Model Finds All the dolphin’s teeth have been removed at Wake Bali’s tiny swimming pool.

On July 11th, 2015 Fashion model Natascha Elisa and a member of Models Of Compassion intentionally visited “Wake Bali Resort” in Indonesia to document the four dolphins in horrific conditions whose teeth had all been intentionally extracted at “Wake Bali Resort” thanks to an online petition: “Free four wild dolphins contained in a tiny pool at Wake Bali Adventure” by Craig Brokensha.

“These are two of the four wild dolphins who are trapped in a tiny pool facing the ocean at a resort on Keramas Beach called WAKE Bali. I laid by the edge of the chlorinated water watching them they were still and almost lifeless. As they noticed me they came right up to me and started to cry. Seeing them like this and hearing them is absolutely heartbreaking.”

Elisa posted several heartbreaking videos and images on Instagram and Models For Compassion. In one video two dolphins approach Elisa, one opens his or her mouth to reveal all his or her teeth had been extracted. The pool was filthy and reeked of chlorine and the dolphins could be seen listless and floundering their eyes obviously burning from the excessive chlorine permeating from the cloudy pool.

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Instead of building inland aquariums and putting whales and dolphins in tanks, why don’t we just set up a bunch of floating bleachers on big pontoons out on the waterfront and bribe the whales to come put on a little show? They’d totally do it - they’re smart enough to understand transactional arrangements.


rough-toothed dolphins at gulfworld. (x)

this is a holding pen. one just logs around, the other swims in circles. it’s disgusting gulfworld even thinks keeping these dolphins in there is at all okay, temporary or not. and look at the people. they could easily touch the dolphins and pet them.