Celebrate #DolphinDay with one of our favorite videos! Many species interact in the wild, most often as predator and prey. But recent encounters between humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins reveal a playful side to interspecies interaction. In two different locations in Hawaii, scientists watched as dolphins “rode” the heads of whales: the whales lifted the dolphins up and out of the water, and then the dolphins slid back down. The two species seemed to cooperate in the activity, and neither displayed signs of aggression or distress. Whales and dolphins in Hawaiian waters often interact, but playful social activity such as this is extremely rare between species. 

Whale watching in Greece?

So, I’m definitely going to Greece this year, and if at all possible, I’d love to go on a whale/dolphin watching trip while I’m there. I haven’t decided yet which part of Greece I’m going to, so that’s not really a factor at this point. 
So far the only one I’ve been able to find is dolphin watching in Amvrakikos Bay on the west coast, between the city of Preveza and Actio, but I would like to find more options, especially any options around Crete or Athens (as those are the most likely destinations). 

If you know of anything that might be relevant, anywhere in Greece, I’d love if you’d share it with me! Thanks in advance! :) 

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Hi! Can I get a HC with the RFA+Saeran's reaction to MC's ex who broke her heart so badly when they broke up and after MC seeing the ex, she sort of feels scared about RFA+Saeran leaving her like the way her ex did? Thank you!

Sorry this took so long! Hope you like it though~


  • He took you to a restaurant for a date
  • Everything was great until your waiter came around
  • Zen saw you got really tense as soon as the waiter introduced himself
  • He asked you once you were alone, and you explained that he was your ex
  • What hit you worse is that he didn’t even recognize you
  • Zen could see that you were really shaken
  • He asked if you wanted a new waiter, but you told him it was fine
  • You told him how your ex dumped you over text after a year of dating
  • It was really abrupt and it crushed your heart because he said you were too clingy
  • There’s a short pause before you ask if he thinks that’s true
  • Of course he shuts the idea down immediately
  • But now Zen is fuming, because how could someone make you feel that way about yourself
  • When the waiter comes back around, he looks at Zen and says, “Hey! Aren’t you that popular singer online? Can I have your autograph?”
  • Zen smirks at you before agreeing
  • He writes on the napkin, “An autograph for the biggest ^*)&$ on this %^$&*%^ planet ^&#% you *dolphin noise*
  • You watch in horror as your ex reads it
  • When it’s a time to order, a new waiter comes


  • You were out for a walk in the park when someone lost their dog
  • Why does that always happen with Yoosung???
  • A beautiful woman jogs up to you to claim the dog and thank you both
  • She goes back to a man who you recognize and gasp
  • “That’s my ex,” you inform Yoosung
  • You tell him that your ex cheated on you and when you caught him, he just said you weren’t beautiful enough for him
  • “I guess he found the right girl,” you mutter
  • You grow quieter as the walk goes on, and Yoosung can tell what you’re thinking
  • “If you think you’re not good enough, or I’m going to leave you, just stop. I saved my shoulder for 21 years!”
  • You just tackle him in a hug and say how he’s the best
  • You also notice his compliments increase tenfold today


  • You were helping Jaehee with some grocery shopping
  • You two were just standing in line when a guy with flowers stands in the line behind you
  • “MC? Is that you?” he asks. He glances at Jaehee “Guess you’re not so lonely anymore.”
  • Normally, Jaehee would’ve brushed it off, but the way he rolled his eyes ticked her off
  • Seeing how uncomfortable you were, she said she forgot something and dragged you to another aisle
  • She asks who it was and why you seemed so shaken up
  • You explain it was your ex from a few years back who had dumped you because you confronted him about spending more time with his friends than with you
  • You had felt lonely, and it made it worse when you found he had cheated several times
  • Jaehee just narrows her eyes, “Do you need me to judo flip him?”
  • “Jaehee, no!”
  • “Because I can flip him.”
  • “Please don’t…”
  • “Warn someone that there’s going to be a clean up on aisle three.”


