Dom chronicles #3

Do you know what drew me to you? It was your beautiful eyes. The same ones I had seen a thousand dreams ago in a forgotten memory, yet with one look you awakened my recollections. They were peaceful yet vibrant, like the fireflies coating the forest on a hot August night. I stared at you longingly and I wondered whether you had ever been set on fire. Had the pores of your skin ever consumed the heat of a lavender scented bubble bath? All the while having someone sitting beside the tub, reading poetry in order to tickle your ears? Had you ever lay immovable on your kitchen floor after you awakening, only to be softly carried to your bed and covered gently with warm sheets? Had you ever clawed deeply into the back of another because your animal instincts got the best of you? So many questions flowed through my intrigued mind. The truth of it all was that in the end it did not matter. For certainly a woman like you had experienced love and lust before. Yet, you had never experienced Hyde. I will be the one to overshadow every viable memory. The one activating all of your senses, treating each as a delicacy. You will know me by name. As I craftily teach you things you never knew about yourself. As I show you what it means to be consumed entirely. You will know me by my name. Hyde.