I have a HC where Molly was wooed incessantly by Tom, who was really smitten with her. There were flowers, small cards, smiley cupcakes, pictures of kittens and gorgeous places. He used to leave them at her office at Barts 2-3 times a week, before she came in and it was all so sweet that Molly didnt mind it.

They all were glad when she finally agreed for a first date, where he was so flustered that he could barely put two words together.

He was sweet, charming and was just a wonderful guy who was totally besotted with her. He made her want to move on. She was happy.

Then Sherlock returned. And she realised that the heart just wants what the heart wants. She was almost as heartbroken as Tom when she ended it, but knew it would be wrong to lead him on.

Here, misguided anon. I’ve had dogs the majority of my life. What is with you people questioning my husbandry constantly?? I worked at a cattery. I grew up on a farm. I don’t live under a fucking rock. I’m 24. I’m not like this child who found a puppy and I’m not a complete fucking dolt. And, this isn’t even my dog. She’s my boss lady’s.

Go away.

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Hi m'lady! I heard about all of the anon idiots that you have been handling due to what happened with Misha at DCCon, & I just wanted to say that I'm very sorry that a lot of this negativity has been pushed onto you. You are too wonderful & caring a person to have to deal with those rude Misha-hating dolts! So, on a happier & lighter note, I would like to throw you a parade & congratulate you for the 10,000+ hits on your amazing story that is "The Plot." Congrats fam, you deserve

Oooo a parade!?!

Can we have big balloons in the shape of Jensen and Misha doing the dirty? And can we have cotton candy and churros and, and, and ice cream, with little penis sprinkles? And can Jensen and Misha be the King and King of the parade and sing me a song at the end? Please? Please, please, please?!!

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to be honest i hate that when some people find out im not a feminist they lump me in with people like that last post

While I think anyone who believes in equality of genders (trans and beyond) is a feminist, you have a right to not say you are one. you shouldn’t be pegged as an evil dick just because you choose not to label yourself. Feminism has such a bad wrap because of posts like the last one. Making it seem like all Feminists are narrow-minded, man-hating dolts. Which is awful, but also I can understand not wanting to deal with bullshit, so you choose not to say you are one

Teaser for Captive Hearts 42

The King had barely raised a goblet of ale to his lips when the great doors were flung open and Monseigneur strode— no, bounded— into the hall, followed by his page.

“Good morning!” came Monseigneur’s effusive greeting. “Ah, there is nothing better to start the day than to break the fast. Gramercy for the invitation, brother dear.”

The King carefully lowered his goblet. He watched in silence as Monseigneur sauntered over to the table, rubbing his hands together as if in anticipation of the meal. By the time Sherlock sat down with a soft grunt of discomfort beside him, Mycroft had finished his deductions and was reeling from the conclusions he had drawn.

So Sherlock had indeed made some last-minute changes to their plan– complicated changes.

The stab of irritation the King felt in his chest was swelling into a wave. He said, “well. I can see that you’ve had a wildly enjoyable night. I hope you’re pleased with yourself.”

Monseigneur smirked. “Oh, I am, believe me.”

Imagine Ruby and Penny living together. Ruby fell in love with her almost immediately but there was just something about finding out that the girl was made out of metal and gears and engine oil that attracted her to the android that much more. Imagine Ruby staying up late at night while Penny’s charging in Sleep Mode to study programming. She already knows so much about changing her parts and fixing little quirks about her that reduced her efficiency on the battlefield so much, she’s already got 12 “sisters” each “better” than the last- “what was Ironwood thinking, of course this is gonna jam 3% of the time, it’s literally the cheapest model gears on the market. Penny, let me install these and then run a full diagnostic, I promise it’ll be better.” It takes years before Ruby finally finds the damn piece of code that makes her hiccup all the time and deletes it, but then she starts working on more. Suddenly emotions that weren’t programmed because Ironwood thought they’d be too “frivolous” are possible and just a few million lines of code away. Jealousy, anger, rage, hope, admiration, lust, disgust, and fear get to join compassion, empathy, altruism and loyalty. Each one takes months to write and take up so much space on their computer. Penny begs her to sleep some nights with warm cookies and milk and a blanket they can snuggle under, but “just a few more lines, Penny, I think I almost worked out the bug in ‘pride!’” And the more Ruby learns about coding, the more she tries to code more complex emotions. The two minute high of ‘euphoria’ from battle evolves into more long-term ‘happiness’ for helping people. The momentary ‘disappointment’ after failing an objective becomes ‘sadness’ and ‘outrage’ that makes her strive to be better. And suddenly she’s a lot more human. A lot less robotic in her walk and in her talk. Sometimes Ruby forgets this is the same girl who’s made of nuts and bolts who she just had to open up yesterday to clean out her exhaust vents. But then Ruby decides that there’s only one more emotion that’s left. Love. And it takes her years to figure this one out- “is it butterflies in your stomach? Is it gross sweating from your palms? Or getting embarrassing tongue tied whenever you try to speak to her?” It takes so, so long before she finally thinks she’s got a good code for love, before Penny pulls her aside. “You know that algorithm I’ve had in me? The one that lets me adapt to my environment with enough observation?” “Yeah? What’s wrong with it? Is it buggy?” “No… I’ve been thinking… I already know what love is. Just from watching you. The way you help me day and night. The way you’ve stayed by my side even when my sisters and father thought I was obsolete… You love me… and I love you. Well, I can, if you let me.” And the code’s been right there the whole time, and Ruby laughs because of course Penny would’ve figured it out on her own after all these years but… “You think you love me? How can you be sure?” And Penny nods quietly and they download the code in seconds. And Ruby’s so nervous because there’s no way of knowing if the code was really right, that algorithm was always kinda wonky, and she almost swears when Penny says “I feel exactly the same.” But then she feels those firm metal hands against her cheek and lips she’d never actually kissed before despite years of wanting to before Penny replies “I thought I’ve loved you for a really long time now, but now I’m sure. I’ve loved you 3.37 seconds after you called me your friend.”