  • It was one of those annual office parties in Jumin’s department
  • But, he had forgotten something at the penthouse, so you decide to run it over
  • While you’re there, he introduces you to his small department
  • Before you’re about to leave, a man saunters up to you
  • “So, dating the CEO now, huh? Guess you’re climbing up the ladder, gold digger.”
  • You would’ve slapped him if Jumin hadn’t intervened and called you to the side
  • He saw the situation, but wanted to ask you what happened first
  • That employee happened to be your ex who you broke up with due to his lack of care for you
  • You worked constantly in order to help him financially, but he only slacked off at home and spent most of his time drinking instead of with you
  • To make it worse, he accused you of being too ambitious
  • Jumin somehow managed to calm you down, but he was wearing a small smile on his face
  • “Coincidentally, we’re making cuts in the department and your ex happens to be the one to be let go due to his lack of work ethic.”
  • Still, your ex’s comments are starting to get to you and you ask Jumin if he thinks they could have some truth
  • He just sighs and pulls you into a hug, reassuring you that he knows you were never in it for the money, and your hard-working nature is one of the things he loves about you


  • You both had taken a rare trip to the mall, and after hours of shopping around, you take a break on one of the benches and just people watch for a little
  • Seven just taps your shoulder and points to this couple making out on the other side of the area
  • “Is he a vampire or something? Yikes.”
  • He says it at a joke, but you abruptly stand up and start walking in the other direction
  • He’s worried so he goes after you
  • You tell him that the “vampire” was your ex who had randomly said he wasn’t into you after three years of dating
  • Later you found out he was cheating…with the very same girl he was with now
  • You start rambling on about how it was probably because of you
  • You start naming your own insecurities
  • Seven is patiently listening, assuming your venting
  • But when you say, “You probably want to leave me too because of how I am.” 
  • He snaps
  • He scolds you for a really long time for thinking of yourself like that and how he would never ever leave you
  • …he doesn’t stop until you hug him and thank him


  • You guys are eating peacefully at a froyo place when a loud, obnoxious couple walked in
  • Saeran gets worried when you say you suddenly want to leave
  • But he doesn’t argue and walks out onto the patio with you
  • You apologize and explain that the couple was your ex and your old best friend
  • Your ex had dumped you years ago only to start dating your closest friend a few weeks later
  • You think he would be fuming, but he just starts talking about how the past is the past and that you needed to look ahead to a bright future together
  • Just as you’re starting to say you’re worried that he might find someone better, he just shuts you down and claims you’re stuck with him
  • “Wow…you’re a lot calmer than I expected,” you admit.
  • He just smiles before announcing that he wants to get more toppings
  • You watch from the window
  • You notice he mutters something to your ex
  • You don’t know what it was, but your ex collects his girlfriend and leaves the place
  • Saeran still wouldn’t tell you what he said, but you couldn’t help laughing 

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Dolphin teenagers are the worst! Tune in Wednesday for an all new episode of #SpyintheWildPBS. 

Our Land = Our Water

If you live in southeast Alaska – the Panhandle – by definition you live on the water. There are 1,000 islands, 10,000 miles of coastline, and no roads connecting the towns here. To get from place to place you’re either on a boat or a plane. Which means the ferry system becomes your lifeline: It’s called the Alaska Marine Highway, linking more than 30 coastal communities. 

Under ominous skies, we boarded the MV Leconte in Haines, bound for the state capital, Juneau. The trip runs down the Inside Passage, about 4 ½ hours in all. Passengers huddled under blankets in the solarium, playing cards and watching dolphins frolicking through the waters alongside the ship. The ferries transport hundreds of thousands of passengers a year, and bring vital supplies to remote villages. The week we rode, the ferry was carrying a mobile mammogram van from town to town. 

Same view, an hour or so later, now with bright sun. The weather shifts quickly here! The towering pines of the Tongass National Forest and mountains capped with snow line both sides of the passage. Breathtaking.

The view from the bridge is 180 degrees of amazing. That’s our captain, Brian Flory (left), and first mate Aaron Isenhour keeping watch. Schedule permitting, they’ve been known to stop the ferry if something spectacular is going on, like a huge pod of humpback whales feeding alongside the ship.

