Las diez mejores horchaterías de Valencia.

Las diez mejores horchaterías de Valencia.

Si hay una bebida que triunfa en nuestra comunidad en los meses más calurosos y gana por goleada en las terrazas al llegar el verano, esa es la horchata de chufa de Valencia, auténtico tesoro gastronómico con D.O. (Denominación de Origen) desde el año 1995. Refrescante, nutritiva, digestiva, medicinal y por supuesto rica en vitaminas y minerales. Sin duda una bebida sin rival.  Compuesta de agua,…

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Holy Shit Dolz.

All this fucking AP homework is killing me and its only the 5th day of school. All I have all year is honors and AP. Holy Shit Dolz. Wheres the time to longboard and blaze. I know I’ll be blazing this Friday, its my birthday and I’ll be able to fucking drive. Holy Shit Dolz. I already have so much weed from Dad’s friends and his side of the family. Lets smoke this shit.


Just in case you can’t read the paragraph I wrote, it said:

“Crimson is no longer my fursona. Her design just got really Dolze me so I’m in the progress of making a new one. On top of that I am STILL trying to figure out my personas look. I could definitely use some ideas from you guys. Anyway… I would like to remind you people that school is starting soon. On top of that I’m doing cross country. This means I will not be on that much until my cross country season is over.”

Thank you for your time

The Coming Storm

The following was received by me earlier today. It does NOT make me ‘happy’ to post this message for all our readers but, after several hours of my own prayer and contemplation about whether to do so, I am deeply moved to post this. What is relayed here confirms what I, too, have been receiving in recent months. Please save 'fear porn’ and 'bullshit’ comments - they will NOT be posted and only once again show ignorance and crassness.

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