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Possible confirmation of another documentary? Louie Psihoyos, maker of The Cove (the film about the Taiji dolphin slaughters) and Racing Extinction (the newer film about the wildlife trade), posted this yesterday on his Facebook. I cannot confirm anything specifically about this new documentary, but I am always up for speculation! What do you guys think the movie will be about/have in it?


Earlier this dolphin drive and slaughter season, which has now ended, two white Risso’s dolphins were netted with their pods and then captured for captivity while their families were slaughtered for meat. Neither are albinos since they have black spots on their bodies.

Both Risso’s have now gone on public display at Taiji Whale Museum as of March 14, 2015. The Museum is also taking votes for names from visitors to the park.

It also appears the pie-bald was mis-sexed when originally captured; both Risso’s are now noted as males. Good thing they cannot be bred since they are the same gender. #DolphinAwarenessMonth

Source: Ceta Base

“There are so many ways to get in touch with animals in the wild, in their natural habitat. The fact that we think putting them in tanks is good for anyone is just nonsense, really.”

To help Maisie Williams and others to fight against dolphin slaughter and captivity, you can march in a protest against it, if there is one in your area or visit sites such as or along with various other sites to donate or sign a petition agains dolphin slaughter. Simply googling ‘protest against killing dolphins’ or 'protest against dolphin captivity’ can help you find relevant links in order to aid in this protest. A little can go a long way.

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thank you so much, i fucking hate those shitty rubber tubes flapping about in the got damned ocean. you are so right on about humans romanticizing them, and i especially hate how they are marketed to little girls. i one time tried to explain to my niece that dolphins are actually pretty awful, but she refused to believe me.

yeah it’s like

every animal deserves respect

but they deserve respect for WHAT THEY ARE.

Nobody wants to accept that they’re flesh-eating killing machines with ultrasonic death blasts and terrifying gang tactics. Meanwhile, many beautiful and beneficial organisms are demonized for far less violent behavior.

People think of spiders as creepy cannibals yet they’re actually pretty doting parents while dolphins not only kill their own babies, they kill anything that REMINDS THEM of their own babies.

As with many mammals this is part of the instinct to keep their females in perpetual heat by killing babies that aren’t their own, but that instinct will lead to bull dolphins slaughtering whole pods of smaller porpoise species like “aw man bro who left all these fuckin babies here? We gotta do something about all these fuckin babies, bro!!”

That’s what’s happening in this hilarious ridiculous image of death and horror

look how much fun it looks like they’re having! They will probably have sex with the little porpoise’s corpse after it dies of internal bleeding! They do that.

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What are good tweets to ask questions with for seaworld??? I wanna try and get out how and they are so like any ideas??

“What follow ups have you done on the released dolphin TJ? Are you still monitoring his progress?”

“Why is Morgan listed on your breeding list when she is not even a teenager yet?”

“What involvement do you have with the recently captured Russian Orcas?”

“Why are you blocking users who are asking genuine questions on this hashtag?”

“What have you done for Martha the Beluga to help with her grieving of her lost calf?”

“Do you plan on breeding Martha the Beluga again despite her history of failed offspring?”

“Why do you do business with Mundo Marino despite their poor living conditions for their solitary Orca?”

“What have you done to help stop the dolphin slaughters in Taiji?”

“Why are you trying to import 18 wild Beluga whales with the GA aquarium, some still nursing when they were captured?”

“Why have you not gotten permits for the Blue World Project yet?”

“Where is that $10 million you offered to donate for the Southern Resident Orcas?”

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what's your opinion on the shedd aquarium in chicago?

Shedd Aquarium and all captive facilities use these precious creatures who have lost their right to freedom, their right to live a natural life and are now imprisoned, artificially inseminated and forced to perform ‘tricks’ for food, all for human entertainment.

Facts about the Shedd’s captive marine mammals:

-The Shedd currently houses 5 white-sided pacific dolphins; 2 of these dolphins are wild-caught off the coast of California. The Shedd Aquarium was the last facility in the United States to capture a dolphin in US waters.

- Shedd has a long history of displaying dolphins. In the 60’s they housed 2 amazon river dolphins that died shortly after their arrival. They also had a bottlenose dolphin in the 60’s that died 2 years after his arrival. Finally, the Shedd also had 8 white-sided pacific dolphins that died. Several of these were very young captive-born dolphins.

- Shedd aquarium houses 7 Beluga’s currently. 2 of these are wild-caught from Canada, the rest are captive bred.

- The Shedd is listed as one of the facilities that is hoping to acquire a breeding loan from the Georgia Aquarium for some of the 18 wild-caught beluga’s from Russia.

- 9 Belugas have died at the Shedd Aquarium. 4 of which were wild-caught from Canada. The rest were calves either stillborn or died within a year of their birth.

For those of you who are not familiar to the cruel nature of this billion dollar business. Here are the facts:

- There are currently 42 orcas being held captive worldwide.
- At least 136 wild orcas have been taken into captivity from the wild since 1961. 123 of these (or 90.4%) orcas are now dead.

-These mammals are the most intelligent animals living on the Earth today; to keep them in a swimming pool, is inherently cruel.

