“I went un-drafted to the Minnesota Vikings. They ended up releasing me. You know I had to make a choice. If I wanted to continue to pursue football or, you know I wanted to be there for my daughter. Me being you know that far away from her, not making that great of money was rough on me and it weighed down on my shoulders but you know in the end I had to chose my daughter. I wanted to be there everyday for her and, uh yeah I know I made the right choice.”


AU: Dean joins Nikki on a WWE Countdown exclusive.

Nikki: “You see babe this is an exclusive extra for me and Brie. It’s called the Bellas List of Gross Divas.

Dean: "So that means you are on the list? I mean all the gross things you do to me you should be number one.”

Nikki: “Babe! Shut up that’s suppose to be a secret.”

Dean: “Oh. Damn I knew that.”