At the end of the trip, just when it seemed the ride couldn’t get more beautiful, I turned around to see a double rainbow arcing above the bow from one coastline to the other. Welcome to Juneau!

–Melissa Block

for life // you, jisung

You yawned, slowly feeling your eyes start to droop. It was about 11:50 at night, and it was, indeed, one of those nights. One of those nights where Jisung had invited you (more like begged you) to come to the dance studio and spend some ‘quality couple time with him’. Seeing as he was usually busy, the only way you could spend time with him was during practice, which was what he pretty much had to do if ever he had free time.

The night started out pleasant, with a loving hug and a shy, quick kiss. You cheered him on, accurately replicating Chenle’s dolphin screaming as you watched him dance and do what he loved most, leaving the boy with a red face and a happy grin he just couldn’t hide. 

He was a bit shy at first doing that, dancing in front of you. In fact, Jisung was usually uncomfortable with doing things if alone was how he was meant to do it. After a bit of begging here, a bit of aegyo there, you had finally convinced him to let you come into practice. He’d start off shy at first, but he’d eventually relax, the music taking his body like no other as they melded together, as if one.

It was beautiful.

It really was.

The song ‘For Life’ was playing on his playlist when he looked to the side, an adorable sight meeting his gaze. Jisung felt like he wanted to combust. You had fallen asleep, and Jisung’s seen babies, he’s seen Chenle, but nothing would’ve prepared his heart for how cute you looked at that moment. He felt the ridiculous feeling of love swell in his heart and without thinking, he crouched down on the ground in front of you, where you sat sleeping soundly against the wall, and took your hand in his.

You let out the cutest hum ever when you were snapped awake but relaxed instantly when you saw it was just him. He had that effect on people, Jisung–he was really good at making people feel relaxed. You didn’t know whether it was his harmless baby-chick like face, or his soothing deep voice, or the general aura of calm he radiated–but you loved it. You loved it all.

You smiled sleepily, pumping your fist with a small, “Fighting…”

Jisung hadn’t grinned so hard in his life.

In your half-asleep state, he gently pulled you up, easing you into his chest. If someone asked him 3 months ago whether he’d have the balls to hug you, he’d answer with a definite no almost straight away. Although he was shy, he liked the feeling of you–it made him feel safe and warm, comforted, it relaxed him. You felt like home.

Like the sleepy koala you were, your arms eased around his waist as he hugged you close, swaying gently to the ballad playing softly in the background.

“Even though you’re sweaty and gross I still love you. I’m a great girlfriend,” you thoughtlessly mumbled into his chest, making him laugh.

It was a more beautiful sound than the song playing in the background.

You laid snugly against him, his arms providing warm salvation for you in the cold practice room. You heard the fast beating of his heart, listened to the loud ba-dump ba-dumps, realized that it had synchronized with the fast pumps of your own resounding loud and clear in your head, and you felt yourself smile.

If this wasn’t love, if this wasn’t home, then you didn’t know what was.

With a content sigh, he lay his head atop of your, his cheek squished against your hair.

“I love you…” he mumbled, tightening his hold on you.

“For life?”

If you weren’t sleepy, if the air wasn’t so delicate, if Jisung wasn’t so in love with you at that moment, if Jisung wasn’t in love period, he would’ve imitated vomiting into a bucket.

But he wasn’t any of those things.

Instead, he let out a small scoff, that was quickly made up for with a loving smile and a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“For life.”

~ ~ ~

yall i honestly don’t know what this huge piece of fluffy word vomit is okay like it’s 11pm and I’m sleepy and this is so short but then I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and suddenly inspiration™ struck?? I know idk how it relates at all to this scenario but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed <3 was this okay? I’m honestly tired rn and it’s not edited but I kind of feel good about this ig so feedback would be appreciated <3 Thank you for taking the Time out of Your Precious Day to read this because you’re honestly  so precious and so important to the world idk what such an important person is doing reading my works but <3 thank you, you’re a wonderful, loved person. Don’t ever forget that.


