name and read this from your POV❤