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99% of my crushes are +10 years older than me and out of my reach

I know damn well I can't be the only one tired of people fancasting Jensen Ackles for Jason Todd all because he did the voice in the animated film 😴

Like there are millions of actors that are around the age Jason would be as the Red Hood, that could actually be really great! Like literally anybody but Jensen, I have nothing against him I love him but just because he did the voice doesn’t mean he has to be the live action actor too. Jensen is too old for the role and he has pretty much devoted his life and career to finishing Supernatural. Please stop fancasting him for Jason and then getting offended when nobody wants him, I can list a few actors I think would be perfect for Jason Todd and that fit in with the age range that he is when he becomes Red Hood…1. KJ Apa, 2. Dom Sherwood, 3. Alfred Enoch, 4. Asa Butterfield, 5. Freddie Highmore, 6. David Castro, 7. Johnathon Whitesell, 8. Bryshere Gray, 9. Keith Powers, 10. Noah Centineo, 11. BooBoo Stewart 12. Dacre Montgomery 13. Shameik Moore..there are soooo many talented young actors that could play him and have that chemistry with Batfleck. Y'all need to use your imagination and think outside the box a bit

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