- One of the most common causes of death of dolphins in captivity is suicide. Unlike humans, dolphins do not automatically breathe. Upon suffering deep depression, dolphins can choose to not return to the surface for that last breath of air.

- A staggering 53% of dolphins who have survived such an aggressive and violent capture, die within 90 days.

- The average lifespan of a dolphin is 45 years; in captivity, most dolphins do not live longer than two.

- If you visit a dolphinarium, you can not be sure that you are not supporting the slaughter of dolphins. Particularly in Asia, where many of the dolphins from Taiji, Japan’s blood trade are transported.

- Every 7 years, half of all captive dolphins die from capture shock, pneumonia, intestinal disease, ulcers, chlorine poisoning and other stress-related diseases.

- Just ask yourself. Is transporting an ocean mammal from the ocean in a truck and airplane for many hours not cruel?

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So I'm severely allergic to most raw fruits and vegetables. Most cooked vegetables make me nauseous. I can safely eat pomegranites (expensive), mushrooms(still pretty expensive), and cooked zuchini. I would starve if I didn't eat meat. But I'm a savage for ordering steak at a restuarant and eating it after the proper blessings and thanks are given to the animal that died for my meal. You sound like the same kind of person that caused my religion to die out in the first place. Or, yknow, (cont 1)

the people that caused many religions and peoples to die out. The people who called indeginous (whether poc or not) people savages and then took over their land. Hunting and eating meat are both parts of me and you have no right to judge me for that. You have no right to judge ANYONE for their diet. But if that makes me a savage, then so be it. At least I don’t treat other people like shit because of something like a diet. If thats what you think is “civilized”, I’d rather be a savage.

Hi. And before I start, try and give me a chance here. 

First of all - if your medical condition makes it impossible for you to eat vegan then your taking the life of an animal counts as survival which I do not oppose. And if that’s the case I would like to let you know that there are many other things you can do. There are many more aspects to veganism than just diet - buying leather, fur, wool, down, cosmetics and other products that were tested on animals or contain animal ingredients, going to circuses, aquariums, zoos, etc. All those things include inconceivable cruelty and we avoid all of them. Your medical condition can’t stop you from doing that.

I’m not asking people to endanger their lives in order to save an animal’s. I’m not asking people to jump into a river to save a drowning lamb, I’m asking them to at least not push the lamb in.

Now… It is very important for us to try our best to understand that our point of view, our perspective, depends greatly on our own culture and the way we were brought up. Being aware of this makes it easier to respect other cultures and accept them even if we don’t understand them, even if they don’t make sense to us. There is zero reason to believe our culture is by default better than others.

You can see what not being aware of that looks like when you hear people criticizing and insulting the Chinese for eating dogs. Meanwhile we eat bacon for breakfast made from an animal more intelligent than the dog. Look at these fucking morons. Judging the customs of other cultures when it comes to cruelty to animals is incredibly hypocritical and very, very common - but vegans know that being cruel and needlessly killing any animal is wrong. We are aware that we were raised to think killing and eating pigs is normal, but killing and eating dogs is not, so we have a much easier time not judging the Chinese because they needlessly kill dogs, but simply because they needlessly kill. Same goes for any human from any culture or country. The Chinese are not more cruel, they’re just cruel to a different animal than us.

The moment you impose on someone else’s rights, your culture/religion/tradition is not a good enough excuse. Just like Japan slaughtering dolphins, China slaughtering dogs, US slaughtering turkeys for thanksgiving - foie gras, boiling turtles alive, frying a duck’s legs while they’re still alive -  can you watch this and be insulted when I say I don’t give a flying fuck if the reason behind this is culture and tradition? Taking someone’s life when you don’t have to because it’s tradition is not a good enough excuse in my opinion… but maybe you think it is. Many people sure do. 

And that’s because non-human animals’ lives do not have even nearly the same value as the lives of human animals in most people’s eyes. The very notion that a pig’s life is as precious to the pig as a boy’s life is precious to the boy is absurd to most people. To even imply that the human ape is not the most special, precious, important, valuable, holy animal on the planet is insulting to people. We hold ourselves in such high-esteem that we torture and slaughter innocent beings by the billions every year - and the thing that upsets us is someone saying “hey, that’s pretty fucking horrible. Could we not do that if we don’t have to?”

Cultures change. They grow and transform through time. Veganism is not the privileged of the west, the rich and white and powerful demanding other cultures change. It’s not one group of people from the same country, culture, continent, race demanding everyone else to be like them. Veganism is individuals from every culture, every race, every country saying “what we’re doing is wrong”. When you imply that it’s “us” going against “them” - a certain culture, religion, etc. - you’re implying that those people are incapable of seeing the faults in their traditions and fighting to change them, fighting to better their cultures. There are people in every culture who have never heard of the term “vegan” but have themselves come to the conclusion that if they don’t have to take a life then they shouldn’t. 

So when you argue and fight against veganism, you probably feel like you’re arguing and fighting against a little white girl who thinks her culture, her way of doing things, her beliefs are better and should be adopted by all other cultures. Fighting against people like that is important, I’ll give you that. But in this case you are also fighting against members of those cultures who are trying to transform their own culture so it does not include torturing, abusing, beating, shooting, skinning and slaughtering innocent beings. Because veganism is universal.