Just a reminder

Did you eat
Did you drink
Did you take any meds
Did you tell yourself i love you
Did you use peas and tank you
Did you say hi to everyone you meet
Did you color
Did you do any art
Did you write in a journal/ keepsake/diary
Did you brush your teeth
Did you get ready for bed
Did you say goodnight to stuffies
Did you have a good safe dream
Did you read and share this to help someone

Title: Peachy Princess

Name : Mikey
Age : 15
Little age:3-5
Gender :female
Preferred gender : male
Role: little and kitten
Preferred role: daddy/sir/master
Country:  America
Interests: anything cute, pink, or sparkly. cartoons, cat ears,collars, coloring, stuffies, and stickers!!!
A little about you : im very obedient, pouty, shy, and most importantly very clingy and will want all of your attention constantly. 
A little about what you are looking for in a partner : a loving and caring person who will be very understanding. someone wh will also spoil me to death but will also be strict with me and give me many many rules :3
Your favourite emoji: the unicorn emoji

Ways to contact you: kik is kipinki and tumblr is tumblr.com/kipinki (sfw)

Anything else: i am 5'3 dark hair a little past my shoulders i am curvy thanks to my cuban mom lol, i have hazel eyes and a nose peircing. :p