dolphins dolphin


Photo credits: 1st photo:  GMckenna  |  2nd photo: Sarasota Dolphin Research Program

These two photos make me sick. The first one shows a man feeding a wild dolphin “animal crackers” 

The second photo shows what happens when you feed wild dolphins  -  a dolphin with disgusting, disturbing boat propeller injuries.


For some reason, something possessed Lyndon Antonio Trail (Redskins Player) to ask his followers the unprompted “Why do black athletes marry white women?”.

Anyway, Maserati Rick or whatever (Miami Dolphins) dumb ass, responded with the retort in the picture above.

Why can’t Black Men just date Non Black Women and be happy? They always have to do this foolish shit. From the bottom of my heart I’m asking what is wrong with you? Like, what is wrong? Acting like fucking wounded dogs with your “Black Women won’t let me treat them like shit” retorts.