A collection of my personal top 10 Game of Thrones characters of all time in no particular order.


Games of Thrones AU: Rhaegar wins the Trident.

The Tyrells had been quick to offer their daughter to King Rhaegar upon her birth as a bride for the Crown Prince Jon. 

The Rose of Highgarden and the Wolf of King’s Landing. There couldn’t be two more different people.

All had heard the tales of Jon Targareyn, he who had been taught the art of battle by both the Kingslayer and the Viper of Dorne. He who had fought in Essos against the Dolthraki and had killed a Khal to bring his Aunt Daenerys home at only ten and five years old.

Margaery Tyrell - on the other hand - was graceful and fair and had been raised at her grandmother’s knee and as such was the most politically minded of her and Jon’s generation. 

Rhaegar had agreed to the match, if only to help secure the peace that had been throughout the kingdoms since the end of the Rebellion. 


Drogo (August - October 2015)
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 30

I’ve honestly never used oil before. One thing I learned about painting on a bigger scale like this one, you waste a lot of paint when you use acrylic. The paint easily dries up when you take like 15 minute breaks. Once I get my thesis done (or at least get some free time), I’d definitely use oil. It’s about time I learn to paint with another medium.