so I just realized I accidentally deleted my entire series of Dexter

how embarassing.

now I need to re-download the entire series so I can watch it again before October. but I’m totally craving MCH NOW!

Julyna - Bring it on!

So this month is Julyna - an initiative started by a group of Toronto nurses to raise awareness about cervical cancer.  It’s like Movember, but with this, your pubes are hidden and you are encouraged to Brazilian it or to partake in any of the many stylistic offerings noted on the website

So, there has been loads of negative press around this most unfortunately.  Julyna is clearly reaching out to a younger demographic and those who seem most put out are older working professionals and.. ahem, journalists.  They claim it is sexualizing women - however, the HPV virus, which is often a precurser to cervical cancer, is most commonly transferred through sex.  If it happens through sex - there is no way it can’t be sexualized.. it’s not like prostate cancer and doesn’t just grow inside you… it can happen due to sexual contact.

Therefore, doesn’t Julyna do a good job of appealing to the generation that is supposed to get the HPV vaccine?  In case you didn’t know: Cervarix and Gardasil HPV vaccines are licensed, safe, and effective for females ages 9 through 26 years. CDC recommends that all girls who are 11 or 12 years old get the 3 doses (shots) of either brand of HPV vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. Gardasil also protects against most genital warts, as well as some cancers of the vulva, vagina, and anus. Girls and young women ages 13 through 26 should get all 3 doses of an HPV vaccine if they have not received all doses yet. 

Clearly, Julyna has a target demographic - so if you are not part of that why is it your place to comment?  As someone within that demographic (just barely), I find it refreshing that there is something like this to call attention to this issue.  The fact of the matter is, we don’t live in a “Leave it to Beaver” society anymore.  Thanks to the influence of social media, television and print media, large values and pressures are put on everyone from 6-26 to “be” a certain way - look at Lady GaGa - she sexualizes everything but it is meant with good and not “nasty” intentions.  Sex is everywhere - perhaps we should adopt a more European approach to this and loosen up. 

Additionally, since when do so-alled “credible” media outlets consult “Masters” students when they are researching a story.  This Meredith Dault character is just that - a dolt.  The research she is presenting is clearly biased and while she criticized Julyna as a ‘media stunt’ she released her own press release noting she’d be available to comment.  Does Dolt not see the ridiculousness in that?  Aren’t most Masters students researchers and are supposed to present findings based on all available information - you aren’t a doctor in the study of pubic hair yet, Ms Dolt, so quite honestly, are you actually qualified to speak about this?  I wonder what your advisors said to this little trick you pulled…

All in all - Julyna is not for everyone, but neither is Movember.  The key message here is that we shouldn’t automatically discount or shoot-down something that is effective in raising awareness in an issue, but maybe internalize this and see what we have been doing to address the issue at hand.  What’s wrong with reminders? Mammogram March or “PAP"ril would make me remember to take care of business.  Isn’t keeping yourself and your children healthy one of everyone’s primary concerns?  So what’s wrong with taking away the stigma of the "scary” tests at the doctor’s office with silly names - maybe we need a chill pill?
Professors offer more than $10,000 for proof that Bachmann’s story about HPV is true

I think this is an incredible response to Bachmann’s idiotic and dangerously irresponsible statement.

Two bioethics professors have offered to pay more than $10,000 for medical records that prove the anecdote Bachmann told after Monday night’s Republican presidential debate is true, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.