Spy Nautilus, an animatronic spy camera, meets a pod of bottlenose dolphins. Among their numbers is a baby dolphin, only 5 days old.


Dolphin watching today was very incredible I nearly cried bc so majestic and I also nearly dropped my phone into the ocean numerous times BUT DIDN’T


My work Tour in Troia/ Troy island ,Setubal part six ! T his is the dock ,the place where the River Sado and sea mix ,the place where boasts sailing to watch the Dolphins very popular in this area ,this is also where bars and stylish hotels can be found!


Antis, Ok already. Cait said she has war wounds. Whatever is on her thigh was put there during filming this last week. Since her main contact in this show is James Frazer (Sam), I think it would seem obvious that he probably had something to do with this wound. As she has stated before he seems to whack her around a lot on set. I don’t think anyone is dreaming up that he is the culprit responsible for this wound.

For some reasons Antis seem to dislike anything associated with these two people being together. Sorry Antis, but they are filming a show. There are sex scenes involved in the books so I am sure some will make it into the show. Sam and Cait are just having some fun with us all. Remember fun???? It’s when you laugh and sometimes kid around with others. Even if we speculate, and since nobody has confirmed just how this wound, bruise, hickey or thumbprint came about, then we can play with what is given to us.

Shipper or not, it’s fun. Just remember, you don’t have to agree or read what is said about this. Just like you can stop reading or turn off your TV set when you don’t like something. Meanwhile, since nobody made you King or Queen, we get to carry on with our freedom of opinion and speech. Maybe you could get out and take a walk. Find something to do with yourselves, other than policing this fandom. I can’t understand who would want that boring job. Sam and Cait are enjoying watching dolphins and being in a sun drenched place so I doubt they care what we think of that wound.

Life goes on and in the end the only thing that will matter is remembering the fun. Have a great day Antis, hope you find your happy pills. You need them.


Killer Whale by Tory Kallman

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine mammals on the planet, but Hawaiian spinner dolphins like this acrobatic individual in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary need our help!

Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed offshore at night and return to Hawai'i’s nearshore waters to rest and recuperate during the day. Research has shown that frequent interaction with swimmers and boaters in their habitat can negatively affect the dolphins’ heath. Although a single disturbance may seem harmless, these dolphins face these stressors multiple times a day. And each disturbance takes time away from the dolphin that it may have used for resting, nurturing its young, or socializing with other dolphins. 

When visiting dolphin habitats, help keep these dolphins safe by giving them plenty of space to rest and recuperate. Even those of us living far from dolphin habitats can help – spread the word to your traveling friends and help promote responsible recreation habits! 

(Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA, under NOAA Permit #14097) 

Mysterious Depths

Pairing: Eventual Merman!Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader meets a mysterious individual when he comes to her defense. 

Warnings: Some cuss words, a touch of physical violence. 

Word Count: 1,216

A/N: Well as you all can see this is a mermaid AU. I will most likely make this a series but that’s up to you guys. I hope you like it and feedback is always welcome. 

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Light reflected off the dancing waves. Glimpses of the world beneath the waves was quickly revealed before being hidden once more. The ocean was a world of mystery and beauty, something that could never be tamed. This wild beauty had always drawn you. It was like the ocean was calling to you but you didn’t know how to respond. In fact you were actually terrified of going into the ocean, which was a huge contradiction to what you felt. But you were deathly afraid of entering the water and refused to go anywhere near a beach.  

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Beautiful conditions with bowriding Pacific White Sides and Common Dolphin!

It was a trip with very few passengers and it was quiet enough to hear the whistles and clicks and to see the dolphins’ blowholes twitching and letting out delicate bubble streams as they “talked” to each other.
Just such an awesome experience. I feel so lucky to see this on a near regular basis!


Toudou & Makishima in the Yowamushi Pedal Movie

“You must be joking. Why, Maki-chan? Why didn’t you come?“ – “I wanted to eat instant dumplings with Maki-chan. And ride horses at Kusasenri and go dolphin watching at Amakusa…” – “I should thank the Mountain God that allowed us to ride together.